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Dragonus Guide - Skywrath Mage Build & Strategy

DotA Dragonus Guide, The Skywrath Mage Guide, Strategy & Build. Dragonus is an intelligence hero which is introduced on the DotA 6.73. This post will provide you with the Dragonus Guide, the Dragonus Strategy, the Dragonus Item Build and the Skywrath Mage Skill Build.

Range: 600
Movement Speed: 315

Total starting damage: 36-46
Total starting armor: 1

Str 19 + 1.5
Agi 18 + 0.8
Int 24 + 3.2

Dragonus is a sky-bound sorcerer astute in the arts of arcane warfare. Mystical in nature and veiled in secret motives he joined the sentinel to battle the scourge. He is said to come from the ancient bloodline of blood elves that has ascended to unknown heights in the arts of mystical magic. It's suspected that Invoker and Dragonus were prodigy's of ancient time and were fighting for the prestige title of the supreme mage. The art of his supreme knowledge of magic enables him to seal any magic and his Mystic Flare is capable of burning any foe in matter of seconds. Many allies are proud to have strode alongside this mythical being, but few enemies have lived to survive the full extent of his mystical arsenal.

Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Skills

Arcane Bolt (Active, enemy target)

The Sky Mage fires off a bolt of Arcane energy to harm his adversaries. Deals an additional 1.5x the Sky Mage's intelligence and grants 325 vision around the projectile.

Deals 60/80/100/120 + 1.5x Int damage to target enemy
Manacost: 90
Cooldown: 5/4/3/2
Cast Range: 800

Note: The projectile moves very slowly and you have 325 vision around it
Ability Code: A2BE

Concussive Shot (Active, no target)

With Dragon like intuition, the Skywrath Mage releases a compact ball of magical lightning at the closest visible hero within 1600 AoE. Upon impact the ball bursts slowing enemies by 40% for 4 seconds and dealing damage around the target.

AoE: 200
Duration: 4
Slow: 40%
Damage: 50/100/150/200

Range: up to 1600

Manacost: 110
Cooldown: 20

Note: Does not work when no heroes are in range or heroes are in fog.
Ability Code: A2IT

Ancient Seal (Active, enemy target)

Dragonus draws a mystical rune on the enemy that amplifies all spell damage against them and snuffs out their ability to cast spells for a few seconds.

Magic Amplification: 18/24/30/36%
Silence Duration: 3/4/5/6 seconds

Manacost: 80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 11

Cast Range 700
Ability Code: A2HN

Mystic Flare (Active, ground target)

Dragonus uses his ultimate magical ability to conjure a precise and violent mystical field that lays waste to his adversaries. Deals massive damage distributed evenly among any heroes in the AoE over 2 seconds.

Damage: 600/900/1200
Duration: 2 seconds

AOE: 170
Cast Range: 1200
Manacost: 350/575/800
Cooldown: 60/40/20

Note: Does not affect or count creeps. Deals damage over time in the area.
Ability Code: A2BG

Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Skill Build
Coming Soon!

Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Item Build
Coming Soon!

Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Strategy
Coming Soon!

This post contain Dragonus Guide & Build - the Skywrath Mage Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Forum.

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  1. keep concussive shot at lv 1, needed for slow debuff only
    stay with arcane bolt & ancient seal
    use mystic flare wisely

    with dagon bloodstone
    that new shoes (mspeed, armor, heal. all you can eat in one packet)
    this guy kick in the ass.

    dont forget add some escapee mechanism item

  2. coz imo
    arcane bolt lv4 - better cooldown and do decent damage
    concussive shot lv1 - slow 40% at all lv
    ancient seal lv4 - with dagon & arcane bolt spam => ROCKS!

    mystic flare - use wisely, 800 manacost at lv3 with small aoe.
    this is why bloodstone needed
    still better when combine with concussive shot

    i bet this guy got nerf soon

  3. New boot + linkin = ownage

  4. My item build is ;

    1st item -   Tranquil Boot/Arcane Boot
    2nd item -   Bloodstone
    3rd item -   Dagon
    4th item -    Guinsoo5th item -    Linkin / Heart6th item -    Shiva Guard / Dagon raise till end

  5. i would personally prefer PT, the new item with 2 staff-of-wiz (magic amply), dagon upgraded later (agree with zaw), shiva, orchid and bloodstone/Heart depending on the enemy.. :)

  6. *the new item i was referring to was the veil... so not the 2-staff-of-wiz xD my mistake..

