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Dota 6.57b Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.57b Bug

Dota 6.57b Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.57b Bug. The bug is on Lanaya, yet again.. If you forgot, you can check the post about Dota 6.49b Lanaya bug. But this time the bug is not quite game breaking because it is hard to apply on the real game. But nevertheless, here's the bug on Dota 6.57b i found.

Lanaya Bug

The Lanaya bug is abusing the Pyscho Blade skills. So if you attack an enemy and then immediately using damage item(like Dagon) in the same unit, the unit behind them wil also get the same damage. But this is kinda hard to apply in the real game, except if you want to take a risk build Dagon-Lanaya ^__^

Aegis on dummy unit

Some of you maybe already know that certain spell requires dummy unit. The video show that the dummy unit is indeed exist and can even acquire Aegis of the Immortal ;p This bug is only for fun and not abusable ^_^

Now, have you found another Dota 6.57b bug? Share it here :) And don't forget to report it to IceFrog so it can be fixed on the future Dota 6.58.

Edit: Looks like the Lanaya Bug is not a Bug, that's exactly the way it works. Maybe because some of us didn't know (including me ^_^"), i'm miss judging it as a bug. You can check it here.
Thanks for the clarification guys :)

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  1. actually it's not a bug. that's how her third skill work. check it out on this info can be found on their wiki. you can search for her psyblades and read it up. :)

  2. Can you Link the search of the psyblades here?

  3. I always thought that these units had the locust ability, or atleast a trigger that deselects them when you select them.

    I've seen this happen when captain obvious placed his torrent skill down. The life bar showed where it is placed so I just moved.

    That lanaya trick is pretty cool. It could make her an awesome farmer.

  4. Oh c'mon its not a bug this is how the psyblades work

    Here's the link for the psyblades info

  5. @Chal - yeah, you're right chal. Actually i'm pretty shame that didn't know that fact ^_^" Thanks for the clarification :)

  6. That Lina/Lesh bug is actually very abusable. Unlimited necros itself is already really powerful, but combining that bug with Midas is just ridiculous.

  7. Can you Link the search of the psyblades here?

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