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Tauren Chieftain Guide and Strategy | Cairne Bloodhoof Build

Tauren Chieftain
Tauren Chieftain Guide and Strategy. Cairne Bloodhoof the Tauren Chieftain is one of the most anticipated heroes on Dota 6.60 (the other one is Batrider). This post will be a place to share guide, walkthrough and item builds for Tauren Chieftain. This guide is still on proggress, so any feedback or suggestion from you is really helpfull :)

Since ancient times it has been prophesized by the Tauren elders that a Chieftain will come, strong as the mightiest warriors and wise as the eldest shamans. After many years of wandering the sacred lands, seeking wisdom from his forefathers, Cairne Bloodhoof has proven himself as the long awaited hero. Cairne carries with him the spirit of his mightiest ancestor, and now the ground shakes with the combined strength of the Chieftain and his guardian spirit. No physical nor magical barrier can reduce the power of his enchanted halberd, the weapon used by his guardian in ancient times. Such is the power of this axe that it can split the very earth itself. Seeking revenge for the ravaging of his homeland, Cairne will soon bring his wrath upon the Scourge.

Base Stats
Strength: 24 + 2.7
Agility: 14 + 1.5
Intelligence: 23 + 1.6

Attack Range: 150
Movement Speed: 300

Cast Point 0.4
Attack Point 0.35
Hero Class: Strength

Echo Stomp
Calls upon the spirit of his ancestors to join him in an earth-shattering echo, rendering nearby foes unconcious. The spirit and Tauren Chieftain both deal 80 damage in the area, the Spirit dealing magical damage and the physical form dealing physical damage. Unconscious enemies will wake if they get hit. If the spirit is seperated from you, it will still perform its part of the spell.

If you damage a knocked out unit, it no longer becomes knocked out/immobile.

There is a spirit version of you doing the stomp animation with you at the same time (you can see it as well). You deal physical damage and it deals magical damage.

Physical Damage: 80
Magical Damage: 80
Channel Time: 1.4 seconds
AOE: 500
Knockout duration: 2/3/4/5 seconds
Manacost: 100/115/130/145
Cooldown: 15

Only player based damage can wake heroes. Damage dealt during a brief period after the stomp will not awaken heroes (0.65)

Tauren Chieftain Skill 1
The knockout caused by this skill is very nice. 5 seconds is nice amount to prepare a combo attack. The only drawback that it needs 1.4 seconds to cast it. Use this together with Ancestral Spirit to land it better.

Ancestral Spirit
The Tauren Chieftain sends forth his guardian ancestor to bring ruin upon his foes. While seperate from the Chieftain, the spirit will mimic his movement and damage any unit it passes through. When it rejoins the Chieftain, it grants him bonus damage and movement speed for each enemy it has struck.

Magical Damage: 120/160/200/240
AOE: 275

Damage per creep: 3/6/9/12
movement speed per creep: 1%
Danage per hero: 10/20/30/40
movement speed per hero: 5%

Cooldown: 19
Manacost: 110
Max Charge Time: 8

If the spirit has not rejoined with you before that period, it will charge towards you to move back into you and enchant you.

Enchanted Time: 9 (The duration you have the buffs after the joining of the ancestral spirit)

Tauren Chieftain Skill 2
This skill is  very  helpfull to reach an enemy from far away. The distance you can cast your spirit is further than Blink Dagger, use this. You can also cast this on forest or hill. But you will need some practice in order to move the spirit well.

Natural Order
Passive.The Tauren Chieftain uses wisdom gathered throughout the ages to reduce everything to its most basic level. Removes base Magic and Physical resistance.

AOE: 250
Percentage nullification: 25%/50%/75%/100%

Note: This exists on the spirit as well.

Tauren Chieftain Skill 3
Lots of people is missunderstanding this skill. It's only remove the base magic and physical resistance. But some people interpreted 100% percentage nullification(level 4) as  totally remove the resistance and make the damage pure. But yes, if your enemy doesn't have Hood of Defiance, your magical damage will pure ;) This skill counter Davion very much as his base armor is very high.

