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Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Guide, Build & Strategy

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Guide, Build & Strategy.

When the blight of the Scourge threatened the isolated peak villages of the Crag Lands, their pleas for aid went unanswered. The strong villagers climbing ever higher up the mountains to seek refuge, leaving those too young or old to their fates. When the forces of evil fed upon the helpless, their innocent blood wet the stones of the foothills. Seeing this, the heart of the mountains wept, and forged it's own champion to face off against the teeming hordes. Hewed from the cliff face, Kaolin was born into our world. Wielding the strength of the mountain, he bends stone and metal to his fierce will.

Alliance: Sentinel
Type: Strength

Total Starting Damage: 46-56
Total Starting Armor: 4
Range: 128 (Melee)
BAT: 1.7
Movespeed: 305

Agility: 17 + 1.5
Strength: 21 + 2.9
Intelligence: 18 + 2.4

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Skill

Innate: Stone Caller (Innate, Level 0, Target Point)

Kaolin raises a stone from the depths of the earth to aid him in battle. Creating a rock consumes a Stone Charge, and charges replenish at a rate of 1 per 25 seconds. The rocks last up to 2 minutes with a max 6 rocks active at a time. Rocks provide no vision.

Cast Range: 1400
Cooldown: 0

Note: This hero has an Innate ability that doesn't do anything on its own but is used by his other abilities.

Boulder Smash (Target ally, enemy or rock. Melee range)
Kaolin slams an ally, enemy, or Rock with his mighty stone, knocking them away from him, and damaging enemies the slammed target collides with. Slammed Rocks travel farther than fleshy targets and also silence impacted enemies.

Damage: 100/150/200/250
Slam Distance: 800 (3x when utilizing a Rock, 2400)
Slam Speed: 1200
Silence Duration: 5 seconds (only with a Rock)

Impact AoE: 225

Cast Range: 150

Manacost: 100
Cooldown: 22/18/14/10

Rolling Boulder (Short Channel, Target Direction)

Kaolin turns into a boulder and begins spinning in place to build up momentum. After 0.6 seconds, he launches himself 800 distance in the direction he is facing, damaging units he passes through but stopping if he collides with an enemy hero or is stunned. Rolling over a Rock will add momentum, increasing roll distance, speed, damage, and adding a slow to the hero you collide with.

Damage: 90/120/150/180 (+50% when utilizing a Rock, 135/180/225/270)
Rock Slow: 80% AS/MS for 2 seconds (only with a Rock)

Roll Distance: 800 (+100% when utilizing a Rock, 1600)
Speed: 800 (+100% when utilizing a Rock, 1600)

Impact AoE: 150
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 16/12/8/4

Note: This skill will always go the full distance, you cannot choose a shorter distance. It stops on the opposite side of the first hero it impacts. The Rock is consumed when used as a boost for rolling.

Geomagnetic Grip (Target Ally or Rock)
Kaolin runs a magnetic charge through the targeted ally or rock, quickly pulling them to him. Enemies struck by the target being pulled will be stunned, and will also be dealt damage if the pulled target is a Rock.

AOE: 180
Stun: 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
Rock damage: 125

Pull Speed: 1000
Cast Range: 1400

Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 13

Magnetize (Active, No Target)

Magnetizes units in a small nearby area, causing them to take damage over time for a short duration. Any magnetized heroes cause nearby rocks to become energized and explode, applying/refreshing the magnetize debuff on all units near the rock. This process can repeat multiple times. Rocks are destroyed in this process.

Magnetized heroes feel the effect of the Silence and Slow from Rock enhanced Boulder Smash and Rolling Boulder if one Magnetized hero is affected by them.

Cast AOE: 300
Rock Search AOE: 300
Rock Explode AOE: 600

Debuff duration: 6 seconds
DPS: 50/75/100

Cooldown: 80
Manacost: 100

Note: When a Rock is in an AoE of Magnetize, it doesn't immediately disappear, it becomes innert and then disappears after 5 seconds (can still be used by your other spells in the meantime)

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Item Build
Coming Soon!

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Skill Build
1. Rolling Boulder
2. Geomagnetic Grip
3. Boulder Smash
4. Rolling Boulder
5. Rolling Boulder
6. Magnetize
7. Rolling Boulder
8. Geomagnetic Grip
9. Geomagnetic Grip
10. Geomagnetic Grip
11. Magnetize
12. Boulder Smash
13. Boulder Smash
14. Boulder Smash
15. Stats
16. Magnetize
17-25. Stats

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Strategy
Coming Soon!

This guide is still on progress, if you have your way on playing Kaolin the Earth Spirit, please share it here :)

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  1. so the other 2 spirit (storm and ash) heroes have the spirit shadow thingy in their skills, its kinda makes me down when this one doesnt :(

    1. He has rock though :p

    2. well that rock just aint working for me :(

    3. Yeah.. kinda sad he hasn't remnant thingy

    4. This hero needs a little re-balancing of the skill.

    5. yah right,, those stone aint working good

    6. his an earth type,, he shoud have a hardening skill and better stun,,

    7. better study how to use this hero boy :D

    8. i notice guys, the application of passive skills greatly reduced on new heroes from now:(

    9. Maybe they can substitute the "rock" to earth remnant :)

  2. ^ How about NO?

  3. it seem pretty hard to play this hero by utilize rock to gain the benefit, you need a good skill but this kind of hero really interesting. I bet this kind of hero with this kind of mechanic will make LoL player whining. It is really a good hero.

    1. ive been practicing this hero for more than a wek an ive finaly get it.. super micromoves wth my items dager dagon5 euls and forstaff blademail with my 2 heroes allies combo blood seeker and oracle...

