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DotA 6.75 Beta 5 Leaked! Roshan Place Changed and More!

DotA 6.75 Beta is leaked! It's been a while since we got a DotA Beta map leaked, but here you go, a DotA 6.75 Beta Map! It's up to you to judge whether the map is legit or not. But looking on how the leaked changelogs and the map is supporting each other, i think it's not a fake. One thing to notice that in this map the Roshan's location got moved as in the picture below. This change is made because the Scourge get slight advantage from the original Roshan position.

As a result from the new Roshan place, the Ancient also moved to this place, near the secret shop.

Other changes are the modified Phoenix's skill. Icarus Dive replaced with Overheat.

Can't wait to try the map? Here is the download link!

DotA 6.75 Beta Download Link
Temporary pulled down the map due to some external circumstance, try to find it yourself in the internet :)

And if you care for the changelogs, here you go! Rumors said that the current Beta is already reach around Beta 39 (can anybody confirm this?). Please note that the leaked map is Beta 5, so we cannot check the Frost Wyrm because he is in the Beta 18 :(

DotA 6.75 Beta Changelogs
Beta 19:
- Removed the ! overhead on Overheat since it no longer disarms
- Fixed Transformed Soul Keepers not having his recently improved base armor
- Added Frost Wyrm to forced RD

Beta 18:
* Added Frost Wyrm
(ability names, fx, etc placeholder)
Frost Wyrm

Movespeed: 290
Starting Armor: 3

Attack Damage: 38-46
Attack Range: 600

Intelligence: 25 + 2.4
Strength: 24 + 2.1
Agility: 16 + 1.9

Ability 1: [Trap] A2L9 - R
Your attacks passively place a marker on enemies (lasts 20 seconds). Upon activation, all enemies with the marker are frozen and the marker is removed. You gain bonus damage for each unit that got frozen. Casting the spell removes the marker from all units, dead units do not count towards the marker bonus.
Hero Marker Bonus: +30 damage
Non-Hero Marker Bonus: +10 damage
Bonus Damage Duration: 8 seconds
Freeze duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 130

Ability 2: [Split] A2LA - T
Fires a projectile at a targeted enemy unit. Upon impact, the projectile will deal minor damage to the target and then split and fly out to other enemy units dealing more damage.
Cast Range: 800
Projectile Speed: 700
Split AOE: 450
Primary Target Damage: 50/100/150/200
Split Damage: 100/180/260/340
Cast Range: 600
Cooldown: 10
Manacost: 120/130/140/150

Ability 3: [Shield] A2LB - E
Targets an allied unit and encases them in a protective layer of ice. Disables the target, prevents all physical damage, increases HP regeneration.
Duration: 4
HP Regeneration: 40 + 5/6/7/8% of Max HP per second
Cast Range: 1000
Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 75

Winter's Curse: [Curse] A0Z0 - W
Global ability. Slows all enemy units movement speed. Pierces magic immunity.
Slow: 50/60/70%
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 70/60/50
Manacost: 125

Beta 17:
- Shades HP reduced from 250 to 100
- Shades infest cast range decreased from 600 to 300
- Spiked Carapace cd increased from 10 to 14
- Spiked Carapace won't retrigger on the same target twice
- Finger of Death Aghanim's aoe from 200 to 225
* Magnus agility growth increased from 1.8 to 2.5
* Magnus base armor increased by 1
- Overheat secondary effect changed from disarm to -150 attack speed
- Overheat aoe increased from 190 to 225
- Soul Keeper Metamorph illusions attack range from 550 to 650
- Soul Keeper base armor increased by 2

Beta 16:
- Fixed the DPS from the shades sometimes causing a suicide death
- Fixed the infset from the shades causing -50% dmg ont he target
- Fixed some levelup issues with the shades once we made it not require corpses (the dps wasn't getting upgraded after that)

Beta 15:
- Fixed the order in which Shades get deleted
- Fixed Lion/NA not getting set properly for RD

Beta 14:
- RD now always has: Pit Lord, Terrorblade, Phoenix. 50% chance for Lion and Nerubian Assassin
* Max level heroes no longer drain XP
* Enemeis can no longer see the countdown numbers for Chemical Rage
- Summon Shade does not require a corpse anymore
- Summon Shade count from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5
- Summon Shade cooldown from 30/25/20/15 to 25/20/15/10

