Dota 6.81c Map & Changelogs Released! - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.81c Map & Changelogs Released!

DotA 6.81c Download - Official Dota 6.81c Map.
 As usual, the first version of the map which which contains of massive changes will have some bugs. And DotA 6.81b is not an exception. Lucky for us, IceFrog got that all covered and has just released DotA 6.81c map today to fix those bugs. While we are still not sure if all bugs are addressed, we believe that most of the bugs already handled. Check out the DotA 6.81c download link below!

DotA 6.81c Changelogs
- Fixed various bugs from the previous release

Dota 6.81c Download Link
Dota 6.81c Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Thanks for the new map IceFrog! We're really appreciated your hard work and let's hope that there won't be DotA 6.81d map!

Update: DotA 6.81d released! Download it here.

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