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Dota Modes & Dota Commands Guides

Dota Commands & Dota Modes will be posted here. This guide is based on Dota-Allstars  Commands Guide made by lookyman, some of the credit belong to him.

I. Basic information on game modes

* The desired game mode has to be entered before 15 seconds mark, otherwise Normal Mode is selected.
* First available player may enter these commands, checking the player list from the top.
* Game modes are entered in a single line with no separation, like "-dmaridsc", or alternatively, they can be entered separated from each other, with a hyphen (-) in front of each mode, such as "-dm -ar -id -sc".
* The order doesn't matter. The game will handle it or (in case of incorrect combination) give you another chance.

II. Primary game modes
* Only one of these can be selected.
* Incompatible secondary game modes are listed as well.

Normal Mode --> Team Pick

This mode is selected when no other primary mode is during the first 15 seconds. Players may pick heroes from taverns belonging to their team.

-allpick / -ap --> All Pick

Everyone may pick heroes from any tavern.

-allrandom / -ar --> All Random

Every player gets a random hero from any tavern.

Incompatible with: Reverse Mode.

-teamrandom / -tr --> Team Random

Every player gets a random hero from the taverns belonging to their team.

Incompatible with: Reverse Mode, Death Match.

-moderandom / -mr --> Mode Random

Randomly picks a mode from All Random, All Pick, Team Random and Normal Mode.

Incompatible with: Reverse Mode, Death Match.
Added in v6.28

-leaguemode / -lm --> League Mode

All forms of random are disabled. 10 players required. The teams will pick in alternating orders, one team picking one hero, the other team picks two heroes, the first team picks two heroes, the other team picks two heroes, the first team picks their two last heroes, the other team picks their last hero (1-2-2-2-2-1). Each player has 20 seconds to pick a hero, otherwise one is randomed for him/her. The team which has the first pick is random. Can only pick from your side, Sentinel or Scourge, like Normal Mode.

Incompatible with: All secondary game modes except Shuffle Players, No Swap, No Repick, Terrain Snow.
Added in v6.21

-randomdraft / -rd --> Random Draft

Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated. Goblin Techies cannot be picked in this mode. 22 random heroes are picked from all available ones and placed into 2 taverns (available for both Sentinel and Scourge). The remaining heroes are removed, as well as the rest of the taverns. Players then pick from those two taverns like in League Mode.

Incompatible with: Mirror Match, Death Match, All Agility, All Intelligence, All Strength, Same Hero, Reverse Mode.
Added in v6.39

-voterandom / -vr --> Vote Random

Three random matchups will be chosen, and each player gets to cast a vote on which of the three matchups they want, using -option 1/2/3. Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated.
Read the V. Vote Random commands section for more information.

Incompatible with: Mirror Match, Death Match, All Agility, All Intelligence, All Strength, Same Hero, Reverse Mode.
Added in v6.35

-extendedleague / -xl --> Extended League

All forms of random are disabled. 10 players required. Both team leaders (blue for Sentinel, pink for Scourge) may remove up to 3 heroes each from all available ones in the first 20 seconds. Players then pick from the remaining heroes like in League Mode.

Incompatible with: All secondary game modes except Shuffle Players, No Swap, No Repick, Terrain Snow.
Added in v6.43

-singledraft / -sd --> Single Draft

Each player is presented with three random heroes, one agility, one strength, and one intelligence. They can then pick one of them using -pick 1/2/3 commands.
Read the VI. Single Draft commands section for more information.