Beta 13:
- Fixed Shades not spawning invis
- Shades HP increased to 250
- Shades infest cast range increased to 600
- Fixed the Finger of Death aghanims bounce from having 15% damage reduction
- Fixed Firestorm not hurting heroes

Want more testing of Phoenix and Terrorblade

Beta 12:
* Mana Leak cd from 18 to 16
* Concussive Shot cooldown from 20/19/18/17 to 20/18/16/14
* Concussive Shot aoe from 200 to 225
* Veil of Discord aoe from 500 to 550
* Silencer strength growth from 1.7 to 2.2
* Power Cogs duration from 3/4/5/6 to 3/4.5/6/7.5
* Take Aim from 65/130/195/260 to 70/140/210/280
- Fixed satanic tooltip (It does 200% not 175%)
* Flak Cannon aoe increased from 800 to 900
- Great cleave increased to 230
* Ogre Magi's Aghanim Unrefined Fireblast cooldown from 20 to 10
* Force Staff cooldown increased to 26
* Life Break Aghanim's cooldown from 24/16/8 to 4
* Finger of Death Aghanim now bounces once to a nearby enemy unit up to 200 units away (tooltip not updated yet)
* Vendetta movement speed from 10/15/20% to 16/18/20%
* Mana Burn rate from 4x Int to 5x Int
* Replaced Expulsion with Summon Shade (needs new name!)
* Reworked Firestorm (not channeling, doesn't hurt buildings, rebalanced numbers, heals allied units)

Calls down 4 waves of fire that damage enemy units and heal allied units in an area.

Damage per wave: 40/60/80/100
Heal per wave: 20/30/40/50

AOE: 450
Casting Range: 775
Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 130

Summon Shade:
Summons an Shade. Can have up to 1/2/3/4 out at a given time. They move fast and are invisible when idle. Can target an enemy to infest them, causing the shade to become consumed, dealing dps and silencing the enemy target for a duration.

DPS: 30/40/50/60
Duration: 4

Fade Time: 1 second
HP: 50 (Magic Immune)
Movement Speed: 522

Cooldown: 25/20/15/10
Manacost: 40

Beta 11:
- Fixed some tooltips
* Gyrocopter base movement speed from 305 to 315
* Homing Missle now gives you vision of the target it is seeking
* Goblin's Greed bonus scaling adjusted from 2/4/6/8 + 2 to 4/6/8/10 + 1/2/3/4
* Enfeeble can no longer be dispelled
* Great Cleave aoe increased from 200 to 215
* Force Staff cooldown increased from 20 to 24
* Dagon cooldown progression from 40/36/32/28/24 to 35/30/25/20/15
* Snowball now carries all your summoned units as well

Beta 10:
- Fixed Inner Vitality bkb casting
- Fixed some tooltips
- Undid self targeting with Unstable Concoction
* Lothar's Edge duration from 9 to 12 seconds
* Batrider strength gain increased from 2.0 to 2.4
* Power Cogs damage/drain from 60/90/120/150 to 80/120/160/200

Beta 9:
- Fixed Double edge aoe damage hitting allies instead of enemies sometimes
* Recipe items no longer sell for 80% of its price (now 50% like regular items)
- Shackleshot from 0.25 to 0.1 duration
- Fixed Dominator cd tooltip/droppability
* Vacuum cooldown increased from 16 to 17
- Overheat cast range reduced from 750 to 600
* Lycan strength gain from 2.75 to 2.4
- Undid Lycan 1 armor reduction
* Lycan's Shapeshift form no longer gives 2 bonus armor
* Acid Spray manacost from 160 to 115/130/145/160
* Unstable Concoction max damage from 130/200/270/340 to 150/220/290/360
* Static Field aoe increased from 1000 to 1200
* Reaper's Scythe aghanims now deals pure damage
* Inner Vitality can now be cast on magic immune targets
* Doom's base armor increased by 1
* Phantom Lancer agility gain from 2.8 to 3.4
* Anti-mage movement speed reduced from 320 to 315
* Fiery Soul attack speed bonus increased from 40/50/60/70 to 40/55/70/85
* The Swarm's attack rate improved from 1.5 to 1.35
* Degen Aura increased from 300 to 315
* Enfeeble damage reduction from 25/50/75/100 to 30/60/90/120
* Presence of the Dark Lord armor reduction increased from 2/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6

