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Updating Heroes Guides

Hi guys, right know i'm planning to update the Dota Heroes Guide. This blog is somehow lack of heroes guides and i want to filled the blank. My goal is to have all heroes got their own updated guide. It's not an easy task though and maybe i will need your help :)

You can help me by give a link to guides that you feel it's a great one (source will be listed). But if you have a lot of time and has some experience using Blogspot, you can also help me by edit the guides to fit this blog (contact me). I will update and list few new guides every week. Wish me luck! ;)

Updated Guide
- Dota Items Guide
- Dota Recipe Guide
- Dota Command Guide
- Redesign Dota Guide and Dota Heroes Guide layout

Added Skill & Item Build
- Admiral Guide
- Windrunner Guide

Added New Guide
- Mirana Guide
- Zeus Guide (MYM|Merlini guide)
- Bloodseeker Guide
- Dota-Allstars Rune Guide

On Construction Guide
- Nerubian Weaver Guide
- Silencer Guide

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