Incompatible with: Mirror Match, Death Match, All Agility, All Intelligence, All Strength, Same Hero, Reverse Mode.
Added in v6.50

-captainsmode / -cm -> Captains Mode
Blue and Pink are the team captains. You start by alternating 1/1/1 in the ban phase. Each captain removes up to 4 heroes. Running out of time does not result in a random hero ban. After that you enter the 1/2/2/ pick phase. Each captain picks the heroes his team will use. If at any time you run out of time, you start to use up your extra time. If you run out and you are in pick phase, you get a random hero. Creeps spawn 90 seconds after the pick draft phase is over. Right after the hero pick phase ends, the 5 heroes for your team are presented with a checkmark on them (RD style) allowing players on your team to pick which one they want to be. The captain that starts this process is random. If you want to give the starting to Sentinel, type -cm 1 or -cm 2 for Scourge after the game mode is entered. Ban time is 40 seconds, pick time is 60 seconds and extra time is 45 seconds.
Read the VII. CAPTAINS MODE COMMANDS section for more information.

Incompatible with: All secondary game modes.
Added in v6.55

-cd / -CaptainsDraft  -> Captain Draft

24 Heroes are randomly allocated in a circle (like RD). The 24 consist of 8 random Intelligence/Agility/Strength heroes, sorted in that order along the circle.

Each team has a total time bank of 2.5 minutes. Blue/Pink draft the heroes for their entire team.

Blue and Pink start off by alternating 1/1/1/1 ban picks.
It then goes into a 1/2/2/2/2/1 hero draft.

Once a hero picks/bans a hero, it immediately switches to the other player to act.
Your timer is shown in read when it is your turn to act.

Incompatible with: All secondary game modes.
Added in v6.60

III. Secondary game modes

* Any number of these can be selected along with primary mode, however there are multiple restrictions (listed below).

-deathmatch / -dm --> Death Match

If you die, you will have to pick a new hero once you can respawn. If a random primary mode was selected, you will receive a hero according to that random mode. A team loses if it has 44 deaths (you can change this value with -lives # command), or if its ancient is destroyed.
Read the VI. Death Match commands section for more information.

Incompatible with: All Intelligence, All Agility, All Strength, Reverse Mode, Same Hero, Mirror Match.
Added in v6.21

-reverse / -rv --> Reverse Mode

The Sentinel's players pick the Scourge's team and the Scourge's players pick the Sentinel's team. Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated.

Incompatible with: Death Match, Same Hero.
Added in v6.38

-mirrormatch / -mm --> Mirror Match

Requires that both teams have the same number of players. After one minute, each player pair (blue - pink, teal - gray, purple - light blue, yellow - dark green, orange - brown) will have their heroes replaced with either one of the two they had. In the end, each player pair has the same hero, and both teams have the same matchup.

Incompatible with: Same Hero, Death Match.
Restored in v6.30

-duplicatemode / -du --> Duplicate Mode

The same hero can be picked or randomed by multiple players.
Restored in v6.33

-shuffleplayers / -sp --> Shuffle Players

The teams will be randomly shuffled. This includes which colour you have and which side you are on. Also evens the number of players in both teams if possible.
Added in v6.29

-samehero / -sh --> Same Hero

All players will have the hero that blue picks.

Incompatible with: Mirror Match, Reverse Mode, Death Match.
Added in v6.33

-allagility / -aa --> All Agility

Only Agility heroes will be allowed.

Incompatible with: All Strength, All Intelligence, Death Match.
Added in v6.28

-allintelligence / -ai --> All Intelligence

Only Intelligence heroes will be allowed.

Incompatible with: All Strength, All Agility, Death Match.
Added in v6.28

-allstrength / -as --> All Strength

Only Strength heroes will be allowed.

Incompatible with: All Agility, All Intelligence, Death Match.
Added in v6.28

-itemdrop / -id --> Item Drop

When you die, a random slot in your inventory will drop whatever it holds. If that slot is empty, nothing happens. You no longer lose money when dieing.

-easymode / -em --> Easy Mode

Towers are weaker, experience is gained faster, and you get twice as much periodic gold (16 every 7 seconds, that is). Please refer to Nova's Guide to Experience for experience values and to Y0UR's All about Towers Guide for tower data.
Renamed from -shortmode / -sm in v6.33

-nopowerups / -np --> No Powerups

No runes will spawn.

