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Nerif, the Oracle Guide, Build and Strategy

Nerif, the Oracle Guide Build and Strategy. The Oracle is a Sentinel Intelligence hero which is released in the DotA 6.78, together with Earth Spirit. Oracle has a unique skill set which need you properly cast one skill after another to get the maximum output. Thanks to that, Nerif can be both fit a nuker or support role.

PS: If you are Dota 2 player, go to: Dota 2 Oracle Guide

Few have the knack for plucking the strings of fate, let alone seeing them for what they are. Fate is as mysterious as it is fickle, but for Nerif it has always been a burden. Those chosen must answer the call, and since boyhood he has been raised into the hallowed role of Oracle, proclaiming destiny's path to those worthy to hear of it. Though many of his ilk have chosen more peaceful routes to serving fate, he never felt that the future must be passively proclaimed. With the view of fate before him, his powers were suited by nudging and pulling threads and, where needed, severing them to better the life of all. It was inevitable that his abilities would culminate in deadly battle - he knew would come to pass, and he is ready to cut lives short to lengthen others.

Alliance: Sentinel
Type: Intelligence

Total Starting Damage: 45-51
Total Starting Armor: 2
Range: 620
BAT: 1.4
Movespeed: 305

Agility: 15 + 1.7
Strength: 18 + 1.9
Intelligence: 23 + 2.9

Nerif, the Oracle Skill

Fortune's End (Channeling, Enemy Target)
Channels Nerif's power into a bolt of scouring energy for up to 3 seconds. When released the bolt strikes the targeted enemy, dealing damage and purging in an AoE around them. The purge duration is equal to the time spent channeling.

Cast Range: 650
Damage: 75/150/225/300
AOE: 215
Purge duration: Up to 3 seconds

Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 130

Note: The purge happens before the damage and also removes Fate's Edict and Purifying Flames.

Fate's Edict (Target Ally/Enemy)
Nerif enraptures the target, rendering them unable to attack, granting them 100% spell resistance, and increasing the damage they take from other damage types by 50%. Can be cast on both allies and enemies.

Duration: 3/4/5/6
Cast Range: 700
Cooldown: 14
Manacost: 50

Purifying Flames (Target Ally/Enemy)
Burns away impurities from the target, dealing heavy damage and causing them to regenerate life each second for 9 seconds. Can be cast on both allies and enemies.

Damage: 90/180/270/360
Regeneration per second: 11/22/33/44
Duration: 9

Cooldown: 3
Manacost: 30/45/60/75
Cast Range: 750

Note: Damage is nonlethal on allies.

False Promise (Target Ally)
Temporarily alters the target ally's destiny, delaying all damage, healing and regeneration effects on them until False Promise ends. Ally is granted invisibility while attacking and moving. Removes all negative status effects when applied. The delayed healing is doubled when it is provided at the end of the duration.
Even Fountain cannot hurt you! (but after 9 seconds, you take all that damage..)
Cast Range: 1500
Duration: 7/8/9

Manacost: 100
Cooldown: 20

Note: All damage and healing happen immediately once the buff ends. This damage is lethal and is credited to the original damage sources.

Nerif the Oracle Item Build
Dagon, Bracer, Bracer, Magic Wand, Arcane Boots, Town Portal

Oracle is a support hero by nature and have a very flexible build. But one of the most popular build is Dagon. Combined with Purifying Flames, Fortune's End and Dagon, you can get a huge burst damage which can instantly kill heroes with less than 1000 hp! Other than that, if you want to truly be a supportive hero, buy Euls, Force Staff or Mekans, depending on what your team needs.

And you should note that this hero is really squishy, so grab 1 or 2 Bracers to pump your hp!

Nerif the Oracle Skill Build
1. Fortune's End
2. Fate's Edict/Purifying Flames
3. Purifying Flames
4. Purifying Flames/Fate's Edict
5. Purifying Flames
6. False Promise
7. Purifying Flames
8. Fortune's End
9. Fortune's End
10. Fortune's End
11. False Promise
12. Fate's Edict
13. Fate's Edict
14. Fate's Edict
15. Stats
16. False Promise
17-25. Stats

Fortune's End taken first as the purge can help you net a First Blood. The first skill to be maxed is Purifying Flame, as it can be a deadly nuke combined with Fortune's End and can be a strong heal combined with Fate's Edict. One thing you should remember, the Purifying Flames cooldown is really short (3 seconds!). So you can cast it twice to your enemy before combined it with Fortune's End. Or if you have Fate's Edict level 2 or above, you can cast the flame 2 times to heal your ally.

False Promise is taken whenever possible. It's a very strong skill. The problem is, many players tend to cast this to their self in a team clash. If you do that, please don't, cast this skill on your carry hero instead. You will want him survive and carry your team to the victory. But if you play as a nuker, use False Promise to initiate, they won't know what hit them before too late. False Promise, Flame, hit, Flame, Fortune's End and Dagon if you have it. This combo usually will kill most of them.

Nerif the Oracle Strategy
Positive Combo
Combo 1: Healing! (Fate's Edict + Purifying Flame)
Cast Fate's Edict before the Purifying Flame to your allies to let them get the heal without the initial damage. You can do this as long as the Fate's Edict duration not yet ended.

Combo 2: Damage! (Purifying Flame + Fortune's End)
Cast Purifying Flame to damage your enemies and immediately cast Fortune's End to remove the heal.

Combo 3: Immortal! (False Promise + Dazzle's Shallow Grave/Abbadon's Borrowed Time)
Use False Promise and when the duration is almost over, use Dazzle's Shallow Grave or Abbadon's Borrowed Time. Can also work with Reincarnate.

