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Dota 6.58b AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.58b AI Plus Map

dota allstars 6.58b AI Plus loading screen Images Dota 6.58b AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.58b AI Plus Map Download Section. Dota 6.58 AI hasn't finish yet, but Dota 6.58b is out with some bug fixes. But rest assured, BuffMePlz is already finish port the new Dirge the Undying and Storm Spirit. And now he is porting the changes on Dota 6.58b, thanks BuffMePlz.

Latest update from BuffMePlz about Dota 6.58b AI (18 Jan 2009):

I guess 6.58b is out
...which means I should probably update to that instead. Which means it'll take a bit more time. But hopefully not too much more. =)


I think the Dota 6.58b AIplus map will finished soon. You can also check the previous update about Dota 6.58 AI. Keep your eyes open :)

The latest AI is now:
Dota-Allstars 6.58b AIplus Rev. 1

Update: It is finished! Download Dota 6.58b AIplus now!

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  1. wow 6.58b AI

    we love u BMP :P

  2. can you like put a command? like -solomid so that ai won't come to your lane when you're supposed to solo.

  3. Why the information does not update?? Why where is no update from BuffMePlz???

  4. Yeah, unfortunately there's no update from BuffMePlz yet.. But i believe he does his best now :)

  5. if other AI goes to ur lane dat u supposed to solo, use commands like -ogm -ogr -ogl den number of AI, they wil move...

  6. I wait 6.58b AI at the of this weekend, but where is still no any news about it. If anyone knows anythink about how are going works on AI, please post!!!
    Specially I am waiting news from BMP!

  7. now if u wan to solo any lane juz mannual command ai to go to the lane u wish them to go to so tat u could solo ur lane.

  8. really cant wait..

  9. woot DotA Allstars 6.58b AI+ 1.52 Revision 01 has come out download it here.

  10. From


    Rev. 01
    -First update to 6.58b
    -Fixed some tooltip typos for Fun Tavern heroes
    -Updated Venomancer's AI to properly use Venomous Gale
    -Updated Vengeful Spirit's AI to properly use Wave of Terror
    -Rewrote Overload to prevent crashes with AI
    -Prevented AI from picking Storm Spirit and Undying and added warning message when AI randoms either hero
    -Removed some dead code (mostly for old item system)
    -Fixed a bug with Ogre Magi and Aghanim's Scepter

    *Formless fixes
    -Updated Formless's spell array to include Conjurer's, Storm Spirit's, and Undying's spells
    -Slightly changed Formless's spell stealing routine with Aghanim's to prevent a bug
    -Slightly changed Formless's Reset mechanism with Strygwyr's Thirst to prevent a timing issue that could give you vision of a unit even after forgetting the ability

    *Unofficial fixes
    -Fixed Last Word to trigger on end of spell cast (instead of end of spell cast animation)
    -Cleaned up the way Refraction buff icons appear to provide better feedback on when the buffs are actually active
    -Fixed some typos (Storm Seeker, Eye of Skadi Ranged, Windrunner, Captain CoCo's Rum, Recall, Courier Shield, Burst)

    6.58b Port of AI+ and -fun content by BuffMePlz.

  11. DOWNLOAD!!! Dota 6.58b AI Plus:

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