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IceFrog Pawned Me!!!

If you are following my April Fool's post and yesterday post, you must be aware of several things. This is the summary of things happened at Dota-Allstars forums at April Fool's :

1. IceFrog cancel the April Fool's Map
2. Nova, a forums leader on got mad and make a fuss on forums
3. IceFrog confirmed and release Dota-Allstars Final Hour video on in exchange of the map cancelation
4. return to normal
5. Nova leaked the Dota-Allstars 7.01 Ultra April Fool's map Beta 3 on the forums
- I get the map and post it here :D Try it, you can even choose 2 heroes in this map :)
6. Nova got banned for leaking the map

And the drama ends today. IceFrog released his final statement :

So.. I was gonna wait a couple more days, but far more people than expected are confused whats true from what isn't. Time to explain i guess!

First, its all staged, none of it is real. Nova, the mod access losses, etc. Only a handful of people outside of Nova and myself were aware that all the steps were actually fake, to the point where mods were closing and deleting stuff we didn't want deleted lol.

I did not waste a month on april fools map like i said in the video, nor am i going to be doing any video editing (6.52 is near completion actually). The video is fake, PizzaSlice works independently on videos and his plans for his Final Hour is still as it always was (early summer i believe). Ofcourse making cool dota videos is great for the community and helping new people learn about it, but other people do that kind of stuff.
For those that haven't been following the events of yesterday. I released a video done by PizzaSlice. Nova pretended to be upset (to add credibility to the joke video) and later last night Nova "leaked" an april fools beta map i made (DotA Allstars 7.01 Ultra.w3x) to help add more credibility to his arguments (in order to convince more people the video was real, which it wasn't).
And ofcourse the pink tags aren't realy.

Gosh!!! IceFrog really get me (and maybe some of you) this time ^-^" But, the good thing is, on the quote he did mention that 6.52 is nearly complete and IceFrog did actually made April Fool's map:) You can check the Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta in this blog.

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  1. Lolzzz...
    Icefrog OWNING!!!

  2. Good work Icefrog.

  3. Nova banned means no more leaks? That would be baaaad! I really enjoyed trying beta versions! :D

  4. @enderz - yeah, i really get punk'd that day, thanks to nova serious flame ^-^"
    @above - nope, Nova not really get banned, it's just for April Fool's :) Anyway, except for the Dota-Allstars April Fool's Beta map, i never get any Beta from Nova :D If everything works well, there's always a beta map in this blog :)