Dota 6.63 - Dota-Allstars 6.63 (Released!) Official Map Changelogs News & Update - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.63 - Dota-Allstars 6.63 (Released!) Official Map Changelogs News & Update

Dota 6.63Dota 6.63 - Dota-Allstars 6.63 Map Download, Changelog News and Update. Dota 6.62 is finally released together with Patch 1.24b. Now, what will happen to Dota 6.63? IceFrog already give a hint on the PlayDota forums that it Dota 6.63 will likely consist of several balance. 

Final Update: It's released! Check the Dota-Allstars 6.63 post!

Update 7 September 2009 (IceFrog's Blog)

I am still actively working on the next balance patch. The first thing I started on a couple of weeks ago (after we were finally done with 6.62/1.24) was experimenting with a bunch of different item changes (heart, bloodstone, treads, phase boots, pipe and many more). No changes are set in stone yet though, since they all revolve around each other in many ways, so naturally some items will get changes and some won't. There are also lots of different balance tweaks for heroes. I think it is shaping up to be a nice gameplay update overall though.

I may end up releasing 6.63 with a bunch of balance improvements sooner and then follow up with another patch for some more adjustments, depending on how things go during the next week or two.

There will also be a nice surprise for everyone in 6.63

Wow! What kind of surprise await us on Dota 6.63 ^^? I'm curious..

Update 1 September 2009 (IceFrog's Blog)

I've added HLC support to 6.63. This functionality allows leagues that use hosting bots to handle the game mode functions directly.

While the feature will still be tested to ensure that there are no unexpected side effects, I wanted to give leagues an early notice about this frequently requested feature.

Great, this will great help to the bots on hosting Dota 6.63 above ;)

Update 26 August 2009 (IceFrog's Blog)
The 6.62 release seems to be a smooth one so far, no major bugs reported yet.

I am starting 6.63 development now. This patch will be primarily focused on balance improvements.

If there are any changes you'd like to suggest, please feel free. When making recommendations though, try to explain why you think a change would be good and what level of play you refer to.

Yeah, at last, the Dota 6.63 development has started! :D

Update 26 August 2009 (PlayDota Forums)

I don't know the release date. If we don't need a 6.62b, then 6.63 will immediately start development. It will be mostly balance changes, so it won't be a long time like the previous ones.

Well, at least after several months we've been busy with the new patch, now we can hope for new content/changes :) 

This post will be the place for updating information regarding Dota 6.63. If you have any information about Dota-Allstars 6.63 or even Dota 6.63 Beta, feel free to drop it here ;) Any IceFrog updates about Dota 6.63 also will be placed here. Until then, share your wish about Dota 6.63 ;)

And don't forget to subscribe by email or reader so you can have Dota 6.63 as soon as it is released :)

Final Update: It's released! Check the Dota-Allstars 6.63 post!

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  1. Second!! xD
    and Double killed....xD

  2. Third..

    Kiling spree..
    triple kill !!!

    i hope it will have a nice changes ;)

  3. 4th

    Ultra Killed...!!!!

    change Troll still very unbalanced...caused of third skill combine with first skill..he just can non-stop stun and kill...although he just have a Power Thread...what the fucking can just imagine if he still use never touch him and die.....fucking unbalance...just change this suck hero...

  4. Rampage!!!

    Remove Techies!! I hate to play against him!! :)

  5. add a new icon for riki's 2nd spell
    add a visual effect for riki's 2nd spell
    add a new icon for nessaj's 2nd spell
    add a new icon for enigma's 1st spell
    add a new icon for naga siren's ulti(4th spell)
    add a new icon for batrider's 1st spell
    add a new icon for salrdar's ulti(4th spell)[very good the new bash icon)
    add a new icon for bristleback's ukti(4th spell)
    add a new icon for broodmother's 3rd spell
    add a new icon for spiritbreaker's ulti(4th spell)
    add a new icon for centaur's 2nd spell
    add a new icon for maiden's 1st spell(very good the visual effect)
    add a new icon for faceless void's 1st and 4th spell(ulti)
    add a new visual effect fot venomancer's 1st spell
    add a new icon for courier item(nice icon of flying courier)
    add new icons for the first 3 spells of dragon knight
    add a new visual effect for dragon's 2nd spell
    add a new icon for necrolyte's ulti(4th spell)
    add a visual aura for mekansm,pipe,Headdress of Rejuvenation(like assualt,vladimir's aura,ring of bassilus)

    add items for MANASTEALING(like lifestealing,mask of death-dominator-satanic)

    add new heroes(kodo beast,rider,hippogryph and other units-heroes from warcraft campaign)

    sange yasha recipe have to cost 500 gold (like previously)

    remove mini pudge from courier item
    remove mini heroes mode(it doen't suitable for dota-allstars)
    remove splash-frost damage WHEN DRAGON KNIGHT(IS FROST DRAGON) HIT A TOWER

    increase the cooldown of dragon knight's ulti(4th spell)
    reduse the cooldown of nortrom's ulti(4th spell)

    Aiusha should be agility(and reduse a bit her 1st spell)

    remove neutrals creeps which resemble heroes(like centaur,dazzle,meepo,rikimaru,ursa warrior,ogre magi)and replace them with harpies thunder lizards and other warcraft units

