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Dota-Allstars April Fool's Map Not Released!

For those hoping for Dota-Allstars April Fool's map 2008, i'm sorry to tell you this. There's no April Fool's map this year. If you want to know more why, you can read this forum on There's so much drama on it.

On my conclusion, looks like IceFrog is cancel the April Fool map because it tooks too many time. And in exchange, IceFrog is now working on a Dota-Allstars official video. You can check this on, a video now attached there. You can also see that video in this post.

The video is only a trailer. They planned to release the full version at April 8, 2008. Whatever it is, i'm just hoping Dota-Allstars get bigger and new map gonna here soon. Cheers and happy April Fool's :)

PS: Oh yeah, sorry for the wrong post title. I want to give you some April Fool's joke too :D
Since April Fool's already passed, i turn back the title :)

Update: Looks like IceFrog already turn back to normal ^-^ The screenshot in this post is truly, i feel lucky i captured it :) You can see the video in this post on

Update 2: Even though IceFrog decided to not release this year April Fool's map, i managed to get the un-released Beta Dota-Allstars 7.01 April Fool Map. It's really fun. Lina Inverse and Knight Davion model as creeps and Zeus is become a tank (literally). Check it out!

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  1. What..I think THIS is a waste of time, I would rather have a change in map then a stupid video. There are many people that can do this, but not many that can update the map. Bring on 6.52 with some leet new heros! XD

  2. wth? its fine.. maybe cool.. but what does he mean by a map that isnt changing? does he mean that there will be no more any dota map coming? i dont think so.. and i dont like a video.. dont you think a movie will hit than a video? and many people are waiting what you have in store.. after kael and after the stupid dagger.. dont leave it that way icefrog..

  3. hey can i download this movie ? if i can please can u send me the attach at

  4. nice
    =) when u see movie online he will be at c:\documents and settings\(then for example Misha)\Local Settings\Temporaly Internet files\Content.IE5\... and in 1 of that folder

  5. so its actually a video not map...
    really fooled by u in april...

  6. How tinker change form into a vehicle in the video???

  7. @scighera - hey, i got the real Dota-Allstars 2008 April Fool map, check it out :)

  8. the background sound of tis video quite nice... especially the japan song...
    Is there any way to download it...


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