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Dota 6.60 Beta 46 Map - Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46

dota allstars 6.60 beta 46 Dota 6.60 Beta 46 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46 Map (before is Dota 6.60 Beta 45, just added Beta 46). The previous Dota 6.60 Beta post comment is already reach more than 300 comment and become harder to read. So, i decided created this fresh new post so it would be easier to us to discuss the new beta map, Dota 6.60 beta 46 :)

In this Beta map, Tauren Chieftain already have complete skill set, there's massive changes on items and even more new items (WTF!). Check the post for pictures and changes.


In this picture, Tauren Chieftain already has complete skill set and he is wearing new items ^^

Now Aghanim is viable for many heroes, not only intelligence heroes

For new heroes pictures and skills, you can check Batrider post and Tauren Chieftain post. You can also discuss both heroes on their respective post :)

Dota 6.60 Beta 45 Changes Summary (relatively to Dota 6.60 Beta 21)

Below is a compilation from redrach analysis about the changes and other feedback:

Heroes Changes

Huskar has been hugely buffed now with indefinitely stacking Burning Spears, and Aghanim's that increases damage done to enemy by his ultimate (65% of their HP) and a reduced cooldown (15 -> 8!!) Looks like Aghanim's is *the* item of choice on him now.

Razor has been remade to be less of a point-and-click hero. Chain lightning has been replaced by 'Plasma Field' - a huge AoE nuke that hits twice if you micro, and his ultimate is now an active that attacks one unit at random. I'm unsure what 'Static Link' does, but presumably his ultimate has been coded to attack the linked enemy in particular.
All-in-all he seems harder to play, but I'm unsure if he's stronger than his 6.59d counterpart. (He's definitely weaker than his imba 6.60 beta 21 version)

Medusa now has an AoE Purge for her ultimate ('Stony Gaze' - fits her theme better)! But it only works on enemies that attack her (or are facing her? Unsure.) Which means its useless while chasing. Bit of a nerf there. Chain Lightning has been replaced by 'Mystic Snake' which just seems to be a slower version of Chain Lightning. There must be more to it, but I can't tell.

Sniper's changes really disappoint me. Scattershot has been replaced by 'Shrapnel' - a 30% AoE slow that does 40 dps over 10 seconds at level 4. Unfortunately such a skill would only slightly boost Sniper's survivability, and the slow only affects units in the AoE to boot. Which means he's still gank fodder.
Also now he can no longer one-hit creep waves, making him more of a sucky farmer.
Aghanim's now reduces his ultimate's casting time and increases range.

Items Changes

- Pipe of Khandahar (1500g), item that allows you to activate 'Ghost Form', an ability that makes you invulnerable to attacks, makes you unable to attack, but lets you cast spells. Unsure if you take more damage from spells in Ghost Form, or if you're even targetable. Would make it a decrepify clone, except without the MS reduction.
- Talisman of Evasion (1800g), gives you 25% evasion.
- Monkey King Bar now has 'True Strike', a passive that ensures your attacks always hit (bypasses evasion). Which means it counters the above item.
(The two changes above severely hurt Mortred. Now any agility hero can cheaply (relative to Butterfly) obtain evasion, and also counter Mortred's evasion.)
- Quelling Blade (300g), cheap new item that gives +40% damage (20% for ranged) vs. non-hero units. Clearly an item meant to help melee heroes farm. Good starting item for Void, IMO.
- The Leveller, upgrade for Quelling Blade. Gives a lot of +stats (lots of +agi), plus 40% damage to non-hero units and 60% damage to buildings (20% and 30% for ranged). This relatively cheap item should help a lot of melee agility heroes contribute more to their team in pushes, as well as help them farm better. Prediction: Battlefury + Leveller will be the new in-thing for pubbers to get.
- Poor Man's Shield, upgrade for Stout Shield that gives 100% chance to reduce hero damage by 25. Seems like a completely useless item to me, esp. now that Vanguard has a 70% chance to block 40 damage from all sources (up from 65%), even though it's quite a bit cheaper than Vanguard.
- Manta Style is now an upgrade for Yasha (wtf). It has Illussion (actives), no longer give Feedback orb, and only gives +stats and bonus move and attack speed (wtf). Needless to say, this is a bizarre change.
- Diffusal Blade is now upgradable like Dagon! (Level 1 - +22 agi, +6 int, burns 20 mana, Level 2 - +36 agi, +10 int, burns 36 mana) Upgrading the recipe refills Purge charges (8). Now it's a strong item on its own.
- Sange and Yasha no longer needs a recipe, so it's 500g cheaper overall.
- Reduced Hammer cost by 10
- Rapier back to +250 damage
- Reduced Radiance Recipe cost
- Vanguard now gives 70% block

Maelstrom's recipe and stats have changed:
Mithril Hammer (1600g) + Gloves of Haste (500g) + Recipe (900g) = Maelstrom (3000g)
Grants +24 damage, +15 attack speed, and a 20% ctc 150 damage Chain Lightning.

Now the items reflect the theme (Mithril Hammer -> Hammer icon of Maelstrom) as well as synergize with the proc (more attack speed = more Chain Lightning procs)

Butterfly recipe changed:
Eaglehorn (3300g) + Quarterstaff (900g) + Talisman of Evasion (1800g) [No Recipe]

Other Changes
New System of messages when one takes a rune.
Completely revamped LR
Courier now has new skill , Return Home
Emphasis to farming , many tool-tips now have " Damage to non-hero units "
Undying's Tombstone AoE dropped a lot (for instance at 4 its 1200->1000).

Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 Download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 via Warcraft Map
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 via Easy-share
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 via RapidShare

Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46 Download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46 via Warcraft Map
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46 via Easy-share
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 46 via RapidShare

Well, after seeing this map, i bet Dota 6.60 is one of the map that contain HUGE changes! This post is the second part of Dota 6.60 Beta Map post, i recommend to check Dota 6.60 Beta 21 post before read this one. If you found changes that not yet posted here, feel free to dropped by ^^

And don't forget to subscribe by email or reader so you can have Dota 6.60 as soon as it is released :)

If you feel your name isn't here, feel free to drop a comment ;)

PS : Don't worry, this map is safe and doesn't contain Warcraft Map Virus

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  1. lets play "guess how long until dota utilities steals it and puts it on their website."

  2. balanar with scepter is sweet btw. you can't juke him around trees now.

    pugna 0 cd life drain with scepter

    juggy 10 slashes

  3. New heroes that can get agh...

    Huskar, Clockwerk, Panda, Chaos Knight, Pudge, Spiritbreaker, Sandking, Abaddon, Night Stalker.

    Vengeful Spirit, Yunero, Dwarven sniper, Faceless void.

    Windrunner, Bane, Shadow Priest, Invoker.

    Might of missed a few but those ive seen right now. Also the item that gives +40% dmg vs non-hero units and item that gives +60% dmg vs buildings stacks exponentially, I hope this is changed in release (sven with 6 of the 300 gold cost item cleaves for 1300 at level 25 with ult on, that's just stupid...)

