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Dota 6.58 Item Remake - Divine Rapier?

Dota Recipe Guide Well, IceFrog is leaking another changes on Dota 6.58. On his another blog post, he is clearly said that there will be hero remake - Storm Spirit Remake - and item remake on Dota 6.58. But he didn't say which item(s) will be altered. But from my personal point of view, i have some strong candidates.

That will be:
  1. Divine Rapier - Strongest candidate. Well, when was your last time you this item in your game. I even forgot when.. ~_~" 
  2. Blade Mail - Very situational items. The only condition i saw this is when Centaur Warchief wear it to rape Mortred
  3. Cranium Basher - Popular items on Pubs. But i never saw this in competitive game..
Of course that's only my personal opinion :) What about you? Have any guesses which item will be changed? Share it here :)

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  1. Magic stick probably. I'm more excited to see all the hero remakes and changes. I wish someone would leak the changelog already.

  2. While I agree Magic Stick could use a *slight* buff, I don't think it needs a complete remake. It's actually a very good item against some heroes (Zeus, Bristleback, Lesherac, Mortred, Weaver, etc.) and a great item on some others (Bristleback again, Skeleton King, Sand King, Sven, Chaos Knight, etc.)
    +150 HP might not seem like much, but when you use it to increase BB's HP, it matters a lot. Remember than BB has 40% damage reduction, so that +150 HP is effectively 150/0.6 = 250
    Also, +150 mana might not seem like much, but it's enough to allow Sven, Leoric, Sand King, etc. to get off one more stun. It could mean the difference between getting a kill and dying!
    The greatest use of Magic Stick so far - ensuring that Skeleton King never dies even when his mana is being burnt - by using it right before you die! The only way enemies can kill you is if they burn your mana AND disable you just as you die.

  3. i got the remake report..

    Blademail: Required Chainmail, Broadsword dan Robe the Magi
    5 armor, 22 damage, 10 intelligent, Damage Return (active)

    Cranium Basher: Required Javelin, Gauntlets of Stength dan Cranium Basher recipe
    30 damage, 3 strength, Bash

    Divine Rapier: Required Sacred Relic dan Demon Edge
    200 damage

    Monkey King Bar: 2x Javelin dan demon Edge
    80 damage, 15% IAS, 30% to get 100 damage dan stop chaneling spell

  4. Wahaha! Centaur Wearing Blade Mail use for Raping Mortred LOOL! Sounds interesting

  5. Has anybody tested if blademail can reflect magic damage like laguna and how about maledict? big ouch for witch doctor.

  6. Eye of Skadi - Rarely Used Item here, and as i observe in some shops etc, no one use to get this item, or porbably getting this when they have nothing to do or nothing else to buy

    Diffusal Blade - How bout no limit of charges, w/ a balanced cooldown

    Bout the Divine, Yurnero likes to stick with it.

  7. Blade mail doesn't have magic resistance/reflect, only for normal damages, Hood Of Defiance has 30% spell reduction, and a hero has 25% spell reduction, doesnt have reflect spell reflect, putting spell reflect will make it imbalanced

  8. Cranium Basher is a good item but the damage buff by using it just to low..maybe thats why hard to see in competitive games