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New Heroes on Dota 6.68!

Are you still waiting for the Dota 6.68? Well, if you do, then i have a good news for you. Recently, IceFrog has just confirmed on his profile page at PlayDota that there will new heroes on Dota 6.68! What? You don't believe me? Check out the picture below! ;)

Wohooo! Even though there's no further information about the new heroes details from IceFrog yet, the new heroes news already makes me really excited! What about you guys? Do you have any idea what kind of heroes will popped out on Dota-Allstars 6.68? Share it here!

Credits: Thanks to Nikola and Aegis for the info! ;)

Update: IceFrog has just revealed on the Q&A #4 that one of the new heroes will be Icarus the Phoenix!

Final Update
It released guys!! Check out the Dota 6.68 Download Links and the Dota 6.68 Changelogs.

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  1. Pertamaxx!!
    Great..!! What model it will be??

  2. I can't wait! Hope they are agility heroes :P

  3. oh come on..i wish there will be 1 for each type :D ..but i guess there will be a new Strength type, because when 6.65 is released, only Agility and Intelligence have the new heroes.

  4. the dog with crossbow make it a hero.
    agility type..
    and the skills are all poison attacks!
    1st skill: POISON ARROW(activate or deactivate)
    2nd skill: POISON DUST
    3rd skill: POISON STING (passive)
    LAST SKILL: SUFFOCATION ( a poisonous smoke make the enemy slow and get a mass damage )

    whhahah!! just only a suggestion!

  5. @ Juan, That's veno... literally venomancer. except your version has a dog with a bow as a model.

  6. How many people will play 6.68 though? Since the Starcraft II beta came out, it seems that a lot of WC3 players moved to the beta. It's going to be hard finding games...

  7. It would be nice if IceFrog uses the Prophet Model (that wizard from the campagin that tells Thrall to go to Kalimdor... I can´t remember his name) as a Int hero type, with some sort of skills that transform him into a Crow (it would be funny xD).

  8. hope ice frog makes the first girl strength hero....wakakakakakakakaka

  9. @bngalano its "Medivh the Last Guardian" maybe your aware of the fun taverns he used to be "Maverick the Gambler"

  10. Make a Str Hero.

    He would be a counter hero..

    SPEC Counter any spec

  11. My Idea ( I dont know what main attribute to the hero though)Make own cooldown and manacost

    1st Ability= Stuns, Silenced and Gets 65% for the other hero to Use his 1st ability to hit himself

    2nd Ability= (AURA) Every time hero gets hit 5 times the enemy gets stunned for 1.5 - 3.5? (shrten the hit per lvl)

    3rd Ability = Enemy gets pulled into the hero (The New Hero) Stuns and poison touches the enemy hero

    SPEC ABILITY= Locks onto enemy hero takes 450 dmg (per sec) whenever close to (1000 range) Increases range per lvl


  12. Zeke the Crystal Manipulator
    Model: Medivh the Last Guardian
    1st Skill: Create Gem
    2nd skill: Sling
    3rd skill: Prism
    Last Skill: Rift

    P.S. > Just a thought.. XD

  13. no offense but icefrog should wait till 6.70..... make suprise on 6.69..... just like last year 6.59 suprise of tauren cheftain....

  14. But, he never said the new hero was playable. :)

  15. hero with the capability to manipulate the line of sight of enemy or allies hero,

    it will be nice haha

  16. hope it would be inteligence!! =)


  18. New PA !! ... frist skill same but ulti give 2% chance to instant kill or x 999 dmg !! hahahaha !! damn imba !!!

  19. try to make a female hero, one that can be purchased from the agillity neutral tavern. i whould suggest to use the night elf archer. give if more range let say 710, moderate HP (17 at start +0.95/lvl), minimum MP (5 at start+ 0.1/lvl), moderate damage (30-40 at start and max. 75 at lvl 25) but increased AS (just like you have from the start 0.5 hyperstone, 2.5 hyperstones via ultimate) and increased MS (350 for example) no starting armor.
    spells should focus on the night, a night time hero that relies on ambush.