  4. Many gay stuff in this beta (:
    But LR is revamped badly ):

  5. Noob_barnet first shared this map on dota-utilities you took map and abusing sad ((

  6. if your hero respawns and your not looking at the fountain, it pings the base and tells you your hero repsanwned

    List of heros that upgrade with scepter:
    Faceless Void: 3/4/5 duration => 4/5/6 duration
    Vengeful Spirit: 45 second cooldown => 10 second cooldown
    Dwarven Sniper: reduces cast time, and 1500/2000/2500 range => 2500/3000/3500 range
    Juggernaut: 3/5/6 slashes => 4/7/10 slashes
    Luna: 4/7/10 beams => 4/8/12 beams; limit 4 per target => 5 per target

    Crystal Maiden: 105/170/250 dmg => 170/250/310 dmg
    Holy Knight: 120 cooldown => 25 cooldown
    Zeus: 210/335/460 dmg => 335/460/570 dmg
    Furion: 140/180/225 dmg => 155/210/275 dmg
    lina: 450/675/950 dmg => 600/875/1150 dmg
    Windrunner: 50/40/30 % reduction => 35/25/15 % reduction
    invoker: 30/25/12/5 cd => 16/8/4/2 cd ;20/50/80/110 mana => 0 mana
    Orge magi: 20% chance => 30% chance; 2/3/4 times => 3/4/5 times
    Leshrac: 66/11/144 dmg => 88/133/177 dmg
    Jakiro: 75/125/175 dmg => 125/175/225 dmg ; increase creation rate (seems to double)
    Shadow Priest: 12/18/24 duration => 18/24/30 duration; 600 AoE => looks like 1000 AoE
    rhasta: 8 wards => 10 wards
    Witch Doctor: 60/90/120(one bounce) dmg => 90/120(one bounce)/150(3 targets) dmg
    Bane Elemental: 100/155/215 dmg => 155/215/270 dmg
    Lion: 500/650/850 dmg => 600/800/1025 dmg
    Lich: 280/370/460 dmg => 370/460/550 dmg ; increased cast range.
    Necroylte: .4/.6/.9 dmg per hp => .6/.9/1.2 dmg per hp
    Oblivion: 95/140/185 drain => 170/200/300 drain ; 22 cd => 0 cd
    Queen of Pain: 290/430/600 dmg => 340/530/725 dmg
    Panderan Brewmaster: improves strength cooldown and duration
    Clockwork: 80/60/40 cd => 15 cd ; allows hooking to allies
    Sacred Worrier: 50% dmg => 65% dmg 45/30/15 cd => 24/16/8 cd
    Sandking: 6/8/10 pulses => 7/9/11 pulses; 140/120/100 cd => 120/100/80 cd
    Spiritbreaker: 75 cd => 20 cd
    Chaos Knight: 20 duration => 30 duration ; 180 cd => 90 cd
    Doom Bring: 40/60/80 dmg => 50/70/90 dmg; 12/14/16 duration => 14/16/18 duration; 160/130/100 cd => 90/80/70 cd
    Abaddon: 3/4/5 duraiton => 5/6/7 duration
    Night Stalker: gives flying vision at night
    Pudge: 75/125/175 dmg => 1/2/3 x str as dmg (says absorbs hp... is it a drain?)

  7. heyy alief check more images here...

  8. " Nictor said...
    Noob_barnet first shared this map on dota-utilities you took map and abusing sad ((

    sry to burst your bubble... but:

    "sry, I posted bad file, this should be right(no vi...
    ==>>May-03-09, 1:37:00 AM <<==| (noob_bamet_TT)
    sry, I posted bad file, this should be right(no viruses anyway, just the first one doesn't work)"

    from dota-utilities:
    "Dota 6.60 Beta 45 Map Download - Dota Allstars 6.60 Beta 45
    ==>>May-03-09, 9:26:19 PM <<==| (SinnerSynx)"

    notice the time difference... so u and your content stealing dota-utilites can go blow a goat and shove off our blog

  9. Haha, many of these Aghanim upgrades are plain nuts.
    Vengeful Spirit - ultimate cd reduced from 45 to 8!!
    Huskar - ultimate cd reduced from 15 to 8, damage done to enemy hero increased to 65% from 50%!!
    Night Stalker - gives him unobstructed vision (through trees, over cliffs) during night. This may sound trivial, but you need to play him to see how big a buff it is. Remember, NS has the largest vision range of all heroes at night.
    Spiritbreaker - cd reduced from 75s to 20s!!! (wtf he's almost competitive-worthy now)
    Clockwerk - cd reduced from 40s to 15s, and he can target allies!
    Invoker - cd reduced from 5s to 2s (wtf) and mana cost removed (110 -> 0)!!! If you're a pro at rapidly invoking spells, this is a great buff for you.
    Chaos Knight - duration increased to 30s from 20s, and cooldown halved (180 -> 90)!! Potentially very deadly with the new Diffusal Blade buffs.
    Panda - Buffs so many things. Duration, Strength, and cd.
    Pudge - Now deals damage equal and leeches HP equal to a multiple of his STR (1x/2x/3x) per second for 3 seconds! A level 25 Pudge with Aghanims and no other item or flesh str has 130 strength. So that's 390 DPS nuke/heal for 3 seconds. Pretty sweet. (Now imagine an uberfat Pudge with Hearts and dozens of hero kills >:D)

    Some other upgrades are kinda meh.
    Windrunner - damage reduction reduced from 40% to 25%. Considering her ultimate is the worst skill she has, I'm not exactly excited to see this.
    Sniper - Ultimate gains +1000 range and casting time reduced to 1s(?) Great, now he can KS even better. And his ability to actually survive a fight is unchanged.
    Faceless Void - Duration of Chronosphere increased from 5s to 6s. Not much of a change for pubs, but I guess it could be useful in higher level games where the outcome of a match depends on properly getting off AoE spells.
    Atropos - Damage done increased to 270 dps from 215 dps. Not worth the gold cost, IMO.
    Sand King - slight decrease in cd (100 -> 80) and +1 pulse (10 -> 11)

  10. did you forgot to show the screenshot of manta style & difusal blade? they've got significant change in this version...

  11. Shiva's Guard now has -25% MS reduction aura

  12. Can't seem to form Agha in this version. I buy all the component but the item doesn't form. Wierd.

  13. Can't seem to form Agha in this version. I buy all the component but the item doesn't form. Wierd.I think you're making the same mistake I did. When it says two of (Ogre Axe, Staff of Wizardry, Blades of Alacrity), it means two different ones. Two Blades of Alacrity won't do, it has to be a Blade of Alacrity + Ogre Axe/Staff of Wizardry. Or a Ogre Axe + Staff of Wizardry.

    (Ofc, which pair of items you choose doesn't matter in the end, but it helps to buy ingredients that will help your hero while you're waiting to complete the scepter: Like Ogre Axe + Staff of Wizardry on Night Stalker - gives HP, Damage, and mana to cast spells)

  14. ichi

    Phantom AssasinPhantom Strike [B]
    - B is still the keyboard shortcut
    - with 100% ASPD bonus for 3 sec (target only).
    * i spammed it.. lol. (low cd, low mana cost)

    Monkey King BarSame MKB +
    True Strike - passive- Never miss
    * nullifies all evasion skills and items(PA, the Butterfly, troll, mangix, talisman of evasion, etc.)
    [didn't test it vs. DT but it's of different type AFAIK]

    Diffusal BladeUpgradeable to level 2, increases mana burn (same as pre-6.60 manta style)
    * does not upgrade to Manta Style anymore

    Manta Stylerequires yasha + ulti orb; can be disassembledYasha buff + same manta w/o mana burn
    *IMO, a great buff

    Poor Man's Shieldrequires stout shield, 2xslippers of agility100% block vs. hero, 25 dmg.
    +6 agi

    Quillers Blade+40% dmg vs non heroes

    The Leveler*LOL, it IS for levelers!
    requires quillers blade, alacrity, 2xwraith band+40% dmg vs non hero, +60% dmg vs structures

    * .. more to come!

  15. Quelling Blade, works 40% for melee and 20% for ranged attackers. Been trying it out with Medusa to see if it works with split shot. That's 95% damage at level 4 for creeps if it does. Also has anyone tested if it stacks?

  16. Wow, without a doubt Quelling Blade is a must have item for heroes who needs farm (Troll, Void) ^^

    Those new items will changes a lot of strategy guide for sure lol ;p

  17. -Reduced Plane walker's cloak cost to 400
    -Slightly reduced cost on Mask of Madness

  18. lothar recipe change requires claymore instead of hammer and has a 125 damage backstab

  19. Check out the Chicken Courier! It has 2 new skills, one makes it give the hero its items and the other skill tells it to head back to base :D

  20. why the hate on the new shield?

    Its incredibly cheap and really helps the agility carries tank early game.

    I mean, the point of the patch seems pretty obvious if you look at the competitive scene: nobody picks carries anymore. The goal here is to make carries fit into the new metagame, correct?

    So, give them an item that can help them farm (cheap hand of midas pretty much) and give them an item that can help them tank.

    And best of all, since most carries are forced to get wraith bands/slippers to increase their attack early game damage and help them farm, they are now able to conserve the gold even more.

    + No more stupid fucks are going to do things like get Vanguard on every agility hero in the game.