    The current aghanims is extremely good for non intelligent heroes.The effect of Aghanim's scepter must only be available for ALL intelligent

    change the pit lord's ulti(he cant kill a hero by himself)=(make an ulti relative with his own spells

    It's a good idea ,lich can have the visual effect(surrounding with frost) only when he makes aghanim's scepter

    add visual effects to heroes(intelligent) when make aghanim's)like furion and others)

    turn the infernal from warlock's spell to hero and place an another spell for him

    plus a command for attactk speed -as(like movement speed -ms)
    plus 2 new weather effects:-weather sunlight(like moonlight) and -weather storm(lightning and rain or lightning)(its from wacraft campaing)

    bloodseeker's 3d spell should be passive like bristleback's ulti(4th spell)

    change balanaar's aura
    balanaar's aura should be visible only in night time

    chage the visual effect from pudge's 2nd spell(yellow to light green like the pudge of warcraft campaign)

  6. @above...

    wtf??? got so many complaining..sure u got pawned hard by someone XD

    but i think the map alrdy well balanced.

  7. You can add new runes...

  8. Agree for the new runes..
    theres a Haste rune, why not a IAS(increase atk speed rune)?

  9. the idea of new runes are already out a while ago but still not implemented.. its on some dota discussion boards..

    btw alief.. ur title sounded like it has been released already.. by time the map is officially released, this comments sure be hell packed T_T

    make some adjustments on the post title.. just my 2 cents

  10. @pluginbaby - Hmm.. Maybe you're right. I will take that into my consideration. Thanks ;)

  11. Вот это да... Финиш... Наверное пора бы уже расслабиться и отдохнуть Спасибо

  12. @above

    what the shyt?

  13. Ahh... I want my old jakiro back... the new abillity in place of AUTO FIRE is Way friggen weaker... He is hard anough to play with without taking away he's only real tool for creaping.... Anyway wats the point of having a dragon that cant turn a battle field into a raging inferno of fire :)

  14. i agree with @above
    anyway, why not make a new hero which is female strength type, i think there is still none of which...
    something that looks like an amazon girl maybe..

  15. i think new "for fun only" game mode or new game commands like seeing ally's or enemy's move speed and creep stats

  16. what happen if
    -tiny with grow
    -knight davion in dragon form
    -alchemist in chemical rage
    accquired an illusion rune?
    wtf small tiny..
    fix it..

  17. ilusion runes for tiny got fixed already -__-

  18. change queen of pain's slow

  19. 1st:
    Add Spell Imunity Rune
    Add Spell DD
    Add Acloyte as a Hero
    Replace Miners 3rd power with Another Atribute point but this is
    1st LvL +2 All stats
    2nd LvL +5 All Stats
    3rd LvL +10 All Stats
    4th LvL +20 All Stats
    Make Sange Buff Places not Orb Effect
    Remove Trolls 2nd power (Tottaly Usless ) and add Power that adds MS
    1st LvL + 20 MS
    2nd LvL + 30 MS
    3rd LvL + 40 MS
    4th LvL + 50 MS
    Thats All :)

  20. I agree with Troll changeing 2nd power... well i wanted to say
    Can you make a mod like
    -MS but to type -AS for us to see Attack Speed of our heros?

  21. Are u retarded? Srsly, do u think icefrogs reads on a page like this? XD

    @techie and troll buff

    20 to all Stats and 50ms ? Dream on.


  22. troll 2nd skill totally useless for noob..

  23. Above...agree with u....but if change to level Up MS it toooooo unbalanced......troll already too strong le....2nd skill noob no effect...just ignore it....xD

  24. troll is just fine, people complaining must'v been bash by troll really hard.. lot of heroes can beat troll, specially skill type heroes.. it all depends upon the player..

    and to the thought of having new runes, that would be great, specially like haste but on AS.. or a rune that would make you spell immuned for a period of time..

    also, a female melee strength type hero would be amazing.. imagine rylai or lina slapping ur face hahaha but still that would look cool

  25. add item that increases range :D

  26. troll is well balanced already.. troll could still own if it is over farmed and with the right item.. buffing troll would make it overbalanced again..

  27. Hahahah nice one.... change the second of troll LOL!!!!! it will make it unbalance if you set anything else but i agree its a tottaly useless power ..... couse ffs just buy MKB and 100 % chance of hit SO I WOULD SAY THE MOST RETARDED POWER IN GAME .....

  28. - Aghanim Scepter doesn't need any change for the recipe now. Mystic Staff recipe for Aghanim sucks. Who wants more mana for Abaddon, Barathum, and other STR and AGI hero?

    - Troll 2nd spell is well. But it will be more useful if it is AoE, and it will cost more mana too.

    - Right, many icon and visual from skill need to be changed too.

    - Change Necrolyte Heartstopper Aura from HP removal to negative regeneration. I'm sure u understand what I say.

    - Reduce Silencer's ulti cooldown, or make him available on Aghanim ulti improvement.

  29. i agree with aghanims for silencer, he's a great support type hero, vero nice for team play..

