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Happy Birthday PlayDota! And IceFrog Talks Dota 6.68

IceFrog Talks Dota 6.68Several days ago (June 10) is the first birthday for PlayDota, which is born after IceFrog decide to leave Dota-Allstars.com and make a new community site. It's been a year and i remember at that time we're waiting for the Dota 6.60 release which takes months but gives us a lot of changes, including the new items layout.

And it seems this year we got another long wait for Dota 6.68 which IceFrog promises it will contain new heroes and reveal that Icarus the Phoenix as one of them. And in the PlayDota birthday thread, IceFrog is making a new post about Dota 6.68.

STR1D3R said:
i agree that some sort of estimation would be nice although i understand that you dont like giving these out because it puts pressure on you and if you fail to meet it there will be a lot of QQ threads. maybe some form of i am roughly x% of the way through to give us some sort of idea would be nice.

And IceFrog reply:
It is also because I can't be sure myself. It is not easy to accurately predict "it will take 1 week to make this hero fun", there is a good amount of experimentation and beta testing that is needed to arrive at that stage. And like you said, if I posted "June 26" and I missed it by a week or two, people would be upset. I also don't want to make my development goal be a date rather than the content, that style of development makes it easy to make bad decisions. I can tell you that I'll do my best to make sure any wait is worthwhile though. The only thing on my mind is DotA's development and future.

As for your request, I'd say its definitely much more than half way through.

Even though IceFrog still keep quiet about the release date, but now at least we know that Dota 6.68 is already "much more than half way through". Keep up the good work IceFrog! At least now while waiting we got World Cup 2010 to keep us busy ^^

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  1. can't wait for icarus the phoenix...

  2. triple kill!!

  3. its ok IF, we can watch world cup first XD

  4. nowadays ice frog keep make a qq section.... no wonder....

  5. hey delete post that include nothing, like fb 2ble kill and all that shit. stupid persons all around the world. peru sucks!

  6. lol..dont worry la..it never disturb you..maybe you was jealousy because never get the first blood...lol

  7. there will be 3 new heroes right? 1 for each type

  8. man when's this map coming and happy birthday to dota lets it makes more and more maps frequently and more convinently without bugs

  9. Ah this map is taking too long to come out. WTF!!!! how useless can they be when coding a map...lolz...

  10. ah long is long...but best to wait, gud things come to those and all...can guarantee that they'll have to change the map soon again cos of some silly bug...bt nonetheless..hope icey keeps up the gud work....