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Batrider Guide and Strategy - Jin'zakk Guide

Batrider Guide and Strategy. Jin'zakk the Batrider is one of the new hero that added on Dota 6.60 along with Tauren Chieftain, not forgetting Razor remake. In this post i will give you some peek about Batrider skills and ability along with the guide. This guide is still on proggress, so any feedback or suggestion from you is really helpfull :)

Base Stats
Strength: 23 + 2.5
Agility: 15 + 1.5
Intelligence: 24 + 2.5

Attack Range: 375
Movement Speed: 290

Cast Point 0.3
Attack Point 0.5
Hero Class: Intelligence

Sticky Napalm
Targets an area and drenches it in oil. Slows the movement speed and turn rate of units in that area. Extra casts of this on the same targets stacks.

Any fire damage from batrider will ignite the napalm, dealing damage for each stack.

Fire damage is any regular batrider attack, flamebreak or firefly

AOE: 375
Damage: 10/15/20/25
Slow: 3/5/7/9%
Turn rate reduction: 30%

Lasts 7 seconds (refreshes on hit)
Stack max: 10

Cast Range: 700
Manacost: 15
Cooldown: 3

See the status? They are ready to combust ;p


Hurls a highly explosive cocktail of dangerous chemicals at the target position. Upon impacting with an enemy the missile explodes, dealing damage and knocking all nearby foes away from the impact. Any unit who has been Napalmed will take additional damage from the blast.

Knocks back all units in the explosion area proportionally to how far they were from the center

Damage: 75/150/225/300
Max knockback: 400
Explosion AOE: 375
Detection AOE: 100
Damage: 75/150/225/300
Travel Distance: 1600

Manacost: 80/100/120/140
Cooldown: 11

This skill can knockback your enemy.

Flies high leaving a burning trail behind. Enemies who dare follow will get burned by the fiery napalm. Nothing can take the skies from him.

Trees in your path are killed by the fire.
Gives you flying pathing

Damage: 20/40/60/80 per second
AOE: 200
Spell Duration: 15
Pathing: Flying

CD: 40
Manacost: 100

The coolest Batrider skill in my opinion. It looks like Windrunner ultimate when it still on Beta Stage. You can goes through trees and cliffs and burn whatever in your path for a while when activate this skill.

Flaming Lasso (Ultimate)
Snags a target with a constricting lasso, allowing the Batrider to drag them behind him as he moves.

Does not drag units over cliffs or impassable terrain.

If you TP or blink away or get ported away, the lasso breaks.

Cast Range: 175
Bind Range: 300
Manacost: 150
Cooldown: 130/90/50
Duration: 3/3.5/4

Ok, this skill is like Rhasta's skill but not channeling and you can move around drag your victim anywhere. In the Beta version you can even use Town Portal while lasso your enemies and drag him to the base ^^ But now TP/blink is cancelling this skill ;)

Skills Build
Lv 1 : Firefly
Lv 2 : Flamebreak
Lv 3 : Flamebreak/Stick Napalm
Lv 4 : Sticky Napalm/Flamebreak
Lv 5 : Flamebreak
Lv 6 : Flaming Lasso
Lv 7 : Flamebreak
Lv 8-10 : Sticky Napalm
Lv 11 : Flaming Lasso
Lv 12-14: Firefly
Lv15: Stats
Lv 16: Flaming Lasso
Lv 17-25: Stats

Firefly taken as first skill to help you avoid level 1 gank. Just go to the hill if they intend to do so. Next max either Sticky Napalm and Flame Break. Personally i prefer maxing Flame Break first because it has knockback. If you want to last hitting, getting Sticky Napalm offers you a better creep kill. Just cast 1-3 times will add 30-45 damage for 45 mana. Pretty cheap. Get the ultimate as soon as possible. This will be a great tool for ganking.

