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Dota 6.58 Pictures and Images (Updated!)

New ChronosphereWow, glad to have Dota 6.58 Map. This post will be place for sharing picture of the beta official map. Just post your favourite picture of Official Dota-Allstars 6.58 Map changes and i will show it here. Anyway, i love the new Chronosphere :)

1. The most unique changes and i should say this rather imba!

RootFellen Tower RegenerationHoly Shit! Even a nearly dead tower can be recovered with this skill! Giving Regeneration and Additional Armor to tower is a rather bit controversial i think ^_^"

2. I love this new Venomancer skill, Venomous Gale. Can be used to creeping ;p

Venomous Gale
3. The new Wave of Terror for Vengeful Spirit is fun too! It's easier to combined with Swap.

Wave of Terror
And here is some cool cosmetics changes:

New Glyph of Fortification New Glyph of Fortification

Dota 6.58 Dirge Changes
Dirge with his minions

Dirge TombstoneDirge Tombstone

New EclipseNew Luna Eclipse, Cool!

Dirge Flesh GolemDirge turn into Flesh Golem

Well, that's some changes i like on Dota 6.58. I put different post for changes on Storm Spirit and Dirge. What about you? You can share it here and maybe i can put it here too :)

Credits: Hamster

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  1. Sure, here you go. Dota 6.58 beta 20:

  2. The Tombstone Zombies got a passive skill, if they hit somebody they slow it.

  3. and there really fast too... either that or dirge is pitifully slow... was he alwas 280 ms?

  4. Dirge used to have an ms of 310!
    He's really slow now.

  5. ^well he is a zombie... Zombies move slowly. Ha.

  6. lol I kinda like the old Dirge. A lot. =/

  7. Me too :(
    More than the new one, at least.
    Soul Rip was awesome, and his skills had so much SYNERGY.

    Well, at least I'm enjoying the new Storm Spirit immensely.

  8. why when i play this beta map i get error??? someone help me!

  9. Describe the error.
    What version of Warcraft 3 are you using?

  10. Tauren Chieftain is it true he will be in the 6.58

  11. Most probably not, but we can expect to see him in 6.59 or 6.60

  12. w3 version 1.21 , when start to play the game ,warcraft 3 exit due to fatal error. is the version a problem?

  13. The version might be a problem. I'm using 1.22, and I'm not getting any fatal errors.

  14. So strange, that Tombstone. Outta nowhere, creates a limitless-zombie-creator-stone-from-hell-with-acolytes. The ult is ugly =/ That projectile-insect is uglyest. And that nuke... WTH is that? I just don't get it =/

    Anyway, HS going to Necro is a good move, I guess. =O Expecting hardcore synergy with Sadistic!

  15. I'm not expecting much synergy on Necrolyte. How many creep kills is 3-4 dps going to give you?

  16. Heartstopper's synergy is more with Reaper's Scythe. Every second near the Necrolyte brings you that much closer to a one-hit-K.O.

  17. the website is stealing all of the information from this website and claiming it as its own without even giving credit. how do we stop this?

  18. There are plenty of other websites that do this. There's no way to stop it.
    Besides, we're pretty much "stealing" the betas ourselves.

  19. its supporting the blog and the small community that has formed here that is the reason why the information should be protected imo

  20. You can't stop them getting the information and screenshots from here, but they definitely should give credit, where it's due.

  21. Nobody is getting hurt by a leaked beta.

  22. They should, but there's no way you can make them do it.
    The best you can do is not visit their sites. They're all doing it for the ad revenue anyway.

  23. @anonymous - thanks for your support :) Honestly, i already have a rage with that website. They just copy paste almost all my article without any credits, and it hurt because it's like stealing your thing. I already warning them several times but it always happen. That's why i put stamp on my picture, but they still crop it anyway and even remove the stamp :( At the first time, i planned to put the stamp on the middle so they can't cut it, but it's very ugly ~_~ So i put it in the bottom, but as i guess, they cut it (ugh~!)