  21. this beta 45 obviously favors agi-type heroes..most items are meant for them!! i dont say i dont like agi-type but i can say im not fond of them, they are so thin..icefrog should have considered balancing the item coz this map really showed big revamped on agi-type heroes!! agi-type are great harassers early-late game compared to the str-types!! icefrog should have given importance on the fact that str. types are no match early game, when mid comes str owned agi..BUT WHEN LATE GAME COMES, AGI DOMINATES STR!! my basis was, most agi are DPSers and item dependent...most gamers on GG n BNET uses agi-type heroes, and now beta 45 is out, i think more gamers will still choose agi-type..why bother to use a str type only get harrassed..the fun of choosing diff types of heroes is gone!!!

  22. Although this benefits competetive/high skilled games it drastically changes stuff for mediocre and below games.
    Those games usually always last until late game and therefore you will probably see more crappy troll/sniper/etc pickers.

    Concerning Medusa Chain Lightning: It gives you back some mana (it jumps back to you at the end). I don't know how the amount is defined but you definitely get back mana.

    Casted it on a single creep: Got back something like 10 mana
    Casted it on a whole creep wave: Got back something like 60-70 mana

    SniperI don't think he's worse than before. Finally it is worth to actually level scattershot instead of just skipping it. A 30% slow in a big aoe is nice for team battles although he's still crap overall.

  23. I go shit shit shit shit!!!!!!!! x100 omg. These are all great changes.


  24. towers seem to regenerate when attacking it with no allied creeps nearby. I have to test this further to be entirely sure. mb this will prevent backdooring?

  25. can anybody check if Crystal Maiden's brilliance aura was nerfed?

  26. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ The "sLAUGHTER" post somewhere up there about the DotA utilities isn't me. I type with proper grammage complete with capitalization and periods and don't make typing errors like "heyy".

    That's a foul move.

  27. * CM: now has Crystal Nova instead of Frost Nova, does same damage to all units in the AoE.
    Brillance nerfed.

    * Dirge: actually Tomb AoE always was 1000 even in 6.59d, it was just a tooltip error.

  28. I just totally pissed of right now, Most of the heroes got buffs but, what about my Techies? Couldn't you at least give his Remote Mines 40 more damage with Aghanim's Scepter or burn the ground they detonate on?

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. what are the new brilliance aura numbers?

  31. Quelling Blade indeed stacks multiplicatively with itself, as well as with Leveller.
    To give you some idea of exactly how broken this is, let's look at the numbers:
    With 1 Quelling Blade, you do 40% more damage to non-hero units, or 1.4 times your normal damage.
    With 2 of them, you do 1.4*1.4 = 1.96x
    With 4 of them, you do 1.4^4 ~= 3.8x
    With 6, you do 1.4^6 = 7.5x

    (A level 1 Sven with 6 QBs can kill a melee creep in two hits, and a ranged creep in one. Also, the damage boost is carried over to his cleave.)

    Now add to the above calculations the fact that Quelling Blade costs only 300g, and it is by far the best item any melee hero can get, even more so than boots.
    This is clearly ridiculous, I hope they fix it.
    Why would agility heroes invest in an item that only reduces physical damage, and that too only from heroes, early game? We all know that the biggest problem early game for late-game heroes is Nukes. Bracers are better for the price. And Vanguard is better overall with 70% chance to block 40 damage from all sources, not just heroes.
    By the way, someone should check if Poor Man's Shields stack. Then they'll be slightly better, but still mostly useless vs. nukers.
    I'm not saying that Sniper is worse, but I don't think the changes are going in the right direction. What he needs is a full remake, and badly, not just one spell replacement. (Check the suggestions forum for some good examples)
    Scattershot has been both buffed (30% slow) and nerfed (can't instantly kill creep waves). And the buff isn't strong enough - the slow lasts only in the AoE.
    Assassinate has been buffed with Aghanims, but that just promotes a poorer playstyle - staying far from battles and only using the ultimate to finish off low HP heroes. Even worse, it'll make KSing in pubs much easier. I expect lots of flames in the forums.
    Yes, towers now regenerate 20 HP/s until they return to the HP they were before you attacked when you attack them without creeps nearby. Much harder now to backdoor towers. Wow. Nice find.
    CM's Brilliance Aura nerfed from 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 to 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25

    Frost Nova replaced by Crystal Nova. Now targets an AoE instead of a target, does 80/140/200/260 damage to all targets in the AoE.
    In comparison, Frost Nova used to do 50/100/125/175 damage to a target, as well as 75/100/125/125 damage to an AoE.
    CD increased to 15s from 11s.
    As you can see, now it does slightly less damage to the main target, but more damage overall = Now you can farm better with it.

    Combined with the Force Staff item and the Pipe of Kandahar Item (Casting Ghost Form before your ultimate allows you to use your ultimate without being attacked), I think she's much better in this version.
    Better than her only-good-as-a-global-mana-fountain, better-just-sit-in-the-base-late-game version for sure.

  32. Cool things to do with Force Staff:
    1) When you're being chased, cast it on yourself while facing away from the enemy.
    2) When you're being chased, turn around and cast it on the enemy. He'll zip past you and you can run away while he's confused. (For best results, cast near fog)
    3) When a teammate is chasing an enemy, cast it on your teammate so he can catch up.
    4) Use it to stop channeling abilities
    5) Bloodseeker can use it to force Ruptured enemies to move - huge buff!
    6) Techies can use it to force enemies into his mines!

  33. Hmmm AGI's really get a buff, but you underestimate, that tanks still can do lots of return damage with blademail for example.
    Still hard to believe you ignore evasion with MKB

  34. - Krobelus' passive does not give ms anymore
    - Death Pulse Necrolyte has another animation (pretty nice)
    - Basher needs Belt of Giant Strentgh now, but recipe cost is reduced
    - Cuirass recipe changed - 2000->1500
    - Mordiggian recipe changed - 700->900
    (i'm not sure, because i think it was 900 in 6.59, gotta check)
    - Backstab damage from Lothar

  35. @redrach

    i disagree completely. pick a melee hero versus any ranged and watch where most of the damage will be coming from.....long ranged attacks. these two items allow you to now survive and farm quicker at close range.

    it makes harassing a lot harder. I mean...this much damage early game is something like a 25-35% damage reduction based on the hero.

  36. - Recipe Skadi cost changed - 1250->740
    - Changes of BM, Troll, Lina, Razor and Viper (check urself, too much writing :D)
    - MKB now has passive (you never miss)

  37. Some minor price changes here and there:
    Headdress of Rejuvenation Recipe: 225 -> 200
    Ring of Regeneration: 375 -> 350
    Which means Mekansm is now 50 gold cheaper overall.

  38. Lina's ult with scepter provides 200 bonus damage instead of the old 300
    Venomancer's ult with scepter provides 11 bonus damage/second(total of 132 dmg bonus, laughable), instead of the old 27 dmg/sec
    There are probably more...
    So he tries to make scepter more usefull, but nerfs the effect to near uselessnesss at the same time? What's the friggin' point then? That's plain stupid.
    Just as before a much cheaper dagon 1 will heavily outperform the scepter bonus except on ults where the main effect is not damage.

  39. Indeed. Almost all the damage boost upgrades are completely not worth it.
    The more creative solutions are better, IMO. (Like 0 cd Life Drain for Pugna, or unobstructed vision at night for NS)

  40. ###
    Hero remakes:
    Razor version 2Plasma Field- AOE Damage
    * There are 2 parts in this skill.
    1.) Lightning effects blows out of Razor, like Shiva's Guard only bigger AOE (as huge as Levi's ulti), deals damage.
    2.) The lightning effects goes back to Razor, dealing dmg again.
    * Cooldown: 16, Manacost: 125; All levels.
    * Damage increases per level. (Not yet tested)

    Static Link- Hero/ground target; only Heroes are affected. (unconfirmed if it works on ally heroes)
    * Razor casts a lightning string (can't think of any word to describe it) to a target.
    * Haven't tested with a friend on what it really does.
    * Cooldown: 45/40/35/30, Manacost: 20/30/40/50

    Unstable Current- Passive
    Official description: Increases movement speed and reflects a static charge whenever targeted, dealing damage and purging the unit briefly.Level 1: 3% MS, 40 dmg
    Level 2: 6% MS, 60 dmg
    Level 3: 9% MS, 80 dmg
    Level 4: 12% MS, 100 dmg

    Eye of the Storm- Single target, random.
    * Summons a dark cloud above Razor that attacks a target every second, dealing damage within an AOE around him. Lasts 20/25/30 seconds.
    * Cooldown: 80/70/60, Manacost: 100 all levels.