Earth Splitter
Using his mighty axe, the Tauren Chieften rends the very earth itself, sending a jagged crack under the feet of his enemies. After several seconds the earth implodes, sending his foes tumbling inwards. Any unit caught in the implosion will take damage based on their maximum life and have their speed slowed for a short time. Implodes after 3 seconds. Deals 35% of a unit's maximum HP.

Cast Range: 1600
Travel speed: 600 ms
Delay after maturity: 0.5 seconds
AOE: 350
Damage: 35% of each unit's maximum HP (half magical, half physical)
Slow Amount: 30/40/50%
Slow Duration: 3/4/5

Cooldown: 90/75/60
Manacost: 175

Example: You target a point, from where you are towards 1200 in the angle you click on, the split starts growing.
The split grows at 600 ms, so it takes 2 seconds to reach the end.
After it reaches the end, it plays an animation preparing for the implosion for 0.5 seconds and then it pulls everyone in and does the dmg/maim.

Tauren Chieftain Ultimate Skill
With a great setup, this  skill can cause huge damage to the enemy. Not to mention the slow duration and it's low cooldown. It's very likely it will get nerfed. With Refresher Orb, you can get 70% enemies max HP in an instant!

Skills Build
Lv 1 : Ancestral Spirit
Lv 2 : Echo Stomp
Lv 3 : Ancestral Spirit
Lv 4 : Echo Stomp
Lv 5 : AncestralSpirit
Lv 6 : Earth Splitter
Lv 7 : Ancestral Spirit
Lv 8-9 : Echo Stomp
Lv 10 : Natural Order
Lv 11 : EarthSplitter
Lv 12-14: Natural Order
Lv15: Stats
Lv 16: Earth Splitter
Lv 17-25: Stats

Max Ancestral Spirit for harassing and farming. You're a melee hero and Ancestral Spirit is help you harass and farm. Combine with Echo Stomp you can stun your enemies from distance. Earth Splitter taken as fast as possible because it's really a great skill with long cast range, huge area and decent damage.

Skill Usage
Remember, when your cast Ancestral Spirit, your spirit has your Natural Order aura and can Echo Stomp as well. Open the combo with Ancestral Spirit, place it into the middle of enemies, cast Echo Stomp and continue with Earth Splitter. After the Spirit join you, chase them with movement speed buff and bonus damage.

Items Build

Core Items

Tauren Chieftain is a versatile hero. At first, i thought he was like Earth Shaker (Raigor) who merely a spell caster. But after some games with him, i realize that he's more like Admiral/Kunkka. He has 3 active skills, but his DPS is high and his passive support this. With the bonus damage and movement speed from Ancestral Spirit, you can kill lot of heroes in the process. To maximize this potential, i suggest Battlefury and Power Treads as the core items. The Treads will give you attack speed and more movement speed to chase your opponent after your stun/slow. Battlefury is work nice as your spells is area and you will give huge damage at ease. Not to mention the mana regeneration.

Some Bracers for early last hitting and additional HP, if you farm well, you can skip this and buy Battlefury instead. Town Portal is a must to set a gank or helping team mates.

+  OR   +  OR 
Sange Yasha is now cheaper and gives you more movespeed bonus. Tauren has high base movement speed (310), with Sange Yasha and Spirit bonus, almost every enemy get captured by him. Get a Refresher Orb to take 70% of enemies HP in an instant with double Earth Splitter. If you want to tank, go to Heart of Tarrasque instead. Shiva's Guard for more AoE damage and cover your lack of armor. Or if you want some DPS, get Assault Cuirass instead.

Why not Dagger?

Tauren Chieftain already have Ancestral Spirit to help land Stomp. Remember, you can place your spirit from far away! If you want to init, just cast your spirit from distance into the middle of enemies and immediately Stomp. His ulti also has long casting range. So personally i don't think Dagger is good item for him.

Start of with 2 Healing Salve and Circlets. Your main priority is to last hit/deny and aim for your Ring of Health immediately. If you have a stunner lane mate, try to aim some kill with Ancestral Spirit and Stomp combo. If you don't, you still can harrass with your Spirit. Get your ulti as fast as possible.

