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Axe Guide, Build and Strategy - Mogul Khan Guide

Mogul Khan the Axe Guide, Build and Strategy. This guide is a guest post. Feel free to comment about the this Axe Guide.

Axe, one of the strongest tanker in Dota Allstars, not to mention his ulti can directly kill the low life hero even with Omniknight ulti effect. I got one friend even say that he is a mad, self-torture hero, I can't agree more.

Mogul Khan - The Axe

Range: 100(Melee) | Move Speed: 290
Primary: STR
Str: 25 + 2.5 | Agi: 20 + 2.2 | Int: 14 + 1.6
Damage: 49-53 | HP: 625 | Mana: 182
HP Regen: 1 | Mana Regen: 0.57
Attack Speed: 1.42 | Armor: 2

In the war of Humans and Orcs that occured long ago many Orcish warriors were corrupted by demonic influence and became tools of blackest darkness. One such warrior was the leader of the Half-Tribe of the Bloodied Axe Clan; Mogul Kahn. Mogul was slain by human Paladins but mysteriously was seen fighting alongside the Scourge around the time Mannoroth started to command the Orcs in the war against Archimonde. The Axe has been revived by demons and uses his reflexes and powerful blows to hunt down and seek out the Sentinels' agile warriors and cut them down to size, even projecting his lust for war onto them.

i. Axe's Skill

Berserker`s Call (E)
Mogul Kahn focuses all of his enemies' hatred on him, causing them to attack him at all costs. 300 AoE.
Level 1 - Lasts 1.5 seconds, 5 bonus armor.
Level 2 - Lasts 2 seconds, 10 bonus armor.
Level 3 - Lasts 2.5 seconds, 15 bonus armor.
Level 4 - Lasts 3 seconds, 20 bonus armor.
Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 14 seconds

The only skill that force all enemies around you to attack you, this, somehow, also bind all enemies to you, and protect your teammates from enemies. The additional armor also reduce damage to Axe, give Axe advantage in battle, or escape.

Battle Hunger (R)
Afflicts a target with a terrible killing hunger. The target will take damage per second until it kills a unit.
Level 1 - 15 damage/second, lasts 10 seconds.
Level 2 - 15 damage/second, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 3 - 20 damage/second, lasts 20 seconds.
Level 4 - 25 damage/second, lasts 25 seconds.
Mana Cost: 75/85/95/105
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10 seconds.

Actually I really think that this skill is almost useless, because the effect will be stop if the target enemy kill or deny creeps, unless your enemy too noob until cannot deny probably, using this skill on them is just a waste.

The only use of this skill is when chasing enemies, but if you got dagger, why still border on this skill? Just forget about it and add more stats to Axe.

Counter Helix (X)
Mogul Kahn counters some blows made to him dealing damage to all nearby enemy units.
Level 1 - 17% chance to counter with 100 damage.
Level 2 - 17% chance to counter with 125 damage.
Level 3 - 17% chance to counter with 150 damage.
Level 4 - 17% chance to counter with 175 damage.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 0.7/0.65/0.60/0.55

A must skill to Axe! Not only helps Axe to hurt enemies heroes, but also helps Axe to farm. And if combo with Berserker's Call......I guess you guys can imagine that.

Culling Blade (C)
Purges the weak from Mogul Kahn's sight. Deals moderate damage, but will kill a target that is low on life.
Level 1 - Deals 150 damage, will kill if target is below 300.
Level 2 - Deals 250 damage, will kill if target is below 450.
Level 3 - Deals 300 damage, will kill if target is below 625.
Mana Cost: 120/160/200
Cooldown: 75/65/55 seconds.

Ignored magic immune, and also attack immune! Which mean even with black king bar, Omni's ulti, or Abaddon's ulti, they can block its damage, but they can't block the instance kill.

ii.Comment to Axe
Due to Axe "special" skill sets (just like wanted to be SM by others......), which make him a destined tanker in the team! Stand in the very front line and bravely lead your teammates to fight the enemies. Attract enemies' attack and protect your teammates, this is your destiny.

iii.Axe's skills build
Number means level.
1: Counter Helix
2: Berserker`s Call
3: Counter Helix
4: Berserker`s Call
5: Counter Helix
6: Culling Blade
7: Counter Helix
8~9: Berserker`s Call
10: Stat
11: Culling Blade
12~15: Stat
16: Culling Blade
17~21: Stat
22~25: Battle Hunger

So, because Axe must be a tanker, so we need to max his counter helix first, and to combo with the counter helix, so Berserker's call need to be max after counter helix. Like I mentioned before, I think battle hunger almost useless, so I will just left it to the last, and add stats to Axe first.


The strategies here is depends on 6.60 or above.

