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Goblin Shredder Guide - Rizzrak Build & Strategy

DotA Rizzrak Guide, The Goblin Shredder Guide, Strategy & Build. Rizzrak is a Strength hero which is introduced on the DotA 6.73. This post will provide you with the Rizzrak Guide, the Rizzrak Strategy, the Rizzrak Item Build and the Goblin Shredder Skill Build.

Range: Melee
Movespeed: 290

Str: 22 + 2.4
Int: 21 + 1.8
Agi: 16 + 1.3

Starting Damage: 48-52
Starting Armor: 0

Deep in the Forgotten Forests there is money to be made. No one knows this, and the dangers that lie within better than the goblin inventor Rizzrak. Combining heavy onboard weapons with the ability to clear an entire field of timber with ease, Rizzrak created a machine that’s as deadly as it is economical. With a detachable saw, brush clearing blades, and a tree grabbing chain Rizzrak is as threatening to his enemies as he is to a fresh sapling. Rizzrak's may not be a noble spirit, but the Sentinels money is as good as any, as long as he keeps his grubbing hands off the Tree of Life!

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder Skills

Whirling Death (Active, no target)

Goblin Shredder whirls extremely sharp edges dealing damage and reducing primary attribute of any unfortunate enemy hero who comes in a 300 AOE around him. Deals Pure damage if it cuts down trees in the process. Lowers primary attribute by 15% for 7 seconds.

Damage: 50/100/150/200

Manacost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 8

Whirling Death deals magical damage by default. If it cuts down trees as well, it becomes pure damage.
Ability Code: A2FK

Timber Chain (Active, targeted point)

Fires a chain that embeds itself in the first tree it hits, pulling you to it and cutting any enemy in your path for pure damage.

Damage AoE: 225

Range: 800/1000/1200/1400
Damage: 80/120/160/200

Cooldown: 4 seconds
Manacost: 60/70/80/90

Note: You will not be pulled in if you are stunned when the chain latches onto a tree
Ability Code: A2E3

Reactive Armor (Passive)

What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger! Every physical attack made on Rizzrak increases his armor and gives him bonus hp regen. Each stack lasts for 16 seconds.

Bonus: 1 armor and 1 HP regen per stack

Stack Limit: 4/8/12/16
Ability Code: A2E4

Chakram (Activatable, targeted point)

Fires your main saw blade at the target location, and once there the blade will spin, dealing damage in an AoE around it and slowing enemies by 5% for every 5% of health they are missing. The blade deals pure damage and cuts down trees in its path when fired and retracted. You lose the ability to attack while the blade is out.

Passthrough Damage: 100/140/180
DPS: 50/75/100

Cast Range: 1200

Manacost: 125/150/175
Manacost per second: 20/30/40
Cooldown: 8

Chakram returns to you if you go more than 2000 units away. Destroys trees.
Ability Code: A2E5
Ability Code End: A2FX

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder Skill Build
1. Timber Chain
2. Whirling Death/Reactive Armor 

3. Timber Chain

4. Whirling Death
5. Timber Chain
6. Chakram
7. Timber Chain
8. Whirling Death
9. Whirling Death
10.  Reactive Armor/ Whirling Death 
11. Chakram
12. Reactive Armor 
13. Reactive Armor
14. Reactive Armor
15. Stats
16. Chakram
17-25. Stats

Timer Chain is an obvious choice for your first skill as it will help you chase or escape by latching to the tree. Maxing it first for the range increase. Second skill could be 1 level of Reactive Armor if you're facing physical harasser and you're having difficulties last hitting (ex: 2 aggressive range heroes). Otherwise just go for the Whirling Death. Always take Chakram whenever you can grab it. This skill set will allow you to shine early by producing lots of pure damage and give you a lot of kills.

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder Item Build
Coming Soon!

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder Strategy
Coming Soon!

This post contain Rizzrak Guide & Build - the Goblin Shredder Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder Forum.

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  1. one of best hero that depend on his player

  2. Pota lakas neto haha

  3. Woot woot finally they ported Silhouette

  4. bitin! walang inventory guide!

  5. sana maganda tong build!S&Y,Arcane,Boots,Vanguard,Guinsoo

    Ewan ko kung magadna to!pero nag eexperiment pa ko!!

  6. not good... 

  7. hoiiii..!! imba ka ba? ta3 nyo ingay2 wag kau gumamit kung di kau imba mga bobo mag.aral nlng kaya kau mga bobo..,,

  8. becuz u r weak shiiit dont play dota idiot..!! as u see it is only for great players not for u a weak player..!! so u can't say it as good hero.. shit all weak players like u.. fuck u man.. u better watch porn than to play dota,, 

  9. haha yeah it's true men!!! 


  10. pota ka pinoy Rnos  :D mayabang ka ...garena tayo..gago

  11. i need item build NOW

  12. item build my style gt 32 kills no joke. starting stout shield,gauntlet and circlet. aim mana boots, then blood stone, then vanguard.

  13. i think goblin n rhasta is a great combo..

  14. thate kg tel byar

  15.  goblin shredder i 1 of da best hero 4 me...

  16. my build is arcane,vanguard,guinsos,hot

  17. damn noob,, fuck u shiit you better fuck your mother..
    shredder is one of the most imba hero in DotA and 4 master only..!!

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  20. my item build for him:

    1.arcane boots
    3.Linken (for stats upgrade and HP & mana regen)
    4.abyssal blade
    5.guinsoo schyte of vyse
    6.battle fury/dagger

    truth is, Goblin need more mana regen than attack speed. why???
    1.his ulti use too much mana and he cannot attack while using ulti. the technique are like this:
    a)attack & whirling death
    b)chakram (cast it early and lower enemy's hp and ms. need time)
    c)cast timber chain and with the right time, cast whirling death again and quickly run infront of the enemy and cancel chakram. 

    abyssal are needed because you'll have landed last hit on higher hp heroes.

    S&Y have maim and ms with attack speed. don't ever buy Tranquil boots because you already have third skill.

    1 point for reactive armor in early game. after master your ulti, before upgrade stats, upgrade reactive armor until max...

    sorry for my bad english~~

  21. Item build ko ay energybooster,vang,kelen,blood stone,shivas,guinzo

  22. Item build for Shreder:
    While using Chakram,use lothar's edge

  23. well, usually I start item build with chopper axe, and stout shield..
    no healing item needed..
    I simply use my third skill as passive regeneration..
    my skill build focused on 2nd and 3rd skill...
    this skill build is strongly recommended for those who expert with the 2nd skill...
    in lv 4 or 5, i can get first blood by jumping on the trees one another.
    note that when you use this hero, you MUST not get in the middle line, coz it's not supporting your 2nd skill

    later item build is arcane boot (usually I disassemble it to make bloodstone, and then make power tread), bloodstone, lothar edge, tarrasque, orchid, and abyssal blade
    well, even with only bloodstone and power tread, I can go rampaging and got beyond godlike.. XD
    this hero is great as hell once you mastering the 2nd skill and become tarzan.. XD

  24. here's my item build for rizzrak: ARCANE BOOTS,EULS,DAGGER,BLOODSTONE,RADIANCE,GUINSOO

  25. Item Build ko
    Arcane Boots
    Cranium Basher

  26. HambOg tlga to mga Pinoy. d nlng maglaro! kelangan pa mag mura. d nman mga magaling puro HANGIN!! pweh

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