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Undying Guide & Build - Dirge Guide

Dirge the Undying Guide & Build (after Dota-Allstars 6.58 Remake). After the remake, along with Storm Spirit, Dirge the Undying is now having completely different way to play. To understand it's new power and adjust the strategy, below is his new skill set. Check also Dota 2 Undying if you are playing Dota 2.

Dirge the Undying
Attack Range: 100
Strength: 25 + 2.1
Agility: 10 + 0.8
Intelligence: 27 + 2.8
Movement Speed 310

Cast Point 0.45
Hero Class: Strength

Dirge saps away the strength of enemy heroes and retains it for a period of time.

Steals 4 Strength from each hero for 21/24/27/30 seconds
Deals 30/60/90/120 Magical Damage

Manacost 70/90/110/130
Cooldown 11/9/7/5
Cast Range 625
AOE: 300

Note: Often missed, note the cooldown

Look at the cast area, so big and with just low cooldown (5 seconds), this spell become handy.

Soul Rip
Redirects the flow of living energy through a target friend or foe, damaging them or healing them depending on how many units are near it. 25 for each unit.
This does not hurt zombies below since they are magic immune.
This can target your tombstone.

Unit Cap: 5/10/15/20
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10
Manacost: 50/75/100/125

Unholy powers summon a cursed tombstone. Zombies will frequently spawn near each enemy unit and attack them. Zombies have a passive that additively slow their target by 7%. Zombies cannot be controlled.

Spawn area: 400/600/800/1000
Frequency: 3
Slow Duration: 2.5 seconds

Zombie Stats:
HP: 30
Armor: 0
Armor Type: Unarmored
Magic Resistance: Immune
Damage: 37-45
Attack Type: Pierce
Attack Speed: 1.6
Movement Speed: 375
Bounty: 5-7

Deathlust: If the target the zombie is attacking is below 100/200/300/400 hit points, it gains 50% movement and attack speed bonus.

Tombstone Duration: 15/20/25/30
Tombstone HP: 150/300/450/600
Tombstone Armor: 10
Tombstone Armor Type: Medium
Tombstone Other Stats: Magic Immune, No regen.
Tombstone Bounty: 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: 60
Cast Range: 250

Manacost: 120/130/140/150

Flesh Golem
Dirge's hatred for all living beings allows him to transform into a monster. While he's transformed he carries a plague that affects nearby enemy units. Strength of the plague depends on how close the enemy is. Amplifies damage enemy units receive and reduces their movement speed (7%). When a plagued unit dies, its essence is transferred back to the Undying.

Cooldown: 90
Duration: 30
Manacost: 100

Plague Aura Damage Amplification: (old plague was 20/25/30%)
at max distance (700): 5/10/15%
at closest distance (150): 20/25/30%
In between is just an even spread between the numbers

Units that die under plague release their energy to you. Creeps heal you for 3% and Heroes for 12% of your Max HP.
Skill Build
1. Soul Rip
2. Decay
3. Soul Rip
4. Tombstone
5. Decay
6. Flesh Golem
7. Decay
8. Decay
9. Soul Rip
10. Soul Rip
11. Flesh Golem
12. Tombstone
13. Tombstone
14. Tombstone
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Flesh Golem

Item Build
Core Items

Luxury Items


You can also share your thought about the Undying guide & build after the remake :)

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  1. I feel the new dirge is more of aearly/mid game hero. The spells does not does much damage during hte late games.I would go for bot,valdmir and bf to push fast.The object is to take down the tower which wouldbe ideal for dirge and teh way he farms is crazy. then i would stack him with heart and tank my way though.

  2. i do agree with the previous comment partly but his spells are still pretty reliable and powerful in late game.
    my build: bottle

  3. ithink he needs nerfing...everygame i see undyin in is a first blood by him. tombstone? plus big giant dude? plus a way to heal? hes sick. even late game he is a tanking ganking pro with a hot and assault

  4. my item build is radiance, deso, treads or BoT, armlet, and assault. I think its a really good build for him now that he can chase and beat people down mercilessly

  5. i agreed the items build (radiance , BoT , assault )

    - SnY for +dmg + MS + AS + a possibility to slow the target .
    - Battlefury for regen and faster farming and pushing abilities

    Those would be his core items .

