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Razor Guide - the Lightning Revenant Strategy

Razor Guide - the Lightning  Revenant Guide and Strategy. The Lightning Revenant skills is totally remade on Dota 6.60. That makes the previous guide about Razor is obsolete. This post will cover Razor the Lightning Revenant new skills, ability, skills build and items build. Despite of that, many people say that now Razor is imba. Let's check the new stuff.

Base Stats
Strength: 17 +1.9
Agility: 22 +2.5
Intelligence: 19 + 2.2

Attack Range: 475
Movement Speed: 295

Plasma Field
Razor releases a wave energetic plasma which grows in power as it extends outwards. Deals damage to units both on expansion and on contraction. The further the plasma is from razor the more energy it has.

Minimum Charge Damage: 40/60/80/100
Max Charge Damage:70/105/140/175
Speed: 800
AOE: 600

Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 125

Note: This can hit a unit once going out and once coming back in. Charge increases to max going outwards, then decreases to min coming inwards. This is a full circle AOE effect, a radius of small electrical effects travel outwards. It spawns from where you are and moves out with you.

Static Link
Taps into the energy of a target hero, creating a charged link between Razor and his foe. As long as this link is maintained, Razor will continue to steal damage from the target and adds it to his own.

Attack damage stolen per second: 5/10/15/20
Max link time: 10
Stolen duration: 13 seconds from link break.

Cast Range: 600
Break Range: 700

Manacost: 20/30/40/50
Cooldown: 45/40/35/30

Note: If you target a point on the ground, it will move in that path and lock onto the first hero it reaches. You have vision over the link itself.

Unstable Current
Passive. Increases the movement speed and reflects a static charge whenever targeted, dealing damage and purging the unit briefly.

Movement Bonus: 3/6/9/12%
Damage: 40/60/80/100
Purge Duration: 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2

Note: Does not trigger on attack orbs like Poison Attack or Frost Arrows

Eye of the Storm
The Lightning Revenant calls upon a powerful storm of crackling energy, which strikes weakened enemies with deadly bolts of lightning. The storm is charged with Razor's malevolent will, and will seek out only the most injured targets for its armor shattering blasts.

Damage: 37.5/50/62.5
Interval: 0.85/0.75/0.6
AOE: 500
Armor reduction per hit: 1 (stacks)

Duration: 20/25/30
Manacost: 100
Cooldown: 80/70/60

Damage dealt is physical. Only targets units in your vision.
This storm stops if Razor dies. Targets the lowest HP unit in the area.

Skills Build
Lv 1 : Plasma Field
Lv 2 : Unstable Current/Static Link
Lv 3 : Plasma Field
Lv 4 : Static Link/Unstable Current
Lv 5 : Plasma Field
Lv 6 : Eye of the Storm
Lv 7 : Plasma Field
Lv 8-10 : Unstable Current
Lv 11 : Eye of the Storm
Lv 12-14: Static Link
Lv15: Stats
Lv 16: Eye of the Storm
Lv 17-25: Stats

Plasma Field is maxing first as it's your primary nuke and farming tools. The second skill choice is depends on your enemies. If your enemies is melee, Static Link will be a good tool to increase your damage with cheap mana and improve last hitting. Not to mention the enemy damage also will be reduced. If your enemies are range, it's harder to cast and maintain the link. But still, take it on level 4 just in case a close battle is happen, this spell could be handy and the mana cost is really cheap.

Unstable Current is maxed after Plasma Field because you will benefits from the speed bonus and the purge will help you from escaping enemies gank. Static Link and Eye of the Storm is need to maintained within the range, hence Unstable Current will help you chase and keep the distance.

Eye of the Storm taken as soon as possible. When chasing or ganking activate it. This skill is not too efective if there's a lot of enemy creeps, because it will attack the lowest target instead of hero. But if there's nobody else there, your enemy will be crying while hitted by the storm. This skill also gives you a lot of kill on team battle, because it will automatically hit enemy with the lowest HP (Yay!).