    @redrach - Yes, i can understand your reason. But, that website not just copy paste this beta articles, but almost all post i wrote here. Thanks for your support :)

  24. Hey found this tauren Chieftain hero thats already considered to be reviewed. Found it while searching for some Tauren Chieftain ideas at the official forum. Dont know if this will be put in in the future dota but seems pretty cool.

    It has screenshots and even a beta map to test him out.

  25. redrach said...

    There are plenty of other websites that do this. There's no way to stop it.
    Besides, we're pretty much "stealing" the betas ourselves.

    So stop it.

  26. Uh, no?
    This is all harmless fun anyway. We aren't harming DotA, and we're probably generating a lot of interest in the new map.

  27. @anonymous - Just for clarification, i'm not a beta tester and i didn't steal/leak any beta map. Someone is leaked the map out there. And to be honest, i'd love to take a peek on what's going on :) I'm sure this, as redrach say, doesn't hurt dota, in fact, it makes the people more curious and excited waiting for the official map release :)

  28. is this your blog

  29. They didnt even had change the links, lol, some of they links redirect to here

    that was a really copy/paste

  30. maybe u wanna try using glyph or fortification in Dota beta map v6.58. It has a very cool effect.

  31. @hamster - actually, i already try to capture that picture from the beginning, but the effect is so fast and i failed to capture it at the right time so i skip it ~_~" But i will try to capture it again :)

  32. hei alif just want to tell you, if you not stop the site, your all site will banned from search engine, if just copy paste content, why?? spaming search engine, you should stop them with google adsense reports, or all site will be banned from search engine

  33. i found a website that shows beta maps ... beta 34 is there too.
    it also hav a changelog and description of the hero remakes skills...

  34. dood, someone's copy-pasting your blog here

  35. @alief - i manage to capture the glyph effect.
    u can use it for ur blog.

  36. new terrian barrens

  37. @Hamster - Wow, thanks. Will post it soon :)

  38. WOW Commenting own site ROFL

  39. Dota 6.58 beta 38 map was first posted on dota utilities, you faggot..

  40. where was beta map 33/34 and MOSTLY ALL the changelog posted first? hm? thats right, WE win

  41. ROFL.. I realize theres one blog taking picture from here, including my glyph .gif. So i put some watermark there saying i only give permission for this blog to use it.
    Have fun! cheers...
    (dude if u really wanna use it, just put some credit. i not dying for that but using some1 picture without credit is totally unethical)

  42. ppl cant easily crop a Gif image n remove its watermark.. it would be ugly perhaps.. lol.. still.. its not an easy task to make one (i mean it takes more effort to make an animated GIF screenshot) .. btw, thanks to whoever supporting aliefs blog.. its great to have one easy accessible blog containing a big community like this..

    its a quick resource for us instead of logging into or browsing through forums which r a bit more time consuming with all the threads T_T

  43. @pluginbaby - thanks pal :)

  44. very cool.

    this version change so much.

  45. just as a note... screw u coppies my name...

  46. haha.. u merged the new post with this one.. great.. thanks for considering btw

  47. @drake - Gosh, i already shocked when i read the previous comment using your name T_T Thanks for clarifying :)
    @pluginbaby - Yeah, thanks for your suggestion ^_^

  48. Hey alief, mind posting what BuffMePlz is saying about creating 6.58 ai+?
    Really appreciate if you could do it.

  49. He started on it edi but it would take quite a while.. no release date or approximations yet..

    How bout we team up some members here.. make a clan at garena? lol.. we can train new features map by map.. hehe

  50. @Anonymous - Actually i already create it but still hide/not put it on front page lol ^^

    If you think i should put it on the front page now, just tell me :)

  51. its kinda gay to cre8 edi the page n set it as public or send it up to .. haha.. but still, as an exception for u and the whole dota community, y not.. :P

  52. dude.. new incremental buid released by BMP..

  53. your blog layout looks shitty upgrade it!

  54. I think Veno's poisons are too powerful now. I think all of his DoT skills kill now, which is unfair when he gets all of them on you. The AoE poison dagger should just stay as a single target.

  55. hey. may i knw how to make the ground in brown in colour?!it look so cool. wht mode is it?

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