Skill usage
Sticky Napalm in lane to assist in last hitting.
Sticky Napalm + Firebreak = Farming combo
Firebreak + Firefly = Escape combo
Sticky Napalm + Firebreak + Flaming Lasso + Firefly = Combo that disorients enemy team and pulls one enemy into your team

Items Build
Core Items

This items build is for maxing your potential as a ganker. Since Phase Boots is not compatible, using Boots of Travel combined with Firefly is a great choice to chase the enemies while slowing them with Sticky Napalm. Bracers to add some HP and Void Stone will cover your mana regen. Force Staff is used to help catch the enemies. Flaming Lasso has short range cast. With Force Staff you can push enemies heroes to your range (need great timing) or push yourself to them (easier, but more risky as you're the one who come to them). Why not Dagger? I prefer Force Staff because it adds more Intelligence and relatively same purpose with dagger. Force Staff also add damage and attack speed which you're lack of.


Get Guinsoo for additional disable, great for ganking. Bloodstone also gives you health and mana, let you spam your skills on team battles. Shiva's Guard for additional AoE attack.

Other Items

Lothar is actually not a bad item for him. Windwalk and immediately pulling one heroes into your team is sure a good idea. The drawback is that it easily counterable with Dust/Gem.

Dagger is also viable for Batrider. Blink into your enemy and capture it. But i prefer Force Staff to help land his ulti though.

This guide is still improving and need some feedback. But what about you? Have different idea or skillsets? Share it here ;)

redrach for the skill set explanation

PS: This hero is introduced on Dota-Allstars 6.60 map.

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  1. lol @ the net skill.

    Quote : Ok, this skill is like Rhasta's skill but not channeling and you can move around drag your victim anywhere.

    Lol drag the opponent and tp home? haha...

  2. is it possible to get our hands on the beta? plx

  3. It is possible if alief link it or a beta tester leak it ...

  4. Totally impossible. Most likely this won't be the skill set for him. It's too easy to get away from enemies and unless Batrider is slowed when the net is used, it's too imbalanced.

  5. How about you just upload the fuckin map so we can check it out by ourselves instead of reading your retarded discriptions in broken english you enormous cockpile?

    1. Why don't you mind your own sense of spelling? It's gross.

  6. @ Anonymous,

    Get a life. People like you are not welcome here. Apparently, english is not the author's mother language so if you can't take it, go search another dota blog that is "less retarded".

  7. I don't think that this hero is going to be included in the final version. It could (have) been a surprise. Icefrog never announced that there would be a Batrider in 6.60 (in a non-funmode game).

  8. He's gonna be hit with the nerfstick; or not implemented at all. A wonderful hero concept, but way too imba. I just did some testing and you can drop your enemy ANYWHERE with the drag-thing skill. Between trees, in unpassable terrain, on cliffs. Anywhere.

  9. Meh i don't like the batrider nor his skills. >.<

  10. Err, precisely, the first skill "Sticky Napalm" does damage by activating it... If you notice, once you get this spell you'll learn 2 new spells: Single Strike (don't work yet¬¬) and Great Explosion (does AoE damage and pulls all units around the target about 500aoe)...

    The second "Incinerate" skill is bugged.

    The third skill allows you to fly, and the fire that you left behind will do spell damage to enemies that pass near it - you can use this to combo with your ultimate - you may grab a victim and activate Firefly, you'll see that the damage dealt is not something to be kidding at

  11. Umm, the map has already been shared. You just need to put a bit of effort into looking into the other threads.

    The skills you're describing are from Beta 21. They've been changed in Beta 45. Read my description up there.

  12. Just update the pictures ;) Well, this heroes is full of flames, i like the animation, especially the second skill ^^

  13. If you're a World Editor user, like me, you really get to appreciate how clever the Sticky Napalm skill was in using the oily effect. Icefrog's a clever bastard.

  14. I still don't like that fact that you can drag someone up a hill and leave them there. May be he can trigger it so that the dragged unit cannot go through cliffs. That would be better.

    It would be a fun joke if Froggy were to put the "Get over here!" sound from Mortal Combat and play it when Lasso (or Meat Hook) casts.

  15. I don't know if anyone noticed, but Firefly was made to combo with TB's ultimate so that it will do DPS to units that come to walk over the fire path left behind - if u use firefly + ulti properly, you are able to draw something near 200 dmg to the grabbed unit.

  16. 200 dmg is hardly anything for an int nuker. :/
    And why 'TB', lol? The Batrider? Should be BR if anything.