When start, buy a stout shields and a quelling blade first, then just used the rest of money to get some recovery item, I suggest all buy Ancient Tango.

Maybe some cannot understand why border about quelling blade, actually quelling blade is a must item for all melee heroes in 6.60 or above. The 32% additional damage to non-hero units can help your melee heroes to farm faster.

When choosing which lane you go, you need to be very careful about one thing, never ever choose mid lane for Axe. You can either go to top or bottom, just don't go to mid lane, because mid lane too short, and the top or bottom lane have secret shops which can let Axe purchase Ring of Health without leaving lane.

Due to the counter helix, normally if Axe keep an eyes on his life, he is a totally farmer(unless meet some kind of heroes, which I will mentioned later). Just remember one thing, don't attack your enemy's heroes unless you go near to them, so you won't waste your counter.

When you got money, buy another stout shield, then farm out Ring of Health, normally you should be level 4 or 5 already, even higher if you are soloing, or get some kills already. Then you can either choose to get another Ring first, or go purchase vitality booster for a vanguard, just remember to throw off you stout shield first, so that vanguard damage blocking will come first.

After you level six, get a boot, then you can go out for ganking others. When you gank, you need to calculate enemy's hp carefully, how many counter helix can drop his life until low enough to let your ulti instance kill? And also don't just go with your own unless you can kill the hero in one hit.

And when you want to use call, remember try to use it to grab as many enemies as you can. First, your enemies can't run; second, they can't skill; third, they can't hurt your teammates.

If there is no one to gank, then go farm; if no creeps to farm, go forest. You need the money to get some expensive items, such as Dagger and Heart.

Actually Axe is a quite simple hero, just you need to know when to call, and when to ulti only. Really unlike some others heroes, which you must used skillfully, or it will be a nightmare, such as puck or mirana.

One more thing, maybe some pro will think that this no need to be remind, but I have see many stupid Axe did this, don't ever try to kill inside enemy tower range, especially when early game, your Axe still having a low life.

Also remember to protect your teammate, don't just go kill and left your teammate to die, you mission is to protect, the kills are just some add-on rewards. A successful Axe is not the one which kill the most, but is the one who can attract all enemies' attacks, and protect his teammates.

v.Item Build

Vanguard+Vanguard+Heart of Tarrasque+Kelen's Dagger of Escape+Boot of Travel+Quelling Blade

Actually this is just my normal style, sometimes you might need to do some adjust due to the situation. Like if the enemies have many spammers, then change one of the vanguard to hood of defiance. If enemies have some instance kill magicians, like lina, lion, then change one vanguard to linken's sphere.

I also see some Axe buy a poor man's shield, this is not my style, but you can try it, it might more suit you.

But the dagger and the heart are must item. You need the dagger to blink in to the best place to used call, then the heart can add your life and you damage.

The first which you will get beside quelling blade is vanguard, no matter one or two vanguards. After the vanguard, get dagger, you need it more than you can imagine.

After dagger, depends to the situation, either get boots first, or get heart first. If you can survive in most of the battle, then you can get boots of travel first, if not, then you better get heart first.

Of course, you can also sell quelling blade in the late game, and get another heart.

vi.Warning: Heroes which shall never meet by Axe in the early of game.
First, Spammers such as Death Prophet or Puck.
Second, Heroes which have slow skills, such as Viper or Drow.
Third, Heroes which have skills that can slowly deals damage in time, such as venomancer and huskar.

Your Axe meet them in the game start, then congratulations to you, your Axe will mostly have the lowest level in the game.

vii. Ending
Well, I guess that's all for Axe. Finally, hope that you all can use Axe happily.


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  1. Moep. Sorry but i cant agree to your 2-Vanguards-style. The one and only reason why you shouldn't buy 2 of these is to be found here:

    Soooo you actually waste a lot of money for some percentage to block 5 more damage. Hood is recommended as you can easily farm each component.
    The other conclusion would be: farm 2 stouts, upragde one to poor man shield then make the other one a vanguard:
    the latter one is used first soooo, if vanguard fails there is still a chance that the pms blocka good amount of damage

  2. I reckon battle hunger should be taken before beserkers, and beserker's call taken up only after you have maxed your other 2. You won't have enough mana for both, and battle hunger is great early game. If it's in a pub game, they prob won't last hit and its a good harass for ulti, while in clan wars etc, if you time it just right between waves, you get the full 500 dmg. Late game it is wasted. Most heroes can probably tank it or just 1hit ko a creep

  3. my build early

    bunch of tangoes 6~9
    1 or 2 bracer
    tp scroll

    mid game

    late game
    2~3 Heart


    yeahh.... Mogul Kahnt Hit Him !!!

