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Dota 6.62 Map - Dota-Allstars 6.62 Official Map Released!

Dota-Allstars 6.62

Dota 6.62 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.62 Official Map has just released! The new map doesn't have new content and only contains technology updates to compliance Dota with the brand new Warcraft 1.24b Patch. You can get the Dota 6.62 download link in this post along with the changelogs. Well, let's check the Dota 6.62 map!

* Full map rewrite to the new 1.24 code architecture

Check my blog at if you want to know more about 1.24 and 6.62.

Because of the amount of new code in this patch, I recommend tournaments wait at least a few days before adopting it.

Here is some explanation from the IceFrog Blog:
This update is a technology update only. While it has no new content, it is a required step that we have to take because it is not possible to update maps on Warcraft 3 after 1.24 patch due to the new code architecture.

I've rewritten most of DotA over the past 1-2 months to the new code base. If everything goes smoothly, this will enable updating to occur normally once again.

Because of the amount of new code in this patch, I recommend that tournaments wait at least a few days before adopting this version.

Thanks to everyone that participated in testing the new code.

Dota 6.62 Download Link:
Dota 6.62 Download - Warcraft Map Mirror
Dota 6.62 Download - GetDota Mirror

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If you already upgraded into Patch 1.24b, enjoy the Dota 6.62! If you haven't upgrade, connect to server now. If you cannot connect into Battle.Net, you can check the Update 1.24b Patch Offline post and download the patch manually. 

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.62 AI post.

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  1. 1st.. ^^,

    ayos toh..

    gg na mga unggoy..

    Ultra Kill :)

    say say say!


  2. 2nd

    yeah!! it's already out!!

  3. third 1...
    killing spreessssssss

  4. no new changes for hero or item *sigh......

  5. yeah.. its for 1.24b patch and above version for the time being.. using it for version lower than 1.24b will result in unfunctional abilities and even war3 crashing

  6. so is it to say that ~

    1.24a - 6.61c
    1.24b - 6.62

  7. Hey Alief,

    I've really admired your work with DotA news and such over the years. Now that I've switched over to playing DotA 2 (League of Legends), I'm wondering if you would like a beta key?

    Let me know.


  8. @Warrition - Sure, i'd love it. It wouldn't be any harm to try new things :)

  9. LoL is fun... if you like ripoffs that dont add anything but "better" graphics. Im sure Guinsoo & Pendragon will throughly pump the community for ideas and balance since Guinsoo was never very good at either.

    I hear it will have different maps though, like a logical progression for the genre taken from FPS games.

  10. @Warrition- can u give me beta keys for League of Legends too plss....

  11. Alief,

    Cool; what's the best way for me to get your e-mail address (without sharing it with everyone)?

    Anonymous: How can LoL be a rip-off, when it's created by the inventor of DotA-Allstars (and responsible for the majority of the current heroes, I might add). But, to each his own I suppose.

    But I encourage everyone to give it a try before passing judgment. It's different from DotA, and is more accessible -- but at its core is just as competitive, imo.

    Gargoyle, I don't have an additional spare key right now, but if you read the forums every day you can sometimes find links to free keys.

  12. On, and Anonymous? I just re-read your post, and saw that you don't think Guinsoo had very good ideas. Are you telling me you don't like heroes like Pudge, PA, and Tiny? These and dozens more were invented by Guinsoo.

    It's sad how people hear someone say things like "Guinsoo sucked at balance! Guinsoo didn't make the fun heroes!" ...and then parrot those ideas as their own. It's a sad, sad internet. :(

  13. @Warrition - You can check my email in the contact page :)

  14. My query is how will this effect competitive Dota. As far as I can see the main problems lies with the fact that the official stable map is 6.59d which doesn't work on 1.24 patch.

  15. para sa mga filipinong masaya dahil may bagong mapa.
    walang nagbago sa mapang eto.
    ang patch ng karamihan d2 sa pilipinas ay 1.20e
    dhil puro iligal mga cd d2.
    kea aun.
    intay n lng ntin nxt map.^^
    wala ka kse makakalaro sa gg na nka1.24 ehh.XD.
    un lng po.^^

  16. change Troll still very unbalanced...caused of third skill combine with first skill..he just can non-stop stun and kill...although he just have a Power Thread...what the fucking can just imagine if he still use never touch him and die.....fucking unbalance...just change this suck hero...

  17. To Anonymous (the one who wants to change Troll Warlord) You are stupid! I know people who can kill troll with ease with all of its (troll) skills maxed out. Troll Warlord is not an imbalanced hero and he does not suck. The only sucker I see here is you because it's not the hero that matters but rather the person using it. Quit being a bitch, noob.