  17. It's 'Quelling Blades' and yeah, their multiplicative stacking is very imbalanced. Don't worry, I'm sure the Beta Testers have informed him of it.
    I expect him to change it to additive stacking. That way two blades would give you +80%, not +96%, three would give +120%, not +174%, etc.

  18. the new tavern listing sucks.. hope they won't approve of this..

  19. for all of you who think that batriders ulti is imba.... it just drags the opponent but does nothing else (dragged guy can still attack if he can come close enuf didnt check it yet but i think the netted guy is silenced tho) and teleport cancels the skill (no more raider gayshit...) so its quite balanced i think

  20. Seems all cool to me, except firefly is bound to cause some problems with getting stuck in terrain, or dragging people into terrain.
    I reckon that during the effect, he should get:
    Speed boost
    Fire trail damage
    Weaker attack damage

  21. ezalor's = base = ulti + telle ally.

    net the noob and then gg.

  22. alec_da_dude_from_marsMay 17, 2009 at 6:08 AM

    ya know, wan you tp while you have a hero, itll leave da hero

  23. alec_da_dude_from_marsMay 17, 2009 at 6:09 AM

    i have bad english, noh?

  24. Batrider is a well invented hero. Much better than others. Needs briefer text desciptions.
    Main Point - He is a fun hero but would be funner if other heroes were made with more effort and attention.

  25. How about dragging someone over a mine field laid out by a teammate techie?

    Would that trigger the mines and kill the victim?

    That might be a nasty combo.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. At lvl.16 with his ulti at lvl.3 always have tp or bot in ur inventory!
    If u see an enemy hero grab him and teleport to ur fountain quickly! The enemy hero will instantly die in ur fountain!
    Too imba!

    I think batrider is not available yet on the official 6.60! Due to his imba skill that can instantly kill and even trap enemies on a mountain! GoDLiKe...

    I think flaming lasso damages the targeted unit depending on pulling! I mean, like rupture, the target will be damaged when moving!

  28. omg... what freaking noobs are here posting? with quelling blade finish in 4,5 min pff :D and the screenshot... -apEM !! :D
    and thoose mass enemys, who do something against your farm :D:D:D RETARD`???!

  29. then end of dota era .. haizz ... let's wait for guinsoo new map .. the wat legends of land or watever ..

  30. Razor + Tauren + Batrider! skills too imba.. tauren ulti stun way too laong + dmg! too fake! ice frog should rmk these heroes! batrider should change the 2nd skill.. i can drive ppl into rivers and stuff

  31. With his Ulti and the new Force Staff you can pull in enemy heros from quite a far distance.

    Especially the force staff is quite uber in my opinion.

  32. For peopel who are interested in playing this guy, the skills re what is posted above, and when you get to level 6, you can drag them into your tower and let it do all the work for you, then hit with a fire blast thingy to finish off, also, know the annoying tree? well you can burn the trees he's using to go invis with your firefly

  33. Not really Imba.
    Unless grab haste rune,
    net drag to your team
    GG 5 man gank.

  34. wow nice hero for teammate! hehe if me dagger + dagon alrdy enough, GB, GB & GB...ownage

  35. I think batrider's ulti works well with sand king, tauren chieftain as they have casting time skills

  36. this guy is like pandaren in HLW...u know, the guy with drunken haze and breath of fire? that hero...not very inventive skills, the first two...the last two were a bit better though. Very imba, owned abbadon even with his ult...FUNNY AS HELL but he was a nub

  37. my item built for batrider are(after null/bracer/bottle and stuff):
    force stuff
    then it could be bloodstone
    and maybe ghost scepter
    these items give very high surviability due to firefly and make a deadly combo with firefly and ulty.

    combo1 (a target is facing your tower)

    firefly+force_stuff+ulty(+phase boots maybe)+ twoer_hits+firefly dmg

    if the target survives

    then sticki_napalm(1x or 2x)for the slow and flame brake as a finisher

    i was not so sure about ghost scepter in the begining but its a real life saver sometimes and its usefull lategame

    if a dpg hunts u just firefly/ghost and play with the ledges

    the nerf is 100% sure in my opinion

  38. Dagon or shiva guard also a good choice for Batrider.

  39. I think yasha and/or lothars edge is really good for him.
    When you use your ultimate and drag him, it only stays on for a limited time. The faster you are the greater distance you pull your enemy.
    For fun I experimented with it, I used force staff, used ulti, activate lothars edge (you wont get interrupted by his teammates) and you drag him safe and sound to your teammates.

