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Dota-Allstars 6.51 AIplus 1.52 Revision 2 Map

dota allstars 6.51 loading screen Images Dota-Allstars 6.51 AIplus 1.52 Map Free Download. Another outstanding map from BuffMePlz! Get it now! I really recommend this map! The download link is at the end of the post.

Here is what he said about this map:

After spending about 14 hours programming last night, I think the first revision for this port is finally done. As far as I know, all of the new hero/item content is in and works fine for both humans and AI (yes, AI Visage and Drow and PA get their new abilities and they work). New item recipes work as expected, and AI has been modified to get the proper items in order to build them (Eul's, Guinsoo's, Battle Fury).

Fun tavern is still in, though it looks different. Deal with it. Currently contains Old Invoker, Old Lifestealer, Old Silencer, and Gambler. Maybe adding more later, they actually don't increase map size as much as everybody thinks they do (except for Gambler, since he has his own special buttons that I needed to add).

Assists work, singledraft works, -clear and -courier work, new creep camps work, bottles work, Invoker works...things work. Most of them, anyway.

Things that DON'T work:
-ah (why would you be hacking on an AI map anyway?)
-swapall (will do this one later, I don't feel like it right now)

Some bugs that were addressed with Last Word going off on various spells have not been addressed yet as of this revision. I'll do it later.

New Impale code works fine, but I haven't addressed the issues with new Impale + Omnislash/Voodoo Restoration. Also to be done later.

Eclipse still ministuns. I'll address that later. It does properly level up with Lucent Beam now though.

I haven't disabled -unstuck, since I find it to be useful.

I've changed the hero selection code a bit so (in theory) the AI should never pick Lanaya, Nai'x, or Kael. You can, of course, force the AI to pick these heroes but they won't do anything and will probably be easy to kill. Except for Lanaya, who will probably kill your game. Note that this is only for modes in which the computer picks, so using -ar or -tr may still cause them to pick these heroes.

Post bug reports here. I probably won't be doing anything on this map for at least another two weeks after my programming splurge, so hopefully this should be good enough for a while. Unless somebody finds something COMPLETELY which case then I might do something about it sooner.

Will fix aforementioned bugs in Revision 2, along with whatever you guys report. Might add Old Morphling to Fun Tavern, or whoever else people might want to see. But not all the old heroes, that's ridiculous and will take more time than I have ever. =P


Here is the download link. You should note that this map has the same bug as 6.48b AIplus, read this post for further information. You can share your comment here after try it out :)

Also notice this before play the map, this is the known bug on this map.

Known bugs with AI:
-Sand King doesn't use Epicenter
-Luna doesn't level up Lucent Beam, so Eclipse is very weak
-Lanaya crashes the game

Update: Last version is now Dota-Allstars 6.51 AIplus 1.52 revision 3.

Rev. 02
-Fixed bug with Crystal Maiden and Aghanim's Scepter
-Fixed bug with Invoker swap
-Fixed spell effect on Split Earth
-Gold is now properly distributed in -em mode
-Implemented -apm-Implemented -swapall
-Updated -roll to show the range
-Updated -cs to show neutrals killed
-AI should now properly use Eul's
-AI should now properly get Lothar's

Download Dota-Allstars 6.51 AIplus 1.52 revision 2 via Mediafire (zip)
Download Dota-Allstars 6.51 AIplus 1.52 revision 2 via Mediafire

Credit to Tempest for give me a notice about this map, thanks pal! :)

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  1. So efficiency! very nice. Appreciated.

  2. I like the fun tavern mode, very fun to use old hero, hope someday he will add hydra, monk, mountain giant, god, bat rider, etc.

  3. erm... i want ask. I have see the fun tavern , but cant use it@@ no patron to select the fun tavern hero. Can someone tell me?

  4. ^ - you should write -fun when starting the game to enable that tavern

  5. Oh, is like that . Thx. I wonder how to use the fun tavern hero.

  6. great map but needs a bit more work. the drow archer needs help on her recipe's particularly lothars and linkens

  7. Yes, the creator already mentioned that the map is still contain a lot of bug. Just be patience and wait for the next revision. I will post it immediately after it's released :)

  8. great map but drow ranger doesn't know how to buy lothars edge and power treads and everything but im not sure if its the only hero

  9. Good...
    there bug is less...
    thx for ur ai plus...
    good waro to create and share...

  10. he said this is revision 1, so there will be another revision, in the first revision already can like this good, its better than to wait RGB`ai

  11. the ai version is edit from official version right???

    wat software is used to edit warcraft maps...
    can send to me???

    i really interest to learn it...

  12. ya good map there little bug.
    viper also dun know how to buy lothars edge. it only buy 1x blade of alacrity instead of 2x.
    hope to fix it.

    butcher should get hood of defiance.
    razzil darkbrew+radince

  13. nice job, keep up the good work....

  14. Can anyone tell me how to type special character of apple for PLAYER NAME before the game start???

  15. A MESSAGE FOR THE BLOG DIRECTOR: i found the revision 2 on this site:
    but i cant download it coz i dont have JAVA so plz can you upload the faster you can so i can download it.

  16. its not only released in dota portal but also in get dota and all other sites !

  17. @above - Yup, the map has just released yesterday. I already uploaded it. Great thanks for Tempest as always. Sorry if i'm a little bit late this time, i take a day off yesterday because it's a national holiday in my country. And unfortunately that's when the map goes out! -_-" Gosh, i check it everyday and yet BuffMePlz released it when i'm off ^__^ Anyway, enjoy the update :)

  18. @alief - Always here to help :)

  19. This AI is good but Sand King never cast his ulti.

  20. @mara mei - Yup, Sand King never cast Epicenter. BuffMePlz already mentioned it ^__^ Luna Eclipse also does very poor because she didn't level up Lucent Beam. I really hope Lazyfiend rework their AI and BMP ported it :)

  21. is there going to be a revision 3? because there still bugs as buffmeplz mentionned above

  22. of course they do, but the bugs still question mark can be fixed or not...

  23. Revision 3 will be released in the next couple of weeks.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. there is something so damn wrong !! ogre magi was my ai ally: he bought eul scpeter and aghanim then he bought eul's scepter and his final items were: boots of speed, aghanim scepter and 2 bracers !!

  26. cant wait 4 the revision 3 to come out...hope got more old hero in fun tavern..

  27. i wish the old faceless void with the global time stop would be in the fun tavern in the next revisions. this chronosphere is so ... :( Isn't this a good idea?what do you think..?

  28. Yeah, i think old heroes is kinda interesting. It's like meet an old friend. Let's just hope BuffMePlz add another great oldies :D

  29. what's the deal with traxex?? first she bought blade of alacrity and claymore then i saw her inventory and ... they disappeared !!

  30. i use riki cast smoke cant stop ai teleport away....

    is tat bug or smoke original cant stop teleportation???

  31. @2 comment above - Traxec is indeed could not make lothar in revision 1, but i think it's already fixed on revision 2

    @scighera - riki's smoke cannot cancel teleport on 6.50, but icefrog enable it again on 6.51. So i think it's a bug

  32. kk thx @alief, u r the creater of ai plus map actually is it???

  33. @scighera - Nope, this AI map is originally RGB/Lazyfiend AI for 6.48 and BuffMePlz ported it into 6.51. I just serve it here so people can get it easily. All the Ai maps credit belong to those dynamic duo. Let's thanks them :)

    NB: Still waiting for the new revision :p

  34. dude I dont see the link!!!

  35. guys try these sites with revisions:

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