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Dota-Allstars Images Guides will be posted here. This guide is made by Gray the Grayte from , all the credit belong to him.

Item Effects on Images

The following is an attempt to answer people's questions about what to buy for imager heros into one topic. These heros include terrorblade, naga siren, phantom lancer and chaosknight.

Some items and orb effects work on images. Some do not. Therefore to maximise the potential of your imager hero it pays to do some research. If you build your imager hero right they are amongst the most powerful late game heros in Dota. If not you will just have one relatively weak hero that can only use their images for distraction purposes.

I intend to update this page as more information comes to hand so any comments, corrections and information appreciated!

The following items and effects DO work on images
  • Stat bonus items. Images gain hit points from strength, armour and attack speed from agility, and bonus to damage from your primary stat. I believe they also gain hitpoint and mana regeneration from stats as well.
  • Feedback (Diffusal Blade/ Manta Style). Only works on melee images. Ranged images do not burn mana.
  • Critical Strike (Crysallis / Buriza ). Just the critical strike ability is transferred to images not the bonus damage from the item.
  • Evasion (Butterfly, Radiance)
  • Raw movement speed gain items (Boots, Treads, Teleboots)
  • % Movement Speed gain items (Sangeyasha, Yasha).
  • True Sight (Gem of True Sight)
  • Radiance burning aura (Radiance) - Note that while images get the burning aura only one such aura will apply to an enemy at a given time (i.e. 4 images do not mean 4xdamage from the burn aura). Also note that only the aura damage and evasion bonus transfers to images. The bonus damage from the Radiance item itself does not transfer.
  • Direct Hit Point bonus items (Vitality Booster, Point Booster, Soul Booster, Heart of Tarresque, Manta Style)
  • Direct Mana Point bonus items (Energy Booster, Point Booster, Soul Booster, etc)
The following items and effects do NOT work on images
(despite what the attack animation might suggest!)
  • Direct bonus to damage items (i.e. items that say +x to damage do not give that bonus damage to images)
  • Direct bonus to armour items (Chainmail, Platemail, Aegis etc). Note: Java's Premium Naga Siren Guide says the opposite so I am prepared to be corrected on this point!
  • Direct regeneration items (Ring of Regen, Ring of Health etc)
  • Increased Attack Speed percent (Hyperstone, Treads, Hand of Midas, Monkey King Bar, Butterfly)
  • Lifesteal (Satanic, Mask of Madness, Mask of Death, Helm of Dominator)
  • Frost Attack (Eye of Skadi)
  • Chain Lightning (Maelstrom)
  • Cleave - Percentage Splash Damage applied to nearby targets (Battlefury)
  • Bash - % chance to stun (Cranial Basher). To be precise it is a bit more complicated than just saying it doesn't work - see notes below.
  • Maim (Sange, Sangeyasha)
  • % Chance for Microstun that disrupts concentration spells and gives bonus damage (Monkey King Bar)
  • Corruption effect - minus to armour upon hit (Stygnian Desolator). Bear in mind however the images will benefit from the corruption given by your main hero so it's still a decent option
  • Return damage % from melee attackers (Blademail)
  • Damage block (Kraken Shell, Stout Shield, Vanguard)
  • Spell items - images can't cast spells (Dagon, Ginsoo, Mechanism, Mantastyle, BKB etc)
  • Magic resistance items (Planewalker Cloak, Aegis) - images only get innate hero resistance.
The following items have not yet been tested.

Please advise if you test any of these out (include details of the test you carried out to prove it). Note: most of the below are auras but you should note that the image showing the aura icon or visual effect is NOT the same thing as it actually working on the image. The image will always show the aura icon regardless
  • Spell block (Linkens)
  • Lifesteal Aura (from Leoric or Vladmir's Offering)
  • Devotion Aura (Ring of Basilus or Vladmir's Offering)
  • Brilliance Aura (Crystal maiden, Ring of Basilus or Vladmir's Offering)
  • Toughness Aura (Sven)
  • Healing Aura (Headress of Rejuvenation, Mechanism)
  • Mechanism Heal Activation Effect
  • Arcane Ring Mana Charge Activation Effect
  • Buckler Activation Effect
  • Attack Speed Buff Aura (Assault Cuirass)
Extra note on bashing with images

Illusions can bash, but it works in a really strange way. First of, they won't deal any bonus damage.Secondly, if an image bashes a target, it will only be a fake bash. Everything will look as it would if a real hero bashed the target, but the target can still move and attack. If a real hero bashes the target while he is in such a "Fake bash state", the fake bash state will be prolonged. Vice versa, if a hero makes a real bash on the target, and an image bashes the target, the real bash will be prolonged.

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  1. Linkin's works. Great on tb.

  2. Oh and TB is different than any other hero when it comes to images. Diffusal and Skadi can stack (even in ranged form, tho images don't get skadi). Only 2 ways to get it, create the recipe in Meta form or when in metaform drop and pick up items(skadi and diffusal/manta).

  3. the eye of skadi on images work exactly the same way as bash on images

  4. image not stack with aura

  5. I don't think images heal from mechanism. For example if u send pl's(phantom lancer's) image into the fountain it does not heal.

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  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. as long as i played this game

    i figure out that all the orb effect item will not taken by your image.. so... if siren equipped dominator, the image will not gain the life steal effect..
    but.. if siren wear vladmir.. the illusion will get life steal instead.. from item and aura.

  9. please make the 6.72
    please create new heroes
    a hero that can build towers

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