  4. Woah. Where did you get this guide from? Did you translate it? The english is horrible -_-

  5. 2-3 hearts.... errrr no. Pls consider that the 1% healing doesn't stack. soooooo maybe you need to focus on armor a bit.
    My recommendation is a blademail... Why blademail?
    you have a dagger and you tank.
    What is suited better than an emo-Axe whos standing next to a drow and who attacks him while blaemail is activated. Yeah, fucking nice overkill for her

  6. Mogul Kahnt Hit Him is not bad english but his joke name, like fuzzy wuzzy for ursa.

    I have played axe with an euls, too. Nice because of ms + whirlwind. In case u daggered in and did not reach one, eul him if u know that mates are coming. Since axe does not need dps items there is always an item slot to have fun with.

  7. To Nickfreak:
    well, i also see some axe using poor man shield, and i feel very awesome, just i still not yet try this build up, i think i will try it when i get axe next time.

    To gip213:
    but if you get battle hunger, then how can u still have mana to call?

    To Anonymous:
    i dont think bloodstone suitable for axe, coz axe not a spammer.

    and the 2-3 heart, i dont encourage about that, i will rather get cuirass, or, like Nickfreak say, a blademail is also quite nice.

    To Frozen_Hunter:
    actually, i wrote this guide, i m a chinese from Malaysia......

    i will try to improve my english......TT

    To Anonymous:
    euls? never think about that, but i think tis is a very fun technique.

  8. owhh...

    but i think bloodstone is is not a bad idea for some situation.

    why? well axe is still easy to be counter by some heroes, item like book and diffusal can easily burn out your mana till u cant even ulti your foe's, blink out to run and what if u are in the team clash and u are run out of mana?? still able to help your team?

    and he got high potential in kiling in the teamclash or ganking so bloodstone is not a bad idea.

    and for you, battle hunger is a bad skill, but i think its a nice skill, start max it after u got a bloodstone with high regen hp/mana it will helping a lot in pushing or harassing, consider it 10 sec cd, and berserker call 14 sec cd yea he's spammer.

  9. axe only early hero n mid..
    axe so noob late hero..
    so must hve fas game 4 not to lose..


    DAGON LVL 5!

  11. To Nickfreak:
    I try the poor man shield, but i still think that 2 vanguard better, coz vanguard got plus hp, n also 5 more hp regeneration.

    To Anonymous:
    coz i didnt up second skill, i can use the point for stats, so actually book or diffusal wont make too much different.

    of course my x need to go home to regen mana quite lot, but wif boot of travel or tp, i really dont think blood is necessary.

    To Anonymous:
    u r absolutely rite!!

    late game x only can help tank (sometimes meet hero like veno, drow, sven......then x will be totally useless in late game......), unless ur x so imba until enemies cant farm, if not, plz finish ur game when u got any chance.

    well, i also wont encourage dagon n mjolinir, coz i really think that x no nid too much attack speed, n to farm a level 5 dagon, actually nid waste a lot of time, so i also wont consider it.

  12. LOL that is just my experimental build 4 him it works for me last time i did it, but honestly the build 4 this guy

    phase boot

    btw to alief i saw this strategy in did you copy it or edited it? lol nice blog

  13. axe noob late game??

    you are wrong.. to me he do not need cuirass, y need speed while he's dmg are low & y need so many armor if u cannot tank late game heroes??

    yea axe is more for early and mid game, but if situation become worse and late game got their core item, just buy blademail and 1~2 heart..with blademail he just need HP and regen..just make sure while on berserker your team are around to put dmg on enemy..more good is your team have mjolnir.

  14. My item build
    vanguard damage blocker
    bloodstone ot of kills will be great
    BoT speed and tele
    radiance adds areal damage and distrubtion, this usefull for kill tank/ hero with good regen
    counter, ursa, razor viper traxex/ other dps range hero with bonus damage like mkb/ mjolnir or harby with bodyguard

  15. thats a fucking noobis build axe doesnt even need vanguard and btw other people use defiance thats a shit build i do it this way in 6.60 since stout is useless fucking nerfed noobshit dont buy it anymore just use 2 circlet and tangos then make it a bracer and for the culling blade? wtf!!! helix is an imba skill to farm you dont need to waste 225? gold for that... create treds or if u want phase boots i dont use bot since it doesnt give stat then dagger then you can do it either way cuirass or tarasque then remove bracer and buy shiva good for clashes and for chasing then another heart or satanic

  16. ^above!

    Wtf??? ur's is freaking sh!t stout, no vg and make satanic???

  17. above thats why i hate players who isnt versatile they stick with the build of others two times above he's a good thinker above u use vanguard for what? block 20 damage for hero? fuck that when you become lvl 5 the block is useless since enemy damage is 50+or 60+ why would u waste time building that motherfucking vg? 1100+900+300 = 2300 just by vitality to make it tarasque 1100+ chain mail=500 just kill another creep for 75 gold then ring of health for linken or bs its like having the old vg!!!!!!!! 1100+500+875= 2375 three recipe items for three different items for linken/bs for HoT and for cuirass instead of wasting your 2300 then buyback it later?!!!!!!!

