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Dota 6.79d Map - Official DotA 6.79d Map & Changelogs

DotA 6.79d Download - Official Dota 6.79d Map.
 It seems it's not just me who feel that Skeleton King causing some performance issue since the DotA 6.79. Looks like the Vampiric Aura change has some issue that was fixed in this version. IceFrog also fixed the bug when Rubick stealing Shadow Dance. Check out the official changelogs as well as the download link in the below:

DotA 6.79d Changelogs
- Fixed a bug that caused significant performance loss when Skeleton King was in the game
- Fixed a bug with Rubick stealing Shadow Dance

Dota 6.79d Download Link
Dota 6.79d Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Thanks IceFrog! With this, we don't have to worry with performance issue anymore when Skeleton King is picked.

Enjoy the brand new DotA 6.79d !

Update: DotA 6.79e is released!

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