-supercreeps / -sc --> Super Creeps

Every now and then, a super creep may spawn for each side and follow the creeps in either lane. The weakest supercreep is the Siege Golem, a bit stronger is the Scary Fish, and the Ancient Hydra is the strongest one.
Sorry for the overall vagueness here, I'm working on it.

-onlymid / -om --> Only Mid

Same as -ntnb, but towers in top and bottom lane are invulnerable.
Added in v6.42

-notop / -nt --> No Top

No creeps spawn at the top (left) lane. Towers there are still vulnerable.
Added in v6.44

-nomid / -nm --> No Middle

No creeps spawn at the middle lane. Towers there are still vulnerable.
Added in v6.44

-nobot / -nb --> No Bottom

No creeps spawn at the bottom (right) lane. Towers there are still vulnerable.
Added in v6.44

-rangeonly / -ro -> Range Only
Only range heroes will be allowed.

Incompatible with: Melee Only, Death Match.
Added in v6.58

-meleeonly / -mo -> Melee Only
Only melee heroes will be allowed.

Incompatible with: Range Only, Death Match.
Added in v6.58

-cp / -capturepoint  --> Capture Point Mode

Playing with Capture Point mode enabled. For more details about how it works, check this post.
Added in v6.67

IV. Tertiary Game Modes

* Any number of these can be selected.
-noswap / -ns --> No Swap

Swap commands do not work.
Read the VIII. Swap commands section for more information.
Added in v6.44

-norepick / -nr --> No Repick

-repick command does not work.
Added in v6.48

-terrainsnow / -ts --> Terrain Snow

This transforms the current terrain into a snow terrain. This is a very experimental mechanism and is still very much a WIP in the visuals department. The "-terrain" or "-terrain default" command reverts the terrain to its normal state.
Added in v6.48 as game command -terrain snow
Renamed in v6.48b

-poolingmode / -pm -> Pooling Mode
This mode allows pooling (item sharing between players). For a list of how items are affected when this mode is not activated, see Thrall729's Pooling Items List.
Added in v6.52

-observerinfo / -oi -> Observer Info
Displays some extra information for game broadcasters/observers when you hover over player heroes.
Added in v6.52
Since v6.60, -oi is turned on by default in observer games. Using -oi will disable it instead.

-miniheroes / -mi -> Mini Heroes
Heroes will be half the normal size.
Added in v6.54

-fastrespawn / -fr -> Fast Respawn
Causes respawns to take half as much time.
Added in v6.55

-rs / -randomside -> Random Side 
Randomize which side your team starts in. This does not shuffle the players. It just places a team randomly as either Sentinel or Scourge.
Added in v6.60

-zm / -zoommode - Zoom Mode (Observer Only)
Pulls the camera outwards to see more action at the same time.
Added in v6.67

V. For fun game modes

* Must be entered separately, but still before 15 seconds mark.

-wtf --> What The Fuck Mode

Basically, all hero and item abilities have no cooldowns and cost 0 mana. When an ability is used, all cooldowns are reset and your mana is set to full. Certain triggered abilities will seem as if they have no cooldown, but will not have any effect until the time in which it would normally be cooled down has passed (one example is Borrowed Time).
Added in v6.36

VI. Vote Random commands

* Can be entered up to 30 seconds after Vote Random mode is selected.
* If no option is selected, one will be randomed. If the voting is a draw, one option will be randomed out of all three options, regardless of votes.
* Must be entered separately.
* You can use only one of these, i.e. you can't change your decision once you've voted.

-option 1 --> Option One

Vote for first presented matchup.
Added in v6.35

-option 2 --> Option Two

Vote for second presented matchup.
Added in v6.35

-option 3 --> Option Three

Vote for third presented matchup.
Added in v6.35

VII. Captains Mode Commands
* Must be entered separately.

-cm 1 -> Sentinel start
Sentinel captain starts the picking process.
Added in v6.55
-cm 2 -> Scourge start
Scourge captain starts the picking process.
Added in v6.55

VIII. Death Match commands

* First available player may enter these commands, checking the player list from the top.
* Can be entered up to 15 seconds after Death Match mode is selected.
* Must be entered separately.