  4. any suggestion on the ITEM BUILD for this unique hero? :D

    1. Urn, Bottle, Arcane, Lothars and Ghost Staff or BKB.

      Lothars and Ghost/BKB is needed because Kaolin's initiating involves him rolling towards the enemy,and that will make him go at the center of the enemy clashes so he needs good protection from any retaliation. Ghost or BKB depends on the enemy line up, if your enemy has strong disablers/nukers then BKB is needed. If you are dealing with trolls, voids, morts,drows... ghost staff is the needed weapon.

  5. never tried this hero yet, but my friend who had tried to play him said, you need to have atleast 10 extra fingers to play this hero well...LoL
    but I agree that kaolin will be one of interesting hero to play

  6. START: quelling blade, iron wood branch,salve, tango
    MID: threads, ancient janggo of endurance, magic wand, SY

  7. this one's an earthbender

  8. just remember before you roll put 1 rock in front of you when you land on the face of your opponent put 1 rock down again then simultaneously use boulder smash and geomatic grip
    you can use the 2 skills on a same rock

  9. the combo been used is put rock in front of an enemy than pull it in the same time roll, you can stun and slow almost at 1 second interval and can start punching hero..he can be a good initiator.

  10. This hero so is made well. It does not have spirit skill. Maybe change the rock into a rock remnant isntead. XD

    1. that's a f**king insult! bitch

  11. hardest hero ever >.<

    Item build 1, for ganker (not very effective): dagon, necromicon, shiva, Shadow urn...

    item build 2, for tanker/supporter: vanguard, S&Y/Haldberd, Shadow urn, Heart..

    optional item will be fury, radiance, butterfly, alsaut cuirass :p

    1. Hardest? LOL you gotta be noob. This hero is easy and fun to use. Amazing Ganker.

    2. Hardest? LOL you gotta be noob. This hero is easy and fun to use. Amazing Ganker.

    3. Hardest? LOL you gotta be noob. This hero is easy and fun to use. Amazing Ganker.

    4. Hardest? LOL you gotta be noob. This hero is easy and fun to use. Amazing Ganker.

    5. Hardest? LOL you gotta be noob. This hero is easy and fun to use. Amazing Ganker.

  12. I would suggest starting with circlet and gauntles with an the ring for basilus and slme consumables, mid game i suggest phase boots with perseverence and a dagger if you have fast fingers, late game linken radiance shiva, shiva and dagger can really help you land a good ultim while radiance will give you extra aoe damage.

  13. A great new addition, a very fun and cool hero to use. Although his skills require good timing, positioning etc., once you efficiently use his abilities and collaborate with your teammates, it pays off really nice. His wide array of AOE disables(he has silence and stun) and DPS ult makes him really ideal in team fights and though it channels for a while, he already has a skill to help close in to the enemy line. I can already see Kaolin being used in cm's and tournaments thanks to his versatility and great abilities. A force to be reckoned with especially when in the hands of a pro and he easily became one of my favorite heroes thanks to his earthbending prowess (his abilities might still be changed though in the upcoming versions.)

  14. Hey i really like this hero and have write my own guide if you wanna read

    1. fuck you stupid bitch asshole!

  15. the real item build for earth spirit(killer mode):
    early item:
    semi-core item:
    arcane boots
    2x bracer
    ring of basillus
    core item:
    m.o.m stands for mask of madness
    make arcane boots boots of travel
    luxury item:
    make basher abyssal
    divine rapier

    the real item build for earth spirit(support mode):
    early item:
    4x branch
    semi-core item:
    magic wand
    wizardry staff
    power treads
    core item:
    force staff
    make buckle and headress mekansm
    dagon up to level 3 only
    make treads boots of travel
    sacred relic
    luxury item:

  16. the legendary skill guide for earth spirit:

    + for attribute bonus
    / for ultimate skill

    1- rolling boulder
    2- +
    3- rolling boulder
    4- +
    5- rolling boulder
    6- /
    7- +
    8- rolling boulder
    9- +
    10- stone caller
    11- /
    12- stone caller
    13- +
    14- stone caller
    15- +
    16- /
    17- stone caller
    18- +
    19- boulder smash
    20- +
    21- boulder smash
    22- +
    23- boulder smash
    24- +
    25- boulder smash

  17. it is geomagnetic grip not stone caller do you understand bitch?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  21. team Kaolin and up with bloodseeker and have him kick enemy hero until it dries out... lol... add puck's snap to the mix and even enchantress'impetus... fun fun!

  22. I really like this hero, his skill are good even though it's kinda hard to use but but if you use him everytime you'll be very eased to use it, :)
    My strategy for him is put stone in an enemies back then geomagnetic grip, then roll, magnetize, and put stones near the enemy :) GODLIKE! lol

  23. Earth Spirit is kinda Initiator.
    So it needs semi tank n AOE damage giving items.
    According to me item build for Earth Spirit :
    Early Game:
    1.Quelling Blade
    3.Healing Salve
    4.Soul Ring Recpie
    5.Ironwood Branch

    Mid Game :
    1.Soul Ring
    2.Bracer (1)
    3.Arcane Boots(If soul ring is just enough)
    3.Power Treads

    Late Game:
    1.Shivas Guard
    3.Heart Of Transque

    So 5 slots at end must be like this:
    Boots, Soul Ring, Shivas Guard, Radiance, Heart of Transque

    Last Slot must be depending upon enemies like
    BkB, Lothar, Assault, Linken, Orchid, Gem, SNY, Molinjr.

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  25. Update this Hero's strategy and item build please thanks :D

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