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DotA 6.75 Release Date Plan Revealed!

Finally! We just got the latest hint from IceFrog about the long awaited DotA 6.75 release date. On his profile page, IceFrog reply to a visitor about the DotA 6.75 release plan as you can see on the above picture. He is aiming to have it done by the end of this month or early next month by the latest.

Great news! I already afraid that we must wait until Christmas or New Year for this map ^^;; Well then, happy waiting guys! And don't forget to spread this news to your friends!

PS: If you curious, don't forget to take a peek on the new Roshan place on the DotA 6.75 Beta ;)

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  1. Nice one, looking forward for the new map!

  2. What the hell iz over heat?

  3. OH YEA !! With FROST WYRM as our newly welcomed hero !
    Hey PLAYERS !! Treat him nice and make use of him :) !!

    1. thanks for the no nonsense advice. I admit that for too long I was caught up in things that didn’t really contribute to the bottom line at a time when I should have focused more. So from first hand experience I know how spot on your advice is. Thanks for sharing and sharing so succinctly and honestly. questions to ask your girlfriend websites to visit when bored how to tell someone you love them free movie streaming sites how to get on the deep web

  4. salamat...!!! early next month na i-release ang 6.75 map...!!!!!!!!

    wew...! excited..!! ^_^

  5. sana may monkey King sa dota!!!
    ang ganda kase ng skills niya!!