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Dota 6.83d AI Map

DotA 6.83d AI Map Download. Finally, the DotA community get a new update for the DotA AI map. This AI map is available for the latest official DotA map, which is the DotA 6.83d.

DotA 6.83d AI Download Link
DotA v6.83d AI PMV 1.42 English via GameWebz

It feels good to know that someone is still dedicating his time for the DotA AI map development. And let's hope that he can catch up with the latest Dota 2 version!

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  1. always fatal error when play this map

  2. mortred bug. blurrs when enemy is away.

  3. Always fatal error, when i use this map...please fix :)

  4. I want a map with strong ai for this map also I want the new items to be included in this map

  5. Expect more of the articles so impressed. is so outstanding, this community needs people like your enthusiasm
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  6. fix this map again!! some new power hero is missing

  7. I love the improvements of heroes and the few new items that were added, but this map cuts off way too much, you need to correct this real soon. Also as regards Geomancer, I think that the original Geomancer and clones should be linked as to share damage so that when one is targeted all will take damage to ease up the damage of that one and that you won't die so quickly and all items should be linked to all the Geomancers.

  8. I'm going to finish play with each and every hero. I was wondering concerning my darling Medusa, can't you give her something more better than Split shot? Gorgon is a water creature, so why not give her a passive water move that'll reallly amplify her archery! Something like Water Shot, which improves her range attack and any unit or hero continuously hit by Water shot, it'll keep on stacking and will last for 10 seconds, leaving a drowning effect on the target also causing blurred vision on the target so that they have a chance to miss Gorgon with any attack including magical, and after the ten seconds are up, the target losses a certain amount of health because water was in their lungs. It starts off at 10 stacking damage per second, levels to follow. lv1: 10 dmg, lv2: 20 dmg, lv3: 30 dmg, and lv4: 50 dmg. Drains 15 mana per attack. You can either make it passive or an activate move. I love Gorgon, I was the one who asked for mystic snake. Great work btw. I'll always love this game, been playing it for more than 12 years now.

  9. My strength hero Pitlord really needs some improvements concerning his Firestorm and Pit of Malice. Pit of malice time is way to short, it should at least last 5 seconds and do 100 dmg per second and targets within the Pit of Malice should become deranged unable to at all and take extra damage from any of his attacks because for a brief moment it's like he sends you to his hell like world of absolute chaos where he rules. Concerning Firestorm, it's way to weak. Pitlord is calling upon that ability from hell, it should be freaking awesome, meaning Firestorm should do 120 dmg per second at lv4 and ant target under the firestorm should take 40 damage per second for 5 seconds. His ultimate should cause 750 dmg upon leaving or arriving at a location. I love that hero, he can gather cash quickly but really needs this improvement to represent the monstrous creature that he is.

  10. Spectre, is just too weak and lacks good moves to make cash early game. Whenever it uses spectral dagger, spectre should gain maximum movement speed and increased dmg to take out any target, and even if other units are around, spectre should be able to utilize his isolation technique to cause tremendous harm to the target. Haunt should do full damage to all heroes when active and last a few seconds more.

  11. Both the Butcher and Dirge are powerful unusual zombies. Any units coming within range should be losing health from them naturally. The Butcher shouldn't be losing so much life when using Rot, because hey he is a zombie and doesn't have any feelings. Any units or heroes that dies when near Dirge, essence should be transfered back to Dirge and every 5 units that die at dirge's hands should permanently improve his attack dmg, because he has a terrible hatred for all living things so it's his will power to kill all living things make him become even stronger. When he transforms his health and attack power should increase much more, along with his defense. Great work by the way.

  12. Going to play with every single hero carefully and then I'll return here.

  13. Hi again, I also played with Bone Fletcher, all his moves are excellent, but when you look at how Ogre Magi's ignite catches you on fire and Sacred Warrior is also able to catch the enemy on fire by reaching into the depths of his soul, then Bone Fletcher's Arrorws when activated should also catch you on fire, now mind you my friend that Bone Fletcher is perfectly built, but just add fire damage to his arrows that as long as the unit is being hit with his fire arrows they'll burn 50 dmg for 5 seconds and also his fire arrows has a 18% chance to do 2nd degree burn and slows unit for 3 seconds. Other than that great work.

  14. One other thing, I think it's time for you to add a female strength hero for the sentinel, an amazoness woman with freakish Strength and sexy as Drow Ranger, and also a female strength hero for the Scourge a beautiful yet very dangerous Zombie Female who also can become ridiculously strong as the butcher becomes. Gonna watch some amazoness and female zombies from resident to come up with some good moves. I still really love Dota, and wanna help improve it. Dota for life!

  15. Goodnight, I've discovered a problem with the Heart of Tarrasque. After you come out of combat with Centaur Warchief, after 6 seconds it suppose to restart and help you quickly regenerate all your health. When I came out of combat with Centaur, I waited for two minutes and it never came back. I know this is a problem that will be addressed by you all so I say thank you in advance.

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  17. Always fatal error.. please fix immediately

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  20. Always Fatal Error
    Please Fix This Map


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