    Other items like shiva for more armor and mana capacity since he is a str hero now . Activate shiva when u r not likely to be able to chase the opponent . Besides it can oso help u to survive a gank party .

    Basher / Bkb will be left for the final inventory .

    basher + sny + shiva i don think ppl will be able to escape accept for blink or other disable skill .

  6. Played dirge quite a few times, my build is radince,BoT n vlad. Always when i get all these items i would be walking in the opponent base with ease.His farming and pushing abilities is just sick. A completely noob can play him n might even get a few kills.

  7. new dirge has change into a str...this 1 good news and but the skill i think only he's ulti are good just farm he dagger, hp, armor ..probably rad 'if u got money' then turn into freaking golem >>>blink then just make the area chaosss!!! muahhaaahaha ownage...

  8. i think the tomb stone is gay... the spawns move so fast, have a stackable slow, and respawn every 3 secs... awesome for defending the base, awesome for farming, awesome for kill as well presuming ur ulti slows him enough... but the farming potential is so high, the spawn radius is amazing, with a redence you could possibly farm 3 neutrals spots in 10 secs or less since ur zombies spawn to everything within the radious. and if u max decay first, by lvl 7 the unlcuky feller in your lane will have a max of 24 str drained anverage of 12 presuiming u miss half ur decays... amazing lane control hero, amzing ulti with a slow much like degen aura, and insane farming capabilities...

  9. I seriously don't notice this...

    does Decay's -4 Strength stack?

    Tombstone AoE should be nerfed, but the Tombstone itself should be buffed; like lowering bounty or increasing armor/regen

    Decay's damage should at least be 40/80/120/160...

    otherwise I have no complaints on Soul Rip and Flesh Golem :D nice remake

    BoT? or Threads? :/ he can hit somewhat good too as flesh golem

  10. this new dirge is unbalanced, 1st & 3rd skill veru useful with he's new ulti..very good in tanker/ganker early game..SUPER UNBALANCED!!! if used by good player trust me.

  11. i have a dude soul rip is affected by tombstone ?

  12. This hero is very easy to kill when it comes to fighting with hero that silences, this hero really needs speed cause it moves very slow.

  13. I like this new dirge, realy strong in harassing early game even for melee hero.. get yourself 3~4 ironwood and clarity pot, have your self lvl 1 of decay and level 2 tombstone, then spam decay on your enemy about 2~3 times, then release that tombstone...!!! DOUBLE KILL !!! hehe :D ive done it many times :P

  14. With the new Dirge, (Well, not really new anymore, been out for a few months, but i didn't know about ths blog. so...)

    Anyway, With the remade dirge, he's gone from an insane early pushing hero, to a somewhat spamming caster tank. First of all, He has a rather low, if not the lowest Agi gain in the game. 10 based +0.8 per level!!!
    So if you are going to play him as a battle mage, please, I beg of you, save your gold!! He can help the team out with some other item and fill his role MUCH MUCH better with that amount of gold.

    He has a very good animation, while being melee is a pain, the attack point of his animation is extreme fast, so you won't miss a lot of last hit if you are used to him.Also he has a very good heal that cost nothing for the first 2 level.

    I used to build him with Rip+Stats, but i soon realize that was a mistake. Rip+Tombstone is the way to go until ulti, coz then you would have your ganking skill with you by the time of Level 6.
    Simply cast Tomb+Ulti, your targets won't be able to get far if you have a teammate helpingyou out.

    While Dirge is a hero killer primarily. In team fight, his ulti is a HUGE dmg bonus, because of the mechanic of the game, the dmg of it is pure (I am about 90%sure, but if you find otherwise, dont' hesitate to prove me wrong. :) )
    What you need to do in mid game teamfight, is to cast Tomb in RIGHT the centre of the battle. so the slow is max, ulti, and then just spam your two nukes, while Spamming Decay on enemmy is the obvious, you might want to save your Rip for your teammate instead of on enemy, because heal has no spell resistance, and dmg does, so whyy waste those 25% when your carry can do just as much, if not more.