    Plasma Field

    Static Link

    Unstable Current
    *same aura* *didn't see it in action (maybe it doesn't affect creeps)*

    Eye of the Storm

    Skills Iconset

    Cosmetic changes:
    - skill outline bars (the gray ones) darkens. Once fully cooldown, then it goes back to light gray.
    * unlike before that fades back. Really helpful for those silly long CDs. I'm looking at you Enigma.

    Item remakes:

    Aghanim's ScepterVengeful Spirit:
    Netherswap - 45 to 10 seconds CD
    At night - Gains Flying vision
    Life Drain - removes CD, 95/140/185 to 170/200/300 dps.

    New items:
    Khadgar's Pipe of Insight
    - Ghost Walk (active)
    * ethereal effect on hero, can't attack, cancels channeling spells, can move and use spells while Ghost walk is active.

    Gamplay changes:
    - BoT reverts to teleporting effect on a structure, like TP does.

    .. more to come!

    you see it first on dota-allstars-blog!, not on some utility site. LOL.

  41. Razor's eye of the storm is not random, it attacks the weakest unit in range (weak as in HP, the unit with less HP)

    Regen on raxes seems to be gone, or perhaps bug with new anti-backdoor system.

    What is LR?

  42. LR = Lightning Revenant = Razor

    Cranium Basher Recipe has changed, now it needs Belt Of Giant Strenght instead of Gauntlets

  43. k im creating beta version in garena. Whoever want to play beta version leave ur nicknames(garena nicknames) and we will play. Gmae starts at 4:00 sharp(West coast time)

  44. i think this change is too much...

  45. oh wow i just realized the item shops aren't even rearranged. how old it this patch? at least before 4/22, right?

  46. WOW! very much changes! many item remake and a new ones! it makes me excited to play DotA again after i quit playing because of waiting^_^
    common play with me @ Garena i'm too excited....add me up "esequel"

  47. Lol, this must be an old beta (: . Hope DotA 6.60 come out A.S.A.P. (:

  48. 2 New Heroes (TC, Bat Rider)
    Shallow Grave cd improved (80/60/40/20 -> 54/40/26/12)
    Vaccum pulls over time (no longer instant)
    Astral Imprisonment Cooldown lowered (20/20/20/20 -> 18/16/14/12)
    Ice Path Duration improved at earlier levels (0.5/1/1.5/2.0 -> 0.8/1.2/1.6/2)
    Death Coil cooldown imprived (7/7/7/7 -> 5/5/5/5)
    Nerfed Undying Base armor by 3
    Reverse Polarity Cooldown improve with level (120/120/120 -> 120/110/100)
    Ramprage rebalanced (40/80/120 IAS + 7/8/9 MS + 30/30/30 Duration 55/55/55 Cooldown -> 40/80/100 IAS + 10/10/10 MS + 4/6/10 Duration 20/20/20 Cooldown)
    Poof Damage rebalanced a bit (60/80/100/120 -> 50/80/110/140)
    Improved PSI Blade leveling (50/100/150/200 range, 80/160/240/320 Spill range -> 40/100/160/220 range, 320/320/320/320 spill range)
    Spectral Dagger gives vision again
    Presence of Dark Lord improved (-1/-2/-3/-4 armor -> -2/-3/-4/-5 armor)
    Tiny's Craggy Exterior now gives armor, and stun ranged heroes as well
    Witchraft no longer gives movement bonus
    Last word now works properly (No longer possible to avoid triggering Last Word with animation cancel). Silence duration from 1/2/3/4 -> 0.75/1.5/2.25/3
    CM Nova replaced with AoE spell. Aura nerfed (80/140/200/260 dmg, 15 cooldown, Aura 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 -> 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25)
    Redesigned Razor, Sven and Medusa (See other details)
    Troll gained BM's passive, while BM gained Troll's aura (Aura was buffed from 5/15/20/30 -> 18/26/34/40
    Lina now has a new passive (Gain MS/IAS every time she casts spell, last 7 seconds. Bonus is stackable)
    Viper's Frenzy remade into a new passive (Nethertoxin, which gives damage boost over time when attacking low hp target)
    Bristle Back Int growth buffed (2.2/lvl -> 2.8/lvl)
    Ursa's Overpower rebalanced (5 hits of 100/200/300/400 IAS -> 3/4/5/6 hits of 400 IAS)
    Huskar's Burning Spear now stacks indefeintly
    Siren's Mirror Image cooldown reduced(50/50/50/50 -> 40/40/40/40)
    Phantom Assassin now has a new skill (Phantom Strike, teleports next to target with 100 IAS for next 3 sec)
    Sniper has a new skill (Sharpenel, slow + DOT in area of 400, 15/20/25/30% slow, 10/20/30/40 DPS for 10 sec)

    Enraged Wildkin now have +3 Armor Devotion Aura
    Added 2 new speels to courier (Return base, give items to hero)
    Added new messages when someone acquire rune
    Added new message when your hero respawn
    New Tavern Lay out (Int/Str/Agi divided into Sentinel/Scourge/Neutral Taverns)
    New mode added (Captains Draft -CD)
    Tower regerate 20hp/sec to their previous condition when attacked by opponent without creep support.

    Lothar now require Claymore instead of Mithril Hammer, as well as having 125 backstab dmg)
    Headdress of Rejuvenation Price Change (225 -> 200)
    Ring of Regeneration Price change (375 -> 350)
    Skadi reciple cost changed (1250 -> 750)
    Plane Walker's cloak cost change (650 -> 400)
    Mask of Madness recipe cost change (1050 -> 1000)
    MKB now has passive (Cause you to never miss)
    Blade Mail no longer have recipe cost
    Cuirass Recipe 2000 -> 1500
    Radiance recipe cost reduced (1525 -> 1300)
    Cuirass aura now affects buildings as well
    Scepter Remade Entirely (Also many more heroes get Ultimate boosts)
    Basher use belt of giant Strength now, recipe cost reduced. (1450 -> 1150)
    New items (Force staff,The Leveler, Pipe of Insight, Poor man's shield, talisman of evasion, Quelling blade, magic wand)
    Manta and Diffusal blade are seperated (Diffusal can now be upgraded, while Manta component changed to Yasha+Orb)
    +50 dmg on Rapier (Now 250)
    Removed S&Y Recipe cost (500)
    Butterfly no longer require recipe, but the new item (Talisam of evasion)
    Vnaugard now has 70% chance to block (from 65%)
    Maelstorm component remade (Now use Hammer + Glove + Recipe, instead of Claymore + Elvenskin + Recipe)

  49. -Sven-
    Storm bolt is now AoE of 250 (cd is 17, dmg is 325, 140 mana cost)
    Cleave buffed (10/20/30/40% -> 20/30/40/50%)
    Has a new spell called "Rush" (Give you Increased MS and Armor briefly as long as you're attacking the targeted unit. Buff disappear when change target/doesnt attack for long) Melee casting range

    Chain lightening changed to different spell (same concept) that gives mana back on each bounce.
    Purge replaced with spell called "Stony Gaze". Greatly reduce MS/IAS and remove all the buffs on units facing "toward" Medusa.
    Split shot/Mana shield remain the same

    Plasma field is similar to Shiva's guard. AoE nuke around you that can potentially hit targets twice. 170 dmg on each interval at lvl 4
    New spell, static link
    Unstable Current increase MS, and return dmg/slow opponent when targeted by spell
    New ult, Eye of the Storm follow around Razor and hit opponent units within 700 AoE. Attack once every second, and deal physical damage. Reduce target's opponent's armor by 1 every time it attacks, and -armor will last until Razor dies or Eye of the Storm will end.

    Everything I've found so far.


  51. Syllabear

    Rabid - it's now an instant cast no target spell. It increases Syllabear's and the Spirit Bear's AS/MS at the same time.

    True Form - No longer has the One skill. Instead has 3 levels of Battle Cry increasing the damage and armor of Syllabear and the Spirit Bear.