    1st spell i whould suggest some extra visibillity during the night. (moonlight shadow from 00:00-05:00 +2500 vizib. range)
    2nd spell something like an aura for increased attack damage. (suggest the aura from the Diamond Of Summoning color green of intense red)
    3rd spell crytical strike 10% up to 3x initial damage and 10% paralize (bash) for 0.25 seconds.
    4th spell is the ultimatum that gives a permanent MS increase and invisibillity during the night. (possible AS increase that is permanent <>)

    at lvl 25 with no ithems on her should have 775HP 70MP 75DMG aprox. - 5->6 intelligence - 41 strenght - 50 agillity -. (bonus stats not included).

    arganim scepter not possible and no sange.

    sorry for sone gramatycal mistakes that may appear in this post.

    thanks for reading.

  20. use the grunt model or the raider, or even the kodo......nice

  21. errr hahaha GIRL STR hero haha ^_^

  22. lol that hero u want is 2 weak it should be stronger and have at least an active skill not all passives and it would seem like its a rip off the balanar hero with the bonuses during night and also luna w3w

  23. Zeke the Crystal Manipulator
    Model: The Gambler in Fun Tavern
    1st Skill: Create Gem
    2nd skill: Sling
    3rd skill: Prism
    Last Skill: Rift

  24. ^^^ And i think it will be int type hero

  25. My idea: strength hero
    Model: Orc Raider
    1st skill ( Passive ): increases damage
    2nd skill (Passive ): increases attack speed
    3rd skill (Active): Temporarily decreases enemy's armor
    Ultimate ( Passive ): adds 8 to int and agi attributes then + 12 strength per level

  26. I think the idea with gem of true sight isnt bad. It could be a hero which counters heroes with invinsibility skills. (lanaya_nerub_riki_gondar_clinkz...)

  27. i wonder if the model Icefrog use would be the knight model or the griffin rider thing. Possibly the frost wurm model (which looks cool)

  28. maybe the man with the helicopter hehehe

  29. I refer an AGI. type a female night hunter with a skill of Ambush and Trap

  30. BOOYAH,like last last(by anon),waste time put your idea here,go forum and there got suggestion thread FOR your ideas,such waste post it here.

  31. LOL why are ppl posting hero suggestions here? i believe icefrog already has his mind on wat hero he decided to make by just saying tat there is heroes coming out already. And to those who're posting heroes suggestion here, there's a link for tat, and it's not here.

  32. i got an idea for an ogre str based hero

  33. read again the question..

    is there any new heroeS in 6.68?

    he reply yes.

  34. ~ A FEMALE HERO STR!!!!!

  35. a agi type char.skill is .masterbate.salsal.kantot.spermstrike

  36. i think there will be 2 str sentinel heros cuz if u check the taverns all are balanced except the str, the scourge got 2 str heros more than sent

  37. hope it will be much more IMBA!!!

  38. I'm sure that Ice frog will make a new hero out of d neutral creeps that does be in d darkness of the map... I sure new heroes might come from there! Think about it

  39. Q: Can you tell us something about 6.68? (from Carlos)

    A: It is still a work in progress and needs some time, but it will have new heroes, more balance improvements, and some new features as well. Here is one of the new heroes in development: Icarus, the Phoenix

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  41. IMBA heroes are not implemented by ice frog..
    that's why they make balance changes right?

  42. who said that its nice to change mortred's ultimate into 2% chance to instant kill..?
    she's present ultimate is pretty much better than that kid..

  43. Cool!!! new ranged hero!! Phoenix... The Skill? Reincarnation? Flames? Heal? Who Knows! It makes me sooooo Excited... :)

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. no offense, but i think that icarus cant be a strength type, agility should be fine, but i do hope that there must be a new hero that has a strength type

  46. INT,


    str?they sound epic?agility?birdie gay with viper and visage?melee?flying melee?that could be funnier then bat rider(short range and flying better: never fly).and this hero must opposite of balanar(night monster) and this will abuse his ability at morning(and reincarnate sound to useless-infinate revive-(on melee that phoenix lose life -negative regen-,so its good with reincarnate)but in dota will that hero keep neg regen?????).egg??egg????eg??????egg for sure must have(MUST MUST-this herp fart out a egg-)

    (o0othis post has been remove by a blog administrator coz to much spoilero0o)

  47. a girl str hero, there is none of those(seriously)

  48. i hope there will be more than 1 hero for ladies type in dota...(seriously owesome if they beautiful)...hi2

  49. correction above ladies strength type

  50. i think that hero should be FEMALE

    1st spell-It should be passive GEM of true sight revealing invisible heroes around some AOE...

    2nd spell- stun and damage based on stats of enemy hero..

    3rd spell- Giving More damage based on its HP..

    ULTIMATE -Giving more gold on creep and enemy getting 20 extra gold for each creep kill and 50 for hero kill...