After getting your RoH, you are hardly to harass and can stay a long time in the line. Aim your Void Stone to make Perseverance. After getting your boots and maybe some bracers, start ganking. With Spirit + Stomp combo and a decent team mate, you will likely net a kill. Start with Spirit and place it on the middle of your enemy. Immediately Stomp, only blinker enemy can evade this. While your enemies still sleep, use your ulti if you have it. Then go near him and finish it with your mate. Remember if a hero attack him, he will wake up. So think twice before attack the sleep enemies.

In the team fight, if you have a initiator(Ex: Magnus, Earthshaker, Tidehunter, Enigma), cast Earth Splitter as soon as your friend inits. If you don't have it, place Ancestral Spirit into the middle of your enemies (the distance you can cast the spirit is further than Blink Dagger range!). Cast Echo Stomp and continue with Earth Splitter. After that, start roaming with your Battlefury and the bonus movement speed. It's not strange to hear Triple Kill from Tauren in this version. So, before he got nerfed, enjoy your time ;)

 Have different thought? Share it here :)

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  1. MOVING FISSURE!! >owning
    sigh.. another AOE hero.. so i guess he'll combo with Raigor huh?

    nice work alief!

  2. The TC seems like an unnecessarily hard hero in this version.
    Both Great Stomp and Earth Splitter need other stuns to be pulled off perfectly due to the high casting delay, and Ancestral Charge is a really annoying spell to aim.

    I don't like him.

  3. Well, i think this hero is great. But you are right redrach, we need another stun to make the ultimate hit the enemies, the casting delay is very long ~_~;;

    But overall, he is another AoE Str casting heroes (just like Earthshaker ^^)

  4. we dont know enough about his mechanics to make a judgement like that.

    remember, thats what everyone said about dirge before his ridiculous imbalanceness came to attention

  5. his illusion can stomp also.

  6. Ancestral Charge works like a mirrorview of yourself. If you move away from it, it will move away in the opposite direction, if you move to the right, it will move to the right etc. So basically, you can kill enemy heroes at the tower, without getting in range of it

  7. To all the guys who suggested stupid skills like shockwave, pushback, bash, war stomp, etc., THIS is what you call good, creative and original skills.

  8. Nice sinergy notice that the spirit in ancestral charge aperas withgreatstomp if the sadow passes trough an enemy they apper to take damage but if you stop te spirit stops activate this while in battle with an enemy then stop when the spirit is near when you activate gretstomp both you and the ancester spirit activate the skill boom double damage.

  9. ^ does anybody have any idea what that even means. nice 500 word sentence

  10. It means that your illusion can also Great Stomp if you do. So Combo should be like- Ancestral Recall - Great Stomp.

  11. Well sorry for using archaic you're the first person who's ever had trouble understanding what i write.

  12. About ancestral charge:
    I don't really now if it's a bug, but when you charge some spot and come back immediately, the ancestral spirit will remain alive and can still damage surrouding units, and as you move, it will move the same way as if it's trying to catch you

    there's a change on CRANIUM BASHER, now it needs a Belt Of Giant Strenght instead of Gauntlets

  13. You and your illusion both do damage with charge. If you illusion, and then run a different direction and move near an enemy, they take damage.

    You spawn an illusion for the cast of stomp. If you already have an illusion, you can use it to cast a half-power stomp at a distance. If you don't, you can do a full-power stomp at your location.

    You gain vision of your illusion. If you want to check the forest, use it to move through there, if you have the room to move.

  14. well ... ancestral charge gives a great deal whenever comes to scouting ... you can scout both the scourge nc AND sentinel nc AT THE SAME DAMN TIME if you do it right ... and if you saw an enemy in the opposite nc farming .. you can cast great stomp to dmg him WITHOUT putting yourself into danger ...

    tho i personally think there should be a sub skill that allowed TC to change position with his illusion ... and the if the illusion can cast earth split ... it would be perfect :D

    does the illusion has TC's aura as well ? if it does then ir can double the AoE of his aura ... that's really something O.o ..

