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Dota-Allstars Experience Guides

Dota-Allstars Experience guides. All the question about experience and leveling up (hopefully) will answered with this post. This post is taken from Nova at guide and all the credits belong to him.

What is Experience and why is it so important? Experience is an extremely important part of the game. It's the sole thing that levels up heroes and makes them stronger and unlocks new skill points to use. There are many ways to gain experience, the following are all of them.
  1. Killing Creeps.
  2. Killing Neutral Creeps (Roshan Included).
  3. Killing Towers and Enemy Buildings.
  4. Killing Enemy Heroes.
  5. Killing Enemy Heroes' Summoned Units.
  6. Killing Special Creeps
  7. Getting Creep Denied by an Enemy.
Anyways some key things about experience.
  1. Experience is given in a 1000 AoE from the unit that was killed.
  2. Experience is sharely evenly among all allied heroes within that 1000 AoE
  3. In -EM All experience values are multiplied by 1.5
  4. Using the Bloodstone Item will give you experience in the area in which you died until you revive.
  5. Chen's dominated creeps will give regular Neutral Creep values, but if those creeps are Enchanted or Dominated via HoD, then their experience values will decrease (I'll add in the charts later).
  6. Techie's Wards/Mines and Pugna's Wards do not give Experience. Observer Wards and Sentry Wards do not either.
Now I'm sure you guys should have some idea of what "denying" is. If not I'll explain it to you with regards to experience. Denying refers to when you kill your own creep or building, to deny the enemy of getting experience as well as gold. Why is this important? Because if you constantly deny your enemy of experience, you'll end up at a higher level then them and you'll probably have more gold as well. As we all should know, outleveling a hero in your lane is definitely a good thing. Now on to the actual mechanics of "denying."
  1. First of all, there's no difference in Denial Experience if you're playing EM or Non-EM
  2. Denies grant XP ONLY if the killed unit is owned by scourge or sentinel, player owned units do NOT grant any XP, when denied. (Thanks Erazer)
  3. All denies grant the same amount of experience, but it varies if you're a melee hero or a ranged hero.
  4. A denied unit grants 36/n experience for melee heroes and 18/n for ranged heroes, where n is the number of heroes within a 1000 AoE.
  5. Other methods of denying such as Death Pact, Dark Ritual and Conversion will not grant experience to the enemy at all.
Now on to actual numbers. The following is pretty much the basic numbers to experience. What experience do you gain levels at, the amount of experience in between levels you need to level up, the amount of experience you gain for killing a level X hero etc.

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

Now these are the experience values for the regular creeps that go in the lanes that try to push down the throne.

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

Now, these values are for the neutral creeps that can be found as green dots on the mini-map. You can also find these creeps in the forest areas on the map.

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full size.

Now these creeps are "special" creeps. Roshan, Chicken/Crow, and Super Creeps are included.

IPB Image

These creeps are "summoned" creeps which refer to creeps summoned by items or hero skills.

IPB Image

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