  18. always start with 2x stout + healing salve, than ring of healt and finishing vanguard..

    boots of speed,
    kelens dagger or blade mail or both.. than phase boots, hot.

    Luxury item assault/shiva/linken

  19. haha failguide. The best way to play Axe, (according to me).
    1. Vanguard
    2. Power Threads(Str)
    3. Battlefury
    4. HoT
    5. MKB

  20. Why is no one mentioning the blade mail? IT IS MADE FOR AXE! activate mail and then berserkers call!

  21. I think blademail is effective on close clash but ranged and silence skill can make way on damaging axe for a seconds so better think twice wearing i>......^^

  22. zzz... to the people who many mkb, mjollnir and stuff that increase dps, axe is NOT a dps hero. u are better off buying armor or regen items that give axe more survivability.

    And to the uber idiot who said vg blocks 20 dmg and is useless, its 40 DMG and it MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

    pipe is much better in 6.64 as it gives 10hp/sec regen. heart is actually quite useless now as it only heals when u are out of battle.

    Finally, as i said before, axe is not a dps hero, so dont bother buying lifesteal items like satanic.

  23. >>>.....its quite nice to strategize your opponent's abilities and possible builds to achieve right approach to any clash>.....
    >>>>.....otherwise you'll end on useless tactics>.....

  24. for me just use

    battle fury
    ANd other suitable item looking on opponent hero..

  25. im playing Axe like this
    3.Heart of Tarrasque
    4.Heart of Tarrasque
    5.Blade Mail
    6.Power Treads

  26. Fail guide with ridiculous english.

    Anyway, the easiest item build for axe would be:
    1. Stout shield x2 + 1 tango

    2. Ring of health

    3. Vitality booster (finish vanguards)

    4.Boots of speed

    5.Blink Dagger

    Any items afterwards would be entirely up to you. Blademail would be good, upgrade boots to BOT if possible(treads would be wasted on him). Dont hesitate to farm for hood before vanguards depending on your lane enemy.

  27. My favourite OWNAGE Build -

    1.PT- In early game maybe even Phase boots
    2.Vanguard (late game HOT)
    4.Point Booster then Skadi
    5.Manta Style OR Blade Mail(depends)
    6.Buriza OR MKB(if someone has evasion)

  28. 1. Linken
    2. Dagon
    3. Refresher orb
    4. Midas
    5. Divine rapier
    6. Tango

    U're dead meat if u follow this..^^

    My final build:
    1. BoT
    2. Dagger
    3. HoT
    4. HoD/Vanguard > Cuirass/shiva
    5. Bloodstone
    6. Dagon

  29. U shud get Magic Stick and Rig of health, it very good can lane, then add Battle Hunger and stats first.

    My endgame item:
    1. Magic Wand
    2. Ogre Axe
    3. Meka
    4. Deso
    5. SnY to chase
    6. Blades of Attack

    It very good can kill a lot enemies late game.

  30. WELL Heres My Build:
    Vanguard/Hood Of Defiance
    Power Treads/Boots Of Travel
    Heart Of Tarasque(Late Game If Needed)
    Divine Rapier(Late Game If Needed)
    Assault Cuirass(Sub. Build For HoT)

    I Think This Will Be The Best Build For Axe, For He Will Not Be Only A Tanker, Killer, And Suppporter!!! Have You Wandered Why MAny Of My Items Are For Defending... Well Axe Has A Strong Damage A BattleFury/Buriza Will Be Enough For Him... I Have Tried This Build And Had A 15+ Kills and only 1 death/s

  31. My item build for Axe are
    6.blade mail
    somtymes Assult(if the game continious i sell vanguard to buy assult) but i prefer berserker call +20 armor

  32. I laugh at anyone who has dagon, bloodstone, divine, or other retarded items in their build.
    Axe is a tank, not a chaser, nuker, supporter, or whatever other crap you can think of.

    My build in order of purchase...
    Core: treads, vanguard (or hood depending on teams), dagger
    Extension: heart, blademail, and something NECESSARY to team battles.

    If other team has lots of nukers, get a bkb. Need some more meat? Get another heart or vanguard. If no one else is getting an Assault (DPSer should be getting one...), get one.
    IMO, lifesteal isn't necessary on Axe cause you'll be spinning more than you're attacking.