  15. That would make it imba, therefore, boring.

  16. Oh yeah, when tauren use skill 2, then skill 1, both the illusion and the hero use skill 1, the animation is soooooooo great

  17. wel wat i get 4m d discussion is dat


  18. btw...i didn evn c 6.60 or tc dere :p lol

  19. alec_da_dude_from_marsMay 17, 2009 at 6:13 AM

    heeeeey, why isnt there a STUN!
    he really needs a stun coz of the earth splitter, coz the dmg is oly gonna go in if the spikes shoot up, and its also like rexxars knokback, IF it hits.

  20. Now that I know the ability information, TC seems better. His abilities seem well invented. Icefrog needs to put some more work into reinventing other heroes now, also items.

  21. with ancestral charge its possible to
    place your great stomp on 2 locations the same time

  22. Note that earth splitter seems to cause 30% of the enemys max hp in damage.

    Also Great Stomp stuns for 5 seconds, but the stun is cancelled, if the target is being attacked (by a physical attack; spells do not unstun it)

    The aura seems to increase its effect depending on range; at melee range it removes all resistance and armor.

    So close range enemies hit by earth splitter lose 30% hp no matter what. Imagine refresher: one good great stomp, illusion and you pass through, splitter, next stomp before other wears off (since they dont wake up when hit by your spells), another you and illusion passing (dunno how it interferes with refresher, thought) and another close-range splitter => almost guaranteed kill for all affected heroes.

    Also you can attack one enemy so he will be unstunned and focus him down while his allys are still stunned for 5 seconds.

  23. wheresthenerfstickJune 5, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    His spirit has a min cast range i think. You can cast it + the stomp to effectively doubly your aoe in team fights. With a good ally like enigma..... i wouldn't wanna play against him :-S

  24. Everything looks okay, but I have a big problem with Nature Order. If you max it, then every damage you deal will be pure. That's pretty imba, if you ask me.

  25. The Vietnamese has developed a basic guide including Item build and skill build
    Btw, I like this hero very much , much more than the crappy new razor and Bat rider :))

  26. @above - can you send me the link?

  27. razor and batrider are not crappy, I owned with both of them on my first try, starting solo mid. and no, it was not a game against noobs

  28. http://dota.vnbattle.net/forums/showthread.php?t=14475
    It is just a mini-guide but it's quite good with a full skills build and items build , playing role
    The problem is it is written in vietnamese , but there are some parts that you can understand including the skills and items build

  29. TC is a SpellCaster??
    I laughed hard from that hahaha
    have u tried do see how much bonus damage do u get from ancestral spirit? and how much you hit deals with de armor reduction??
    man..try makin it with treads,BattleFury, assault and tarrask. you can kill the whole enemy team alone ;)

  30. @The above superman : DotA is a team game Mr.Superman , you want to beat your opponents on your own then go home and play with AI :)) . The mini-guide I wrote just suggested the most useful playing role for Cairne in high-level game , not raping noobs . Every hero can be a killer with the items you just listed below , the problem is can you achive all of them before the 2nd Hours of the game :)) .Beside , i'm sure that the damage bonus from Ancestral Spirit , The Aura will certainly be nerfed in the next versions, so Supporter will be the best way of using Tauren Chieftain , just like Raigor :))

  31. Lol imagine this guy and batrider and dirge and maiev and invoker..IMBA OWNAGE come to think of it, just this guy and batrider could take down two guys. Batrider goes in with his skills, and this guy finishes.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I agree with DarkSuo, and my build is totally different, I don't think TC is like earhtshaker that need, arcane ring, guinso, shivas..
    And I don't think that TC's ulti has to be nerfed because this hero is like a luna, troll,etc. but will just do something if earn gold and xp well.

  34. Well, this hero is new indeed. And while we figure out what is the best items and gameplay for him, any idea is respected ;)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. "Anonymous said...
    Note that earth splitter seems to cause 30% of the enemys max hp in damage.

    Also Great Stomp stuns for 5 seconds, but the stun is cancelled, if the target is being attacked (by a physical attack; SPELLS DO NOT UNSTUN IT)

    The aura seems to increase its effect depending on range; at melee range it removes all resistance and armor.

    So close range enemies hit by earth splitter lose 30% hp no matter what. Imagine refresher: one good great stomp, illusion and you pass through, splitter, next stomp before other wears off (since they dont wake up when hit by your spells), another you and illusion passing (dunno how it interferes with refresher, thought) and another close-range splitter => almost guaranteed kill for all affected heroes.