    Now, since you would be in the centre of the battle acting like a tank, you first need Health+Armour, and you can't do anything without mana, so Health+Amrour+Mana is all you need to fulfill with items

    For Health and Mana, There is NO other item better suited for this role than Bloodstone. It has Perservance as part of the item, so there is a good reason to buy a Ring of Health in the early game, which imo, is the best early game cheap item. coz it gives you sooo much laning power. And the rest of the requirements, well, the most expensive is 1200, and with dirge, it shouldnt' even be hard to farm that anyway.

    As soon as you have your bloodstone, it should averagely been to mid game, and depends on what your team need, you can go ahead and make a start on the sheepstick. coz a disable is always welcome to the team. But if your role is tanking, then there aren't another better option than Shiva! People buy Curaiss for him, but i just dont' see why, You will be casting spell for more than half the time, so why do you need that IAS for?? Also, 50% IAS is still nothing to the pitiful Agi he has.

    By the time you have your Bloodstone+Sheepstick/Shiva, the game should be relatively outlined, should be clear who is favor to win. But hey, one of two team fight at this stage can still decide the game. And your role can actually influence it.

    Anyway, Dirge, in my very honest opinion and experience, Is a teamfighting hero, if you are trying to hunt lone hero around the map, he's not the dude for you, pick something like SA or Gondar. Dirge is a terrifying tank, because of the heal off ulti is % based off Dirge's MAX HP!! not like BloodSeeker's. So with tones of creep along one or two heroes dying in the middle of battle, you can't be killed, also you have an 525 instant heal.
    Get where i am going with him?

    Anyway. Let me know what you think

  15. i think he's overall hero early mid and late this is my build luckily ive done it in every game its luck maybe ^^
    kelens(for having fun weeeee^^)/necronomicon


  17. Nope. Dirge in fact can kill earthshaker. He is one of the STR hero that the dirge remake can kill just like magnus and pit lord because (not unless the skill lags your PC). No stupid player will fight Earthshaker with a lot of creeps. (Are you a noob or an AI?) Earthshaker is one of the shortest hp str hero. Dirge would just kill him slowly. Dirge should be used by a Player who knows when to use his skill.

    Try this: Spam Decay 5x then finish him with soul rip or tomb.

    Their is no way that the earthshaker will have any hp left. Hahaha!! Your just weak!! FYI dude even the remake of storm spirit can kill rigor.

    Out men.

  18. By the way, the new dirge can take on all agi, int heores as long as the hero is not str type or has a very long HP (Centour)

  19. zarold:

    BKB nice. u BKB then press ulti.
    do you know wat u get?
    a giant zombie!!
    really. it is 1/3 size of my screen.
    is . bkb then presh ulti! i sure u. this is very fun~~ taller then then normal bkb giant zombie.

  20. Hey guys! Hes sooo weak against AXE early game!

  21. like all meeles against axe early....

  22. undying not weak..
    depend on user..
    all hero had itz weak point..
    since undying third skill just make axe more powerful...
    anyway...by using IQ...use other way...undying stll can pwn axe easily.

  23. i agreed wit anonymous above..it's all about using ur brain..dirge weakness is that he's a glass cannon..fragile but strong..he is an item dependant hero..get some blade mail 1st then sheepstick 4 mana n skill spamming..then more armor..preferably shivas then radiance..noted that glass cannon heroes would be taken out 1st in ganking as they can beat the crap out of u if u leave him alone n they are an easy target...

  24. i cant master dirge its so hard 2 master

  25. wait....when flesh golem form..he gain life from nearby dying unit....earth shaker echo cant str8 kill him....

    he can sap away 5 str(wonder there is 5 heroes on area) he get 25 str on 1 time sap for 30sec and sap is 5 sec in cd?STACK 5/30 = 15 time sap..

    can gain 30 str from target ...and target lost 30 str (sap got dmg,combo with his amplify ...this 2 skill enuf to kill someone but,tanker or not is no match for him)

    str= dmg+life ....
    tombstone+ his amplify + radiance + normal attack not enuf to kill enemy????

    he is perfection in zombie kind...