    I would like to note that firefly and lothars edge disables the firefly ability to cross trees. Not sure about cliffs though, I think it disables it aswell. I forgot.

  40. bloodstone+treads+some kind of disable+forcie(for shooting them into your lasso) is pretty much all u need
    this guy has loads of hp, he just needs some major mana regeneration
    i suggest him go mid, cuz he has such big ganking abilities like flamebreak and firefly+ sticky is a really good combo
    the skill build should be:
    2sticky napalm
    5sticky napalm
    6flaming lasso
    8sticky napalm
    from here u get the rest
    i suggest BoT will do cuz of his movespeed, you really need that for his firefly( great running and chasin) and sticky napalm wont help u much with that little cuite 12%slow or whatever. it's not enough for u to chase, so the best is you have to have MS to kill those betches who u wanna kill =)
    maybe add a blink dagger so u BLINK IN AND THEN DRAG, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. besides, flamin lasso can only be activated when the dude is really close, i dont like the fact of that.

  41. My batrider built
    1 Bottle
    Treads/Phase Boots

    *These combos requires FOG and practice* FYI flamebreak has a ministun
    (Lothar) Initiator Combo : go Fog + Spam Sticky Napalm -> cast Firefly+Lothar(walk with enemies)
    ->FlameBreak(steal kill/kill)-> Lasso anyone ->attack/drag

    (BKB) Combo 1 : fog->Sticky Napalm->firefly->BKB->lasso->drag
    Combo 2: BKB->lasso->drag

    (Guinsoo)Ganking Combo:
    Guinsoo priority -> Flamebreak supporting hero + Lasso + Normal attack/drag

    (Shiva)Ganking Combo: upon ally starts initiating, go in shiva->firefly->lasso->lothar drag(isolate)/norm attack.

    Isolate Combo: stay fogged and when about to gank and timing is right, cast flamebreak in fog->lasso+lothars(towards your allies/tower)->sticky napalm
    OR just lasso+lothars when perfect timing.

  42. i think the best item for batrider is:


    oh yeah.. the burning aura of this thing combusts the napalm too! o_O

    batrider is pretty imba in damaging, escaping, farming, ganking, etc..

    but low life.. >_<

  43. low life? this guy has a massive str gain considering the fact that hes an int hero ._.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Shouldn't Radiance be a core? Adds to Firefly (unless of course Lasso + Firefly is not your play style)

  46. Wow so if you had a refresher....

  47. Well i believe that radiance is a great item for batrider but he is one of the best gangers in the game,its a waste to farm with him..
    u should buy it if you farm it really fast by farming heroes or just let some1 else in your team to take it.
    Also i find lot more practical and cheaper force stuff and phase boots for him.

    my built is:

    shivas/guinso if i am doing ok
    or bloodstone/bkb if i die

    Also i find very redicolus he has 1 of the best base damage on the game,on of the best base hp and he is ranged,intell,and all the times i have used him i am doind quite well..nerfff!!!

  48. Batrider needs a Str gain nerf period.

  49. Is mekansm a good item for BR?

    As for my buld I get:


    I think It's good.Of course BR is good too.It's a great combination:)

  50. The best items ive seen working and that are easy to farm are lothars and orchid. THESE are the only "late game" items I've seen work well.

  51. All you need for Bat is a force staff, then you do the high flying thing, ulti someone, and force yourself backwards... dead.

  52. did u know..
    with batrider we can :
    drag the hero to the unreachable river hole that located in Up and down path line.. Don't kill him, then he will wait there until end of the game...haha.

  53. yeah! but u must do firefly skill too.

  54. @ronin

    do u ever heard of -unctuck command?

  55. @above
    Is there even such a thing? I only heard b4 the -unstuck command.

