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Zet the Arc Warden Guide, Build & Strategy

DotA Zet the Arc Warden Guide, Strategy & Build
. Zet is an Agility which is introduced on the DotA 6.75. This post will provide you with Zet the Arc Warden Guide, Zet the Arc Warden Strategy, Item Build and Skill Build.

In the magnetic and ether touched lands of the far south a perpetual storm rages. In this strange, barren land, only an isolated tribe of nomads know to exist. These nomads worship the very nether storms that plague the land, and born out of this bizarre energy and intense faith, a chaotic god emerges. Sensing the calamity of the approaching battle of the ancients, the infant deity imbues his most trusted prophet with avataric powers and sends him to quell the forces of order and good that impede his growth. Wielding the ether touched powers of lightning, magnetism, and the ability to reverberate an exact duplicate of himself into being, Arc Warden is a force to be reckoned with.

Affiliation : Scourge
Type: Agility

Movespeed: 295
Starting Armor: 0
Attack Damage: 40-50
Attack Range: 625

Intelligence: 24 + 2.1
Strength: 24 + 1.9
Agility: 15 + 1.8

Zet the Arc Warden Skills

Engulfs an enemy unit with swirling volatile energy for 6 seconds, slowing its movement speed by 50% and dealing damage over time if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby enemy unit within 225 aoe.

AoE: 225
Slow: 50%
DPS: 15/30/45/60
Duration: 6

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 75
Cast Range: 600/700/800/900

Note: Effect stacks directly with multiple instances. Each instance operates independently.
Ability Code: A2M1

Magnetic Field
Distorts space, generating a circular field that grants 100% evasion and bonus attack speed to allied units and buildings within. The field has an aoe of 375.

Duration: 3.5/4/4.5/5
AoE: 375
Attack Speed Bonus: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 50
Manacost: 110
Cast Range: 900

Note: Units need to remain within this area to get the bonuses

Ability Code: A2LM

Spark Wraith
Summons a Spark Wraith that takes 3 seconds to fully materialize. Haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then fuses itself into him dealing magical damage.

Activation Delay: 3 seconds
Duration: Lasts up to 50 seconds before expiring or when it finds an enemy
Damage: 150/200/250/300
AoE: 375 (seeks towards the closest unit in this AoE at 400 MS and damages it)

Cast Range: 2000
Cooldown: 4
Manacost: 50

Ability Code: A2LL

Tempest Double (Ultimate)
By vibrating at extreme speeds, Arc Warden is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself for 20 seconds, at the cost of health and mana. This incarnation can use any spells or items he has, and spawns with his health and mana after the cast.

HP/MP Cost: 30/15/0% of current HP/MP
Cooldown: 55
Duration: 20

Note: The Tempest Double is visibly different for allies. Cannot copy Wards, Smoke or Refresher Orb.

Zet the Arc Warden Skill Build
1. Spark Wraith
2. Flux
3. Flux
4. Magnetic Field
5. Flux
6. Tempest Double
7. Flux
8. Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
9. Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
10. Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
11. Tempest Double
12. Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
13. Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
14. Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
15. Stats
16. Tempest Double
17. Stats++

Zet the Arc Warden Item Build
Recommended Items
Arcane Boots, Hand of Midas, Necronomicon, Dagon, Manta

To get the most of Zet's ulti, get as many as cast-able items.

Zet the Arc Warden Strategy
Extreme Strategy
Rush Midas at the start, with only regen items (salves preferably, in case some stick). Past level 6, always have midas, 1 salve & 1 clarity in inventory. Use the midas every 100 cooldown and 55 cooldown.

Proceed directly to Necronomicon 3 after boots. As soon as you have Necronomicon 3 or even at Necro 1 or 2 if you feel like it, solo Roshan. He dies in a matter of seconds. After Roshan, go Boots of travel -> Lothar's Edge -> Manta -> Desolator

Whenever the enemy team is even slightly out of position, backdoor their Tower and Rax. With your items, you can kill the tower in about 2-3 seconds, same with rax. Even with backdoor regeneration active.

This post contain Zet the Arc Warden Guide & Build. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments.

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  1. for AGI his stats suck.
    consider his high amount of INT
    this one can be dps or support due to his item build.
    maybe i add dagon

    1. i agree he is more of an INT hero not an AGI hero

    2. this guidance is suck, just save gold till its enough to buy butterfly then copy the butterfly every 5 seconds (i love bug)

  2. i think he's supposed to be that way, he's overpowered if you make him an int-type hero

  3. if his double can use midas too.... THATS OVERPOWERED!

  4. yeah, and it does can use midas with it's ss! dafak! imba!

  5. can the ulti use the midas ,manta and necro also ?

  6. Yes! That's why we should aim to get that kind of items ;)


  8. You should use butter, sny, aghanims, Arcane, Bloodstone, Refresher

  9. I feel that only 1 level of Flux shud be taken before lvl 6, 1 lvl of magnetic field an 3 levels of Shadow Wraith if you're going for a ganker's buils since the cooldown, mana cost and slow provided
    remains the same at all levels of flux and the cast range and dps increment is
    negligible in the early stages and to top it off, if the target has an ally nearby, the flux has no effect. I prefer the 3rd skill as it does much more reliable dmg in the early stages if placed properly.

  10. is meka worth? cause as i know u can't heal twice right?

  11. spark wraith 300 damage every 4 seconds = WTF IMBA!!

    1. u kidding me... wat about goblin sreders second pwer ...

  12. you can abuse DAGON with his ultimate...also mekansm... whis guy is strong if used correctly but Auroth is weeak.. I hate his ultimate... just like no good...

    1. Auroth is a support hero

      His ss is for 5on5 or 6on6
      because if you use your ss on the enemy your allies can attack the targeted enemy

  13. This hero is super IMBA his ss can use Etheral and dagon !!!

  14. I got The first blood when i placed 5 Spark wraith on Furion's Farming site

    1. ditto
      he never returned after that

    2. must try that.. thz for the advice

  15. what is the items of this hero??

  16. arrrggghhhh.....i cant wait 4 6.75 ai

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    ip : dota.garudagamers.us
    tz : 7

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    Come on i n my friend , wait you ^^

  18. build item for this hero shiva

  19. I used the items:

    S and Y
    Heart of Tarras
    Healm of Dominator
    Desolator and

    Zets health and Mana:

  20. arc warden is damn pro especially his miss . IS AMAZING !!

  21. manta, dagon, necro, ethereal, travel = totally broken

  22. arcane, dagon, necro, ethereal, manta, (any item depends on the game)

    1. double arcane then ethereal+dagon twice for easy kill then manta+necro for pushing cool build

  23. if u kill a hero when there is ur tempest double clone , u got twice the gold ... THAT is pretty awesome :)

  24. know what ice frog is just confusing you.. no doubt, it is an int hero.

  25. i like this her0


  26. midas

  27. midas first, get bot and then bought 4 rapier. just use your ulti and tele to wherever there is an enemy

  28. Refresher orb is good + dagon lvl 5 + Tempest double.That means it can use multiple times to destroy its opponents :)

    1. I meant the dagon -_-

    2. You can use the dagon 6 times... figure it out ;)

  29. Zet is too powerful to be an int type hero.. It's just right for Zet to be Agi ..... Look at the story and its skills... That's how they base their stats...

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