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Dota 6.65 6v6 Ver.1 Map - Dota-Allstars 6v6

dota 6.65 6v6Dota-Allstars 6.65 6v6 Ver.1 map has just released by God-Tony. This map is basically a Dota 6.65 map with one more player on each side. Enjoy the map!

Dota 6.65 6v6 Ver.1 Download Link

DotA_Allstars_v6.65_6v6_Ver.1.w3x via Gamewebz
DotA_Allstars_v6.65_6v6_Ver.1.w3x via RapidShare

If you find a bug on this Dota 6.65 6v6, report it directly in this post.

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  2. its just an expression of commenting first at a certain topic.. no matter how irritated you are they won't stop so just get used to it

  3. wow...tis is is 6.65 omG?

  4. Beyond GodLike!!!!

  5. 3 lane so each lane 2 hero will cover..hahah hard games..

  6. good game if you have good teams not some leaver noobs..

  7. lets see.... 6.65 AI will be released 1st or OMG

  8. Check out Dota 6.65 changelog and download the new dota version at

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  12. i hope both 6.65AI and OMG will release at the same time


  14. Damn, can't stop playing HON, wanna go back to Dota but still in HON. Nice heroes released by Icefrog.

  15. when playing this map with -sp, 2 bonus player never be shuffled

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