Items Build
Core Items

Vanguard and STR Treads cover your low HP. Vanguard is needed since he will need tanking when coming closer to the enemies. Razor skills is need to kept on certain distance but he is lack of slow mechanism. Yasha will help you catch up with the enemies as well as an escape mechanism. With this items build, you can hit the enemies and also can escape thanks to your speed. Get a friend to gank, cast Static Link, cast Eye of the Storm & Plasma Field. Keep chasing and attack your enemies while your damage goes up thanks to Static Link. If your enemy is alone, usually you will get an easy kill. Especially if they are Agi or Int.


Buy a BKB if your enemies has many disabler, they will want you die fast on team battle because of your ultimate. If they lack of disabler, skip BKB and upgrade your Yasha into Manta Style. Manta is a great items for Razor as now it gives +10% movement speed bonus, not to mention it also gives you +26 Agility,+10 Strength,+10 Intelligence and +15% Attack Speed. The images also can help you distract your enemies when they try focusing on you. If the battle is not finished, buy Talisman of Evasion to increase your survivability. The 25% evasion is very neat. Finish it to Butterfly if the battle continues. Skadi is also viable since it gives you health, mana and damage. The only problem is it's very expensive.

Well, the new Razor is more fun to play. Now he is very versatile and can use many set of items build. Do you have great combo or item builds for him? Share your thought here :)

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  1. I played him one game so far, here are some impressions.

    I was disappointed to find that Unstable Current appears to trigger only on targeted spells. This means that AoE spells, or bouncing spells like Furion's ult won't cause it to go off (unless Furion targets you first... which he shouldn't) Still, depending on your lane, it's definitely worth getting early. If they don't have many targeted spells on the enemy team, perhaps some stats instead? At least early.

    Definitely level plasma field. However, I found Eye of the Storm to be pretty weak at level 1, and it's best used when there are no creeps around (not too common early game), plus your mana is limited, so I might consider waiting on this.

    For items, I got the new Manta, which worked out pretty well. I might try SnY next time, but Manta worked well. Also, Lothars is kind of fun as an attack item, because both static link and Eye of the Storm will continue to go while invis. They will of course know where you are, but it's good for chasing in a 1v1 situation.

  2. Hah hah now that I read Unstable Current description guess I shouldn't have been so disappointed?

  3. boo, no chain lightning . . .

  4. Yer well

    i would say that he is like a whole new hero, exept 4 his ulti which is similar

    i dont no wat to buy yet, but 4 now try maelstrorm...

  5. thx to his ulti...i get triple kill today...this new razor quite nice on team battle

  6. so that means for eye of the storm,it will target the lowest HP unit even if its your ally?

  7. no...it only targets enemies...LOL such a stupid question icefrog would never allow a stupid skill like that no offense or anything *takes a gulp of air*...whew that was a long sentence

  8. This new razor rly exceeds my expectations, maybe too much that it needs to be nerfed.

    For unstable current, its purge is definitely helpful in both engaging and escaping, especially heores with tgt spells. I went linkens as my 1st item and definitely a great combo, blocking tgt spells. The att spd is as fast as usual though.

    The eye of storm is wad makes the razor a whole new hero. There is more versatality packed within him, since when the dmg and att spd of the ulti is "gay". Regardless of the ulti targeting the enemy which has the lowest hp, this hero is to be reckoned with even if the odds are against him. I doubles and triples with it several times.

  9. Consider blood stone because of ks'ing so much?

  10. Razor? I can only say that he's way too IMBA, he's going to be Icefrog's first rebalance priority...

    The combination of movespeed, static link and thus Eye of the storm is enough to be compared to Lycan's ulti, but this time lasting forever...

    Let's just say that 100dmg purge w/ mjolnir and he's ulti is enough to bring anyhero down, it only gets worse if the hero in question is meele and agi..