  30. "Change Necrolyte Heartstopper Aura from HP removal to negative regeneration. I'm sure u understand what I say"

    This change would suck.

    And about troll's blind - try to level it up in the laning phase and then tell me it sucks. Or do you think that 20% extra AS is SO much better in early game?
    Also at lvl 4 it has only 6 sec cd, so you can easily cast it on the 2 most dangerous dpsers.

  31. Indeed.
    Remember, that TRUE STRIKE from MKB works differently on ranged heroes, as it is working like an orbeffect. Blind can be really useful early on. Some misses while lasthitting and denying (and i know most of you dont even do this) can be critical. And blinding a meleestunner (like bara or void) will cause them to consider buying a MKB and risking their own bashes

  32. But Heartstopper Aura i think in it's name (heartstopper) is to stop regenerating health, not dealing damage. So it looks like Oblivion Nether Ward mana degen aura for enemy. What do u think?

    Maybe Silencer Aghanim ulti improvement must be 120 sec CD and silence enemy from not only using skill, but from using item's active, like Doom without DoT.

  33. remake terrorblade and furion

  34. i am so happy absolutely none of you have any impact on the balancing process

  35. I know this is DotA and all but the original heroes they have in HoN are kickass. You might want to consider the Nymphora, Zephyr, Electrician, and most of all the Puppet Master.

  36. Who cares about HoN?This is DotA blog.

  37. what would be fun would a special mode where all start 25 with 30000gold... a mode to test late game heroes and builds. anyway should not be allowed items like divine rapier.

  38. I agree. But I think late game heroes will win, because most nukes will be ineffective, and most late game heroes are depend on items. How to make it two modes:
    - All heroes start with level 1 and 30000 gold.
    - All heroes start with level 25 and regular gold.

  39. Change the mechanics of the random char generator pls. Exploit's been ard for quite some time... guaranteed to get SF, void, necrolyte or the Axe with proper timing with the -ah command

  40. why range hero can use eye of skadi + helm of dominator and no orb effect???
    change it... :0

  41. hey everyone, here is a rumored changelog from this site, and i translated it using google translate. most of it makes no sense but the two things i can clearly make out are:
    -Mirana attack range dropped by 25
    -Netherotoxin no longer works on creeps

    Here's the site:

    and the translation:
    -TC attracts the deceleration to avoid harm to both ignore the magic magic-free void collapse delays changed from 0.5 seconds 1.25 seconds CD changed 90/90/90
    -SVEN Tactical Roar Magic is now instantaneous duration of 6 seconds into 9 seconds
    -slightly reduced the captain Quan stayed in the air time to refine the animation
    -Centaur chiefs now comes with a passive return of blood per second speed 2/3/4/5
    -Skeleton King Vampire ratio is now attacking the decision from an average of up to 50% (to be tested)
    - 6 Beastmaster vulture W Stealth keyboard shortcuts instead increased to 10 seconds duration is limited to a number of stealth
    -gods warrior operation duration, blood circulation increased to 25 seconds
    -Matt Shield can not remove slowing effects of frost of grief changed to reduce the 10% / 15/20/25 Speed 3.5 seconds duration
    -improved LYCAN attracts the state attack animation
    -enhance the strength of growth in NS 0.2 is now an initial strength of 26
    -POTM range reduced by 25
    -variants Wizard 3 seconds after the attack has been a hero can not use the deformation
    - to improve naga siren attack animation
    - Equipment A battle is now 50 points to improve luna moonlight injury
    -viper Nether toxic will only be valid for a hero
    -redo the soul guard ulti
    -Chakra Magic CD is now for the 20/20/20/20
    -power of 20 +1.7 bat Knight superposition of viscous fuel oil up to 5 times with some skills bug fixes firefly
    -Pulse Star Magic consumption 90 (80) / 125 (105) / 150 (139) scope 400/400/400
    -Voodoo reply will now be the scope of the role of 600

    物品 Items

    -A complement machetes, knives are now able to update the remote short-range form of
    -Two-phase shoes reel 225 is no longer using the skills of the lifting phase of the state
    -insulation will result in the state of 25 seconds was re-insulation effect can not be
    -ejection Wand now has the power to intellectual version of Agile ejection 5.007501 billion respectively, the distance
    -whirlpool / Quake triggers have a higher probability of short-range (37%)
    -Dark attacks need to eliminate secret Yinchui +48 * 2
    -Mirage ax 15% of the entire property Gongsu 20 speed 16 agility 10% damage 40% of the remote avatar avatar 50% of the short-range damage limits of law need to Yaksha + balls * 2
    -Tu magic power of 15 attack 55 attack speed has crippled the ball loose Chinese + France inspired gem

  42. i dont think those changes are for real.. i had troubles understanding some of the words lol..

  43. how about you read my post again which clearly says, in the first sentence, that it was through google translate and therefore its gong to be confusing.

  44. @Will - Wow! Nice info Will! ^^ I'd really interested and searching for a while on that site (using google translate of course ;p). Too bad there's no map or screenshots to validate it ^^;

  45. wow.The loading screen is so cool!!!

  46. wow.The loading screen is so cool!!!

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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