-nd --> No Death Timer

There won't be any respawn time when a hero dies.
Added in v6.42

-lives # --> Maximum lives

Sets how many lives each side has. Replace # with the desired number. Minimum of 10, maximum of 44.
Added in v6.42

IX. Game commands

* Can be used repeatedly during whole game (with exceptions).
* Usable by everyone.

-matchup / -ma --> Display matchup

Displays which opponent controls which hero, and it's level. Also shows the time the player left the game (if he/she did).
Added in v6.13
-ma added in v6.21
Level support added in v6.39
Time support added in v6.45

-movespeed / -ms --> Display movespeed

Displays your hero's movement speed.
-ms added in v6.21

-creepstats / -cs --> Display creep stats

Shows how many creeps you have killed, as well as how many you have denied.
Added in v6.28

-cson --> Show Creep Stats scoreboard

Shows creep stats in the title of the default multiboard.
Renamed from -csboardon in v6.33

-csoff --> Hide Creep Stats scoreboard

Hides creep stats from the title of the default multiboard.
Renamed from -csboardoff in v6.33

-disablehelp --> Disable Help

Makes allied Chen's Test of Faith unable to teleport you. Makes allied Furion unable to cast Sprout on you. Makes allied Harbinger unable to cast Astral Imprisonment on you.
Added in v6.19b
Astral Imprisonment support added in v6.38
Sprout support added in v6.39

-enablehelp --> Enable Help

On by default. Toggles -disablehelp off.
Added in v6.19b

-unstuck --> Unstuck

Channels for 60 seconds, then moves your hero back to your base.

-recreate --> Recreate

Available for N'aix, Terrorblade, Dragon Knight and Banehallow. Use when close to the fountain if you have lost control of your hero (metamorphosis problem). 200 seconds channeling. Also usable with Leshrac, although he doesn't need it anymore.
Added in v6.05
Leshrac bug fixed in v6.48
IceFrog told me that with the possible exception of N'aix, this command is probably redundant now, especially after v6.49 N'aix remake.

-showmsg --> Show hero death messages

On by default. You see a text message when a hero dies.
Renamed from -unhidemsg

-hidemsg --> Hide hero death messages

Makes it so that there is no text displayed when a hero dies.
Added in v6.35

-showdeny --> Show deny notification

On by default for observers.
Every time you, an ally or an opponent makes a deny you see an exclamation mark in the color of the player that denied the creep.
Added in v6.39

-hidedeny --> Hide deny notification

On by default. Toggles -showdeny off.
Added in v6.39

-weather rain/snow/moonlight/wind/random/off --> Weather effects

Makes the desired weather.
-weather random randomly changes weather every 5 minutes.
-weather off switches off weather effects.
-weather rain/snow/off added in v6.39
-weather moonlight/wind/random added in v6.44

-denyinfo / -di --> Show deny info

Sets -showdeny and -cson.
Added in v6.41

-deathon / -don --> Show Death Timer board

On by default. Displays Death Timer when hero dies, which shows how much time is left to respawn.
Added in v6.42

-deathoff / -doff --> Hide Death Timer board

Toggles -deathon off.
Added in v6.42

-roll # --> Roll

Displays random integer between 0 (included) and #. Replace # with a number between 0 and 2000.
Added in v6.44

-rollhero / -rh -> Randomly display a heroname.
This has no actual functional effect in the game, just a small easy command that some players wanted for their play groups.
Added in v6.60

-hideheronames / -hhn --> Hide hero names

Hides hero's class displayed behind player's name in chat. If you want to squelch somebody, use this first, otherwise the /squelch command won't work.
Added in v6.45

-mute --> Mute kill sounds

Disables kill sounds.
Added in v6.48

-random --> Random

Gives you a random hero in modes where you have to pick one. Does not cost any gold.-random Intelligence/Strength/Agility It gives you 100 less bonus gold than the 250 bonus gold the regular -random gives you. Added in v6.60

-repick --> Repick

Gives you a new hero instead of the one you already have, at a cost. Can only be used once and only in the first minute, but not in league mode. Repick costs 100 gold normally, but in -ar and -tr it costs 400 gold. If you are playing a random game mode, you will receive a new random hero. If you are playing a pick game mode, you will have to pick a new hero.
Cannot be used when No Repick mode is enabled.