    Also you can attack one enemy so he will be unstunned and focus him down while his allys are still stunned for 5 seconds."

    I like to comment on that phrase up there, r u sure that spells do not unstun? coz i tried it and radiance/shiva WILL unstun the targets hitten...pls chk thnx

  37. Check that..
    TC aura has 100% magic reduction and decrease armor. When we give him AC + deso whe can be shure that our enemy will have -11 armor reduction. It really works.. ;)

  38. http://www.dota-league.com/?section=instant/instant_single_details&id=1852830

    check asskicker's stats

  39. @Anonymous
    First...i'm not superman ¬¬"
    And i don't consider Cairne as a Suporter because his Echo Stomp isn't a Stun....just a "faint" that wakes when hit...the right combo i think for him is....Acestral spirit in de middle of the whole enemy team..and STOMP!(u get +IMBA damage doing it) Then ult cacthing all of them in it...you team positionate how you like in the next 5 seconds..you stay aside the one u want to KILL and get you spirit back and ur + ImBA damage...when u ult EXPLODES u have a enemy team whith less tha 60% of HP and a TOTAL OWNAGE kill for everyone...i have already won from PhatomAssasin in a game...Late game....past 1 hour....i was kiling her with 5 hits =/

  40. @breno - you're right, after several games with him, i'm realize that he is not a spell caster like Raigor/Earthshaker, but more like semi DPS, similar to Kunkka. I just dramatically change the build. The bonus damage is IMBA indeed. Combined with battlefury and treads, it's enough to get several kills at once. This hero will likely get nerfed soon ;p

  41. Well well well.....
    Carrier build is quite good for Cairne , but i suggest replacing The SnY with Buriza thanks to his insane burst dmg , his IAS is enough with Treads and Midas .... Ah, I alsa suggest putting Midas inthe core items , it will give Cairne better farming to reach his core items and high IAS
    But even though i still share the same point of view with that "Deva" guy :)) ( i had a match with him yesterday , quite talented ) . Cairne supportive factor lies in his Aura and Maiming Ultimate , which will help his teammate easily finish enemy heroes . In my own opinion ,do the ganking with a teammate is quite more ..... artisctic and helpful than just staying in lanes and farm like a crazy pumped buffalo with no stun/disable to helpyou escape from a gank , wasting his -most-suitable-for-ganking-and-combating skills ...... but i still do respect your items build like a carrier :))

  42. stanic+ bkb is much better than fury

  43. the plus damage from ancestral is too IMBA...The highest that i got is 500+ dmg....combine it with buriza and deso and it hurts like HELL, lucky if it crits...even a pro mortred with full equips was no match from me, i think it takes me almost 5 hits to kill him...also for the combo, use ancestral+stomp then CAST ULTI IMMEDIATELY, it has a high chance that they can't evade it.

  44. really hard to use, but it doesnt mean ur not gonna continue to use it. just practice, u can make it a perfect hero :)

  45. Refresher is not an effective choice unless you get an item like bloodstone first to give you mana. 2x Earth Split + Refresher cost > MAX mana cap

  46. for me the idea is to use the advantege that he get from his aura, so i buy him, a radiance and a shivas, the idea of shivas is to cast the slow whit the ulti and the stomp, all the enemies get inmobile then recive the ulti and the ulti slow and when they try to run, they get slowed again, that is not dificult to do and i way to imba, if you have a good team.

  47. sorry for the mistakes but i´m english is not my mother tongue. And radiance i think that makes 40 pure damege per secon whit his aura, not bad if it works that way

  48. Can battlefurry splash damage cancel the stun of his 1st skill?? After reading all the post i just realize that there are two types you can play him.
    A battle support and a pure damager. If you will use battlefury then dont expect the stun. (if my theory is right) the support will look like a rigor gameplay. (more stats than skills)

    This hero is just too imbalance just like the new razor. Total damager...