  11. Look, i didnt read the posts above, but here's what i think... since his ultimate its an unit attacking if you build DESOLATOR and CURIASS you reduce armor on enemy, so the storm cloud can do ALOT more damage...

    I've tryed this and it works really good, I don't think its a bug because the ultimate in fact IS a unit above the head on razor...

    linken y also a fantastic idea, so there you go... analize that^^

  12. manta and dominator is a great item for razor, the 6.60 manta is not an orb efect...^^ have a look!!!

  13. the build was so perfect. the current razor is so oensive unlike in the past versions

  14. wtf is these comments?

    stop taking avantage of us....we are not blame for these comments

  15. yea,those comment just so stupid i think..
    i mean,this blog already with us for quite sometime, contrary 2 that those 2 blog just started 12 june2009
    so this blog definitely not rip off other blog
    anyway,look at those blog,it mention alief as supporter

  16. Well, just want to make the things clear. I don't have any connection with those blog and i'm not their supporter. And if i have something to announce, i will definitely doing that in the post or widget, not in a comment.

  17. Again, Razor will get owned if a hero gets Blade Mail. His storm will end up killing himself and the odds of Razor having more HP is lower. Also I think Lothars is good on him, as he can chase and invis+storm is pretty neat :)I reckon they need to fix the blades soon.

  18. If you're playing 1v1 (one on one)

    then its best to start creeping and and buying items such as Eye of skadi from the beginning..

    buy an ultimate orb first (you will have 2090 left), wait for creeps to spawn, let money build to 2100, then buy second ultimate orb,, run for creeping!!! :P

    make 1950 and buy the point booster (1200) and the recipe (750)...

    then start making an assault cuirass

    after that make a maelstrom and then mjnollnir.. and then if the game is still not over, make a butterfly or an MKB :) enjoy!!

  19. If icefrog is going to nerf razor, he should nerf static link. The rest of his abilities are fine and not overpowered. They can all be countered (through damage reduction items, which now comprises even more items).

    Static link negates melee heroes totally by removing their damage when they come near you, so maybe it can be slightly reduced.

    I hope he doesn't nerf the other abilities (better still, don't nerf him at all).

  20. @Andrew
    I totally agree, he is shoudn't be nerfed at all. Static link could be a bit overpowered if it last the full duration, but it happens rarely. In lane stage it's cooldown prevents abuse.
    The remake was great and I hope it keeps unchanged.

  21. well maybe icefrog love have a powerfull razor, no doubt that this new razor is hard to get gangbang with his new skill even if u trying to chase him will get trouble with his ulti..seriously static link need to be nerf, actualy for the previous version razor is 1 of the food for me :P.

    What??? think razor so powerful with he's dps! Please think again!!! :P

  22. lol ^^ bad english...

    i think hes a lot stronger but shouldnt be nerfed... before he wasn't all that great he was easy to counter... now at least hes actually a threat

  23. razor weak hehehehehe joke!!! it depend on the player
    1 on 1 with Viper at lvl 6 viper strike 3 hit deads weeeeee!

    tnx for this NC guide!!!

  24. Decoration Item: Mjolnir

    Brings back Razor's Chain Lightning (albeit with a random cast), and I like seeing the static charge counter go off along with Eye of the Storm and Plasma Field. It makes him look more of a Thunder God than Zeus, heh.

  25. Only Static Link should be nerfed a bit. It can go to -200 (+200) dmg, which is quite imba. But meh, you'll never gonna drain someone to -200. Eitherway, needs a little nerf.

  26. the new " no skill required" hero. Thanks icefrog (/scarcism). Why make another hero similar to luna???

  27. Walau, my drow full blood also die to red blood razor (AND I ALREADY HAVE BUTTERFLY WHILE THE OPPONENT HASN'T) Is that even possible or is there a bug???