-gameinfo --> Game info

Displays some information on the different game modes that are used.

-afk --> AFK Info

Displays how long each player is inactive.
Added in v6.50

-kickafk # --> Kick AFK players

Kicks players that have been inactive for more than 10 minutes. Replace # with the number of idle player.
Added in v6.50

-apm --> Actions Per Minute

Displays your APM.
Added in v6.50

-courier --> Courier icon

Toggles displaying idle worker courier icon.
Added in v6.50

-clear --> Clear screen

Clears all game text messages from the screen.
Added in v6.50

-invokelist --> List Invoker's spells

Displays list of Invoker's spells.
Added in v6.50

-rollon -> Roll text on
On by default. When someone uses -roll command, the text will be displayed.
Added in v6.52

-rolloff -> Roll text off
No text will be displayed for you when someone uses -roll command.
Added in v6.52

-music # -> Play music
Plays the specified music. You must have music enabled to use these. Replace # with one of the following: off, random, nightelf1, nightelf2, nightelf3, human1, human2, human3, orc1, orc2, orc3, undead1, undead2, undead3, other1, other2, other3, other4, other5.
Added in v6.52

-water red/blue/green/random/default -> Water color
Customizes water color for local player.
Added in v6.54
Since v6.60 -water now supports any color combinations using -water r g b format

-itemswap x y -> Swap inventory slots
Swaps items in inventory slots. Primarily for dealing with undroppable items or items in cooldown. x and y correspond to numpad locations.
This command has been temporarily disabled.
Added in v6.55

-quote #/random -> Play hero quote
Replace # with a number. Plays a hero quote.

-quote random plays a random hero quote.
Supported heroes are: Witch Doctor, Nightstalker, Alchemist, Silencer, Sniper, Rhasta, Ogre Magi, Techies, Blademaster and Panda.
Added in v6.55 - WD, Nightstalker, Alchemist, Silencer, Sniper and Rhasta
Ogre, Techies, Blademaster and Panda added in v6.57

-rickroll -> Rick Roll
You can use this max. 10 times.
Added in v6.57b

-mc -> Multicast Counter
Shows multicast rate of any Ogre Magi on the map.
Added in v6.58

-bonus -> Show bonus XP and gold
Since v6.55, heroes get a small XP and gold bonus for hero kills. This command shows how much you got so far.
Added in v6.55

-tips -> Show tips 
If you enter the command, the game will give you 5 pointers (at various stages in the game) that are unique to each hero to help you get the basics down. These are not intended to imply guidelines on how to play a hero, but rather as simple tips if you are new with that hero.
Added in v6.60

X. Swap commands

* These are just another Game commands, but due to recent changes in swap system, they deserve their own section.
* Can be used multiple times, but only before 90 seconds mark.
* Cannot be used when No Swap mode is enabled.

-swaphero / -swap --> Display hero's numbers

Displays a list of heroes available for swapping along with their numbers, which can then be used in -swap command.
-swaphero (old version) added in v6.30
-swap added in v6.46

-swap 1/2/3/4/5 --> Swap

Swaps your hero with another player's hero. You can use this command multiple times and even swap with multiple players at once. The number of the player you want to swap with can be accessed via -swaphero / -swap command.
Added in v6.46

-swapcancel --> Cancel swap requests

Cancels all your swap requests. This includes both requests made by you and your allies.
Added in v6.46

-swapall --> Swap All

Sends swap requests to all your allies. Also disables -swapcancel.
Added in v6.50

XI. Hero specific commands

* Can be used repeatedly during whole game.

