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Nerubian Weaver Guide, Build & Strategy - Anub'seran Guide (Dota 6.61 Changes)

Nerubian WeaverAnub'seran the Nerubian Weaver Guide, Build & Strategy. Nerubian Weaver has just got a changes on her Watcher skill on Dota 6.61 (Silencer also got a changes too!) into the Urna Swarm. And recently on Dota 6.67 Urna Swarm is replaced with The Swarm.

Anub'seran. The name of this creature strikes fear into all of those who have seen the Nerubians. Even the famed assassin Anub'arak is hesitant to fight this beast, which comes from the plane of the spirit world. He can swiftly walk through his enemies, bending their bodies to his will, causing pain while he strides through them. With his powers over the timeless plane, he can also step inside and throw himself into the past to keep himself from death. He can call an attack from the future to strike his foes, making his onslaught more deadly. Anub'seran. Only the fools do not fear his name.

Strength 15 + 1.5
Agility 14 + 2.5
Intelligence 15 + 1.8

Affiliation: Scourge
Damage: 41 - 51
Armor: 2
Movespeed: 290
Attack Range: 425
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

The Swarm
Summons a swarm of beetles. A swarm of 12 beetles will move towards the target point, each latching onto an enemy unit that it comes into contact with. Each unit will only get latched onto by one creature maximum.

Damage: 21/24/27/30 per attack
Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 36/33/30/27 seconds
Duration: 8/12/16/20 seconds
Casting Range 900

• When a beetle latches on a a target, it will remain there until it is killed or the duration expires.
• Beetles are magic immune, but can be killed in 4 attacks.
• Every 1.5 seconds, the beetle will attack its target, dealing damage and reducing the target's armor by 1 until the beetle is killed or the duration expires.
• Beetles provide 500/500 sight, but will drop off their target if it becomes invisible.

Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage. Lasts 4 seconds.

Deals 90/100/110/120 damage
Manacost: 60
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds

Geminate Attack
Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.

Cooldown: 6/5/4/2.5 seconds

• Geminate Attack is an Orb Effect.
• The extra attack will never trigger attack effects (orb effects, bash and critical strike).
• Nerubian Weaver needs an attack order for this ability to activate.
• The attack in which this skill procs is considered an Orb Effect Buff Placer, while the bonus attack is considered only an Orb Effect

Time Lapse
Warps the Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, Mana and position. Does not affect cooldown, gold or experience.

Manacost: 150/75/0
Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds

• Removes negative buffs from Nerubian.

Nerubian Weaver Skill Build
Coming Soon!

Nerubian Weaver Item Build
Coming Soon!

The recent changes open a new options for Nerubian Weaver Guide. Usually, you only use the Watcher as a ward. But now, the Urna Swarm can silence and gives little damage. I will update this guide as soon as possible. Meanwhile, share your opinion about the new Nerubian Weaver ;)

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  1. I believe its more balanced now. No more Ion Shell Watchers -_-
    Cool change though! Icefrog has such cool ideas ;)

  2. yeah,, with proper position in the map, its silence capabilities could ruin enemies skill w/c could really be handy in team clash..
    thats a buff..

    but i still prefer the watchers cause their fast, invi, and has quite a range of sight.. their like fast moving free observer wards

  3. Well, from the first glance, i like the old watcher since it's faster and invisible. But i will give some game with the new Scarab first, i think it will need more micro management compared to the old one ^^

  4. I think that his wards now are for hunting in the forest since they can easily hide in tree gaps without being noticed. Nice innovation!

  5. wew, now shukuchi lv 4 has 6 second cd and last 4 second. Only 2 second to attack this creature ^

  6. zomg! 6 sec cd on shukuchi? wtf.
    This game got so pro-invisible. Now weaver can easily keep up with all the other uberfast heroes. And coonsidering that a well placed line of 4-6 scarabs in a row, triggered one after another makes weaver an uberannoying hero now. This silence surely turns the tides. Nice change though as youll need a bit practice.
    Still love weaver against chen. Placing wards @ neutral camps is so lovely^^

  7. Nice touch considering that Weaver is a Nerubian/Bug/Ant thing...

    considering the Burrow skill of the Scarab, I think IceFrog should increase the sight radius of that don't you think?

  8. seriously, can you guys really say that this was a good thing to buff weaver? she was overpowered before, why make her even better. Hmmm let's see, lets make the unkillable weaver be able to silence people now, great idea.

  9. the scarab's aren't bad.the stackling dmg they deal after they suicide along with a weaver carrying a radiance can really fast make an oponet to retreat to his base:)

  10. Hey guys!
    First I didnt like this hero but now he is one of my favorite!
    My buys are:-

    Early game:-

    2 x bracers
    Power Threads

    Late Game:-

    Manta Style

    Try this guys Its gr8!

    And his skills....
    I take his 1st skill 1st so that I can place 2 scarab at the rune spawning areas! Then I max out Shukuchi and Geminate Attack!
    And I take his ulti at level 6. Its a gr8 skill for him!
    Luv this guy!

  11. It is rather interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

  12. why do people take power treads for weaver? Bot is much better i really dont know why


  14. @glennlevi - Thanks for the update, i already know but just doesn't have the time ^^ Thanks again :) Just updated it.

  15. Wow, this character is so good. I killed alot because of his ulti! Plus, urna swarm is better than that ion shell beetle to look out. I use urna swarm to see if there was any1 roshaning. And kunkka was... LOL. Plus, the urna swarm does dmg and helps u take a look out. So it is better than the ion shell watcher beetle... -_-'

  16. Weaver is my favorite hero. Been playing for 4 years. Such a good harasser. Hit, double hit, invis, run through, hit, double hit, swarm, hit, time lapse, run hit. good fun

  17. yeah this hero is my best pick.....I build his first skill in level one for a free ward and it's pretty imba enemy hates this hero as a foe

  18. wait so certain orbs work on her?

  19. Items:
    5)Hex or Shiva's guard...
    6)Another Hot or Buriza...

  20. wat is the build of anubseran skill??

  21. xD the item build is really good but there is an easier way to kill weaver

    Use BYGON

  22. geminate lv1
    Shukuchi lv2
    geminate lv3
    swarm lv4
    geminate lv5
    swarm/lapselv6 lv7 onwards. think of the rest

    u need to max geminate and swarm. trust me he can kill on lv3-4.

    base items for me is.
    Manta style

    my mastery hero ^^


  23. I just had a first blood double kill silentcer + vengeful spirit with help from mirana at lvl 3 :D

  24. it's nice to use..rampage..

  25. I wish that the cooldown of swarm is decrease about 10 seconds...hope that you could...

  26. yeah right.,.,.,good joke ediot.,.,hahahahaha

  27. swarm also useful for farming in jungle.can attact 2 animal place in 1 time.very useful skill

  28. mga mukhang titi kau bobo build kay weaver ay:
    Asault Cuirrass

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