  28. The new Razor needs to be nerfed. I think he s too powerful. Even a noob can own using the new razor.

  29. My build items for razor are a little different


  30. so this pretty much means that he can now run away like a wimp to ppl who are animation canceling, cause they target him each time they need to attack?... (if you know what i mean...) then thats quite OP...

  31. oh man! Now razor is much better than before! His new combo combined with his ulti is a killer move! He should not be nerfed! He has limitations. Static link has a long cooldown. And he can be killed easily because of his low hp! Tiny's combo can easily kill this guy!
    My build was:-

    .2 x wraith bands
    .Vanguard(bought in early game for survivability)

    The game was over before I could buy anything else! lol!

  32. I've never enjoyed razor before the6.60 version... so when I went over the changelogs and read that razor has been modified, I tried it, and after several games, I've come up with my own build and strategy...

    here in the Philippines, we usually play 4vs4... so the expected money is 800...
    I buy Ring of Basilius first so I can cast plasma field more... the remaining money would be on tango...

    then afterwards, the next item would be helm of the dominator and power threads... yasha and blade mail will be the next priority for me--that's for hunting and escaping...optional items for me are 2 wraith bands before the helm..

    if the battle has not yet ended, I would go for an MKB to counter teleporters...and then butterfly...

    as for the hero skills

    1 plasma field
    2 unstable current
    3 plasma field
    4 unstable current
    5 plasma field
    6 eye of the storm
    7 plasma field
    8 unstable current
    9 unstable current
    10 static link
    11 eye of the storm
    12 static link
    13 static link
    14 static link
    15 stats (as if I can choose another)
    16 eye of the storm
    17-25 stats

    Strategy 1:
    when i have the threads and dominator ready, i cast eye of the storm first and as i approach the enemy I will cast plasma field and static link simultaneously and then go near the enemy...my next step would be depending on my enemy's actions...

    1. if the enemy tries to run, I follow him without attacking so as not to lose the connection of the static link..then I will attack once the link has been maxed out...

    2. If the enemy attacks, I will attack too. Remember, I have the static link on so his damage will go down in time as my damage goes up..

    Strategy 2:
    If the blade mail is ready, I would cast eye of the storm first, approach the enemy, plasma field, static link. Then I would go near the enemy to have a good distance for the static link... If the enemy runs, I will follow him. If he attacks, activate the blade mail and attack the enemy.. there's no reason for the enemy to survive if he attacks you head on with the blade mail. ^^

    you can try my style...
    you'll soon get used to it after several attempts...

    please email me at
    x_laws11@yahoo.com for suggestions and comment

    I would appreciate any feedback from you guys...I just want to know what others think of my build and if there are suggestions, feel free to notify me... I would love to learn improvements in my build..tnx

  33. Lothars, i got owned by a player hu ulti'd then ww after me, couldnt attack him back and i got pawned, so ive been copying him ^.^

  34. lothar for ulti, escape, engage, and his other skills ... and dezolator for dmg AND -armor works great with the ulti wich gives -armor too

  35. my razor item build(6.63b):
    2.phase boot
    3.Mithril Hammer
    5.heart of tarraque
    6.manta style or other high damage items...

  36. This is Sam here, My build on the latest razor is Much different from you guys had.

    Build as follows
    1. RoB(ring of basilius)+ tangos
    2. 2 Bracers + 1 boots
    3. Boots->Phase Boots
    4. HoD orVangaurd
    5. Shivas or Diffusal
    6. Hod->Satanic (sell bracer) or HoT
    Skill build
    1.Static link
    2.Plasma Field
    3.Plasma Field
    4.Static link
    5.Plasma Field
    6.Eye of Storm
    7.Plasma Field
    8.Static link
    9.Static link
    10.Unstable Current
    11.Eye of Storm

    I usually harrass enemies using static link from lvl one(It would be a advantage if the enemy you're laning with is melee)

    The reason i never invest in Unstable current from start is because i'm going for phase boots.