-fleshstr / -fs --> Flesh Heap Strength

Usable only by Pudge. Shows how much strength he gained from his Flesh Heap ability.
Added in v6.42

-ha -> Hook Accuracy
Usable only by Pudge. Shows the accuracy of his Meat Hook. Only counts enemy hooks (those that hit Pudge's enemies).
Added in v6.55
Doesn't count allied hooks since v6.58

-mines -> Land Mine Counter
Usable only by Goblin Techies. Shows how many Land Mines they have placed.
Added in v6.58

-aa -> Arrow Accuracy
Usable only by Priestess of the Moon. Shows the Elune's Arrow hit percentagesAdded in v6.60-gg -> Goblins Greed Usable only by Alchemist. Display bonus gold received from Goblins Greed

* First available player may enter this command, checking the player list from the top.
* Must be entered separately, but still before 15 seconds mark.
* Can only be used in Multi Player.

-test -> Test Mode
Enables single player commands to be usable in multiplayer for easier extensive testing.
Added in v6.48

XIII. Anti-MapHack system

* First available player may enter these commands, checking the player list from the top.
* Must be entered separately, between 15 and 60 seconds of game time.

-ah --> Anti-MapHack

Enables maphack protection.
Added in v6.50

XIV. Single Player commands

* Can be used only in Single player, or when Test Mode is enabled.
* Can be used repeatedly during whole game.

-lvlup --> Level up

Levels up your hero by 1 level.
Added in v6.38

-refresh --> Refresh

Refreshes the cooldown for all of your items and skills. Similar to using a Refresher Orb, except that it works for all of your skills and items. Also replenishes your hp and mana.
Added in v6.38

-spawncreeps --> Spawn creeps

Spawns creeps for both Sentinel and Scourge. Does not interfere with the normal creep spawn times.
Added in v6.38

-powerup --> Spawn runes

Spawns rune. Does not interfere with the normal rune spawn times. Note that rune won't spawn if there already is one, or was one less than 5 seconds ago.
Added in v6.42

-neutrals --> Spawn neutrals

Spawns neutral creeps in all camps that doesn't have units nearby. Note that corpses count as units. Does not interfere with the normal neutral creeps spawn times.
Added in v6.42

-kill --> Suicide

Kills your own hero.
Added in v6.38

-gold # --> Add gold

Gives you the amount of gold that you type in. Replace # with a gold amount.
Added in v6.38

-noherolimit -> Multiple heroes
Lets you get multiple heroes, primarily for video editors that have been requesting it. Has to be entered in the first 15 seconds of the game.
Added in v6.52

-killall -> Kill creeps
Kills all creeps.
Added in v6.52

-killsent -> Kill Sentinel creeps
Kills all Sentinel creeps.
Added in v6.52

-killscourge -> Kill Scourge creeps
Kills all Scourge creeps.
Added in v6.52

-time # -> Set time
Sets daytime. Replace # with a number.
Added in v6.52

-trees -> Regrow trees
Respawns all dead trees instantly.
Added in v6.55

Dota-Allstars Modes & Dota Commands Guides.
Latest update: Dota-Allstars 6.67c

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  53. Good guide! I came looking for the -dh command, after reading that Wisp could "troll" players who weren't familiar with it. But now I know what it meant!.

    Regarding change of tiles, such as Dessert instead of the default Grass, I think it is done using some third-party software. Tools like this I believe can be found at, in the Forum-section.

  54. How can i change the floor in Burning terrain?

  55. how to change the map from grass to dessert?

  56. guyzzz how can we cheat gold,lvl in gg dota not in single player.......

  57. So many people ask question but most of them no answer...

  58. How to change the ground clolour

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  65.  what does Dot A All mean?

  66.  what modes that enable me to choose other hero's skills?

  67.  what modes that enable all heroes to choose other heroes' skills before starting?

  68. -rickroll is THE BEST OF ALL , thanks for the info mr.x hahaha

  69. not work -gold;lvlup;-fr:(

  70. killall;-killsent;killscourge;

  71. is there an extreme mode for ai? ans what is it?


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