DotA AI & Official DotA Map Updates

DotA 6.83c Beta Released!

DotA 6.83c Beta Download - Official Dota 6.83c Beta Map. 
For all DotA 1 fans, rejoice! IceFrog finally released the first public beta map of the DotA 6.83c! This map contains the changes of the Dota 2 Patch 6.83. You can immediately download the map at the link below:

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Dota 6.81 AI & DotA 6.81b AI Map

Dota 6.81 AI
 and DotA 6.81b AI Map Download. DotA 6.81 until DotA 6.81d already released and people are starting to search for the latest AI map. And this post will give you the latest updates about DotA 6.81 AI download link and updates so you can have the map immediately. Stay tune!

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Dota 6.83 Map Updates

DotA 6.83Dota 6.83 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.83 Download News and Update. DotA 6.82d haven't yet released, but now we already get the DotA 6.83 changelogs information from the Dota 2. Let's hope that IceFrog will still port that patch into DotA Map! Meanwhile, stay tune in this post for the latest information regarding DotA 6.83!

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Dota 6.83 Changelogs Announced! | The Official Dota 6.83 Changelogs

Dota 6.83 Changelogs finally unleashed. In the end of the year, Valve released the DotA 6.83 changes into Dota 2 Clients and hopefully it will make it in the Dota 1 too. The changes in the DotA 6.83 mostly for balances. Some buff and nerf given in the heroes and items. Let's check what's new on the DotA 6.83!

Dota 6.83 Changelogs

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Dota 6.81d Map & Changelogs Released!

DotA 6.81d Download - Official Dota 6.81d Map.
As we're expected, DotA 6.81c doesn't fix all the bugs on the DotA 6.81b. IceFrog has just released DotA 6.81d today to fix some more bugs. So, if you wanna play with less bugs, check out the download link below!

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