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Official 6.48b AIplus Dota-Allstars Map

dota allstars 6.48b loading screen ImagesOfficial 6.48b AI+ Dota Allstars Map -very tough AI- has been released and you can free download it in this post. The creator of this AI map is the same person who born 6.43b AIplus v1.4, RGB a.k.a Lazyfiend. At last, after months we can play a decent AI map. Some people even says that his worst AI is better than the best AI exist now. Say goodbye to DAA AI injector! (at least for now)

Enjoy yourself and hope that Lazyfiend will still creating another Dota-Allstars AI maps in the future. Who knows that he might someday become 'lazy' enough and decided to retiring from create another masterpiece. Yay!

Here is some note from Lazyfiend:

*Handicap reduced from 120/150/200 to 115/140/180
*combined -tm with -test
*fixed problem with "-c"," c" not working w/ Scourge
*fixed ai heroes in -rv choosing two heroes
*fixed randoming problem with -dm
*fixed -pe and -pa with -random, removed -par and -per
*fixed denying towers that cannot be denied
*added notification and more effects when using -aid
*added swaphero capability with the bots
*added new mode "-dynaexp" or "-de", bots gain bonus exp rates when killed,
and loses bonus exp when the bots killed a hero

*fixed some problems with the defend routine
*human teamwork script is merged with ai teamwork script
*fixed bug about checking blink location targets
*bots uses shortcuts when retreating
*after using attack commands to bots, they will not automatically try to
defend or do neutral creeping for a while
*bots normally use flasks, but you can change it by inputting "-ctango" within
the first minute
*ai will prioritize defending over healing in the fountain
*bots cancels some casting animations

*fixed halting with Doppleganger
*fixed bugs concerning windwalk like abilities
*fixed Epicenter usage bug
*fixed Fiend's Grip and Dismember misusage
*balanced Thundergod's Wrath usage
*fixed aggressiveness with Primal Split, Storm panda uses windwalk when weak
*fixed Rain of Chaos usage, Shadow Word is used for healing more frequenly
*fixed some problems with mana shield
*fixed some problems with sprout
*uses Song of the Siren to save allies
*New Ignus Fatuus AI
*fixed blade fury usage when omnislashing
*more correct use of Echo Slam
*fixed wierd bot Assassinate cancels
*fixed multiple use of Earthbind
*Spectre can use Reality
*Alchemist can use Concoction
*revamped Techies behavior
*numerous item build and skill build changes

Known Issues:
*gank command (-ct) may not work 100% correct and it's not included inthe dialogue
*AI heroes are still not balanced (Pudge,Naix suck; Viper and friends still strong)
*fatal errors may still be present

You can download from these links:

Download Dota-Allstars 6.48b AIplus 1.52 via Mediafire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.48b AIplus 1.52 (zip) via Mediafire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.48b AIplus 1.52 (zip) via myfreefilehosting

This map still has a little bug on Lanaya, read this post for further information. There's also a 6.49c AIplus map, the creator is imports this 6.48b AIplus map into 6.49c. You can download it in here.

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  1. the item builds in the 1.52 version sucks. ive never seen a centaur warchief with a manta style, also sven doesnt buy battlefury, the new heroes (like huskar, dirge and dark seer) have stupid item builds they only buy arcane, mekansm and travel. vanguard is no more bought by fragile heroes also like pugna, lich... i hopoe RGB reworks the item and skill builds.