  52. Wtf? They removed One?
    But that was such a great end-game skill!
    (One converts almost all the damage done to the shared units to magical damage and shares it equally between them. With the magic resistance gained from Hood of Defiance, One can increase the tankiness of Syllabear by an enormous amount.)

  53. @ redrach
    Dont wanna argue but 'One' fixes syllarbear reduction to around 25% and 36% with hood all game, not that great when he's an agi hero. And to late game, the bear just causes you more damage taken sharing with him.
    Not simply a skill change here but core items change and I think it would be better


  55. Congratulations assholes. If this is really a true beta you have just moved the release date at least a month further into the future or, at the very worst, have caused the end of dota. Ice is never going to release something that people have already seen so if this is indeed a true beta, then everything you see here will be changed before the release which will take even more time. Hope you enjoy your waiting time.

    We already spoke with you when you leaked last time and I strongly suggest that you delete the download this instant.

    Snippet of interview with IceFrog:
    Q: What do you think of the beta leak of dota? I heard you didn't want the beta version or changelog going public before you released official map. (by

    A: That is very true. There are many reasons why I do not like leaks, but one of the main reasons is a personal one. When I work on the map I add many things that are not yet ready. One big satisfaction I get from developing the game and spending so much time on it is to be able to release a new version when it is ready as a nice package. When the map leaks, it takes a lot of that satisfcation away. In a very small way, it is similiar to when you do a drawing, you don't want people peeking before you are ready to show it. It is also harder to experiment with some ideas when players are going to jump on it before its fully fleshed out.

  56. ===============

    AVG will warn about a new harmful .dll file in your TEMP dir if you open it!.

  57. Hi, there comes Beta 46. I strongly recomend to not download from other links then mine.

  58. Hi, there comes Beta 46. I strongly recomend to not download from other links then mine.

    No virus at mine( you can check with comodo before running)

  59. What changes are in Beta 46 if I may ask?

  60. Is this Beta 46 thing legit?

  61. Well, seeing as I just purchased Kaspersky, I think I'll give it a shot.
    Wish me luck. :P

  62. The beta from this news (45) works fine and has no virus in it. But I also want to try out the 46 version noob_bamet_TT has posted. Any comments on this one?

  63. why is everybody crying about jungling? you all are acting like there aren't already 80 something heroes that can easily counter a weak jungling hero....6.59d is already a gankfest as is, it will just become a larger one this way.

  64. No virus detected, playing the map.
    Can't see any changes yet.

  65. Quelling Blade now costs 200g (down from 300g). Still stacks as before.
    I guess IceFrog intends it to be this way? Looks like now every melee farming hero will carry an inventory full of these things until they've farmed their end-game gear.

  66. Can you add the terrain that you used in your screenshots. Are you going to add some slots for the NPC bec. its full now for the new items, or you will add more "NPC SELLER"

  67. oh yeah check to see if they added the ability to change the terrains as you see fit. dunno what the code would be.

  68. hey Will. I found the code. type in -terrain (terrain name) in the chat box. I typed in -terrain snow, and then it changed to snow terrain instantly. Try it!

    * don't know if there are other terrains available. to revert back to the old terrain, type in -terrain only. :]

  69. * follow-up

    - The Butterfly lost its recipe and was replaced by the Talisman of Evasion as a requirement. Or everybody here knows?

    - New game command: -bonus ; dunno what it does. :]

    - The 6.60 beta 46 that was posted above by noob_bamet_TT is authentic.

    * I noticed the map size gone from 3.44MB (beta 45) to 3.6MB (beta 46). My kaspersky didn't detect any virus. I TRUST MY KASPERSKY. XD

  70. -bonus did exist in the previous versions
    -I trust my bitdefender as well

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. nice find ichi.

    are the items rearranged yet?


    Datei 6.60_Beta46.w3x empfangen 2009.05.05 16:24:19 (CET)
    Status: Laden ... Wartend Warten Überprüfung Beendet Nicht gefunden Gestoppt
    Ergebnis: 0/40 (0%)

    so there is no Virus in it... :)

  74. -terrain snow , changes terrain to snow type , and - terrain default , reverts it back
    -Added Blades of Attack and Slipper of agility to Goblin Shop, replacing Quarterstaff (Ftw!!!)

  75. Sup losers.

    Only COMODO gives a slight protection against the vira (viruses) that can be executed via WC3 custom maps. Anyone who actually opens this map is an utter retard and can wave bye bye to every single password you ever had - if you are lucky that is. Chances are that your computer will just fuck up and be unuseable within a week while you, unknowingly, send out millions of spam mails. Have fun with your cardboard PC.

  76. @Will: nope. not yet.

    Considering it is one version away from beta 45, we can't expect that many changes (unlike beta 21 to 45.) The only change I saw was the price of the quillers blade (from 300 to 200) *IMO an imba tool for last hitting*.

    I confirmed that they already added -terrain command in beta 45.

  77. pft try quelling blade on Nevermore. Its fucking absurd.

  78. can some 1 confirm me this ,
    -Added Rune Sounds.. I take this illusion rune , and I find some bizzare sound

  79. @Ctr-: no, there are no rune sounds yet. but those notifications sure are handy. :]

  80. Uh, I just checked, and there definitely are rune sounds. One for each rune, even.

  81. fuck to all the leakers!!!! im sorry for my words, but, it really made me furious!!! WHY?!! if its true icefrog dont like leakers, why did they sell it to some fucking websites jaz to get a peek and download it in that site? or icefrog had a "go signal" on them so that he'll get a commission!!!! fuck!! its annoying for gamers like us, leaking beta versions and then change it again the next time another beta version is fucking out!!! FUCK!!!! im sorry alief but pls let this comment read it for those gamers who love DotA!!!

  82. No one sold anything. The link to the beta map has been posted here for free. The reason people post them here instead of anywhere else is that this happens to be a popular DotA blog (due to alief's regular updates, ofc).

    Anyway, I don't see what's so special about getting Quelling Blades on Nevermore. Once you get past the laning stage he farms far better with his nukes than with his normal attack (even if it's boosted to 2x damage with 4 Quelling Blades). And in the laning stage it's far better to get Bottle than two Quelling Blades.

  83. I really like new multicast on ogre magi. with aganim, u can mutlicast x2 x3 x4 x5. it depends ur chance. also bloodlust same too. without aganim, u still have x2 x3 x4 multiply ur bloodlust or stun.

    olsa ion shall cd lowered 15 to 7. u can use both ion shell at the same time. wow !

  84. redrach, if you are nevermore against a dual lane, and you need to stay back to not get into a stun trap, it is far easier to not have to be as precise with your last hitting if you have the quell blade and you are able to be far more defensive b/c of this. the guy has no escape mechanism.

  85. so what if they leaked the map?
    if u don't like it don't peek at it!!! right?

    we already knew that one of the purpose of this blog is to share leaks to gamers that craves for it...

    don't visit this blog anymore if u only got pissed of the leaks they're showing...

    by the way its just leak u know...
    there's other things that you should check in ur life man....

  86. There's absolutely nothing you can do against a leak. It's just a stupid custom fan map made for a game. Icefrog doesn't even own copyright on it, so NOTHING can happen to you.

  87. I like the change to ogre magi's ult, it now gives a chance to trigger different lvls of multicast. with scepter it seems like you have 90% chance to trigger lv 2
    40% lv 3
    20% lv 4 and 5 or so

    I really dont know the numbers but its fun to just run around and nuke stuff to see the Multicast x2 pop up over ur head.

  88. "There's absolutely nothing you can do against a leak. It's just a stupid custom fan map made for a game. Icefrog doesn't even own copyright on it, so NOTHING can happen to you."

    I wouldn't be so sure that there's nothing IceFrog can do against map leaks. He could, for example, wait a couple extra weaks to release the map as a punishment. (I don't even consider the possibility of stopping making dota. It is too terrible)

  89. "Punishment"? lol. Yeah sure, punish everyone who's waiting for the map just for a few leakers.
    And I wouldn't mind a delay anyway, I enjoy figuring out the changes and watching the development process take place through the beta maps as much as I enjoy playing the final release.

  90. force staff kinda good on aiushtha.