  7. lols.. item of that is youjizz.com ahahah fack u all

  8. mine is:  

    force staff
    arcane boots
    linkin sphere

  9. mine is:

    1st item-  salve 100
    2nd item-  clarity
    3rd item-  tango
    4th item-  sentry wards
    5th item-  observer wards
    6th item-  scroll of town portal

  10. 1st item no item bobo mo

  11. asa ka mas bobo ka niggro

  12. My Combo is Hit the Target with AZ AND AB after that CS AND FINISHING MOVE!MYSTIC FLARE

  13. Item Build: Guinsoo of the Vyse,Dagon 5, Power Treads(Intelligence),Bloodstone,Shiva's Guard,Linken's Sphere

  14. He needs lots of mana to spam and also high int to boost arcan bolt. My items would be as follows:
    ring of basilisc
    2 x nul tulisman
    Arcane boots
    dagon (with ancient seal is realy usable)
    Shivas armor
    buy ghost sceper if you need escape hard caries (cheap and provide additional 8attributes)
    At 25 level hes got some 2500 manapool and arcaine bolt does nearly 400 dmg

  15. yeah, 20 second cooldown with 800 mana , Mystic flare will definitely be recalculated, you cant regen 800 mana in 20 secs, except for bloodstone.. maybe they fix the cooldown like what they did to Kaldr, the Ancient apparition

  16. 1st item arcane 

  17. tamang pang cm pero kpag PUB bobo ka.

  18. Build...
    1) tango (2), mantle (2), iron wood branch (2)
    2) arcane
    3) bloodstone
    4) dagon
    5) MKB
    6) Guinsoo
    7) Lothars

  19. 6divine ehehehehe

  20. build
    3.blood stone

  21. build1.arcane2.dagon3.blood stone4.mkb 5.loth6.bottle


  22. cuirass,ethereal,euls

  23. so fucking  useful thanks for the post :|

  24. 1.Arcane
    2.Dagon(lvl 5)
    4.Force Staff
    5.Blood stone
    6. Linken Sphere

  25. My Item build :
    1st item - bottle if Game mode use Power Up,,
    2nd item - Tranquild/ arcane boot
    3rd item - dagon(1)
    4th item - force staff(
    5th item - Bloodstone
    6th item - dager
    7th item - Sell Botle, and Change your boot to Power Travel
    8 th item - Etheral
    Finally - Upgrade Your dagon !!

    Nice,,,, :)

  26. just use 6 ironwood branch.thats enough

  27. just use 6 ironwood branch.thats enough

  28. just use 6 ironwood branch.thats enough

  29. this is a nice build :)

  30. MKB? youre not a carry with skywrath. There are 2 imba ways to play skywrath; if you get enough money. Method 1: Bottle; Arcane boots, Shiva (start with platemail then staff) Guinsoo. and If you get more then lothar for survival, Eye Of Skadi for decent upgrade to everything and HoT for a crapload hp, Shiva gives the armor. Buying dagon is stupid since you have powerful 2 sec nukes; other method is bottle; arcane; shiva; veil of discord; stygian; assault for crapload of dmg with ult

  31. No its not. Any build that says to buy dagon with this hero and suggests other boots than arcane is terrible. Always get bottle, ONLY FARM mid A LOT, get arcane, then shiva. Other items such as eye of skadi, ethereal, HoT etc... are great, however theres the other build where you simply rape the enemys armor; but always get bottle arcane and shiva

  32. My Items for Skywrath:
    Intel Treads
    Urn of shadows
    Dagon lvl3
    Etheral blade(believe me the spell dmg is epic)

    Late game sell earn and buy skadi.. GG

  33. My items for skywraith:
    arcane boots
    urn of shadows
    kellens dagger

  34. Ethereal






  35. 5 bloddstones 1 BoT

  36. haiz all not good.. 1st item mantle int 4 go mid.
    then buy boot then buy null talisman 3 then sell 1 mantle int. after that peseverence then see what hero u dealing with. if got so many skill buy linken.. if not buy soulbooster so can get bloodstone. once u c u doominating the game buy hex. if u find urself dificult not to many skillerbuy ghost. if u think u got money to spare buy shiva if u wan to play safe buy radiance. but for me i will buy bot after i done with hex. -KODO-

  37. My Item build :
    1st item - Heart Of Tarasque
    2nd item - Heart Of Tarasque
    3rd item - Heart Of Tarasque
    4th item - Heart Of Tarasque
    5th item - Heart Of Tarasque
    6th item - Heart Of Tarasque

    ewan ku lng kung tumalab pa atake niyo muhahaha