    Engaging Strategy, plasma field 1-2 times for hp reduction on harrass. If the enemy still dont heal and continues laning, go near to him and cast static link and chase. Smart enemies will retreat so chase using phase boots. When you cast static link spam at least one time of plasma field and then start attacking while chasing. When the next cooldown is done its a finishing blow. The Eye of storm is just an add on. Can be abused for lane farming and extra boost of dps while chasing.

    Shivas is a good item build, i've tested out and it works great and a plus for spell details, (Plasma Field x2-> wait for next cd
    ->static field+Shivas+plasma field+phaseboots chase and attack combo) this is my strategy you can add eye of storm in any part of the process.

    High armor + damage from Ring of basilius at early game with mana regen, 2 bracer for hp starters, phase boots for DPS, IAS and chase
    Shivas for orb boost of mana ,armor and slow nuke.

  37. ^above

    RoB + 3 tangoes at 1st earlier?? that could be an advantage for you if laning against a melee hero,

    but you will have trouble time laning with some stunner and slower even nukers.

    this my build for the current version : btw i hate this map -.-''..

    2x bracer / Wraith band
    HotD(this always gud with him)
    Hyperstone > mjolnir
    boots > PB/PT
    TP scroll

    Situation items :

    Book lvl 3 <~~this 1 rly cool :P

  38. What does Book stand for?

  39. i think book stand for Necronomicon.....right?

  40. manta wouldn't be good
    the normal hit is not the same(the color)

  41. if i use razor i will make vanguard first

  42. what should be the starter items for razor???
    wish to help me 'bout that.. tnx in advance

  43. for razor - 5v5 match
    u buy shoes ,tango ,circlet (for random)
    Q:why boot?what is the synergy??
    A:on early lvl razor is too damn fragile....ur skill build should be like this or DIE!

    speed razor:

    survival(bcoz of too fragile):
    -max plasma 1st-

    most put this item on razor:
    diffusalblade or SnY(extra life with maim)or lothar

    most people are wrong.they activate thier eye of storm and become invi let his random hitter(eye of storm) hit.THAT WAS TOTALLY WRONG AND STUPID

    eye of storm only assist you in attack.you also need to attack so target will feel pain.

    remember that plasma give a wide vision upon casting.

    item to NOT aim.
    burizaDakanyon - really good on razor buut the multiplier not unsatisfactory.

    mekanism - lol ! razor has low mana pool.
    and any type of meka


  44. i think that a good item build is:

    Boots of Travel
    Manta Style
    Kelen's dagger / Lothar's Edge
    Assault Cuirass
    S&Y / Stygian Desolator

  45. Guys out there try this build its great for running n chasing heros,been pwning ass,must try

    Phase Boots,2 wraith band,1 MoM,manta style,tele scroll,if u getting more rich,get butterfly,if got disabler get bkb..





  47. Skills:
    plasma & unstable until max
    (ulti when available)

    Start with for survivability early game:
    Gauntlets x 2
    Branches x 2

    Then get ur powerTs to chase better and urn to stay out of base longer:
    Boots -> Power Threads
    Sobi Mask + Gauntlets -> Urn

    Now for DPS:
    Mask of Death -> Mask of Madness (MoM is great coz u will get Buriza later and MoM+Buriza = imbar crits + lifesteal)

    You can top off with Assault.

    No need for S&K or even yasha, with build above ur ms will be 450+ coz of unstable.

    With you AS and Lifesteal and DMG steal and Armor reduction and Crit, you will be godlike in no time at all. After a good dmg steal u will crit like 1000s... with standard dmg u crit around 600-750. Turn on ulti static link and chase... Armor reduction of around -25, dmg + 200! Hit once and INSTANT KILL + INSTANT HEAL. rofl.

    war3.co.za -> aAviSh (1v1...lets go!)

