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Dota 6.58b Official Map - Dota-Allstars 6.58b

Dota 6.58b - Dota-Allstars 6.58b As expected, Dota 6.58 massive changes brings a lot of bug. And today Dota 6.58b - Dota-Allstars 6.58b is released to fix it.

Here is the complete Dota 6.58b changelogs:

* Fixed a rare bug introduced last version with Nevermore's ultimate
* Fixed a bug with Cranium Basher
* Fixed a suicide bug with Heartstopper
* Fixed a bug with Overload
* Various tooltip fixes
* Fixed some rare glitches that could cause some abilities to malfunction
* Fixed various -switch related bugs
* Switch now works if all but one player votes for it, instead of requiring 100%
* Fixed truesight on The Frozen Throne
* Decreased Undying's model size a bit
* Fixed conflicts between Viper Strike and Venomous Gale
* Fixed Soul Rip targetting problems on Tombstone
* Fixed -mo/-ro in -gameinfo
* Fixed a bug when picking up invisibility rune while under the Phase effect from Phase Boots
* Fixed -mr failing to be recognized as a gamemode
* Fixed Rapier damage values when being carried by a non-owning player

Enjoy the hero remake! Here is the download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.58b via Warcraft Map
Mirror 1 of
Or you can check more mirror on

Don't forget to share your thought on the Dirge the Undying Guide and Storm Spirit Guide. And Dota 6.58 AI is almost complete.
Source: GetDota

Update: It is finished! Download Dota 6.58b AIplus now!

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  1. who did they remake?

  2. what did they remake the hero?
    who is it?

  3. they remade storm spirit and undying

  4. Anyone know how Nevermore the Shadow Fiend ulti works?

  5. the closer you are to him the more dmg ur enemy get

  6. Is there a exact changelog for 6.58b?????

  7. @Chal - No, i can't find it :(

  8. Anonymous said...
    the closer you are to him the more dmg ur enemy get

    But there still must be a way to calculate the dmg...

  9. Every 2 kills create 1 shockwave. It starts at the center of nevermore and goes outward. Each shockwave deals damage. That means that the more shockwaves that hit you, the more damage you take. The way you get hit by more shockwaves is by standing close to nevermore. If you are directly under nevermore, you will get hit when every shockwaves spawns, dealing max damage; over 1000 damage.

  10. So each shockwave deals how much dmg?

  11. ^same damage amount what's printed on screen...

  12. ^woops my bad... look at dota-allstar's wiki; its listed there.

  13. I believe its 80dmg and 15 total shockwaves. So that would be 1200