  33. Pls. Do not be afraid if you fight a character with creeps{only if your lvl 15 plus}because you are spinning.
    First,if your attacking him\she, when her life color changes use the first skill{Berserker's Call}and attack him continuously.When her life color changes to red use Axe last kill{Culling Blade}and poof he's dead{if you do this combo be sure you have this items 2 Vanguard 1Boots of Travel 1 Vladmirs Offering 1 Butterfly and 1 divine reaper

  34. for me.. the best build for axe is..
    mjolnir, blademail, dagger, pipe, vanguard and travel.. mjolnir and blademail to aviod hitters like troll or others.. mjolnir buff + blademail activated + pipe activated + berserks call + dagger can help alot during clashes...^^

  35. Get a Belt of OGre Str, it is very good on axe too, the 6 str is a lot.

  36. although many people get 2 vanguards, u shouldnt. why? because if u have 2 it checks 1 and if that works then the other one doesnt work.

    blade mail and radiance are also good items.

  37. 2 vanguard is a waste of gold and item space..heres my item build:

    6th slot Heart or Curias or Shiva (ur pick)

    why mAjonir?? Blink majonir call combo

  38. U shud get Magic Stick and Rig of health, it very good can lane, then add Battle Hunger and stats first.

    My endgame item:
    1. Magic Wand
    2. Ogre Axe
    3. Meka
    4. Deso
    5. SnY to chase
    6. Blades of Attack

    It very good can kill a lot enemies late game.

    OMG! SAD ppl!

  39. rly sad........pls go play tetris...

  40. this is the best way 2 play axe:
    4.battle fury
    5.power treads
    6.heart of tarrasque

  41. The best and only build for Axe:
    heart of tarasque
    kelen's dagger
    blade mail/hood/BKB...optional depending on opposing heroes

  42. This is my build for Axe in early and late game:
    Early Game
    Phase Boots
    Kelen's Dagger of Escape

    Late Game
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Manta Style

    My Final Item
    Vanguard/Bloodstone/Hood of Defiance
    Vanguard/Assault Cuirass
    Manta Style
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Kelen's Dagger of Escape
    Phase Boots

    My skill build
    lvl 1 Counter Helix
    lvl 2 Berserker's Call
    lvl 3 Counter Helix
    lvl 4 Berserker's Call
    lvl 5 Counter Helix
    lvl 6 Culling Blade
    lvl 7 Berserker's Call
    lvl 8 Counter Helix
    lvl 9 Berserker's Call
    lvl 10 Stats
    lvl 11 Culling Blade
    lvl 12 Stats
    lvl 13 Stats
    lvl 14 Stats
    lvl 15 Stats
    lvl 16 Culling Blade
    lvl 17 Stats
    lvl 18 Stats
    lvl 19 Stats
    lvl 20 Stats
    lvl 21 Stats
    lvl 22 Battle Hunger
    lvl 23 Battle Hunger
    lvl 24 Battle Hunger
    lvl 25 Battle Hunger

    i max out counter helix first because it's Axe's main farming skill and it deals major damage to heroes or creeps that attack him. After counter helix, i max out berserker's call next because it deals damage and silences heroes that gets affected by this skill and because it goes well with counter helix. Lastly, i max out his stats first than battle hunger because Axe needs a lot of mana in order to cast his skills because he has a very low mana pool and mana regenaration.

    In early game, i immediately get double vanguard because it will help Axe to push towers
    and help him to be a better tanker. I get phase boots because it helps him chase down enemy heroes and combine with dagger in case your enemies consist of blinking heroes like Magina and Akasha and Wind Walking heroes using Lothar's Edge or skill. During late game, I add Heart of Tarrasque to make him harder to kill and Manta Style for confusing enemies and makes it easier to have a kill. If your enemies consist of Magina or any hero that has Manta Style you need to change one Vanguard to bloodstone for you to have a bigger mana pool. If your opponent consist of heavy skill user or disablers, change one vanguard to hood of defiance because of its magic reduction. If your enemies consist of heroes with Stygian Desolator, change a vanguard to Assault Cuirass in order for you to return the armor reduction to your enemies AND this will help you farm and harassing enemies.

  43. lol wtf? get pms,vanguard,blink,manta,BoT,Hearts

    illusions DO spin u fools

  44. I strongly agree with the skill build, but the item build isn't the best. What fascinates me is putting on bloodstone. In the earlier versions, the bloodstone would be imba for axe cuz it used to have +2hp/mp regen per charge, but now it's only for mp. Axe only needs to skills so bloodstone is useless. The early game builds - poor mans shield, stout shield, bracers and tangos are a good start.

    His SS and call needs mana so its probably good to get some regen like void stone which u can make fury with later on. Fury assures faster creeping and forest farming cuz farming in farming neuts there are often few creeps to trigger counter. The mana regen also helps cuz imba axes are OMG killers in mid game and you will be constantly using up call and ur SS.