Beta 8:
- Reduced Sunray aoe from 150 to 130
- Shackleshot 0 effect on miss is undone, now 0.25 sec ministun instead of 0.75
- Fixed Lycan shapeshift having 1 extra armor
- Fixed Bloodstone with denies

Beta 7:
* Last Word intelligence steal from 1/2 (allies/self) kills to 2 always
* Poison Nova now affects buildings [Need feedback :wacko:]
- Fixed Zeus ult on scoreboard
- Fixed some tooltips
* Spiked Carapace now lasts for 2.5 seconds (down from 4.5) seconds, but reflects and stuns all sources of damage over that period instead of just the first one
- Overhead damage reduced from 25/50/75/100 per second to 20/40/60/80
- Overheat manacost from 75 to 80/90/100/110
* Fixed Overwhelming Odds giving 6% instead of 9% per hero
- Fixed bloodstone global kills change not working

Beta 6:
- Fixed some more stuff with Sunray damage
- Fixed Leech Seed losing a tick of duration when target dies
* Jakiro's facing direction now matches his turn rate a little more (this is purely a visual thing)
- Added burn visual effect for Overheat dps
* Quill Spray damage cap increased from 220 to 300
* Rod of Atos bonus HP from 250 to 300
* Sunder is no longer blocked by Magic Immunity
* Armlet HP regeneration increased from 5 to 8
* Armlet lifedrain increased from 37 to 40
* Bloodstone charges now increment if you get a kill out of range
* Dark Pact cooldown from 10/9/8/7 to 9/8/7/6
* Shadow Dance HP regen increased from 3/4/5 to 3/5/7
* Level 3 Marksmanship agility increased from 45 to 60
* Split Shot damage from 45/55/65/76 to 50/60/70/80
* Desolate search aoe improved from 325 to 300
* Silencer strength growth from 1.7 to 2.0
* Lycan base armor reduced by 1
* Treants magic resistance decreased from 33% to 25%
* Thundergod's Wrath cooldown decreased from 120 to 100
* Death Ward attack cooldown improved from 0.3 to 0.25
* Warcry aoe increased from 700 to 900
* Clockwerk Goblin strength gain increased from 2.4 to 2.7
* Enfeeble cooldown reduced from 12 to 8
* Spirit Lance slow duration increased from 3 to 3.25 seconds
* Increased Roshan turn rate to fix some abuses
* Dark Seer movement speed reduced from 305 to 300
* You can now target yourself with Unstable Concoction
* Removed Charge of Darkness debuff icon indicator
- Fixed Roshan attack detection area being too small
- Increased Sunray Slow
- Meta manacost from 70/85/100/115 to 70/80/90/100
- Meta illusions dmg 20/30/40/50 -> 30/40/50/60, dmg taken from 400% to 250%
- Overheat duration from 5 to 4 seconds, damage rescaled to be the same

Beta 5:
- Fixed Sunray not doing the right amount of damage
- Reduced Sunray variable damage from 1/2/3/4->3/6/9/12 to 1/2/3/4->2/4/6/8
- Reduced Sunray constant damage from 40->100 to 20/30/40/50->40/60/80/100
- Fixed Sunray slow duration
- Increased Overheat cooldown from 13 to 22/19/16/13
* Leech Seed no longer stops healing when the target dies
- Undid all Impale changes on Nerubian Assassin

Beta 4:
- Impale speed from 800 to 950
* Fixed Phase Shift invulnerability duration ending 0.25 seconds too soon
* Reworked Sunray
* Replaced Icarus Dive with Overheat

Sunray: [A2L0]
Channels a sunray in the targeted direction. Deals dps and slows to all heroes in that path. The damage increases per second. Maximum channel time of 6 seconds.

Starting DPS: 40 + 1/2/3/4% Max HP per second
Ending DPS: 100 + 3/6/9/12% Max HP per second

AOE: 150
Distance: 1600

Slow: 30%
Slow Duration: 0.5 seconds

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 100
HP Cost: 10% Current HP

Overheat: [A2L1]
Targets a small area, causing all enemy units to overheat taking damage over time and losing their ability to attack.