  49. You know how to own him?
    Blade Mails. gg :)

  50. http://www.dota-allstars.com/replay/132960/index.html

    thats a cm replay of TC from dota allstars played by a beta tester goind 10/0 the first 10 mins and keep owning for the rest of the game.
    also looks like the opponents wasn't noob or sth but TC utilized perfectly his skills..

    (TC is not showing up in the replay page and it looks like a 4v5 game,but thats a common dotaallstars bug so he is on scourge side.)

  51. yahooo theres a combo for tauren hahah
    i dont know if i invented this one (i doubt)
    but heres sum
    euls+echoes stomp+Earth splitter
    hahha if u like add dagon or dagger
    yahoooo add mo on jeremy_pascua@yahoo.com
    if like more info

  52. just thought of something... does the natural order aura ignore the +1000 armor of guardian angel? got no time to test i'm bz with my perfect world char rofl ^^

  53. http://www.playdota.com/guides/100

    The build at this site is superior.

  54. Hmm, I'd actually suggest using the skills in a different order. Use Earth Splitter from far away so it pretty much erupts when it reaches the opponent. While Earth Splitter is traveling, then cast Ancestral Spirit from far, placing it hopefully before Earth Splitter activates so that E.S. can get buffed by aura and use Echo Stomp immediately so the opponent is pulled into the stun by E.S. Run in to the stunned opponent, and melee with your buffed damage or repeat if you've got a refresher.

  55. shortcut for using ultimate is ulti, not inits. get the words right.

  56. @above - Um, inits means initiates buddy.. CMIIW

  57. Refresher is a viable attack during a clash. Stun the enemy team and then use your ultimate twice. Voila! 70% oh the enemy team's hp just turned to dust. However, getting a refresher will severely impair your general farming/solo hero killing potential. However, the damage you deal can be offset by Ancestral Spirit as long as you know how to use it properly.

  58. for me this guy core item is =lothar (you can stun while youre invi , get close the prey / when they're no magic resistance left in them then i can use my trusty dagon! hahah) + desolator! imagine the -armor they take.shiva is a luxury must have item.

  59. very good hero indeed...
    i try your item build,,but i prefer buying MOM after battlfurry and power treads..gives more attack speed and can kill a lot also farm fast..then u can get assult for ur armor and HoT for your health..i still trying some new item build indeed..hope i will find the best one..^^
    can some1 give me a suggestion about how to play razor now??
    some people tell me to learn the second skill in the early of gam although the enemy is a range typed..but i prefer third skill..=)but i prefer old razor although it is boring to be played..=P

  60. Zzzz ... This guys know nuts abt TC.

  61. my item

    vg/bracer/or 2xheart

    hahaha look imposible????
    yea actualy i just only got to buy battlefury, powerthread, hyperstone and heart...

  62. got manta style..if u use tc..combo manta n with tc 3rd skill he can chnge the result of the gme...sure...so imba

  63. Battlefury Yes. Treads NO. SandY NO. Shiva's is a core. Only 1 bracer needed. HoT is a must and perhaps some attack speed item like MoM.

    TC is an aoe Monster, a mass dealer of damage and an opener.

    Play him like one.

  64. BF is one of the best item for TC, you can earn fast, AC and Radiance also. you can add life steal. i've tried this hero and i liked this stuff. the thing is you can carry the team plus you can be a killer. TC in 6.60 is strong but in 6.61,they'd lowered its strength gain. better for you if you have mate with stunners... try it, its awesome..

  65. WTH, PEOPLE!
    You people think natural order is so imba. It only removes x% of the damage reduction of the BASE armor. Not the whole thing +stats. And i'm pretty sure the damage reduction removal works on your allies and self. But i'm not sure. So i guess natural order won't have much effect on tiny right? I say the only unfair part of TC is that even if he is level gapped he can kill a lot of heroes with no help.


  67. wtf ES was TC father ??lol! TC was a chieftain for the horde's and ES was horde champion.

    yea they combo quite powerful in team clash and making some nice grafic too..