  91. The "NEW" recipe for Aghanim's is impossible to create it said's that 2 blade of alacrity and 2 orges axe, 2 staff of wizardy and a recipe and point booster! IT doesn't fit all!!!

  92. @ inno bells: i think someone had posted before. It must be two of "different" items not two of the same item. SO, it is blade of alacrity and ogre axe or blade of alacrity and staff of wizardry or ogre axe and staff of wizardry.

  93. its abecoming corny with those items i wish he change its effects its item req and wtf aganims for all????????!!!!! its like anime fight +mo0mo0+wierd custom map idk??

  94. Dota utilities sure is taking a long time to copy Beta 46. At least now people will see that they copy from this blog and not we copy from their stupid blog

  95. Have you guys tried to do 6 Leveler and check how roshan dies so fucking fast? 3kill the tower lvl1,4to the tower lvl2, E T C


  96. Blood Stone mana regen reducec (200% -> 150%)
    Phase Boots now lasts 6 second with 12 sec cooldown ( was 5 sec duration with 10 sec cooldown before)
    Satanic now still retain +20 dmg from Dominator.
    Ion Shell cd is now 7 (15 -> 7)
    Syllabear Rabid now affects both Hero and the Bear when used.
    Syllabear lost "One" but "Battle Cry" improve with True Form level now (20/40/60 dmg + 2/4/6 armor)

  97. Try Cuelling Blade and kunnkas tidebringer. Its broken.

  98. Its true that Icefrog does not have DotA copyrighted, but he could, in theory. However, I believe he trusts the players of DotA and that they will not meddle with DotA.
    Its actually relatively easy for Icefrog to make it such that the beta can only be played under certain conditions (for example, he must be present, all non-beta testers cannot play etc.)
    For all we know, however, this Beta may be about 2-3 weeks old. The amount of changes between beta and the completed version is so great that practically any would be changed (see Kunkka in the beta and in the original version, see my point?)
    Overall, I guess its fine that leaks are shared. However, please do respect Icefrog and continue to support him. He gets no pay for updating the map, but he has done such an excellent job for about 3-4 years.
    Hats off to him. Icefrog, I salute you.

  99. I think the new Quelling Blade will destroy pubs, while making agility heroes viable on a competitive level.
    For pubs, it will be the equivalent of turning -ap games into -apem games. Now a team full of int nukers will have to gank twice as much if they want to ensure a team full of late-game heroes don't farm up tons of gold. And we all know how hard it is to convince pubbers to gank.
    Brave new world, gentlemen.

  100. Satanic now has 150% lifesteal? but +30 bonus damage...

  101. LOL at some "utility site".

    He/they posted beta 6.60 beta 46 as beta 47. Even photoshop'd the screenshot. Now, who's copying who??

  102. wtf you are crying about quelling blade??? it won't make you farm faster. it just helps you last hitting early laning stage but at mid game it won't make you farm faster because @ these stage you should do all last hits anyhow. quelling blade rly only helps early game IMO. to make it usefull mid -> late icefrog made the leveler(saving itemslots for agis) but this items aren't imba.

  103. yeah i'm agreeing with tester here. in particular, leveller's building damage increase is barely going to be used. when pushing, there tends to be a team fight occuring at every tower. your DPS (agility) should be engaging other heroes, and not autoattacking the tower...sure, afterwards it'll help, but the main use is that the carries can now save money with the wraith bands instead of having to pawn them off at a loss to make room for other items.

  104. Play -wtf, buy MKB, go to Rosh and try to kill him ~.~

  105. If you've ever played a pub, you'll notice that a significant portion of the game involves neutral creeping and farming in your lane. In a higher level game such a point is dominated by ganking, which is often lacking in pubs due to lack of organization.
    With 4 Quelling Blades, any melee hero can decimate neutral creeps. If you're repeatedly ganked the investment won't be worth it, but if you're left alone the returns are enormous.
    Ideally this will teach pubbers to push/gank more, but it'll take a while.

  106. Yes I thought about that too. By buffing Agi-Heros like that they'll soon be back in competetive Dota: They can help their team eralier and therefore aren't so useless in early game.

    In publics they aren't really buffed anyways. Even at the moment there are enough people that pick Agi heros. They play them as the meaning of a Carry. So farm 40-50min and kill as much heros as possible with their farmed items. (Thats the fun of many people)
    Agi heros just arent pushing in a public game. They dont even try. They just know "I'll own late" so they farm.

    Maybe it will change their playstyle like redrach said.

    Icefrog seems to have cheated the WC3 engine while coding that MKB "Every hit will hit its target"-Stuff. Since u cant just do that with normal attacks (especially upchoke hits), he did that by making hits some kind of magic. If u hit Rosh with MKB in WTF u wont do him damage at all, because his "infinite Linkens" blocks everything. Also a shot/hit from someone that has MKB will trigger Linkens. Repel has no effect though. Haven't tested BKB.

    When he does the shots magic, it means to me, that the damage is reduced by the heros magic immunity, which is 25%. In late game that will be much more damage than physical attacks which are reduced by 45% in average.
    (I haven't tried all that shit now, but that Linkens blocking shots kinda confused me)
    Crits are never happening if u have MKB and they seem to be magic too (Rosh blocks them).

    Thats so many fundametal changes, I don't know if that'll be good.

  107. Multicast with scepter appears to give multicasts at the following rate:

    15% - none
    50% - x2
    20% - x3
    10% - x4
    5% - x5

    = 140% increased Fireblast damage.

    Compared to the old:

    70% - none
    30% - x5

    = 120% increased Fireblast damage.

  108. MKB doesn't let medusa split her shots.... Why is that? :(

  109. bitches Ice frog updated his blog

  110. the new 'True Strike' passive of MKB is based on bash with 100% proc rate, 0 stun length and 0 bonus damage and the 'Always Hits' flag set to true. this means that it will ignore evaision when a bash procs (which in this case is 100%)

    Medusa's split shot doesnt work when another attack modifier is applyed (ie: when she bashes or criticals, or when orb of slow etc procs)
    and afaik, ranged? bashes and criticals are blocked by linkens

  111. no map 6.60 beta 46 in WARCRAFT MAP site?? wtf??

  112. why are you all caring about split shot? that spell is still completely useless (unless their is some new mechanic to the spells we do not know)

  113. Quelling Blade is kinda lol on some heroes. Put a few of them on Admiral and he one shots creep waves as well as some creep camps. Farm ohoy!

    Im not so sure that True Strike is based on Bash since you can't have a bash with 0 stun length (putting 0 stun length will make it last indefinetly). Although I doubt it is based on Critical Strike. It could be based on pulverize (if that skill has the 'Always Hits' flag).

    Also I wonder what skill Quelling Blade is based on. I don't think it is an orb effect but it seems to be disabled when you have a lifesteal orb. Because of this I tested a few orb effects and buff placers. It works with some but not with others. However I can't tell what it is that makes it work/not work with those orbs since it seems kinda random.

    Another fun fact about Quelling Blade: It works on Roshan (7x dmg with 6 Quell Blades ftw) which lets your team kill him quite early (it doesn't work with fury swipes tho so it doesn't help Ursa solo Rosh even earlier, it's rather the opposite since it lets everyone kill him earlier).

  114. true strike on MKB vs windrunner spell on Alleria
    which one will win???

  115. Will, try Manta on Medusa. Her images gain Split Shot as well. Combined with Linkens and Mjollnir, she can do huge AoE damage in fights.

    Damage w/o Split Shot w/o Illusions: 1x
    Damage w/o Split Shot w/ Illusions: 1 + 2*0.4 = 1.8x
    Damage w/ Split Shot w/ Illusions:
    4*0.75 + 4*0.75*2*0.4 = 5.4x (!)

  116. "Quelling Blade is kinda lol on some heroes. Put a ...
    May-06-09, 6:24:00 PM | (Anonymous)

    Im not so sure that True Strike is based on Bash since you can't have a bash with 0 stun length (putting 0 stun length will make it last indefinetly). Although I doubt it is based on Critical Strike. It could be based on pulverize (if that skill has the 'Always Hits' flag)."

    bash can have 0 duration, as a map maker, ive done it.

  117. Huh, when blizzard released 1.18, they changed it so that when a spell's stun duration is put to 0 seconds it lasts forever. I just assumed it applied to bash as well but I might be wrong.