AOE: 190
DPS: 20/40/60/80
Duration: 5
Cast Range: 750

Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 13

Beta 3:
- Fixed more vision stuff around Roshan
- Fixed roshan spawn location
- Adjusted scourge ramp path near roshan a little
* Removed unit targeting from NA's Impale
* NA's Impale travel range from 700 to 800
* NA's Impale cast range from 500 to 800
- Meta images damage taken from 500 to 400%
- Reflection slow from 40 to 50%
- Fixed Reflection slow lasting 4 seconds instead of 5

Beta 2:
- Fixed Skadi damage
- Fixed Kenetic Field not consistently stopping Force Staff
- Fixed Reflection slow
- Fixed Rupture scoreboard cooldown
- Fixed Roshan ward vision

Beta 1:
* Experimental adjustment to roshan area (will probably need a lot of tweaking, if we even do it)
* Eye of Skadi now gives +25 bonus damage
* Blood Bath enemy hero aoe death detection increased from 225 to 325
* Chilling Touch no longer reduces attack speed, duration reduced from 40 to 30 seconds
* Double Edge does its damage in a 175 aoe around the target
* Added a 1 second cooldown to placing Observer and Stentry wards (to help prevent accidental usage)
* Radiance burn damage increased from 40 to 45
* Tuskarr base damage increased by 5
* Unstable Current duration increased from 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2 to 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6
* Moon Glaive bounce count increased from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5
* Nerubian Assassin's Impale damage increased from 80/140/200/260 to 80/160/240/320
* Nerubian Assassin's Impale travel time decreased from 1600 to 700
* Nerubian Assassin's Mana Burn manacost reduced from 90/110/130/150 to 100
* Spiked Carapace manacost from 50 to 40
* Death Coil cooldown from 6 to 5 seconds
* Boots of Speed are now a sharable item
* Primal Split units are no longer invulnerable to Black Hole
* Added Goblin Shredder to Captain's Mode
* Added Dragonus to Captain's Mode
* Shrapnel now provides vision in the area it is cast
* Shackleshot no longer has any effect if it fails to shackle the target
* Helm of the Dominator cooldown reduced from 300 to 60, no longer has a limited (20 min) duraiton and is just replaced whenever a new one is converted
* Fixed Greater Bash not affecting magic immune units
* Fountain no longer dispells Ice Blast
* Can no longer Force Staff through Kinetic Field
* Reworked Metamophosis
* Reworked Reflection
* Increased Slark's base strength by 3
* Rupture cooldown from 70/60/50 to 50/45/40
* Kunkka's base armor increased by 1
* Scorched Earth damage/heal from 12/16/20/24 to 12/18/24/30
* Goblin's Greed counter duration increased from 20 to 25 seconds

Creates a ranged demonic illusion of Terrorblade. Illusions have full health.

Illusion Outgoing Damage: 20/30/40/50%
Illusion Incoming Damage: 500%

Duration: 30
Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 70/85/100/115

Note: Illusions have 525 attack range, all other stats are the same as the original.

Slows the target unit's movement and attack speed and creates a phantom illusion (untargetable, invulnerable) of that target attacking it for the duration.

Cast range: 600
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 22/18/14/10

Illusion Damage: 45/50/55/60%
MS/AS Slow: 40%
Duration: 5 seconds

What do you think of this map? Do you love the Roshan changes?

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  1. nice info,,
    gonna try it

  2. rampaging yeah nice one icefrog now we can see roshan if they killing it hahaha now we can win haha lol

  3. the roshan new spot still giving advantage to scourge ._. they can easily tp there

  4. The reason why they give the roshan spot to the scourge is to be fair with the sentinel, don't forget, sentinel owns most of the farm sites than the scourge does.

  5. y didnt tey leak beta 18 :( not much changes in betA 5
    nyways thnks for sharing tis nice info

  6. Yeah, i bet it will be really nice if we can get Beta 18 :D

  7. Really? I feel that the farm sites is fair enough :)

  8. yeah, that's true, but i think it still better than the old one. Maybe the only fair solution is having two portal in each side which lead to Roshan hideout :D

  9. don't like the Terrorblade's changes and Phoenix

  10. i would love to mine the portal exit

  11. wow it's amazing

  12. Sentinel can do a hard ward they can ward rosh and big creep camp from scourge hmm idk i think its a fail to put rosh at this location
    but lets see the final map isnt released yet!

  13. Lolwhat? Scourge jungle are much more better than sentinels: more spawns can be pulled, ancient spawn closer to line, etc.



  15. I like a new Roshan location that is more balanced, however now the Beastmaster can pull the ancient dragons straight into the Scourge's tier 1 tower. That's got to change.