    Boots is not recommended for him early as he doesnt need to chase, call and SS often does the trick with huge incoming waves of creeps.

    Most people take dagger as his escape and chase item. Dagger then call is usually a good combo for initiating.

    It is true, however, that in late games axe is weak compared to IMBA heroes like mort and troll, and his call becomes a disabler while his SS is for KS.

    -- I OFTEN KEEP 1 SLOT OPEN FOR AEGIS but it's good to build another heart. Although the 1% regen doesn't stack, another HoT will further inc ur max hp, and will inc hp regen by about a lot.

  45. i recognize this stratergie. u frm KL kepong?

  46. WTF the other guy says

    U shud get Magic Stick and Rig of health, it very good can lane, then add Battle Hunger and stats first.

    My endgame item:
    1. Magic Wand
    2. Ogre Axe
    3. Meka
    4. Deso
    5. SnY to chase
    6. Blades of Attack

    It very good can kill a lot enemies late game.


    My favourite OWNAGE Build -

    1.PT- In early game maybe even Phase boots
    2.Vanguard (late game HOT)
    4.Point Booster then Skadi
    5.Manta Style OR Blade Mail(depends)
    6.Buriza OR MKB(if someone has evasion)

  47. how bout a battle fury for him??

  48. yahkkkk! v--boys,,,,, weak! build! van gard...yahay,,,,,

  49. axe build up should b
    2.hood of defiance

  50. may i use battle fury for axe...maybe the dmg+regen is useful...i think this can be useful for the extra item slot after you sell quelling blade if you had used need to argue or say im noob, just asking

  51. Guys, Do understand that the builds you are telling about... You won't really achieve that if you're battling against pros. Please. Common Sense

  52. 1.Vanguard
    2.Blink Dagger
    3.Blade mail
    5.Boots of Travels
    6.Vanguard or Heart

  53. ^^^
    Can't Edit so I'll repost

    2.Boots of Travels
    3.Blink Dagger
    4.Blade Mail
    6.Heart or Vanguard

  54. i think a single vanguard will do..don't spend too much gold in building 2 vanguards..anyway vanguard should be your item for early game only bcoz it can only block max 40 damage(what the hell! if your keeping it till level 25)what can it do if you fight against a hero like traxex that can pump up upto 400 damage?you should invest for better items for survivability and better items to deal better damage..not being fancy,but if you're a good farmer in neutral creeps or opponents creeps, you can have lots of gold,in fact the counter helix is a good skill in farming creeps..that good skill can make you build this items(upgrade/better exchange items for your early survivability)for axe such as

    satanic(damage,lifesteal,armor,huge hp= survival)it has also increased hp regen- axe is a str type of hero he will benefit much on this one..

    HoT- huge Hp, huge Hp regen,+40 damage(bcoz of +40 str)huge Hp is vital bcoz axe is a natural tanker..

    BoT- for map mobility,and aalso bcoz axe has a slow movespeed

    dagger/ lothars-good for ganking,escaping,initiation

    radiance-would be a good choice to has 60 damage and 40 passive damage per second (good combo for all of his skills)-you can do culling blade much faster bcoz of the burning damage.

    you can build cuirass(absolutely for a batch of enemies)/ blade mail(for meelee enemies)- this would benefit you if you are always (most probably) the first target in every team clash.. bcoz of increased armor an additional damage an attack speeds..

    --- this can give an edge to axe, even in late games you can still kick some ass..

    ---as much as possible upgrade and change for better items are good strategies in the game..anyways DotA is a varying game,you can play it the way you like and the way you are comfortable in playing it..
    enjoy playing DotA :)

  55. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MY ITEM:<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    2 HOT
    1 BOT



  56. my item is:
    1 phase boots
    2 vanguard
    1 battle fury
    1 monkey king bar
    1 assault cuirass

  57. Yoyoyo Aliff,

    2nd skill has been improved with 10% slow.. this is realy an old guide XD..

    scepter make this AXE guy look dam so Cool hehehe.. hoping in 6.70 icefrog will improve the dmg in scepter version..

  58. 1.sange and yasha
    2.heart of tarrsque

    to astig try nyo!!!

  59. mine

    2 bracers
    monkey king bar
    sange and yasha

  60. 1vanguard
    4Blademail or pipe of insight

    use dagger then berseker then blademail,
    that damage already but you might need an allies
    like stunner or else for sure kill

  61. my build is:

    x2 stout sheild
    x2 bracer
    x2 meka

  62. for late game plays:

    x2 vanguard
    x2 batlle furry
    x2 divine rapier

  63. Vanguard

  64. haha, wow, lotsa varieties in axe build, but my choice is definately vanguard, lothar/kelen, heart,eul, blade/bot>> change vanguard to radience when enter to end game,-- its a no biggie since vanguard will allow any axe to creep till you drop..

