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Watch 1.21b Replays after 1.22 Warcraft Patch Installed

How to watch 1.21b Replays after 1.22 Warcraft Patch Installed. I am sure many of you will curious on how to do that. And i just found from the Dota-Allstars forums on how to do it. This post is from Champ, the forum leader of Competitive Dota section. Here we go.

After a the new patch (1.22) has been released people have been asking how to watch 1.21b replays when they have 1.22 installed, well I'm going to tell you the fastest working way.

***Make sure Warcraft III is closed before we begin.***

You must install WinRar (1.15MB), its free and its used to extract these files.

What you need to download:

These are the same downloads, just on different sites by request. Download 1.21b and 1.22 on either site.


* 1.21b (28.56 MB)
* 1.22 (28.56 MB)
* HQ Video Download, and with Video


* 1.21b (28.56 MB)
* 1.21b (28.56 MB)

Watch this patching tutorial once your done downloading 1.21b and 1.22.

Leet Tube Video

(Assuming the wc3 directory is the default c:\program files\warcraft III)

- unrar the file to a 1.21b directory in your wc3 directory.

- go to your wc3 directory and create a new directory called 1.22.

- copy game.dll, ijl15.dll, mss32.dll, storm.dll, war3.exe, and war3patch.mpq to the 1.22 folder.

- now you have the 1.21b version and 1.22 version in different folders. Anytime you want to view a 1.21b replay, just go into the 1.21b folder and COPY (don't move) those files to your main wc3 directory. When you want to switch back to 1.22, just copy the files in the 1.22 directory to the main wc3 directory. To make this simple, I use the following batch files:

121.bat, CODE:
cd c:\progra~1\warcra~1
copy .\1.21b\* .\

122.bat, CODE:
cd c:\progra~1\warcra~1
copy .\1.22\* .\

I put them on my desktop and just run whichever version I want. No need to repatch or anything like that. Tested with 1.21b and 1.22 replays with no errors. I'm not sure if you can still use batch files in Vista, but on XP, this works fine.

Well, i hope this guide can help you watch the old replays :)

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  1. after i patch to 1.22, if ppl host lan game with 1.21 i cant ply... SAD

  2. Yup, we must play with same version for sure :)

  3. but 1.20 can lan wif 1.21...
    actually 1.22 got add wat different???