  16. ITS FAILURE, guys. Look at this: * Radiance burn damage increased from 40 to 45

    So, if you can remember, Batrider's napalm starts working jn damage more
    then 33. Look again at the radiance. 45*25%=11. 45-11=34!!! 34>33.
    So Napalm will increace the radiance dmg. Download the map and test it
    on -dummy.

    Its imbalance, Icefrog couldn't do it.

  17. League of Legends its a complete shit

  18. It's still beta, i'm sure he will still tweaking it :)

  19. всё правильно нс говорил
    айсфрог шарит
    тока теперь надо пофиксить что его можно бить не из логова и норм

  20. "I want to play dota 2" send your request i have waited 5 months and two days ago i could play

  21. "

    Other changes are the modified Phoenix's skill. Icarus Dive replaced with Overheat."
    This has been undone already.

  22. its a shitty place of roshan.u can attack rs in top of the hill and roshan do anything u can do free attacks in the top of the hill.i think icefrog do some changes in that position of rs.

  23. do nothing i mean....:DD

  24. furion in level 1 can kill in 6.75 beta

  25. looking for the leaked map... found/try it here Dota 6.75 leaked thanks share

  26. Right in the center XD

  27. How bout put roshan in the middle?

  28. I see a lot of whiners already, jeeeeez!

  29. Where can i download the map? links anyone?

  30. how to download ?

  31. Overheat seriously sucks. Phoenix becomes more item-dependent with no escape mechanisms.
    I also dislike *some of* Pit Lord's and Terror's changes.

  32. Yes, that's probably why Overheat got removed.

  33. Идиоты ебаные? баланс ахуееет рошан на новом месте

  34. Ещё с 54 версии, обновления мне не нравились...но это!ЭТО УЖЕ СЛИШКОМ

  35. Стартовал новый проект ,набираем людей!!Играй в доту и зарабатывай на этом бабки!!

  36. Why is it that until now, Doom hasn't any animation after acquiring aghanims??? (-_-)

  37. Why is it that until now, Doom hasn't any animation after acquiring aghanims??????????? (-_-)

  38. When Firelord Arrive??????
    Has A Three Skill Active(including Auto-cast Skill) And one Passive Skill.
    His Semi-Tank. Agility Hero. s:24+2.5 , A:25+3 , I:15+1.2.
    I said it cause i fans Firelord. Can You?

  39. what patch this can run? 1.26a? or other?
    i cant play new map dota. just said just another warcaft III map. plss help :(

  40. mga tanga kau hayop walang alam sa dota oob

  41. hey guys , it been 3 year (to be exact ) - im happy i get my invitation to dota2 at last (so im at LoL before ) each time there is roshan attemp it will always one sided - im glad the position is changed :)

    im pretty sure this two "moba" is working each other or probably changing idea and technologies - coz i have seen soooo many dota2`s system/ui/tech brought into LoL(recently) and at same time dota2 also improving in everything (visually and gameplay) . So fun in dota2 :) i miss wc3 so much but each time i meet my cousin we will play wc3dota :D
    :)))))) DOTA2 FTW!!!

  42. and dont get fooled about - LoL and DotA2 are competing(even if they are saying they are somesorta - i cant feel it at all - as wc3dota player for 5 year - LoL for 3 year - DotA2 recently [yeay!] i can sense these 2 moba are working each other)

    FK HON !!!! long live MOBA - fk MMORPG (shitty pay 2 win games)

  43. Can any1 email me the leaked map??

  44. A blog on Dota 2 Pro Analysis, Top Tiers Heroes -

  45. lycan become bad hero.. to much change!!!

  46. pls la icefrog .. when can play 6.75 ?

  47. send me the map


  48. If eye of skadi get another 25 damage, Morphling will be much more imba.

    As mentioned by @truepowerofbm:disqus radiance additional damage will make Batrider imba, he already get increase in strength from 2.0 to 2.4 in the leaked beta

    Maybe an alchemist comeback as well? With increased damage on unstable concoction.

    Bloodseeker, a more pub killer?

    Visit my blog and give comments, thanks,

  49. i want the map too :D can u share it?
    see my blog..


  51. not really. in the sentinel bot lane, you can do a triple creep camp pull, the most you can do in scourge top lane is double. also, sentinel mid lane has better access to neutrals than scourge top lane. and the uber ward spot in sentinel jungle reveals a lot less than the uber ward spot in scourge jungle so its safer to farm there.

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