  48. .. i use two vangaurd (depends) power threads, butterfly, desolator or sange yasha, and buriza/crystalis... enemies will become smoother on this because of razor attack speed critical is more offen and mostly blocks attacks because of the benifits of vangaurd i dont even need bkb because i can attack normal on enemies thanks to crystalis ^^

  49. this is an anti-carry hero. you should play razor as a tank. vang-hood-phase-butter-mjolnir(or mkb if you play against heroes with evasion) and a heart/cuirras. you have all the dmg you need from your skills, the only thing left you need is attack speed and survivability

  50. i think new razor better xD..

  51. WOW. never get MoM and lothars. MoM makes u too weak and ull die b4 u know it. lothar is a waaste.better off with


  52. well all says only do it den u will know n must see u face who on war too lol

  53. what happens if i double butterfly?

  54. @anonymous above
    you will get all benefits from butterfly except that evasion,you will only get a maximum of 30% evasion in dota game.
    Evasion do not stack!

  55. WTF is with all these people asking for chain lightning???? in my opinion, since chain lightning's damage is reduced for every bounce, plasma field would end up dealing way more damage and it has a better cooldown.

    As for lifesteal, I think the main reason why people didnt use it on him was because lifesteal changed the attack animation(WTF? That's all?? LOL) They even used vladimir on him(in some of the previous versions, vladimirs gave him lifesteal even though it was for meelee, and also didnt change the attack animation) Now, even if you get helm of dominator, the attack animation would still be the same so no problem there ^_^

    I just dont get the fact why some people dont put lifesteal on certain heroes just because the change in their attack animation doesnt look cool T.T


  56. razor doesn't need items with add'l damage, what he needs is:

    1. powertreads
    2. vanguard
    3. hood of defiance
    4. blademail
    5. butterfly
    6. manta

    go IMBA

  57. No strategies? Only skill and item build?

  58. each time that i happened to play as razor, i usually take:
    1. static link
    2. unstoppable current
    3. static link
    4. unstoppable current
    5. static link
    6. eye of the storm
    7. static link(MAX)
    8. unstoppable current
    9-10 stats
    11. eye of the storm
    12. unstoppable current(MAX)
    13-15 stats
    16. eye of the storm(MAX)
    17-20 plasma field
    21-25 stats

    the reason why i didnt get the plasma field from the start is that im depending on the damage that im going to absorb from my enemy, so i max out the static link first.. then to get fully sustained from the absorption,i get the unstoppable current for the speed boost plus i buy 2 gloves of haste = 30% attack speed upon level 6.. i upgrade the 1st glove to BoS(str), then the other glove is for maelstorm.. of course im always having a stout shield for my vanguard at the start of the game to tank the initial damage.. DOES MY BUILD ALRIGHT?? what do you think guys?? comments pls.. thanks in advance!!

  59. does razor needs s and y??

  60. Even fighting with Rhasta Razor can kill the WARDS and Rhasta at d same time ... Razor is IMBA

  61. Eye of The Storm + Lothars Edge = IMBA
    Invisible Razor. Visible Eye. What more could you want? And the 125 Crit is helpful for finishing it off.

  62. you should get monkey king bar, vangaurd, power treads,buriza-do kyanon, mealstrom and hyperstone
    and when you are vs someone get
    1. plasma
    2. unstable
    3. plasma
    4. static
    5. plasma
    6. eye of the storm
    7. plasma
    8-10. unstable
    11. eye of the storm
    12-14. static
    rest is stats and eye of the storm

    later in the game you will do kick-ass damage and your ms will be 403 with the hyperstone (+55 attack speed) you will attack more than 20 times every 10 secs excluding your eye of the storm and the buriza-do kyanon which will let you do, if you follow these steps 700 bonus damage so in less than 20 secs, your oppenent will be dead (unless his ms is higher than yours and he will run away) so HAVE FUN WITH RAZOR!

  63. Hmm, nobody uses Ghost Scepter on him? It's awesome when the enemy runs past the tower. You can activate it, avoid being hit by the tower and still pursue the enemy with eye of the storm on.