    PS..these are my thoughts and should not be taken personally and be abused :D ^_^

  51. new hero? im a warcraft player since warcraft II..
    a lot of model like gnoll , grunt , rider , etc din used by icefrog..also , i want to post my new hero , whre shud i post it?

  52. a new hero like an angel will be nice

  53. i think there should be a new hero like a harpie...

  54. tired of waiting..err

  55. i hope its a female Str type... coz there is no female str. type wet>..

  56. i like the girl warrior/palladin ive seen from an old random map of warcraft 3 to be the new female str hero. she's a human, and she's sexy and armored. that is nice.

  57. ^
    and yeah. she does not look short compare to davion ^_^

  58. the new heroes called harpy queen?agi type?

  59. Trickster: Int Type

    Skill 1: Blink.
    Skill 2: Replicate: creates a copy of a target (does 0 damage) mana cost and cooldown decreases as you level up.
    Skill 3: Thief channeling (kinda like soul steal but steals gold instead. lvl 1: 1 gold per second. lvl 2: 2 gold per second. lvl 3: 3 gold per second. lvl 4: 4 gold per second.
    Ultimate: Teleports one random item being held by target back to the target. (lvl 1: 1 item lvl 2: 2 items lvl 3: 3 items)

  60. Zzzzzzzz..just play ply..

  61. how abt a hero whos VERY effective against buildings?

  62. Knukles: Str

    skill 1 : Smash
    skill 2 : Grab
    skill 3 : Slow (passive)
    last skill : Knock Out Punch

    hehe just a suugestion

  63. There would be 3 new hereoes. 1 int, agi and str.
    Incarus, fire panda and i forgot the agi's name.

  64. Name:Monkey

  65. huskars HP should never be lowered if casting his ULTI,thats just a suggestion

  66. haow about the heal of the chen can also hurt the enemy like purist.

  67. Name: Ruffia
    Armed Fighter
    Main Attribute: Strength
    Str: 21
    Agi: 18
    Int: 15

    1st skill:Dynamic Punch(Active) - Stuns enemy for 2.5,3,3.5,4 sec and damage for 80,120,160,200 damage.

    2nd skill:Jump(Active) - Jump to the targeted place. Range for 400,600,800,1000 range.Gets AS buff for 4 sec(100%,200%,300%,400%AS).

    3rd skill:Fearing Bravery(Passive) - Every attack of the enemy gets slowed AS for 1.5,2,2.5,3 sec in 100%,200%,300%,400%. Cooldown for 5,5.5,6,6.5,7 sec

    Ultimate: Arm Blast(Active) - A heavy punch that strikes the enemy in its vital parts. Damages 400,600,800. Stuns for 1,1.5,2 sec and subtracts strength for 10%,20%,30% for 6 sec.

    Just a suggestion and let IceFrog do the modifications.

  68. use that ugly harpy!

  69. bring in a hero from super smash bros or pokemon. That would be wicked. Charizard, bowser, mario, raichu (evolved form of pilachu)

  70. New hero STR
    name: Henglor the Stinky Titan
    1st skill: Ugly face
    * the titan uses his ugly face all the enemies facing him will run away making them uncontrollable. lvl1: 2 secs lvl2:3 lvl3:4 lvl4:5.
    2nd skill: Body odor-the titan releases his body odor slowing enemies and damaging them.
    3rd skill: Fart(passive) - the titan farts so hard reducing the enemies armor and knocking them back.
    ULTI: Kiss of the titan - the titan kisses the target instantly killing them. cooldown is 500 secs- lvl 1, 300- lvl 2, 100 lvl 3.

  71. Make a frost wyrm hero

  72. Lol at titan the fucking fails, especially ulti

  73. DOTA STINKS I SAY :@ :@

  74. Somehow i think that u sucks more by Coming into a DOTA blog and saying DOTA sux

  75. Can make Crypt Fiend or Gargoyle Hero

  76. Can you make Crypt Fiend or Gargoyle Hero

  77. put new neutral creeps pls.nether dragons example

  78. oh big lord! come on ! i am tired waiting !whatafuck is going to happen just tell us !

  79. yup you are right !i am still waiting too for this shity map

  80. :P i agree too ! this map havent completely made? omg!however we will wait i guess for 1 month?