  118. Anti Mage... Magina... AOE Ulti...

    It's better this way I believe. His impact and significance is only strong in pubs.

  119. wait what? AoE ulti? can somebody check that?

  120. Blood Stone charges from 2hp/mp -> 1.75 hp/mp.

    Passive re-named. Previously named Redemption. Now called Blood Pact

  121. -Troll warlord's blind is now a 250 aoe spell
    -His ult still the same ias and ms buffs but u must keep attacking someone after casting to get it working because after 4 seconds of inactivty it fades out.

  122. Satanic active is now a 3sec 150% life leech... looks like IceFrog loves mindgaming in dota

  123. For magina, mana void remains the same, save for the tooltip, that says: that any unit near the voided target will receive the same damage. So it's indeed single target but has an AOE after effect.

  124. i m sorry if this is a noob queston .. but in the changelog it says "completely revamped LR" ... wht is LR exactly ?

  125. i m sorry if this is a noob queston .. but in the changelog it says "completely revamped LR" ... wht is LR exactly ?

  126. hayzzzz people are talking about things that they thought it'll be..beta maps are beta maps, leak map out, people are happy..another leak map out, people are wary bout the changes from the first leak map, another leak map out, another unusual reaction, then comes the official map, there's a bug..public reaction......PEOPLE ARE FURIOUS!!!!!! why, there a big difference from the beta's and what makes them real FUCKING FURIOUS???!!! THERE WILL BE BUGS!!!! whom they will accuse???!!!! its ICEFROG!!!! fuck people..FUCK LEAKERS!!!


    im sorry for my word sir ALIEF...

  127. zzzzz
    LR is Razor the Lightning Revenant.!

  128. there will be 6 new recipe items (updated from icefrog's blog), from this beta, I see only 2. Things will change alot from this beta.

    Don't hate leaked beta; if Icefrog gives something like a preview (storm spirit remake for example) it would be much better; ppl would not crave for beta that much.

  129. there will be 6 new recipe items (updated from icefrog's blog), from this beta, I see only 2. Things will change alot from this beta.There are 4 recipe items in this beta (The Leveller, Force Staff, Poor Man's Shield, Magic Wand).
    Also, from one of the blurred icons we've determined that Pipe of Insight has been changed to need a recipe. The 6th item is unknown.
    See the other thread.

  130. Can someone post here the changes in beta 46? I can't really find any

  131. From the other thread:

    Beta 46 had the exact same items as Beta 45, except with Quelling Blade costing 200g instead of 300g. The main addition to Beta 46 is Rune Sounds (increased map size by 0.15MB).

  132. I got new changelogs for u
    when use meepo all can get double damage

  133. IMO, Quelling blade bonus damage is based on Tinker's Demolition on which you can apply the bonus damage to non-hero/hero/building units.

  134. see dota utlities their post is exactly the same as this and because the pictures are watermarked, they go post their own picture. They put there Beta 47 i wonder what is the difference.

  135. Quelling blade
    and The Leveler STACKS, if u get 5 leveler and a treads u can kill the frozen with 5 hits, and roshan with 5~10, WTF?

  136. No, it's a fake. It is a Beta 46 which renamed into Beta 47. But of course when you play it, it still show Beta 46. The image that show Beta 47 in the front page is photoshop image. They even take the changelogs from here.


  138. those noob sht copiers and no credits given to this blog. How i wish to delete their webpage.

  139. Tauren Cheif
    first spell does 200 dmg n 4sec stun .stun breaks if a hero hits the unit.AT LVL 4
    second spell does 200 dmg frm image nand tauren and gains 5 dmg bonus on attacking for each unit dmged for 5 secs. AT lvl 4
    the third spell nullifies maic resistance and base armour of the unit
    ulti makes a path in front of the hero n slows and dmgs all units in th path . slow lasts 4 lvl 3

  140. Here are some changes that I noticed;

    Aghanims Scepter
    Void Walker : Chronosphere 3-4-5-6 Seconds
    Vengeful Spirit : Nether Swap 10 second cooldown
    Juggernaut : Omnislash 3-5-8-10 Strikes
    Clockwerk Goblin : Hook allows allied units.
    Huskar : Base Damage Dealt 25-33-50-65 percent.
    Sand King : 5-7-9-11 Pulses
    Spirit Breaker : 20 Sec Netherstrike cooldown.
    Pudge : Absorbs dealt damage while dismembering.
    Holy Knight : Hand of God - 25 second cooldown
    Windrunner : Focus Fire - 50/40/30% reduced damage to 35/25/15% reduced damage.
    Invoker : Improves cooldowns and manacost - Invoke 20/15/10/5 to 16/8/4/2
    Twin Headed Dragon : Macropyre - Increases damage and creatin rate (it is very fast)
    Shadow Priest : Weave - Lasts 30 at last level.
    Bane Elemental : Fiend's Grip - 100/155/215 to 155/215/270 damage

    Skill Changes
    Pudge - Dismember : Deals 1x-2x-3x of Pudge's Str to the target.

  141. Check out
    its a fun addicting game

  142. TC ulti also suck enemy to the path

    batrider skill remake 1st skill
    and 2nd skill

  143. Lol, all you guys posting changelogs are late. Please see the other thread instead of wasting your time.

  144. Everyone will just buy 2-3 Quelling blades and rosh at the start...

  145. Anyone had a chance to try out Razor in an actual 1v1 match to test Static Link? I'd really love to know what this does. I'd hope it does something massive since it targets in a straight line, like maybe tethering a hero to you to keep him from running?

    Great changes on him though. Plasma Field will be awesome for early game farming. My only worry is that all this has now turned him into a mana intensive unit. Better start throwing together those Perses.

  146. Static Link is essentially a non-channeling Life Drain, only it drains 20 damage per second at level 4. So, you can essentially deal +200 damage per attack early game, while your target will do little to no damage.

  147. How does it work though? Does it attach itself for several seconds and then disperse? From the way you make it sound is it's like Storm's Vortex, but with life drain.

  148. Nevermind, I got to try it out with a friend. I gotta say, he's definitely going to rank up on the playables list with this. He can farm like mad now with an AoE, purges anything that hits him, can life drain for a LONG TIME as long as you stay in range, and can actually gank effectively now thanks to his Ulti's auto-targeting the lowest HP hero. He's going to be insane.

  149. I can't believe I actually read all postings here. Took me more than an hour oO
    There are many things I'd comment, but better not. But I will support a comment where someone said to support IceFrog. Besides, DotA is free, there is nothing for anyone to complain about it (to some point, but still none),and in my four years of DotA I've met with many changes, and I can admit, this is second biggest. First was the change from stage five to stage six (followed up later with new heroes). I think, if things stay somewhere in the line with this, will be good. I know IceFrog does his job well done, and people, do you honestly expect he's gonna let newest farming item actually stack? Come on :)

    All this comments, and others, will be backed by a giant underline (to separate) when 6.60 comes out.
    *yawns* I wanted to write something more, but all will be nullified, so, happy gaming everyone :)

  150. i think this map is real sucks....all the changes are nothing but bullshit....i'm gonna stick with 6.59d till the end~
    WTF 6.60!!

    its the end of DoTA i think.....~

  151. all heroes that using aghnim scepter just like a fun heroes..too powerfull..if late farming,surely score for death only.... T-T

  152. Vex, 6.00 was made by Guinsoo, not icefrog.

  153. And I did not say he made it, read my comment more through ;)
    It doesn't suck, it won't be the end. *sighs* simple people.


  155. thats what i always FUCKING say!!! people are really fucking saying dumb things, especially when when they are not contented w/ a map!!! just like this beta 45..people are squabbling that it isnt good enough for them!!! a leak map isnt perfect yet!!!!! fucking idiot gamers dont understand that!!! thats why i hate leak maps!!! of course all the feedback will discredit icefrog!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. look, the community wouldn't so aggressively seek beta releases if Icefrog would do a far better job keeping in touch with the community. For instance, a lot of his changes are met with WTFs? in every release by professional players, and that is largely due to him being rather out of touch as he doesn't explain his logic. \If he would do more than every few weeks be like "I changed an item!" than the community wouldn't be as restless as it is now. Notice how many teams are changing around, how many people are angry/bored/frustrated, etc.? Release the map at decent interval and you'll be fine. You don't need to do a million changes at once, its absurd.