  26. put a naix behind him :) lol !! sure he can sap as many heroes as he want :D

    his weak point remains its armor!! so try to boosts it up as soon as posible !!
    another core item that most of u have 4gotten is vanguard !! hp + chance to blok atk early !!

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  28. the items you're demanding are very expensive..
    dirge can't make all of it if he has no ally who got stun or a stopper.. i suggest vladmir's,boots,defiance, and urn, then AGH's and radiance!!!!!!!!!! your ulti will wipe them all!!

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. dont use bottle noobs

  31. so weak.. but soul rip so pain... and tat giant skill.... really suck plus ms too slow

  32. undying is very underated......
    i mean, i hardly even see him in a capts game...

    Heres the truth, undying is one of the best counter-support heroes in the fkn game.

    if your playing -cm... listen up, your opponent picks lion + rhasta after your fp, just pick undying and its a fkn wrap. get ur soul rip to lvl 3 asap, and get tomb while ur at it, fuck decay. Get a vanguard and a hood, if none of ur other teammates are getting a rad, get it. GG from there. You'll control the lane ez with soul rip, and just lasthit with ur decent base damage.

  33. ..undying is a good tanker . .so this is good a item build for him.


  34. You are so weak noobs :D

    my items for undying is :

    power treads
    boots of travel
    phase boots
    arcane boots

    and you can chase a hero very easy :D

  35. the Guy is soft, so just go with HP and Armor items. Farming up to radiance is useless, because he has one of the worse AGI stats in the game.. so your better off farming that big for a heart.

    Just go

    Phase, Mech or Hood/Pipe, Vanguards, blademail, aghanims..

    then make your way for armor or more HP/mp items.

    Hearts, Skadi, Linkins, Shivas, vlads, bloodstones...

  36. My Build Divine Rapier 5x,Powertreads (agi)
    This build rocksss Asss

  37. so what i don't give a damn!? i like this hero no matter haw weak he is ...am already strong no need for your fucking guide?! weak ....guide of stupidy!!!!

  38. if he has low attk speed just buy MoM for him
    who agree ?

  39. i suggest six divine... ^_^

    1. I wonder if you can farm that items.

  40. any tough guy here out to battle me? im just using lanaya vs your dirge... im bored playing with my transexual friends. :-(

  41. 2 butterfly 1 tara 1 bf 1 phaseboot n 1 assault

  42. 2 btterfly is better than 1 mom

  43. i can pawn any hero with huskar^^ in 10 mins im infront of the enemies fountain waiting for them to respawn.. in 10 mins im around lvl 12-14 it depends, with just the item build of satanic and treads.^^ u may call this as noob skill build but trust me, i can take down 3 heroes at once.
    my skill build is with no 2nd skill(burning spear, and only lvl 1 ulti... haha...

    but it's really hard when u encounter heroes with disable, illu and bash or dodge.. huskar will be bullied.. nevertheless, in 10 mins, im beyond godlike.

  44. when all your 3 lanes are pushed and there are a hell lot of creeps = heroes . tombstone refresh tomestone - flesh golem . rampageeeeeeeeee

  45. early item : stout sheild + magic stick

    mid game : boot + 2 bracer + vg

    late game : power tread + vg + blademail + pipe + shiva

    dun forget play wards evrytime = solid tanker n support :D

    flesh golem

    for the 1st 6 level
    then u r so tanker

  46. why there is no hero guide for gondar and clinkz?

  47. i suggest  4 vangurad... phase boots.. and blademail.. try that.. gonna be i big strong tanker..!

  48. hero hunter!!!!! brains brains brains brains brains!!!!!!!!

  49. Try with :
    It become so bugget

  50. and we care about you, why? what a loser

  51. We can't appreciate his new skill.. OMG!! No one's been using this hero anymore. Please bring back his heartstoper aura and raise dead skills.. Disregard the tombstone and decay.!!

  52. power treads AND boots of travel?! the movement speed for those DONT STACK. bobo

  53. yea....just early game

  54. really,amazing , though it was so tight, but how can i reverse it if it seems difficult

  55. i dont think this guide is complete , add more images and videos

  56. well havent thought of it before, never thought it was possible to be done

  57. Its an amazing blog, I have learn many thing from this post.
    Thank you

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.