Bad Combo (Don't do this!)
Bad Combo 1: No Damage! (Fate's Edict + your allies magical damage)
Don't cast Fate's Edict to your enemies if you know your allies will cast another skill (Lion's Finger, Lina's Laguna Blade). They won't do any damage!

Bad Combo 2: Can't attack! (Fate's Edict + your hitter)
While Fate's Edict can save your allies from magical damage, never ever cast it in your hitter! Mortred or Void will be useless if they cannot hit the enemies.

Do you have different way on playing Nerif the Oracle? Please share it here :)

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  1. First bloood~!!!

  2. I've found a skill synergy, use 2nd skill first and ally will become magic immune then use 3rd skill twice. SO the ally receive only heal without taking any damage.

  3. For item build I temporarily build orchid as it's really good for mana regen and damage. This is for physical dps build. Use 2nd skill and the enemy will receive 50% amplify to physical damage and the silence + amplify from orchid will make it better. That's hurt. Don't forget to use ultimate skill and 3rd skill when attacking.

    1. try dagon till lvl 5 :P u dont need anything more :P

    2. yep it is true

  4. just buy divine rapier and your damage will increase !! promise that :p

  5. 3rd skill + 1st skill + dagon (dagon has become standard build on gg) = powerful nuke

    1. i played nerif last 20 games...just dagon lvl 5 with arcane boots (shivas a cpl of times)...holy shit all the time :P

  6. I agree with the dagon build.. u can 1hit combo the enemy if you have dagon.. even on lvl 1.. just farm untul you have your dagon.. and then always nuke their carry.. and they will be fucked up in early and mid game.. and their carry will be useless in the late game.. if, the game will be late game.. for me, Nerif is a good carry..

  7. buo dyan dagon 4, orchid at mga pang regen ng mana

  8. the 2nd and ulti deffinitely needs to be nerfed.

    come on icefrog?

    9 second of invisibility+shllow grave+ ally purge with 20 second cooldown?

    even many people (at least not me) consider slark's 5 second shadow dance as OP.

    why do you make such skill? seriously. if you could make the cooldown longer and less activation time, then it should be fine. 5-6 second is more than enough.

    for the 2nd skill, it's just the same as pugna's decripfy with longer duration and more amplify. make it's amplify scaled at least.

    1. Thats why the hero called "NERiF", lol

    2. Learn to dust/gem.

    3. Tumigas din naman c spark ah kasi pay lvl 3 nah ang multi ni spark Hindi nah siya makita sa gem or dust Pedro kung so oracle at makita

  9. #Papa.Fredie^_^:ung 3rd skill pag inaplay sa kanya parang bali wala lang kase ung nabawas na damage ung din ung pang heal sa kanya

    1. english forum..many players international.... bobo

  10. if an enemy buy dust of appearance it will be destroyed easily.
    (by taking bonus damage at end of false promise)

    1. you get double heal at the end of false just cast flames while invi...almost full life will get back :P




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  12. hola soy erick quisiera saver como escoger el heroe de la maquina para poder practicar contra los heroes que mas detesto que me ganen grasias pleace ayudenme

  13. hola soy erick quisiera saver como escoger el heroe de la maquina para poder practicar contra los heroes que mas detesto que me ganen grasias pleace ayudenme

  14. the real item build for oracle:

    early item:
    3x branch
    semi-core item:
    null talisman
    magic wand
    phase boots
    force staff
    core item:
    dagon 5
    sacred relic
    boots of travel
    luxury item:
    2x divine rapier

    1. quelling blade for ranged hero ?

  15. I play oracle often. i tried taking damages from tower as well as heroes and fountain while in my ulti. I managed to kill myself like 4 times. I want to know the maximum damage in-take and stacks of heal to kill myself like suicide. Often i just guess if there's no choice left but to suicide.

  16. Level 4 Purifying flames was stacked , you can tank the tower with oracle just stack Flames 3x or 5x ,
    Just focus to dagon you can be good ganker on early ,
    Flames + Promise + Dagon lvl 1 = 360 + 300 + 400 = 1060
    Mortred level 11 sure dead , mortred level 11 just 1005hp :) , Oracle was most powerful ganker better then Venge or puck or any ganker :D
    Sorry for my bad english ...

  17. ginamit ko to natalo ko ung chicks ni babalu Wootz

  18. after nun naimpress sya sa akin, nag sexy time kami tapos ang sarap nya

    didn't take into consideration the "damage reduction" ddnt you?

  20. SUPER IMBALANCED HERO. come on ice frog? u get 360+300+ another 360 damage (3 sec cooldown and the heal of the first one is PURGED) = 1020 in the EARLY GAME. this hero is imbalanced. he can farm heroes in the early game. and his second skill 50% additional on physical?? seriously ?? this hero has a fast attack speed. try deso orkid cuirass and u own every hero zz you won't have a hard time farming because THIS IS THE STRONGEST HERO IN THE EARLY GAME not to mention his ultimate. another imbalanced skill

  21. he is by far the best mid lane hero as of now (can be contested by Puck, Skywrath Mage and Nevermore). Early lvl nukes and great utility in False Promise. So GG.

  22. When this hero will come to Dota 2, I have a feeling there will be a lot of failures from players using it + uploading it on dotacinemas in fails of the week.

  23. 1st time i used this hero is that i pick the 1st skill but my combo is 3rd dn 1st skill dn usually i do this for spamming.. is it okay?? or what should i cast first?? 1st skill before 3rd or 3rd before 1st?? :)

  24. Mga bobo.!
    Kung malakas c oracle....

    Dapat sabay gem n avatar or return...!mga bobo....:@

  25. All commenting the item build for Nerif are wrong.....

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