  56. item build for batrider is

    1.bracers (strength)
    2.phase boots
    3.force staff
    4.battle fury
    5.hood of defiance
    6.tarasque 2x

    lvl6:flaming lasso
    lvl11:flaming lasso
    lvl22-25:sticky napalm

    no one can stop u, the items gives you nonstop regen of life, but the pros about this items you must have a terrible farming ability., neverthless you will have a great attack and great regen

  57. the first time i tried using the 2 new heroes, i used BR , thenn just when i was about to lose when TC's guarding my fountain from the rear side, i used the ulti and dragged him to the fountain and made a comeback LOL

  58. LOL @ the guy making battlefury for BR

  59. OMFG!!!
    Seriusly man bfury on Bat?!?

    ranged heroes can't use cleave!!!

  60. i prefer more to eul, hex, shiva or dagon to do combo..well he got nice str and int even base dmg for a range hero..

  61. maybe i'll just use eadiance instead of shiva's guard

  62. Hiii...

    I just wana edit somthing in the item build.. in the new version... (6.61b) the phase boots are not compatible with the level 3 spell

  63. @BaTMaN XD - wow, really? I'll check it soon. Thanks for noticing :)

  64. How about an idea,
    You can blink melee hero into the woods an attack the hero without losing hp hehe

  65. u MUST get a radiance
    it owns so hard with sticky napalm

  66. Hi all ... i never lost with this build :

    then what u want..
    BR do MASS DMG ... so u have to use it ... with critic and manta... its ownage

  67. lv1 firefly
    lv2 napalm
    lv3 firefly
    lv4 napalm
    lv5 firefly
    lv6 laso
    lv7 firefly
    lv8 napalm
    lv9 napalm
    lv10 flame break
    lv11 laso
    lv12 flame break
    lv13 flame break
    lv14 flame break

    note: at lv4, you can now kill any agi or int enemy. but by lv4, you should have a ring of health and a stout shield.

    how to kill: stick napalm>>>firefly>>>stay on top of the enemy>>>napalm>>>and hit the enemy if they try to fight!

    if the enemy tries to tele, use laso or flame break.


    -ring of basilius & tango (game starts)
    -vanguard or hood of defiance or both
    -boots of travel
    -heart of tarrasque
    -blade mail
    -ghost cepter

    you can kill an eneme every cool down of firefly

  68. bracers 2x,phase boots,is good for early ganking.....

  69. hey i once battled a batrider, and i used clinkz , and i discovered that clinkz is a great counter for batrider, the batrider's built was radiance,mkb,HoT,treads,dominator and dagon.. and my clinkz built was BoT, 2butterfly, burize and mkb, and it sur does own. sorry if i posted a reply thats not about jinzak, xori, but thnks...

  70. real nice item for him i think is force can make u drag ur prey for further distance. 1st, firefly, then lasso. quickly turn back and click force staff to will make extra drag distance thus easily kill 1 hero by helps from allies..

  71. It is very interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  72. It was rather interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

  73. magic stick, void stone, boots, ultimate orb, PT, sell stick, buy guinsoo, and then force staff, when you have voidstone use flamebrake to harass the enemy, if you are targeted often buy blademail instead of the force staff

  74. batrider + pudge + vs + watiforit...

  75. my combo

    1st.sticky napalm

    its good..try it..

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  78. XD
    there is already BoT why is there a tp?

  79. in the beginning of the game we can't affort BOT first can we???so the TP is still exist..

  80. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  81. Solo as Bat
    Lv1 Goop
    Lv2 Firefly
    Goop them 5ish times and then firefly them down, if they try to fight, enjoy your fb+double kill

  82. Batrider?

    No need to up flamebreak... juz play sticky naplam n firefly.... Sure Owning.. xD... if up flamebreak at early game, sure dn have enough mana... up sticky naplam and firefly, ring of bassilus enough to spam sticky naplam n firefly... firefly will be pwerfull if staCK It with naplam.. enemy will be slowed. stick naplam and firefly, enough to kill ... easy... but need play tanker....

    i suggest to skill build for bat.

    lvl 1 - stick naplam
    Lvl 2- Firefly
    lvl 3 - firefly
    lvl 4 - stick naplm
    lvl 5 - firefly
    lvl 6 - laso
    lvl 7 - stick naplam
    lvl 8 - firefly
    lvl 9 stick naplam
    lvl 10- flamebreak
    lvl11- laso
    lvl 12-14 -flamebreak
    lvl 15- stats
    lvl 16- laso
    lvl17-25 :stats.

