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Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta Map - Beta 5

Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta Loading ScreenDota-Allstars 6.52 Beta 5 map leaked, free download in this blog as always. Hmmm, looks like in this version IceFrog more concentrate on cosmetics and likely will add anti pooling system. Some change on item tooltip and item details. Not much change on heroes until now. Let's just wait until another Beta released.

The current changelogs are :

DotA Allstars v6.52 Beta 5

- Continued work on Anti Pooling System and Item Display
- Sharp Filesize Increase (0.42MB)
Lergas The Vile/Secret Shop in Sentinel Base [next to Recipe Shop 1]
- Music
- Sange and Yasha Recipe decreased from 1000 to 900
- Sange Recipe increased from 600 to 900
- Yasha Recipe increased from 600 to 900
- Targeting cross-hair above target when channelling Sniper's Assassinate (from a potentialed cosmetic suggestion on the forum)
- Timer above target when channelling Alcehmist's Unstable Concoction
- Ultimate orb shifted to Sena the Accessorizer's shop
- Teleporting to a building (using a TP scroll) now shows a white ping-type notification on the minimap for your allies.
DotA Allstars v6.52 Betas 2-4
Anti-Pooling system

New Item Layouts Minor Bugs fixed

DotA Allstars v6.52 Beta 1

Loading screen will look like v6.51's, but you will see differently in the top right corner when the game loads.
Recipe items can be purchased with a full inventory.

Power Treads color change depending on selected attribute (Str: Red, Agi: Green, Int: Blue).

Begun separating items' effects (what it gives [e.g. +5 strength]) from their stories.
New Format:

Not completed for every item!

My comment:

On this map, looks like every player mark their items. So, you cannot get the other players items (pooling). Let's just see until another Beta.
The screenshot will be added shortly. Here is the download link, enjoy!

Download Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta 1 via MediaFire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta 4 via MediaFire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.52 Beta 5 via MediaFire

Update: Official Dota-Allstars 6.52 Map already launched!!!

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  1. Man... *awesome* update! :D

  2. The Treads change is somewhat nifty; can see what you're using at a glance. New players should have an easier time with items now, I suppose. Nice to see IceFrog catering for beginners with changes that also help everyone else.

  3. Thank You for Sharing
    More Power to this Blog~!

  4. Aye aye, one my personal favorite sources for DotA info. Thank you!

  5. i think there's a bug in this map. lol its funny whenever you kill roshan, another will spawn directly and not after 10min !!

  6. i thought is the fastest update source...
    get shock to c tis site faster than ^_^

  7. wow, really? i haven't try the Roshan in this map, you make me want to try it ^^ anyway, this is just a beta map, so maybe some experiments are exist on it :)

  8. I already tested the map, and i could post the stuff i saw that changed or where implemented in this version:

    * Some items changed their position to others shops
    * the Blue icon in the shops was removed
    * red wards are selled in packs of 3, and blue wards in only 1
    * Roshan spawns inmediatly after being killed, dunno if is a bug, or if IceFrog was testin something with him ^^

  9. * Roshan spawns inmediatly after being killed, dunno if is a bug, or if IceFrog was testin something with him ^^
    more roshans )
    last roshan 29k hp and 350dmg )

  10. Hmmm, i'm just wondering. Is the roshan fast respawn is gonna this year april fool's joke from IceFrog? Just guessing ^-^ :evil smile:
    @above - btw, thanks for your information, maybe next time you can mention your name so i can give you proper credit :)
    About 6.52, IceFrog did mention on thread about rearrange the items, fix some other cosmetics and even improve the creeps AI. Let's just see if what's gonna happen on the next map :)

  11. Gee.. My suggestion on the Power Treads change of color icon was implemented..

  12. After last roshan being kill will hv no more roshan???
    is there any more item can get from roshan???
    they should make infinite roshan...

  13. Thank you for the latest update~!

  14. Wow, Thanks for the Map guys. I will post it on my blog. Let's check it out :D

  15. so anti-pooling its like on WoW items will be soulbound its a great idea, i like that, whoever buys it, the recipe or item will be soulbound

  16. no way! leave pooling alone, it should just be fair go for all, plus what if players want to swap items? or what if they have so much extra money after getting all their best items? i think it should be left alone...and what will happen to -id (item drop) mode! :S

    ++ recipe buying with full inv.
    ++ power treads colour idea
    -- rosh instant respawn
    -- pooling/fail id mode

  17. The anti-pooling thing realy hits the spot... No more item stealing xD
    The extra money you have at the end of the game should only be used for buying your hero, nothing more (after you buy all the items you want, of course).

  18. man the anti-pooling means that when your item drops they cannot also be attacked ?? it would be great to have a divine then dont care about dying !!

  19. I thought my suggestion is dull.. I like this blog. It reminds me when I saw my first suggestion (Disassembler in couriers and "-swapall") being implemented in the game with the beta map leaks here.

  20. they should give old naix lifesteal aura to skeleton king...

    the aura of cuirass and shiva is actually copy from circle of power and teleportation... tis seems... dunno how to say ^_^

  21. When the next leak? I'm very curious about other improvements! ^_^

  22. i thought the oficial Dota v6.52 map is almost done? its almost the end of april but still no map yet... hope its done on or before may 1.

  23. @carlos - i think this map is actually almost released, but icefrog mention on that he has major bug. So, maybe the bug makes the map delayed. I also hoping it will be coming out soon :)

  24. i see. thanks for the info, i haven't read the statement of icefrog about the major bugs..

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