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Dota 6.58 Got Delayed (a bit..)

IceFrog News Wow, actually IceFrog was planned to release Dota 6.58 on New Year Day. But some bugs prevent him to do so :( But rest assured, he said he will release it in few days. So hold tight  guys, because there will be item remake and hero remake awaited on Dota 6.58.

Here is the complete post from IceFrog's blog:

DotA has come a long way in the past year. With more and more users playing and providing feedback every day, I'm sure that 2009 will be another good year for DotA. One of the things I will focus on this year will be improving the quality of existing content. I will certainly still be adding new content, but I will also spend more effort to make the current game play experiences more enjoyable for all.

I have been working hard on 6.58 and was hoping to complete it for New Year's Day, but I don't think I will be able to finish it in time. There are still some issues that need further testing. I want to make sure the quality is high, so I think I will need at least a few more days to work on it. This update will have some frequently requested hero and item remakes, balance improvements, some bug fixes and more. I have also spent a lot of time on core code rewrites for further performance improvements so that players with older machines can also fully enjoy the game.

If there is anything specific you want me to make sure I address before 6.58 is released, let me know. Once I get this update released, I will probably be able to do a little more blogging and another round of Q&A.


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  1. was hoping to play it on new year. I guess he had another plans for us

  2. Keep it on ICEFROG!!!

  3. Delay means the hero will respon after 1-3sec u gv the command

    is it?

  4. Delay means that something takes longer than it should. In the case of this map, it takes some more days, in the case of ingame delay the commands you give take more time until they are executed.

  5. u can try this beta map..
    it is a real v6.58 beta map..

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  10. DIRGE REMAKE!!! 1/2 the spells dont work, but the tombstone skill is awesome. When you turn into flesh golem, you get hp back when any unit that is pleged gets killed.

    Storms ball lightning's damage increases depending on how far you blink. If you blink halfway across the map, its like instant KO. LOL

    Also, panda now has a new thunder clap icon, it's his foot!

    MKB +5 damage.

    Basher now has a cooldown of 3 seconds. (invisible skill; removed when you drop basher)

    That's all i can see and i've been looking around for hours.

  11. yeah Rizal's link is correct.

    Storm Spirit:
    Electric Vortex
    -looks like it drags the character it is cast on to the casting point, which is a pretty short range from SS

    Static Remant
    -leaves a copy of him sitting in a spot, only one at a time. when a character approaches, it attacks them

    -After any spell SS casts, he gets the same overload as last game (it looks like at least). No longer based on how many attacks you do.

    Ball Lightning
    -can warp anywhere in the map, essentially a blink whose mana is dependent upon how much you want to spend. Much quicker cast time than his last ulti. May do a little damage?

    Anybody see any other changes? Just on a quick glance I saw no changes to Pudge/Dark Seer/Techies which were 3 big rumors.

    Divine Rapier
    +200 Damage
    No longer need claymore to build
    Still drops on death

    +5 Armor
    +22 Damage
    +10 Intelligence
    Damage Return

    need Broadsword/Chainmail/Robe of Magi, no recipe cost

    Monkey King bar got +5 damage

    rikimaru +2.2 agility, down from 2.9

  12. Wow, dirge is weird now, but I'm sure he'll be cool, and fun. His ultimate reminds me of keeper of the light's ultimate. I dont know what the beetle skill does. It should be 10 really tiny beetles instead of 1 medium sized beetle. The tombstone skill looks nice. It's very large. His first skill doesnt do anything.

  13. Dirge and Storm spirit remake? I'm excited to play the real thing now. I always liked remakes better than new heros.

  14. Here is a screen. It shows his tombstone skill with acolytes channeling it, and the zombies can be controlled, but not the acolytes. The fleshgolem is what the normal dirge turns into and it gives him a new ability like kotl

    here you go:

  15. Drow's ult buffed too

  16. Bloodseeker's Rupture:
    cooldown reduced: 100 sec --> 70 sec

  17. ICEFROG RULEZ!!! -^_^-

  18. hey guys i've been playing dota for almost half a year i really dont use dwarfen sniper but i try to play using him on 6.57 map... does it ulti really 15 or 16 sec cooldown?? wow level 3 655 damage and a cooldown of only 15 or 16 sec!!!!

  19. @ ivan
    Yes, cooldown for sniper ulti has always been like that since map 6.52 if i'm not mistaken.
    and 1 more thing, the actual cooldown is 10 sec not 15 or 16 sec.

  20. Wow....this is have been most popular dota-blogspot I've ever visited!