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Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2 Map

Dota-Allstars 6.61b AIDota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2 Map Download. We just got a new updates from KillerBee a.k.a God Tony. This map has improved greatly compared to the previous map. I already tested the map, and now the AllPick mode is already working (previously only AR mode can be used) and some other stuff already fixed. It's fun! Finally i can do some experiments using Tauren Chieftain with this AI map :D

Here is the complete changelogs:

AI should now be able to buy items properly
Many item buying combinations have changed since the last time item builds were made, we may need to consider remaking every heroes item build
Just for testing purposes, every hero will go for Boots and two Bracers (this is only temporary)
AI should be able to pick their own heroes on AllPick
Fixed heroes leveling up once they spawn
Fixed AI to buy the DotA TP Scroll and not the one from melee games
Fixed all heroes from having the same attack animation

Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2 Download Link
Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 2 via Warcraft Map
Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 2 via Rapidshare

Note: This map is still in development. Subscribe this blog by email or reader so we can send you updates if there's a new progress ;)

Wow, despite the AI items build is all the same, they still pretty hard to beat because they gain level faster than us (on insane level). For those waiting for a decent Dota 6.61 AI or Dota 6.61b AI map, this map is worth a try :)

Update: Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 3 released! Items build is improved and more mode enable (-ne, -ng).

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  1. cool..keep up a good work

  2. Woo Hoo!

    Now I can take some time away from

  3. tested and owned ai's.. lol.. tested in -ar and -ap .. weird thing that no ultrakills sound.. can anyone confirm this? two games i played but no ultra kill audio heard

  4. Nice work....keep up the good work

  5. what mode for this map to make sure AI have no bonus exp and bonus gold... normally we use -arneng ... for this map what mode to put in?

  6. Pls give another link,,cause the 1st link doesn't work and i cant dl from rapidshare T-T

  7. i've just played this map with my friend in a local game, looks like it is still bugged

    the sentinel AI cannot be controlled using command, they kept pushing even when their base is on the edge of destruction

    some mode combination did not work
    and one more weird thing
    Furion and traxex acquired an item called shadow orb? what is that?

  8. mediafire.....lalalala...

  9. -pa does not work as when i chose a hero for my team's ai, i would not be able to choose anymore hero. weird. and when i told my team's ai to switch lane example from right to middle, it somehow goes left instead. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND IMPROVE MORE ! (:

  10. btw... this is pre alpha map.... not even beta... so of course there will be a lot of bug... keep up d good work :D :D :D

  11. its not even an alpha.. its a pre alpha :P

  12. Anjrit..parah bner, AI nya cacad.

  13. @above

    Lol,U Indonesian??
    Please comment in english,becoz this site use english languange,and not everybody know what u saying...

    Anyway if u dun understand english =
    Emg cacat,kan masih pre-alpha jadi ngg bener...

  14. @yumiko

    hey this map is under "construction" it even not in beta map...

    tunggulah, waiting is a virtue...

    but BMP is cool, keep up your good job dude..

  15. @SuyaLynx
    its the shadow orb thing is like night elf campaign in chapter 2 in tomb of sargeras, i even dont know how AI get those item from,, maybe it really have secret shop somewhere.. hahahha.
    @;) lol...

  16. hrm...pretty good^^
    but the AI so much harder to defeat...
    they grow level so fast...when i still 4 level they already 8 or 9 something...
    btw..where is the shadow orb comes from?
    huhu~good job!
    keep up a good work~! cheers~~

  17. erm...sorry about for saying that the AI is harder to defeat....
    but its easier to pawn them without typing -ne or -ng(the map already cannot type -ne or -ng)...
    and....when i play this map i realize something else..
    dunno u guys got mentioned or not...
    i found that got a new item looks like a book and its name is "Grimoire of Souls"..
    its function is permanently increase the hit point of the hero by 20 each it is contained 10 charges...
    whoot....this map should be inprove especially the AI^^...
    they dunno how to buy item and use skill...
    Do ur best dude~!^^ Supporting alwiz~

  18. I jus d/l it and got my 1st fatal error and There's a bug on tiny when it stun, lol~ got the effect but no stun at all.. and jus wondering why sniper maelstorm does not stack with helm in AI Pre Alpha map as in completely no chain lightning until i drop helm but when i use it on 6.61b, it does stack.. does that count as a bug? anyway, good job with the map.. keep it up!!

  19. Bug ::
    -AI name not show in top-right window
    -AI buy items ,drop on ground
    --- ring 175
    --- potion
    -AI not protect Tower

    >>Memo leak
    -Warcraft close


  20. LOL @ the bot above me XD
    I LOL'd


    new lvl 1 roshan....

  22. hey guys...check this out
    DotA Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre-Alpha 3
    * Changed the default item build to a new one
    * AI will now show on the scoreboard
    * The following AI gamemodes should now work: -st/-mc/-hg/-ng/-he/-ne/-de
    * Fixed a few non-DotA items from being purchased by the AI

  23. bane use the skill to sleep my hero.. the hero sure die =.=

  24. @anonymous - thanks for the update. I already made a new post about pre alpha 3. Yay! ;)

  25. Confirmed, Bane's sleep skill deals enormous damage even at level 1.

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