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Warcraft III Replay Converter - Patch 1.22 to Patch 1.23

Warcraft III Replay Converter - Patch 1.22 to Patch 1.23Dota Replay Converter from Patch 1.22 to Patch 1.23. After upgrading into Warcraft III 1.23 Patch, a usual problem arise. Yup, we can no longer watch the Dota-Allstars or another Warcraft III game replay which still played with Warcraft 1.22 Patch. On the previous version, i already mention how to Watch 1.21b Replay after 1.22 Patch Installed. Even tough it's not practical, but it works. But, in this version, someone is creating a great tools. With this tools, you can convert your replays with ease and you can see them again.

Here is the download link:

Warcraft III Replay Converter 1.22 - 1.23 via Warcraft Map
Warcraft III Replay Converter 1.22 - 1.23 - Mirror 2

You will need the microsoft .net framework 2.0 to run it, which you can download in this link.

PS: If you haven't upgrade, check this post to Upgrade 1.23 Patch Offline

Source: Battle.net Forum

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  1. lol. the version converter might also come in handy. you can store the versions and change anytime you want, which means, you can go back to previous versions to watch replays.

    but imma try this out too

  2. please post replay from tournament...
    at least grand final.

  3. Do u know why 1.23 warcraft 3 cant read Dota ai map from 6.51 onwards . Any idea how to solve it ? ty

  4. make the map name shorter for example
    DotA Allstars v6.59 AI

  5. Is it possible to convert 1.21 replays to 1.23?

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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