  81. oh dear! you are right boys ! i have to fuck my grandmother 100000 times to come out this map

  82. XD xaxaxa0xa0 i like u boys! :P what about this crazy map?

  83. zzz..
    u think this map is very easy to make?
    u r wrong ;P
    coz i hear this map got more than 1 new heroes..
    so..pls be very patient..coz i waiting it too lol XD

  84. i know wat lol mean!!
    it is 'laughing out loud' lol XD!!

  85. GOD of WINDS plzzzzz....

  86. Hmm... make a agty snake hero.

    1. Snake strike (rushes to a ennemy unit biting it and dealing damage + a slows duration)

    2. wrap (binds a target ennemy unit dealing damage per second)

    3. venom (poisend damage per second Pasive)

    4ult. strangle attck (has a huge casting time but when casted the ennemy is dead...

  87. come on!! make a first gay hero!! with the last skill BLOWJOB!!

  88. well i think that one of the new hero's will be strenght. I hope that icefrog make's a new imba item something for Evesion with allot of dmg but we will see. We have to wait until two month's ;/.

    He's intelligent but all his skill are melee
    OMG are you idiot???

    His ultimate needs HUGE MANA but VERY SMALL DAMAGE and SMALL AoE, if he runs out of mana when he travels somewhere far all he can do is only run because the mana is empty

    He's intelligent but all his skill are melee
    OMG are you idiot???

    His ultimate needs HUGE MANA but VERY SMALL DAMAGE and SMALL AoE, if he runs out of mana when he travels somewhere far all he can do is only run because the mana is empty

  91. I DONT think DoTA needs MANY heroes I think the map has TO be changed a bit NEW paths NEW shops...

  92. 1st skill must be the stink bom af nino
    2nd must be the critical bite of tambonde
    3rd must be the replect damage of palaboy
    4th must be the dunk of sabino or jump walk of sabino

    mga weak

  93. 1st skill must be the stink bom of nino
    2nd skill must be the critical damage of bite of tambonge
    3rd skill must be the replect damage of palaboy
    4th skill must be the dunk of sabino or jump walk of sabino



  96. An agi hero similar to the campaing's peasants but more armed carrying two daggers.
    Name : Gnome Assasin

    Stats : 18 str + 1.75
    21 agi + 2.80
    15 int + 1.55

    Skills: 1st: Assasin strike : throws a dagger at an enemy targer dealing 75/150/225/300 damage and ministun. 10sec CD

    2nd: Rend (passive): Each attack reduces the target's armor by 1. Stacks up to 5/10/15/20 times

    3rd: Assasin's reflexes: gives the chance to avoid a killing blow ( Only killning blow and only physical damage) 20/40/60/80%chance 20/15/10/5 sec CD ( Passive )

    4th: Psycho Killer: each kill gives the gnome assasin 35% bonus attack speed, 10% movement speed and 30 damage ( passive ) stacks indefinetely Lasts 10 seconds

  97. Imba The Imbalance
    1st: bash
    2nd: critical
    3rd: blink strike like mortred
    4th: imbalitic rampage gives a 1000 atk speed

  98. seeing all these great ideas for new heroes,may i suggest one more:
    1 skill:10000 dmg/target
    2 skill:50000 dmg/aoe
    3 skill:(aura)dmg enemies 200000 dps
    last skill:destroy map

  99. make a hero that has an ultimate skill that can summon the fountain! what do u think? BEYOND GODLIKE!!!!


    1st skill - Pain Hunger (target) (AoE)
    its like berserker's call + blink but no additional armor and cant be used when there is no enemy in the target area

    2nd skill - Fatal Swing (activate)
    adds more damage but you also receive the additional damage

    3rd skill - Insane Swing (passive)
    gives 100% cleaving attack by chance

    4th skill - Pain Lust (passive)
    there is a chance that the damage you receive will turn into "heal"

    let Icefrog do the modification

  101. Greedy Assasin (AGI)

    Gold Lust (passive)
    there is a chance that each time you kill an enemy you will receive MORE gold

    Kill Steal (active)
    instantly throws a knife into your enemy
    (the hero that have the lowest HP in the given area will receive the dmg) 90/180/270/360 dmg

    Greedy Fury (active)
    gives a cleaving attack + attack spd, burns mana every sec.

    Slot of Greed
    adds 1 inventory every level

    let icefrog do the modification

  102. come on Icefrog, i'm so fed up. release the damn map NOW!