  65. nice guide. but again, vanguard block damage doesnt stack anymore. i think this guide is outdated. :)

  66. orite so many ways to play axe but i think its better if axe hv 1 vanguard 1 kelen 1 bot 1 aghanim 1 meka n 1 tara

  67. my build

    1. stout shield + tanggos
    2. boots
    3. finish vanguard
    4. finish phase boots
    5. dagger
    6. perseverance
    7. linken/bloodstone
    8. radiance/heart

    vanguard is like an automatic item for axe and if someone will ask why its either hes new or a total idiot.

    i prefer PB than PT for chasing, axe doesn't need atk speed and vanguard will provide for the extra hp.

    dagger is a must to dive into the crowd,, yeah thats axe is all about, its just do or die, do and die...

    perseverance will keep your hp and mana, without mana axe is useless, upgrade it to bloodstone for hp bonus and mana regen.. linken for blocking some stuns and for survivability..

    at late game you should have HoT for really being a tanker and diving into enemies without dying.. radiance if ur enemies would die easily with counter helix and ulti..

    with extra more money i suggest assault cuiras for added armor atk speed and aura for ur allies...

    axe role in late game is just a suicidal initiator but with proper team work it would be worth it

  68. Fuck. Sum1 Mentioned MEKA ?? WTH !! IS AXE THAT SO SOFT ?! Why dont you go play TATRIS urself .. Noobies

  69. this is a newbie give out build if you dont know how to use axe..

  70. you know what? meka does work with axe when he 1st skill use meka if he hp low that also dont know?

  71. w3w double vanguard?? it is not effect with ... 100% chance to block is only 100% :D

  72. thnx it really helped :D

  73. Maverickprotacio171997August 26, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    my build is...

    1) boots of speed

    2)assualt cuirass


    4)heart of tarrasque

    5)battle fury

    6)vladimir's offering

  74. yak ! your build is not beautiful .. 

  75. sus .. dapat puro pam pa kunat ka lang ! ang mali lang sa buo mo yung cuirass ska vladi 

  76.  my item beginning the game
    1  empty bottle 

    2 vanguard
    boots of travel

  77. mga tang dapat 

    2 vanguard
    1 aghanim
    battle fury

  78. axe dont need vladimir i build hearth , vanguard , blink dagger , blademail , sceptar and phase boots

  79. my set of axe is like this
    2.sange and yasha
    3.battle fury
    4.vladmir's offering
    5.bracer (change it to a crystalys)

  80. ang bobo nmn ng nag post ni2 mas maganda nga kung battle hunger ehh kung mag dadager ka pa gagas2s ka pa ehh kung battle hunger d ka na nga gagas2s lelevel up ka pa at mkaka patay ka pa ang bobo nmn ng nag guide ni2 bobo! mo!! gagooo

  81. power treads
    heart of tarrasque
    battle fury

  82. battle fury
    aganim' s
    power treads
    blood stone

  83. sange yasha,boots of speed,assualt cuirass,battle fury,satanic,vangaurd....try land

  84. best build for axe is...
    assault cuirass
    heart of tarasque
    arcane/phase boots
    boots of travel

  85. Why battle fury on axe when he dont atack ? only spin ? damage on axe is usless rly ;) I prefer PB,Vanguard,Dager,Aghanim's,HoT and Radi/Bs

  86. 1. Vanguard
    2. Heart of tarrasque
    3. Aghanims

  87. Hatchet is garbage

  88. my build is.....

    3-4.battle fury

  89. Dapat  may Radiance at blade mail

  90. for me axe has to butterfly so he can activate his 3rd skill faster

  91. for me.You have to put "Axe" a "The Butterfly" so he can activate his 3rd passive skill faster

  92. my build
    boots of travel

  93. nakakarampage,,,,ako
    best built ko 

    ,2 stoutshield

    tapos basta naka negative test hahahahahahahahahaha,,by michael barcenas maria aurora,sa ramada

  94. vanguard
    phase boots
    shivs guard

  95. weak naah build ng items

  96. MY build is(Late game]:
    Boots of Travel
    2x Vanguard
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Dagger of Escape
    Battle Fury
    NOTE:Quelling Blade does not help you to activate your Counter Helix and Battle Fury Helps you to have 35% chance to cleave that will deal more damage.
    I'm an expert on using Axe so this is the build,follow this and you will be a good player

  97. I forgot,you can use Assault Cuirass if you want to replace one vanguard.

  98. Axe does not need bloodstone because he will have Battle Fury,Heart,Vanguard to regenerate his life,plus,blood stone is only used by INT TYPES.He also does not need phase boots,because he have Boots of Travel Already and Dagger of escape..

