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Warcraft Patch 1.22 Released by Blizzard

Warcraft Patch 1.22 Released by Blizzard today. Just connect to one of the four servers and patch up. But a lot people complaining about some problem that will occurs.

I. If the patch 1.22 download won't start for you, try getting it using the other three servers.

II. If "war3.exe cannot be found", download the missing update (Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)) from here.

And here is the changelogs, correct me if i'm wrong:

Q u o t e:

Patch 1.22


- There is now a replay auto-save feature in the options menu. Replays
are automatically saved to the "replay" folder.
- The game is now automatically saved in the event of a potential
disconnect. These saved games are placed in the "save" folder.
- Player color selection can now be limited by the number of players in
the game using an option in the "Advanced Options" screen during game
- Added an option to always show unit and building health bars.
- You can now enable and disable the display of minimap signals
from players and other observers using chat commands:
/showminimapsignals and /hideminimapsignals.
- Added a new in-game cheat "maxfps" to limit the maximum frame rate to
the given number. Example: "maxfps 30" will set the maximum frame rate
to 30 FPS.


- Scout Tower repair rate changed from 12 to 20.
- Knight damage increased: Attack cooldown changed from 1.50 to
1.40 and base damage increased from 25 to 28 (Average damage is 34).

- Increased Ziggurat base armor from 1 to 5.
- Reduced the build time of the Necropolis from 120 to 100.

- Reduce the Orb of venom poison duration from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
- Increase the experience gain from Dryads from Level 2 (40xp) to
Level 3 (60 xp).


- The cooldown on unlimited usable items (example: the staff of
preservation) now persists after the item is dropped or traded.
- A cooldown exploit with potions has been fixed.
- When you unburrow a Crypt Fiend, its auto-cast will no longer be toggled
- An exploit bug in which items could lose their cooldowns when transferred
between heroes has been fixed.
- Fixed DotA-specific sound effects on Intel Macs.
- Fixed sound falloff on Intel Macs. Distant sounds should now still be


- New maps from contest winners:
- (2)MeltingValley
- (2)RoadToStratholme
- (4)CentaurGrove
- (4)TidewaterGlades

The good news is, with Warcraft patch 1.22 the Mac user will now be able to hear "FIRST BLOOD" and the other anouncer sound when playing Dota-Allstars. We also have in game option to always see the health bar, nice! But there's also some issues that will occur when we are playing Dota-Allstars with Patch 1.22. The most reknown is the problem with the rune and lag. I hope this won't stop IceFrog to release Dota-Allstars 6.53 next week.

I'm still don't know how to upgrade to 1.22 without connect to server (offline), i know a lot of you want to do it. If some of you know how to do it, i will be happy if you share it in here :)

Edit: Add more information

Update: Upgrade again to Warcraft III 1.23 Patch ;)

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  1. I cant patch :(

    It says my (10)DustwallowKeys.w3m has a wrong checksum..

  2. If you want to patch offline… Just go here:


    But for "NOW" it's still isn't available for DL… So for now you just need to connect through the servers…

  3. Sorry for the REPOST… This just in…

    Got the latest offline version patch through their ftp… Here is the links:


    Just get the patch with the enUS there…

    Hope this helps!!!

  4. @roman - try to re-download it, if still occurs, try to-reinstall WC3 and re-patch

    @benjx - wow, you got such a nice info there :) Thank you very much, i will check it and maybe will make a new post about this.

    To all - the bad news is, IceFrog will make 6.52e and maybe 6.52f to fix bug with this patch. Which means 6.53 will likely be delayed. Sorry carlos, looks like you've got to wait more ^^

  5. @alief - just patched my wc3: tft recently, but i don't know if i'm seeing the right version of v1.22…

    Here is a link.

  6. @BenjX - Wow, your version number is indeed a little strange. What about trying a 6.52 Dota map with rune? If the rune bugged (only appear once and cannot appear anymore after 2 minutes), probably you got the right version. In the mean time, i'll try to find more info.

  7. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=200B2FD9-AE1A-4A14-984D-389C36F85647&displaylang=en

    go there and download the file in yr warcraft3 folder and run then download the patch online thats all worked for me

  8. Does pirated frozen throne able to patch to 1.22?

  9. Hey guys I found the solution for "InstallPath" problem . Just follow the below steps--

    1. Start Menu --> Run --> Type regedit --> Press Enter
    3. Right click on SOFTWARE key & select New --> Key
    4. Then type Blizzard Entertainment.
    5. Then right click on Blizzard Entertainment & again select New --> Key & type Warcraft III
    6. Then on RHS right click and select New --> String Value & type InstallPath.
    7. Then double cick on it type the path of your Warcraft III directory e.g. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III

  10. karanthegreat, TY for the directions. I followed the steps and it worked only to get hit with an error message saying the installation cannot continue as the patch and game failed the check sum. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  11. Follow karanthegreat's direction, and then, also create the same in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1659004503-1993962763-725345543-500\Software

    Then you will be able to patch.

  12. OMG thx so much karanthegreat!! is worked for me perfectly thx!!!

  13. Hi,
    I have Vista and I cann't patch my WC3...
    I was follwing your intcrution but i still can't patch the game. Somebody has an advice for me?!?

    By the way, I was reinstalling the game now 4 times...

  14. hi how are u... i have problem with the patch switcher/.////

    can u give me site to download the patch switcher..

    because i have 1.22 and i can't play in malasian rooms .. only europe rooms.........

    so can u give me the patch switcher from 1.22 to 1.21 and viseversa

  15. What is RHS that Karanthegreat said?
    Pls tell me.

  16. anyone know how to update from warcraft 1.21 update to 1.22??im also so curious about it and i also duno how to update..i keep on finding the way to update so please anyone.if u know how to update,please kindly tell me..thanks!!

  17. I heard there is 1.23 now can u help me to find it out

  18. Alif, I still cant dl patch. U malaysian right? Can u gv me ur phone number to me. I think better i call u to guide me how to dl patch. Can?

  19. If not, this is my phone number: 013 2987298 ( Wan ). Who can help, call me pls^^

  20. I have followed what karanthegreat hve said. My current version of warcraft is 1.20e and I have successfully patched 1.21a by following karanthegreat's process. But when I run the 1.21b patch it gives me a checksum error. What will I do? Please help me....I can't play my warcraft 3 anymore...

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