  68. Tauren Chieftain SUCKS!!!!

  69. EarthShaker :

    blink + ulti + fissure + enchant totem(aftershock) + shiva + refresher orb = GG ;)

    TaurenChieftain :

    stomp + ulti + ancestor + shiva + refresher orb = GG ;)

    now combine the power of their skill = SUPER GG OWNAGE !!! hehe

  70. my Tauren Chieftain doesn't have the ability to do the Ancestral Spirit.. mine is just the old ability one... how do i upgrade the ability of the heroes???

  71. after stomp,can cleave damage from BF awaken the enemy?
    if that so,that will be wasting 5 second stun to enemy nearby your main target...

  72. he doesnt need power threads.
    he is better off with phase boots.
    spirit->stomp->ulti->whack with battlefury->activate phase to chase past creeps-> whack till die

  73. do u all think is good this hero make blademail??

  74. battlefury on him sucks! its awakening all enemies in cleave range :/ but going for perservance and than SnY and finish refresher afterwards is awesome
    ES is maybe the best combo with him but someone play him with crystal? its so imba! her ultimate is not waking up enemies cuz of its magic dmg, they just cant get away from her ulti and her dmg is maximized by natural order now just finish with TC ulti and its over GG
    doesnt work? well u still got the refresher for another 35%dmg of max life ;)

  75. good for him ? Desolator + Assault = total ownage.

  76. Start with a bottle. harass alot, control runes. Go for perseverance and then phase boots.

    phase boots really help you get to heros and allow you to use yoru spirit really well.

    Combo is spirit-> echo stomp -> earth splitter -> pop phase boots and charge. as your ult pops you recombine with your spirit and watch the bitches die!

    go for BF, SNY, then refresher. enjoy going godlike =)

  77. Wow,great content and your blog design is just gorgeous. keep up your work, i'm sure many people would agree with me!

  78. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  79. y there's no Hex for this Hero????

  80. this build is awesome...i love it...u are genius dude...two thumbs up!

  81. NOOBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. wow.. i nvr knew tis hero was tt gud. nice one i love tis guide^^

  83. " @anonymous: NOOBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONLY nOObs PLAY THEM!! "

    --i think u are the one who is noob..what are u playing,farmville?haha..i pity u..

  84. phase boots
    monkey bar
    vladimirs offering
    cranium basher

    ewan ko lang kung di ka maka rampage!

  85. -kung nasa 601g from the start
    try muna basilicus ring tpos ironwood branch
    pag may pera na ulit mga 350g try mo,ring of regeneration
    -tpos boots of speed,tpos 450 para sa claws of aatack,pag naka 450 claw of attack ulet(phase boots)
    -siguro naman naka first blood ka na,try mo mask of death
    -ipon ka 300g vladimirs offering recipe
    -sabay mo naman belt of giant strengt(plus HP ang damage as well)
    -pag banatan na,buo ka na ng vanguard starting from ring of protection,benta mo na ironwood branch,gawin mo ng stout shield
    -pag may 1500g javelin muna,bago vitality booster(vanguard)
    -ipon ka ng 1150 (cranium basher)
    -pag nasa level 14 o 15 na,try mo ulet javelin ulet tpos plus 25 strength na reaver(mahaba yung unang word kaya reaver lang ;)
    -mejo may katagalan pa bago mabuo ang monkey bar kaya nasa iyo na kung mag iipon k ng pera para sa reaver o uunahin muna yung hyperstone
    -later,ikaw na bahala kung ano uunahin mo kung cuirras o monkey bar...

  86. If your in mid lane, and your enemy runs back to base with really low hp, just put down the spirit and TP base, and the spirit will sprint into him, and you might get a kill ;)

  87. Ikaw ang lame kac siguro d marunong??
    games where made to be play kung d ka marunong wag kang maglaro

  88. i think tauran is a magicer hero so i'm disagree with you.my idea is based on over 1000 matches in garena with chiftain

  89. impossible to play tauren without camera distance hack, you'll be most noob player without it

  90. arcane boots

    force staff
    Cranium Basher
    Pipe` / Hex


  91. i want to know....about tauren's items. who can tell me ?

  92. i mean as a supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. eul's scepter is also a good item for chieften, since it can float the enemy for 2 seconds allowing chieften to prepare casting spells... I tried it already and it's so good ^^

  94. Very helpful!
    I have 4 winning streak.
    Thanks so much!