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DotA 6.79d Bug/Exploits, Infinite Linken's Sphere and Tango

DotA 6.79d Bug/Exploits, Infinite Linken's Sphere and Tango. It seems some players managed to find a hole on the new map. Using the bugs, Arc Warden can produce Linken's Sphere and other heroes can have unlimited supply of Tango. The bug actually happens since DotA 6.79 until DotA 6.79d, but looks like the bug just found out recently. Check this out!

Arc Warden's Exploits with Linken's Sphere
1. Arc Warden with his ultimate skill, Tempest Double
2. Buy Linken's Sphere

How to do it:
1. Make sure you have met the requirement above.
2. Use Tempest Double and select the Arc Warden's clone.
3. After 3-4 seconds, cast Linken's Sphere on your original hero.
4. Wait until your clone disappear.
5. When the Linken's Sphere duration that cast on you is finish, you will see another Linken's Sphere on the ground.

6. There you go, a free yummy gold.

These bugs also happens on the DotA 6.79 map. And it's even more hilarious! Check this out!

Unlimited Tango Charges
1. Courier and a set of Tango

How to do it:
1. Use the Tango any time you want.
2. When Tango charge reach 1, put it in the Courier.

3. Now, change the courier type/model (click the Change Courier icon or press 'G')

4. Voila! Your Tango's charges is refilled!

These bugs already fixed on the DotA 6.79e, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Just make sure use the last map :)

Enjoy the game!

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  1. Wow nice ! Galing ng ug.. pero di parin fix yan sa 6.79e na map ehhhh. Fix nyu na hanggat maaga pa

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