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Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Map

Dota-Allstars 6.61b AIDota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Map Download. At last, we got a new breath from the AI maker. After waited for couple of weeks, a new AI map for Dota 6.6x series released. This time it's not from BuffMePlz as we expected, but from KillerBee a.k.a God Tony, the maker of Dota 6.61b 6v6 map.

But before your hopes got too high, let me pull you back to earth. This AI map is still on development and still got much things to do, that's why it called Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha.

Here is some problem about this map:
* AI can't choose heroes due to changed taverns
* AllRandom is the only playable gamemode because of this
* AI can't buy the correct items to due changed item shops
* AI buying random items (Orb of Darkness, 2xBarracks) because of this
* Everyone except the player started @lvl2 -_-"
* All ranged heroes having the same animation (Warlock's)
* Sometimes there's fatal error (i haven't found it yet)

Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Download Link
Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha via Warcraft Map
Dota 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha via Rapidshare

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Well, i know the map is not that good, but it's still better than nothing right? ^^ But if you want a truly playable Dota 6.61 AI or Dota 6.61b AI map, be patient, they're working it out! :)

Update: Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2 released! AllPick mode available and many things fixed.

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  1. tnx im waiting this map , oh im first

  2. 3rd
    thx for the map ^^V

  3. Nice. Needs more testing.

  4. tq 4 all AI makers...been waiting this map for long time...

  5. i got fatal error...huhuhu

  6. 8th..
    not much satisfaction but still good for testing of heroes or item builds..

    ps, 9th is noob, gay, and 10th will be worser

  7. Then me 11th ! .. har har .. i wish that BMP can join or invite killerbee to make the development even faster ..

  8. thanks so much for this intersting map^ ^

  9. Good Good, was playing 6.59 AI, now i can try something new

  10. thanks. i wait for it for a long time.

  11. too slow to shyt

  12. I just HATED it...
    if their have too much problems why do you realease this map!?
    the computers just don't buy any normal itens...
    and some pc's are leveling up by 2-2 lvls...
    and i put one time 5x5..
    one pc go to mid and the others 4 go just to bot?!
    i'm still waiting BMP to do this map
    cause he will just do another good job

  13. thank man for releasing this map and for ur time
    but i tell u that cause ur doing good job and i want it to be perfect
    1- the game crashs all the time i played 7 games crashed in 6 of them

    2- where the hell the pc gets his items . definitly i want to know to get some of these espicially the shild magina is getting :) imoliation and mana ana armor in one item waw

    3- the way they gang in the begining of the game :S

    4- but the very good thing is the ai of each hero him self they are like aware with there magics good

    so thanks and keep these points in consideration plz

  14. Easy guys.. Killerbee already said that this is a pre alpha version/raw port, he's still working it out. Don't flame him, more people is good :) If he make another update, i will post it here :)

  15. @anonymous : magina's sheild? isn't it a default skill in the frozen throne? it has been quite a while but i guess it is.. an imoliation skill or sumthin..

    @alieft : yeah.. its very2 raw indeed.. is it ported or is it a new script? its a ported ait?

    and about BMP's map.. he is working on a new set of scripts.. before this he only ports the old aiplus 1.52 script and fixed wuts different to make it compatible with icefrog's map changes..

    but with a new script.. everything is different and he could easily adjust it as he was the one made it.. its more dynamic and better with the latest dota map version..

    when its finished.. maybe there would new heroes would have their skills in complete n use them.. such as for invoker..

    its worth a wait :)

    we want a complete dota AI map... not an incomplete but ported playable map..

    cheers to those who tried to port.. nice effort.. its better to contribute rather than just saying fucking wordss n complain..

  16. Guys... its PRE alpha... Think it's a good idea, that more people are working on a AI map- Ai is a very good idea for beginners or to work out some new strategies. Ans BMP already stated before, that hes getting tired of porting one version to another. Remember: The existing AI-script is from Version 6.43, sooooo a NEW script would be nice. So many features are not rly implemented: New items, hero-scripts and so on, especially as these guys are not allowed to have a detailed look into the DOTA-script itself.
    Deep respect to you guys

  17. @Nickfreak : yeah rite they cant have a detail look.. they can actually unprotect a map urself using jass programming tools :) .. unprotected maps r available on the net n ppl can easily unprotect themselves.. thats y collided maps r easily produced.. n they could compress it back to the original size without ppl noticing..

  18. ~I played it already and truly it, has many bugs to be fix. But AI's ability is good enough for pre alpha(beta)test. We are hoping to released the final AI maps w/o bugs. I know its hard to make AI's now bcoz many changes now had made in the new Maps. Thanks for those people who working on it. More powerÜ

  19. ~I played it already and truly it, has many bugs to be fix. But AI's ability is good enough for pre alpha(beta)test. We are hoping to released the final AI maps w/o bugs. I know its hard to make AI's now bcoz many changes now had made in the new Maps. Thanks for those people who working on it. More powerÜ

  20. if ur looking for a map to start training ur butcher and POTM in the easiest way.. u should try this map.. the ai's are hookable like in pub games.. xD.. really had fun but i do miss tho..

    the real aiplus evaded it if u shot it in a long range.. it would might only hit if on a narrow tarrain.. this ai reacts more to human as it wobbles around and kinda "suprised but stand still" when hooked or arrowed.. lol