    Or when a high dps hero attacks you (like Ursa), just go to etheral world and staticl link to him. After you reappear, your dmg will be higher and can easily kill the guy.

    Would be perfect to upgrade it to Etheral Blade, but I don't know for what reason eye doesn't deal damage to units in etheral realm!! Which sucks badly, his ultimate is a spell, so it should do additional damage, not less!

  64. I would say travels lothars and 4 divine rapiers


  65. BAD GUIDE!!!!!!!!!

  66. im pro razor:

    here is my item build

    2 bracer
    1 vanguard
    1 maelstorm
    1 hyperstone

  67. No, you're a noob Razor, only an idiot would put a Vanguard on Razor lol

  68. This is my first time i visit here. I discovered so numerous interesting stuff in your weblog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all of the enjoyment here! maintain up the great work.

  69. In the early game buy 2 iron wood branch & a tango and a magic wand n a clarity (If 5v5 cos most games are 5v5)farm well if necessay use plasma field for last hit and harress the opponent.....get a bottle first den go for boots of speed and complete phase boot, then buy magic stick.....After this
    complete yasha, and go for 1 lothars or dagger .....then buy 1 ltimate orb by this time it your item will be
    1)Phase boots
    2)magic stick(if necessary sell the magic stick and buy Scroll of Town patrol)
    3)Empty Bottle
    6)ultimate orb

    After this complete S&Y and go for skadii.......

    by Late game your item should be...
    1)phase boot(if necessary go for boots of travel)
    4)Eye of Skadii
    5)Empty bottle
    6)Scroll of Town patrol(if you dnt have boots of travel)
    Then if you want to you can go for radiance, butterfly, manta style, diffusal blade, MKB, BKB, Buriza etc.......

    If there are 2 or more nukers the best option is to go for BKB after completing yasha and Lothars/Dagger........

    Dnt go for vanguard, Bloodstone(if you have to go for a couple of null talisman),Hex etc.....

    In the early game always go for last hit and deny if you are soloing but if you have a nuker as your partner you can go for first blood.....if you have got a bottle and u finished it always check the runes to capture and and refill it without going to the fountain.....

    In the mid game there will be lot of team battles go use your ultimate more often and plasma field........always carry scroll of town patrol if you don't have boots of travel during the mid game and the late game......

    A small guide hope you liked it

  70. how about if u use dagon for razor?

  71. razor is suck for big battle...if he is the one who targeted by enemy fisrt...very fragile i think so u'll need survivability item.
    and its need 10 second to gain maximum static link..."10 second" are way to long for big battle

  72. my build for razor are power threads(str for hp)vanguard for tanking maelstorm then mjolnir sange then upgrade it into manta style empty bottle i got 10 kills 1 death because of this xD

  73. hey guy what if i use helm of the dominator, wraith band and bracer for the early level hmm is it ok?? but i have problem to build it after that please need ur guys help :)

  74. should i wear hearts or vandeguard ?? or sirva??

  75. this is the most common yet effective build for razor...

    1.phase boots --- for chasing (or escaping)
    2.vanguard --- early game survivability
    3. ultimate orbs --- stats, survivability
    4. if possible, build manta linken and finally skadi.. stats + very useful effects like illus slow and negating spells are very useful for survivability

    being a tanker at the same time carry hero is the best razor cause his main source of DPS is the link and his ulti...

    he could handle up to 3 heroes at once with his link and ulti...

  76. 1) Power Treads
    2) Sange, to up Razer's damage, then onto a Yasha
    3) Helm of the Dominator (Razor rocks with Lifesteal)
    4) Butterfly

    Luv razor, and this is my build. Definitely up Plasma Field first; once you've upped your damage, move onto Eye of the Storm . . .I found Unstable Current useful mid-game, especially against Rikkimaru and Void.

  77. I like razor's plasma field, its very efficient and effective. But his unstable current is kinda hard to use and isn't that much effective and doesn't do that much damage.