    Item at early game: Bassilus, scout shield, branch, boots

    mid game's item: Boots of travel, vanguard, bassilus,

    Late game : 2x tarras, boot of travel, radiance, talisman of evasion, shiva, .. (blademail needed depends by situation)

    Sure owning.. try it....

  83. basically, [RS]Supra's got the idea...
    Never lost a game as bat yet, follow his lvl builds, but on early item builds, you gotta trust me on this one.
    on a standard 5v5 you'll start with roughly 600 gold.

    From the start, buy....
    $500 - boots (TRUST ME, ESP IF UR SOLO)
    $100 - hp

    Batrider, is the BEST solo in the game. period.
    you can easily outlane tinker,sf, you name it. just make sure you get boots AS A FIRST ITEM, THAT STEREOTYPE WHERE "ONLY NOOBS GO BOOTS FIRST" HAS BEEN BROKEN.

    questions or comments... pm fnatic.frenziK @ uswest

  84. can you forcestaff away while your pulling??

  85. TP home LOL
    Sure kill

  86. Hey guys did you notice that when you buy radiance and use sticky palm on your enemy,it makes a burn on them,do radiance effect is amplified when you use an napalm

  87. erm, batrider is a cool killer heroes in my opinion, the sticky spell is just way too imba,, u can cast it from range (if u r really good, u can cast it far from any nuker's range,) and once the sticky napalm stackc about 5 to 10 times, run to them and use fire fly, it stacks! seriously.. the total damage could amount to 1K if ur careful! and with ur ulti, ur guranteed 100% kill in solo lane battle.. but i dunno if they twerk it in newer version? anyone knows?

  88. what are the true builds in Batrider... i realy wanna know you see in feb. 14. 2011 ill fight my classmate and i really need to use that hero we will have a bet..about my fav. girl...

  89. batrider IS EXTREMELY imba when solo. Dont get 2nd skill it sucks... When in MID, get 1st skill then keep spamming it on your enemy. If he/she is a noob and don't fall back for a while to remove the buff, use firefly on lvl 2 then chase it...FB!! Not even lion, morphling, akasha, nevermore, zeus, tinker, or any other good soloer can match this guy >:) For the build, i recommend ring of basilius on lvl 1 and a heal. My build for him in order is:

    ring of basilius
    ring of health
    2x blades of attack (phase boots)
    vitality booster (vanguard)
    Point booster
    vitality booster
    the other booster(sorry i forgot the name)
    ring of health
    complete blood stone
    it is up to you
    it is up to you
    it is up to you
    it is up to you
    it is up to you
    it is up to you

    trust me, jinzakk is made to be a mid hero's WORST NIGHTMARE XD

  90. ulti+firefly=>drag the enemy toward the tree on cliff(get him stuck there)

    then dagger out safely=free kill..unless the enemy has the dagger too..

  91. maybe you should try to full your first skill first because that's what the one that makes batrider imba.. in early game , that is the best build for him giving it slow to enemys and advantage to your allies.. this hero is imba because only on level 2 , you can easily kill heroes. they are all papers...

  92. if u can drag it to the tree lols..u noobie...

  93. flamebreak for stopping the enemy for awhile
    flamebreak+ulti+sticky napalm(rapidly)=kill

  94. batrider is for one on one and assasinating the enemy
    the flame break can be used as a blid attack for escaping heroes that in your blind spot
    the only problem is, if your allies help you , they may be the one to claim the kill

  95. LOL but Timing is noticable according 2 my Observation Tp's Channeling time is not compatible with laso XD

  96. u cant get enough attack when you cast sticky napalm at the same time...your ult's time is just 4s dude, u can only get 2 hits, with 2 napalm cast...just about 200 damage...
    hav u found hero with 200 base HP?

  97. i play with batrider with just survival items only and not damage because you get damage from sticky napalm and firefly if lvl 6 you can use firefly then flamming laso drag him towards to your firefly`s fire

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