Dota 6.81d Map & Changelogs Released! - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.81d Map & Changelogs Released!

DotA 6.81d Download - Official Dota 6.81d Map.
As we're expected, DotA 6.81c doesn't fix all the bugs on the DotA 6.81b. IceFrog has just released DotA 6.81d today to fix some more bugs. So, if you wanna play with less bugs, check out the download link below!

DotA 6.81d Changelogs
- Fixed a couple of more bugs

Dota 6.81d Download Link
Dota 6.81d Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Another thanks to IceFrog for the bug fixes! Enjoy the brand new DotA 6.81d guys!

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  1. 6.81d has already released by icefrog

  2. L A S T B L O O D ! !

    Gr.Vasto Lorde

  3. Hey please realease the ai map faster for traning i repeat PLEASE REALEASE THE AI MAP FASTER

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  6. scourge are so week that can never be say take ranger, enchantrees, ursa, moon rider and centaur and defeat them

  7. what the ang tagal ng 6.82 excited na ako

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