  103. Name:Wind Titan(AGI)
    Model:Ultra Master of Winds
    1st Skill:Wind Twister-Creates weak tornado to target.(Range Attack)
    2nd Skill:Roaring Gust-Winds raging to a straight path.(Range Attack)
    3rd Skill:Wind Hip-Hop-The hero starts to legspin that creates tornado,damages nearby targets.(Melee Attack)
    4th Skill:Limbs of Winds-Creates Wind auras to arms and legs.Doubles Attackspeed and Speed but gets back to normal in 3 minutes.(Buff)

  104. i would like to suggest this female support hero ^_^

    Name: Aeyrs (Cleric)
    Model: just like omniknight but in female look and has a cool & beautiful shield and a pretty mace.

    1st skill: Invigorate
    > active skill
    > healing the target, also yourself then leaving a holy buff that when creeps attacks you the buff will explode in a cross like then stuns them for 1 second (increasing the time of stun per lvl)

    2nd skill: Mighty Chop
    >active skill
    >dealing damage to the target enemy then lowers their physical and magic defense and making them slow

    3rd skill: Deadly Blessing
    >passive skill
    >a blessing that gives allies a bonus critical strike and lowers enemies damage

    4th skill: Benediction
    >active skill
    >calling the holy power within you which restores hp and mp in 5 sec. of all your allied hero also yourself but only you will have 3 permanent guardians will be summon to help you in battle. (increased the time of restoring and your guardians)

    hope you liked it. :))
    i will love it it if my suggestion is approved.

    <3 thanks <3

  105. K'jilkkor "Calibur Assasin"

    1st skill- Repentance "+15 to all attributes"
    2nd skill- Demon fury "Slashes the enemy 2 times with 80 damage"
    3rd skill- Malicous Awakening "All units are sacrificed for health and mana"(lvl1)80 are recieved(lvl2)130 are recieved (lvl3)220 are recieved (lvl4)300 are recieved
    4th skill(Ultimate) "Hero will be invincible and will summon a spirit dragon with massive damage and stun (lvl1) damage-360 stun-2 sec. (lvl2) damage-490 stun-3 sec. (lvl3) damage-610 stun-4.50

  106. how to use shadow fiend?

  107. Here is my new Hero: Johnny and Jimmy, the Mortar Team. the model is the mortar from the humans civ from war3.

    Damage 42-48
    Armor 2
    Movementspeed 280
    Base attacktime 1.7

    Str 23+2.4
    Agi 1.2+1.5
    Int 2.1+2.0(primmary) Range of 600 ( the projectile is same as Techies)

    1.Gunpowder: Every 20/15/10/5 secs jimmy prepares some gunpowder, the next attack will do 40/80/120/160 bonus damage to the next targte and 40/80/120/160 damage in 400 aoe around the target ( the animtion is simmilar to sniper sharpnell) ManaCost is 75. Cooldown 20/15/10/5 secs. Castrange( 600) Damage type: Phisical

    2.Warteam. Johnyy and Jimmy are starting to work more effective increasing the the Gunpowder aoe by 25/50/75/100 Malfuntion Missle( next spell) Speed by 100/150/200/250 and damage by 30/60/90/120 and his ultimate( Still dont know what name to put) cooldown reduces by 10/15/20/25 secs.

    3.Malfuncion Missle. Johnny sends a misslce to a hero that starts with 200 ms and gros the ms by 50 every seconds until it reaches the hero( cap of 800 ms) if other hero comes closer to the rocket then the primmary target the rocket will chase the closer hero but reduces the damage by 20% for each hero that comes closer to the rocket, The damage is 100/200/300/400 the rocket is invulnerable( the rocket is simmilar to gyro rocket) Manacost 125/150/175/200 Cooldown 24/22/20/18 secs Cast range 1000

    Damage type Magical

    Note: the rocket will self destroy if the the hero moves more than 1500 away in 3 secs and if there is no other hero closer to the rocket.

    Ulti: Jimmy Prepares some rockets while Johnny seeks for every hero in the map. for each 1.5 secs he will realease a rocket( similar to clockwerl) to the closest hero in the map. the missle moves with the speed of 2800. Deals 150/275/400 damage and stuns for 1.75/2/2.25 secs. Channeling skill. Cast range: N/A. Manacost constant 200. Cooldown 160/130/100 secs. The ulti will end if he is silenced. Cannot afect more than once every hero.

    Notes: Damage type Magical

    I hope u like my hero ;D Comment below if u have any balance changes about this hero

  108. icefrog please female strenght hero xD