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DotA Sun Wukong Guide, Build and Strategy

Sun Wukong is the character that appears on the DotA 6.79 Quest. And while there's not so many information of him right now, here's what we think about him..

1. He is a melee Agility hero.
2. He could have a skill which will make a duplicate of him as in the Sun Wukong legend.
3. He could have a skill which will increase attack speed and movement speed

What else do you think about him?

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  1. no bad ability and character concept sorry.

  2. Its to large...can't play this map!!!!

  3. At the start of the race to the rune, sun wukong ensnares us for like 5 secs. Maybe that might be his 3rd skill?

  4. And I think when this guy comes to dota 2 he will actually look like a monkey, I hope.

  5. I think this guy a bit too big for agility hero but it's ok

  6. I think the Wukong in LoL looks much better -_-

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. 1st skill: Silent or aoe MIss
    2nd skill: Attk and Movement speed
    3rd skill: illusions
    4th skill: Item Strip (Remember your items droping when fought with him? It will drop items depending on skill Level. )

  9. So hero without damage skill? sounds cool. 5% chance to strip item from opponent hero haha.

  10. i saw the sun wukong courier at dota 2. i think thats the movement speed part. the one where he sits on the cloud.

  11. i think hes a strength hero

  12. I already watch about Wu Kong story.. In many version.. but this??? LoL... it isn't right.. Sun Wu Kong is A Half Human and Monkey isn't it? Not Gorrillas.. LoL..

    But in my oppinion.. is a new fresh idea..
    I'll wait.. :"D

  13. maybe his ss (special Skill) will turn him to human and lycan..but his ss will do is on/off skill for him to turn human or monkey..the human will have a passive skill of agility and for the monkey form it will have damage type...but the ss has a cooldown for 6 or maybe 10 seconds....share!

  14. ulti like magus, only he gets an item and can use it for 3 mins max...this would stay true to the mischievous thief character of sun wukong (monkey king)

  15. we have heroes with such abilities. theres a need for new ones.

  16. He is like ursa warrior

  17. From my overview, from DotA 2 it seems Phantom Lancer, a hero from Radiant team wil have his main challenge, Sun Wukong, a hero will be in Dire team.

    This is because both of this heroes have much similar skills and builds but only different team. You can proof my truthness from this links:


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