  18. beta keys of LOL???? plz do share with me too if u have extras :P .. override182[at] .. thanks in advance

    guinsoo was the genius in the 1st place.. he was the pioneer of dota.. one of the person who created such gamestyle..

    guinsoo then left dota.. everyone has their own purpose.. guinsoo decided to release a commercial game based on wut the studied and practiced while trying to develop dota..

    but now.. dota has been established and its a pain for him to try and make LOL a lil bit different from dota (eventho its only same via playstyle) to prevent uneducated ppl from flaming him and to patent it as unique content..

    everyone has a life btw.. guinsoo started off as a public free map maker to a commercial game developer.. there is a reason y.. when a person had the ability to perform such great things, y not turn it into a profession.. and thats wut he did..

    icefrog might just do the same thing one day too.. lets just hope that who ever replace icefrog, would be better and generate better content for dota :)

  19. To many people who know nothing of DotAs history.

    Guinsoo never invented anything. DotA was made by Euls for RoC WC3. Euls got the idea from AoS on SC. Guinsoo took RoC DotA including the map layout, put it on TFT, took a bunch of RoC heros and ones from all the other versions of DotA being made at the time, and made Allstars.

    The original Tiny was nothing like the Tiny in the game now. The old Tiny (like so many old heros) was terribly balanced. Old PA was a copy from other DotAs. Pudge in his various original implementations was AWFUL. I believe it was Neichius that made the Pudge that we have today, it wasnt Guinsoo, sorry.

    Guinsoo did take the map layout suggestions and item combinations system and put them in DotA, so he did do some good things for DotA, even if he never came up with a single one.

    Heres Guinsoons version of DotA. 10 min loads, horribly imabalanced heros with map wide abilies, horribly imbalanced str heros with x3 crits and 3s 300 damage stuns, and boring basic ladder abilites.

    Then he starts making LoL (fitting name) after Ice turns the game into what it is now by rebalancing and recoding the shit outta the map and adding heros that are actually fun and balanced and have nice synergy.

    Guinsoo was a moron, I used to beta test the old versions ffs.

    The only good thing about these new clones is that they can have multiple maps like FPS games easier. Something that was suggested long ago as a possible idea for DotA but was never implemented because people didnt like the idea of having to download multiple maps.

    SC2 data editor puts those clones to shame anyways.

  20. That's the funny thing about history: everyone has their own memory of things; everyone thinks they are right.

    Guinsoo did great things for DotA, whether or not you want to believe it. He created AllStars (which succeeded where other TFT mods, including Eul's DotA 2, had failed), and came up with dozens of fun heroes and ideas.

    Icefrog has also done great things for DotA. In my opinion, he has innovated less, but balanced more. This is a good thing for the stage that DotA is at.

    But in the end, you can only judge League of Legends by playing it. This game is the spiritual successor to DotA-Allstars, made by the same creator. Most DotA pros have a hard time adjusting to it, but after they give it some time, most again enjoy it more than DotA. Guinsoo has high hopes for LoL as an eSport, something which DotA has never been able to achieve.

    Time will tell.

  21. Played all the DotA clones. The graphics are ok but nothing really special. The game play is basically carbon copy with either completely copied heros or hero "remakes" which are basically just copies with suffled around abilites which are straight outta WC3 DotA. Go back every now and then to see if they put anything interesting in.

    As for any of them becoming an eSport lol. I hope they have lots of money or sponsership backing to throw a lot of cash/prizes towards tournys, otherwise they wont be any more sucessful than DotA. Icefrog has done a good job getting the map to a level where it can be a legitimate competitive game.

  22. i have either League of Legends AND Heroes of Newerth Beta keys

    and i must say, even if HON is cleary a copy of dota, with heros, items, and so being "Equal" to dota, except for they names.

    i think is better than LoL, ya, they coppid a LOT of dota, but have introduced a lot too, the "anti-leaver" system, is all i wanted for DOTA, and work great on HON

    LoL, is on contrary, not a "copy" of Dota, but its copies the gameplay, maybe i didnt like much because i am not used with itens/abilityes of the heros

    well, that is my opinion

    and Alief, if you dont have a HON beta key, i have some invites left

  23. @Sandman - Wow, i'd love to have one, can you invite me? :)

  24. @Sandman - Just received, thanks a lot :)

  25. Sandman,

    Yeah, I didn't like LoL at first either; it sucks when you die and have no idea why.

    LoL will have a good anti-leaver system, but it's not there yet. They still have a long way to go before they're release-ready.

  26. i'm not sure if this is a bug or not,
    but Luna's second skill doesnt work with MKB's trueshot (if it's activated)

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  30. I rememberred my imba moves in this map ^^