  99. You already have Boots of Travel,why would you need phase boots and arcane?if you want to play with your enemy with your ultimate,buy aghanims scepter

  100. my build is .....                                                                                                                                                                                    vanguard,heart of tarrasque,battle fury,butterfly,vladimirs,assult cuirras

  101. vanguard
    battle fury

  102. vanguard

    heart of tarrasque
    aghanim's scepter
    Phase boots or dagger
    sange and yasha


  103. basher 
    battle fury



    boots of travel 


  104. kung giwa nyo ng 4 na divne tapos phaste B. at 1 vanguard di tapos wlang makaktlo sau basath naka test ahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahaahahaha

  105. putang ina nyo pala eh pambata yung build nyo gago ang dota blog bobo sa build

  106. isa pa tong tanga

  107. 2 vanguard
    1 basher
    1 cuiras
    1 boots of travel
    1 battle fury

  108. hahahahha yah right bobo nag axe nyan

  109. JpReVZbloodthirtyassasinJuly 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    can i use dagon to Axe?

  110. My build for axe:

    Vg=early game
    and so on..

    Axe is a tanker. Tanks dont need high dps, they need hp and armor/spell reduction.


  111. hndi ganun ung counter helix

  112. my own axe is travel agahnims ,vanguard ,shivas ,heart of tarasque ,vanguard or dagger imba

  113. Why keep the vanguard when you have tarrasque? wew

  114. baliktad kaya gago magagamit lang ung helix kapag nadamage sya

  115. dapat nga matamaan siya lagi eh. more hits on axe, more instance of the C.helix XD

    LOL !! stupid idea . hahahaha

  116. tips ko(paborito ko ksi axe eh): berserker's kpag may creeps pra mataas chansa mag helix!!!

    Core Items:
    Boots of Travel
    2x vanguard
    Battle Fury(to be mana regen)
    cuirass(if high damage of enemies) or linken's sphere(if opponents are spellcasters)

    1. ung 3rd skill muna para ikot k lng ng ikot pag tank mo ung mga creeps

  117. bitch please! 2 vanguards for what? hahaha!!!! dafuck is this build item, the skill item is good for harrasing enemies, basically axe needs 2 stout shield and one tango or queling stout shield and tango that's enough for him to use backdoor(its legal) if u want to push early and lvlup early. For me it is recommended for this guy like axe. why? because of his tanky skills that can kill heroes in early games, just make sure that u are aggresive so that your enemy will intimidate to your counter helix.

    early game:
    2 stout shields, 1 tango
    1 stout shield, 1 tango, queling blade
    vanguard, blademail, tranquil boots (why need tranquil? its like combination of power threads and a mekans(sort of) it give axe more speed and health so very useful kind of boots for axe)dagger and defiance ( it is more useful for heroes that are so imba in spamming they wont kill you when you have this)

    core items
    Assault Cuirrass
    Pipe(upgrade your defiance when you are in team fights it is very helpful)
    Boots of travel ( if you want to control your lanes when you are totally sick of defending your base)
    aganihms/bloodstone ( it depends on you what will you choose, aganihms will help ur ultimate to cooldown faster, while bloodstone will give more mana and mana regen, will also help your respawn faster)
    linken sphere (it depends on your enemies if your enemies are spellcasters like lina, lion etc. this will help you to disable it.)
    MKB ( for mortred and rikimaru)

    thats all folks thats only my opinion and guide

    1. its a guide you idiot 2vanguard gives u 2x faster regenerate..
      para mag heal ng mabilis ung buhay mo !!

  118. my item build for axe would be

    arcane boots - for harass early with battle hunger
    vanguard - for armor and HP regen
    blade mail - for armor, mana, damage and return damage
    dagger - for ganks and escape
    aghanims scepter - for ultimate, agi, str and mana

    last item would be either:
    heart of tarrasque - HP regen and str
    pipe - for clash

    skill build would be:
    1. helix
    2. hunger
    3. hunger
    4. helix
    5. hunger
    6. culling
    7. hunger
    8. helix
    9. berserk
    10. helix
    11. culling
    12. berserk
    13. stats
    14. berserk
    15. stats
    16. culling
    17. berserk
    18-25. stats

    battle hunger is great for harassing heros

    tank heros and creeps with counter helix and cast battle hunger, opponents cant deny nor kill creeps with axe is tanking with counter helix..

  119. "just remember to throw off you stout shield first, so that vanguard damage blocking will come first"

    I dont Get it! throwing off our Scout Shield u mean?

    and Another Thing What is Spammer? (=dot? or nuke or???)

    plzzzzz Reply At IF possible THX

  120. my itemz are:

    1. HoT
    2. Blademail
    3. BoT
    4. Vanguard
    5. HoT
    6. Scepter(I build any item which i lack in this one)


  121. My build for axe are:
    Battle fury