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Dota-Allstars Orb Effect Guides

Dota-Allstars Orb Effect Guides. This guide will show you the all the orb effect and it's priority. The credits belong to Malle of

The two golden rules:
1: Orb effects will never stack.
2: You may only place one buff per attack.

And as an information sticker:
  • You will only get the effect that is listed in the box. If you get both, it says both. If there's some strange mechanics to it, it's listed in the legend.
  • Eye of Skadi will be a melee eye of skadi if the unit that picks it up is currently in melee form. It will be ranged if the unit that picks it up currently has a ranged attack. Switching forms may or may not affect the form of the Eye of Skadi, it depends on the ability that changes your range
  • Ursa Warrior is as of 6.44 a melee unit. Doombringer is a melee unit. As of 6.28, Banehallow remains as a melee unit in his ultimate form. Strength Morphling is no longer in the game.
Now, to the charts:

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

: "Sange", "Sange and Yasha"
Lifesteal: "Mask of Death", "Mask of Madness", "Helm of the Dominator", "Satanic"
Feedback: "Diffusal Blade", "Manta Style"
Chain Lightning: "Maelstrom", "Mjollnir"
Corruption: "Stygian Desolator"
Cold Attack: Melee: "Eye of Skadi melee"
Cold Attack: Ranged: "Eye of Skadi ranged"

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

A quick explanation on how to read an excel chart:
Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

As seen in the ranged part, an Eye of Skadi and a Stygian Desolator would give you the Corruption orb effect, regardless of any other circumstances. However, on melee heroes, it says "Place". Looking in the legend, it tells you that "Place" means that the item in the highest priority slot will take effect, as well as the inventory priority order. I realize that my previous explanation may have been a bit ambiguous, so heres an image of the priority order:

IPB Image

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  1. thanks, that was very useful guide. Especially that orb priority table. Keep it high!

  2. hey guys i want to know what is an orb effects... not the table of orb effects..plz tell me a link or something for that... :)

  3. It's not really informative if you know nothing about orb effects.
    You say orb effects doesn't stack.. but that's really vague. Maybe only same orb effects doesn't stack (but from the table I deduced that most of the time all orb effects doesn't stack)
    Also another consequence of your vague formulations: Can unit affected by one orb effect be affected by another?
    Every information and table just raised many questions, so I'm even more confused about orb effects than before reading it.

  4. Orb effect don't stack.
    Orb effect and Buff effect stacks.

    Eg. Desolator = (Orb Effect)
    Skadi (Melee) = (Orb Effect)
    Skadi (Range) = (Buff Effect)

    So, if you are using a Melee hero, buying Deso and Skadi will not stack. Therefore, you have to choose either Deso or Skadi on your (keypad 7) to be the dominating effect.

    If you are a range hero, Deso and Skadi will stack. You will get both Slow (Skadi) and Corruption (Deso).

  5. But deso is also a buffplacer so it won't stack with skadi.

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  8. i cant read the table did not understad !!! how to become fast hand? because im so very slowhand

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. OK, that guy who said skadi and deso stacks is clearly wrong and a noob.. The only thing that stacks for RANGE are skadi and lifesteal. For range skadi and sny, skadi will work all the time EXCEPT when maim activates, same goes for skadi and maelstorm, meaning you will get the slow all the time EXCEPT when the lightning activates.

    For MELEE, lifesteal is the highest priority, regarding of where you put it in the item slot, it will overlap any orb. Also, skadi and maelstorm or skadi sny wont work the same as range, it will work regarding the place you put in. So, for melee, if you put SNY on 1st and skadi on 2nd, you wont get the effect from skadi. Same goes with diffusal and skadi, diffusal and sny,maelstorm and diffusal, the orb in the highest place will work. So for melee, to make it easier, if you have 2 ors, put the one you want to use on the first slot. Or easier, dont buy 2 orbs for melee.

    THATs for the item orbs, there are still alot of things about heroes skills orbs and item orbs effects, which will take 3 times longer time to explain. I suggest you read other guides, or try it out yourselves. Cheers.

  11. can i use desolator and butterfly for dwarven sniper?.....and if not what should i use?

  12. coz u can butterfly is not a orb effect.therefore,nothing will happen...


  14. dota emang keren no:1

  15. its not possible because if u transform your hero into their SS mode then click the manta..the illusions will be same as the normal form of the hero (DK & lycan) ..
    same as tiny when u get the SS the iluusions will be as small as the lvl 1 tiny..any hero that has an ultimate that will changed their size or their characteristics will produced an original size illusions, therefore you will be immediately distinguish...

  16. it's wrong. If u quick enough clicking ulti and manta, u can get 2 transformed illusion. I'd try it. N it works! If u didn't belive, see youtube :)

  17. yeah its true... kip playing DOTA on your own finding bugs and techniques.. crazy thing on DOTA will happen..

  18. umms now the pictures aint working for me =(

  19. But deso is also a buffplacer so it won't stack with skadi.

  20. ok skadi is 10% for range so only 10%of attacks take the effects the rest 90% can be used right?? so cant u use deso n skadi both?? ofcourse the animation wont change

  21. I can't see the picture! Please reupload it to another image hosting.

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