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New Dota-Allstars Game Commands You Should Know

Input Game CommandMaybe you already noticed that since 6.50, there's some new commands available. For those still confuse with the new commands, this post will help you to learn it. Some of it is very popular and interesting. The most noticeable are -ah (anti hack), -afk and -kickafk (kick idle player), -invokelist (Invoker skill list), -sd (Single Draft) and some more. This post will give you some information about those new game mode.

Here we go, let's start with:

-singledraft / -sd --> Single Draft

Each player is presented with three random heroes, one agility, one strength, and one intelligence. After use this command, you must continue with these commands:

-pick 1 --> Agility Hero
Pick the first presented hero.

-pick 2 --> Strenght Hero
Pick the second presented hero.

-pick 3 --> Intelligence Hero
Pick the third presented hero.

Incompatible with: Mirror Match, Death Match, All Agility, All Intelligence, All Strength, Same Hero, Reverse Mode.

-afk --> AFK Info

Displays how long each player is inactive.

-kickafk # --> Kick AFK players

Kicks players that have been inactive for more than 10 minutes. Replace # with the number of idle player.

-apm --> Actions Per Minute

Displays your APM.

-courier --> Courier icon

Toggles displaying idle worker courier icon.

-clear --> Clear screen

Clears all game text messages from the screen.

-invokelist --> List Invoker's spells

Displays list of Invoker's spells.

-swapall --> Swap All

Sends swap requests to all your allies. Also disables -swapcancel.

-ah --> Anti-MapHack

* First available player may enter these commands, checking the player list from the top.
* Must be entered separately, between 15 and 60 seconds of game time.

Enables maphack protection. Highly experimental, report bugs directly to After using this command, you have to choose one of the two supported modes using -mode1 or -mode2 commands.

-mode1 --> Basic Mode

This is a basic version that only operates on minimap. Use only if you have a problem with -mode2.

-mode2 --> Recommended Mode

This covers more areas and is the recommended version.

That's all, reminds me if i slipped some :) This post is based on lookyman guide from You may also check the complete list of the Dota-Allstars Game Command.

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