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League of Legends, the Independent Dota-Allstars

League of LegendsLeague of Legends, the Independent Dota-Allstars. Do you familiar with Guinsoo? Of course you dumb, every Dota player should know that Guinsoo is a tier 4 Dota items that can turn you into chicken ^_^ But no, the one i'm talking here is Guinsoo as the former developer of Dota. If you haven't know, Dota is made by Eul and then inherited by Guinsoo. After that, it is IceFrog turn to take the throne until now. Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse is a tribute made for them.

So what's the matter with Guinsoo? Here's come the interesting part. Guinsoo with his team now is making an Independent version of Dota-Allstars. As you may already know, Dota-Allstars is a Warcraft 3 custom map and must be played with it. And Guinsoo intention is make Dota-Allstars genre into a single game, League of Legends.

You can see the trailers about it in this video:

And you can check some stuff in League of Legends official site, www.leagueoflegends.com. Right now you have a chances to win a Beta key every day just by posting on it's forums (randomly select). So, if you feel lucky why don't give it a check :) And yeah, League of Legends released plan is on January 2009. Can't wait for it :)

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  1. nice...

    Guinsoo, please make imba char

  2. Guinsoo, give me a BETA KEY please?

  3. That has to be one of the crappiest trailers ever - It really shines through, that it is made of people who have had almost zero experience in the field.

  4. I'm sure this could be a good option after the war3 dota...

  5. yeah guinsoo was a horrible balancer, so i don't see this going well

  6. Lol guinsoo was so stupid. He stole heroes from other people and was very bad at developing the game he is a joke. Euls was good though.

    IceFrog isn't working on this game, so i'm not interested at all. IceFrog is the reason DotA is what it is.

  7. Interesting.

    Though Eul and IceFrog are key elements of DotA.

    Without them DotA would not be, period.

    respect to Guinsoo for trying this, but I think he would do well to at least get IceFrog on board as well as Eul if reachable. But that could hurt or boost DotA, so mixed feelings.

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