  78. unstable current is very effective for heroes with unit target spells, it will purge them thus slowing and removing their buffs, plus the ms bonus for chasing and escaping..

    for heroes like sven, razor would be the most annoying,, if sven uses his ulti razor would just use link and run for the moment, if sven uses his stun directly at razor then boom, svens ulti is remove because of the purge and now razor is the one with huge damage..

  79. your build was not good

  80. uhmm, i suggest using Maelstrom to Razor for a chain lightning effect :)

  81. my super build for RAZOR are, phaseboots,vanguard,yasha to manta.butterfly, ---> this build is simple but killer

  82. Panget yan c razor baluga yan kung yan ang gagamitin nyu 

  83. great build for Razor are Manta,Aganims,Butterfly,S&Y,threads and bottle :D it's a good game build I assure you.

  84. Weak lang kayo garena nalangAugust 7, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    try this
    and 3 divine rapier

  85. Nice Guide! ! ! !  ! ! !

  86. I suggest adding item that will slow the enemies.

  87. my best items for razor is :-
       1.boots of travels
       5.heart of taraque/cuiras

  88. .rAzor mUst hAve fires a bOOts then a yasha after that is the life still then butter fly..then divine if can

  89. i really dunno why others consider vanguard as trash for razor, but i find it very effective in him bcuz it gives 70% chance to block 20 damage from the enemy's normal attack, which is needed for a very fragile hero like him, and also the 6 hp regen per sec and the +200 hp, those are needed in the mid game, so i think it's not a trashy build

  90. If you did not put Vanguard in Razor, he cannot gank easily. Fucker.

  91. how i want to defeat huskar if i use razor??

  92. SeverofranciscopakinoFebruary 21, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    You Are The Noob lets 1 on 1 lets see who is the noob

  93. This is my build for hero killing early game.
    1. Link
    2. current
    3. link
    4. current
    5. link
    6. eye
    7. link
    8. current
    9. current
    10. plasma
    11. eye
    12-14 plasma
    You get the idea.
    Start off with boots and bottle if possible. You can start hero killing at level 3-4 at the middle lane using link as it will max out your damage and taking literally no damage from enemy hero, preventing them from leveling while you gain all possible experience while they run or die. Starting item will be power thread and vanguard for regen. Then go for butterfly (Attack speed), Y&S (Move S and Att S + Maim), Assault Cuirass (AS), Boots of travel (MS), Heart of tarraque (Tank)/Eye of skardi (Reduce speed) and Mjolnir (AS).

    Of course usually by the time you managed to get heart or eye it should be near end game already. I got them just for the sake of overkilling =P

  94. Согласен у Razor мало хипов поэтому вначале можно даже собрать ему VG   

  95. we need skandi for sure
    it makes razor become a god

  96. yeah it must have mjollnir

  97. Call me a noob for saying this, is it possible to buy the Wraith Band and bottle at the start of the game?

    (I'm asking this because I've known this game for years and I've only started last week and I kept dying from those AI heroes)

  98. My build in Razor is
    Aganims, Desolator, Butterfly, Lothar, 2 Divines
    If your not yet the hang of razor change 1 divine into Vanguard

  99. I liked the old Razor especially with frenzy but this is also good

  100. Items for razor the lightning revenant:
    Manta style
    Assault cuirass
    Heart of tarasque

    Explanation: Buy yasha first of all and upgrade it to manta later. You don't need any kind of boots like power treads because you already have a passive skill that enhances your speed.Wraith band? No need! Butterfly is a luxury for all agility heroes. Helm of dominator works very well on razor (with static link) and he becomes really dificult to defeat in one vs one when upgraded to satanic. Assault cuirass is for more attack speed and defense and armor negation for enemies: works well with your ultimate. Aghanim: your ulti will be feared by all, it gives also good stats.

    These items are all expensive but they worth it. Remember that your items depends also on the type of enemies. I mixed all of these items and I became godlike...