  157. Its all part of the plan !!
    Don't yell and waste your time , Dont be surprised to see similar content in the final xD.

  158. Hmm... where is supertower modes??? I love this mode because I can play dota often with this... or maybe the Tower regeneration mechanism has been changed? Please tell me, everyone...

  159. @will

    thats why icefrog has his own blog..go there and read post, thats where u keep updated, learn to use ur creativeness not only relying on leak map shit!! and dont say icefrog isnt doing his job keeping in touch w/ the community dammit, u dont pay him for downloading maps created by him!!

  160. @Will, you seem not to understand :P. Its 6.60 and icefrog want it to be a major release and success. IceFrog has a lot of stuff to do and hes making DotA for free? 6.60 Is ment to have many changes and since Ice wants it to be successful, let him be.

  161. Did you know, that using Void with 1 Satanic, 1 Butterfly and 4 Leveler, you can easily trash the opposing fountain. I could imagine the ultimate quest in Dota for the future would be to destroy the fountain, not throne.

  162. #Item Remakes and Balancing#

    *Basher > Resep > Belt of Giant Strength > Mithril Hammer

    not mithril, it is javelin...

    and radiance immo. dmg nerfed +5

  163. This is the result that icefrog disliked. Please respect his decision and stop complaining about the beta map.

  164. Bug fixed. Multiple creep wave bug fixed.

    No longer possible to spawn multiple creep waves by pausing the game and typing the game mode multiple times.

    I missed this feature. I loved playing -apom only mid with multiple creep waves. Can end games in less than 10 minutes.

  165. Did they add the new terrain that they used in the screenshots.

  166. I just noticed that Tauren Chieftain's ultimate does 33% of maximum hp in damage at highest level.

    This is nice. Really nice. Potentially the most powerful AoE ingame.

  167. Yes, Mythical. So far I've tried jungle and snow. There are probably more though.


    Wonder what this has gotta do with DotA?

    Courtesy : Icefrog Blog

  169. Edit:

  170. - Radiance AOE Damage increased by 5 but 8% evasion is gone.

  171. ^ It's only gone from tooltip.

  172. @ctrl - yeah, i also know that IceFrog posted that, but since i cannot find any connection with Dota, i ignore it ^^

  173. HEY

  174. 0 cd for Life Drain = Heaven for Pugna's hp (AND mana with OD.)

    The new couriers are quite cute anyway. Why not have this skill called 'Build New Home' lol.

  175. Rampage also affects your teammates heroes.

  176. pretty imbalanced how aghanims affects some skills

    like hands of god 120sec cd -> 25sec
    thats pretty sick isnt it?

    or swap 45sec -> 10 sec
    now venge can swap as much as she can stun, u wont ever escape from her

    also invoke, 2sec cd and no mp cost
    if u know the invokes u can get off atleast 6spells in a teamfight
    this makes him toooo imba

    and other heroes ults like windrunners or abbas, get only a hardly noticeable buff, why bothering creating an item which is intended for a hero without giving it real benefits?

    but i think the imba improvements will be changed anyway

  177. does anyone notice armor on phaseboots down from 7 to 5

  178. -terrain default
    -terrain snow
    -terrain city1
    -terrain city2
    -terrain jungle
    -terrain highlands
    -terrain reddungeon
    -terrain bluedungeon

  179. The more I play Chieftain, the more he seems like one of the best heroes to initiate with. The combination of his ulti with the Ancestral Charge - Great Stomp combo is a near-surefire way to pretty much decimate the opposing team before the fight even started.

    Bat and Razor have their appeal as well, but I'm truly loving this moocow. Anyone got clues in what sort of combos you'd have to play Bat or Razor?

  180. I don't get it, how do you INITIATE with TC? Both his ultimate and his stun have huge casting delays. Seems to me he's the kind of hero who needs people to initiate for him (Like Magnataur/Engima with Blink) after which he follows up while the enemy is stunned.

  181. No one saw this one yet :
    Basher now stuns for 1.4 seconds instead of 1.1, still with 2 seconds cooldown.

  182. Bat raider with BloodSeeker seems to be a good combo. Blood ults and then bat raider ult too, so he can just walk with the ruptured enemie.

    I was playing a 1vs2 with pirate, and i bouth 6 quelling blade, it was 1 hit in a creep wave to kill them both and the intire creepwave.

    Pretty sick.

  183. @redrach

    Yes. As we all know by now, his ulti has a really long range. Generally starting the ulti, casting charge as far as I can (maybe walking backwards a bit after doing so) I am able to get 2-3 people stunned in the path of my ulti, which hits before the stun fades.

    Haven't had a chance to test it out in a decent clanwar or inhouse (if any of you clanmates read this, COME ON!!) to see if people can all run out of my stun in time. But indeed, any little stun or disable to keep em there (like axe for instance) would do miracles, at that would give me enough time for the combo.

    I love doing a medusa + TC combo now though. Her new ulti is very effective in teamfights.

    P.S. I seem to get something I like to call "Triple Ancestral Charge Damage", the name being quite obvious. I seem to be able to do damage with my Ancestral Charge THREE times if I cause myself and my shadow to fuse on top of someone. Once from the shadow, once from myself, and yet a third from fusing together. Can anyone try this and see if they can replicate it? It might be a bug.

  184. "Once from the shadow, once from myself, and yet a third from fusing together. Can anyone try this and see if they can replicate it?"
    - Thats how this skill works right now. But talking about a "bug" in a beta version is pretty stupid, isn´t it? And all those people complaining about balance in a BETA version also seem to be mentally retarded...

  185. Well my thoughts on Razor is he'll have 2 different builds. For soloing Plasma Field will obviously be top priority from the start to max. For dual-laning, I think 1 rank of Field, with max to Static Link early to heavily harass early game, along with comboing with heroes like Rhasta/Storm with Net/Vortex or any other stun.

    Item-wise, I'm not sure what he should focus on now. His INT was boosted a good amount this time, so maybe Shiva might be a good item for him with Pulse Field.

  186. @Anonymous

    In this case, with a bug I mean "unintended extra feature". And as far as I can tell the chief is pretty balanced as he is right now. It's just that I'd rather have Icefrog fix it if it's unintended than to have people abuse it once it goes live (like stacking The Leveler, bye bye throne).



  188. these super idiot gamers really dont understand beta maps..they are F@#$$%^ selfish, MORONS!! beta maps are for testers choosen by icefrog for them to test if the map have a bug or its imba!!!

  189. Dota 6.60 beta 54 is leaked. Found it on the 1st-hacks site.

  190. pikAChU, raz44, please stop shouting. So far only one guy has said "6.60 sucks", the rest of us are just discussing how certain parts of it *might* be imba. We all know the beta versions aren't the final ones - we've been doing this for a long time now. :)

  191. somebody want to check out if beta 54 is real?

  192. I really like the nerf to backdooring.
    Not because I hate BDing but because it might improve its acceptance.

  193. Okay, Beta 54 seems legit. Quick list of changes:

    1) New recipe shows (mentioned in IceFrog's blog) introduced
    2) Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight from Beta 45/46 renamed to Ghost Scepter. New icon.
    3) Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight is the name of a [b]new item[/b] in the Supportive Vestments recipe shop. Upgraded version of Hood of Defiance. Has the "Barrier" active ability - blocks limited amount of magic damage (old Storm Spirit's ability).
    4) Quelling Blade damage bonus nerfed to +36%/12% from +40%/20%. Price nerfed to 250g (from 200g in Beta 46).
    5) [b]The Leveler removed![/b]
    6) Force Staff has a new icon.
    7) Ring of Protection has a new icon.

    1) Batrider's Flambreak skill changed from AoE-targeting to Arrow-type-targeting. [b]No longer has knockback![/b]
    2) Batrider's first two skills' animations are much less flashy.

    More as I find them...

  194. -Added Fencing near the Fountain
    -Added New Item Ghost Scepter
    -Slightly Increased cost on Quelling Blade 200->250
    -Added new icon to Ring of Protection

    Lolz Redrach will do it for me :P