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Bugs on Dota-Allstars 6.48b AIplus 1.52 Map

dota allstars 6.48b AIplus Bug As in my previous post, Dota-Allstars 6.48b AIplus v1.52 by RGB a.k.a. Lazyfiend is already done. After trying the Map, only one things pop up in my minds, "Thank you Lazyfiend for creating such a great AI map!" That map is just perfect for training. In Insane mode, the bots is almost perfect in denying and last hitting. If you play carelessly and just do auto-hitting the creeps, prepare yourself to have zero creep kill :D

However, there's still some bugs in that map. Lazyfiend also already admited that the map is still contain several bugs. The worst bug is when the fatal error message appears on your screen. The other is just some minor bugs. Here is Lazyfiends statement regarding the bug.

Yeah, 1.52 is a beta. Not only are there bugs, but there are also a ton of untested things and things that i don't give importance.

I may be inactive for a long time, but i will try to collect as much info here if i have time.


I am already aware of Lanaya causing an error (i thought i fixed it, see my post on 6.43b AI+). I believe it's from Meld. As i have played 3 5v5 sh Lanaya game w/o fatal error when Meld is not used (AI and humans). I have a fatal error when Psi Trap is not used (but Meld is). The same for Refraction. The Error is from the hero, not from AI (so human or ai gets the error). Icefrog's code w/ Meld is clean enough, save for destroying an already destroyed trigger, which when i removed have played a 5v5 sh Lanaya game w/o errors. Well due to time constraints, i concluded that it is fixed (well now we know its NOT).

So does all fatal errors come from Lanaya? Axe, Ursa fixed??

If you ever experience an error, please do tell all heroes present. Not things like "after 30 minutes and w/ a record of [very high]-[very low] it crashed!! (its extremely common to own AI...)". I have recently discovered that a fatal error does not happen due to some action, but due to some leak created in an earlier action that sort of destroyed something that is accessed to the moment of the error, otherwise it is VERY EASY to detect.

For the map experts (i need help i still consider myself a novice w/ jass), anything that can cause errors?:
-I do not use vJass (i never am interested w/ map making)
-I never destroy any location or group (except w/ the ai commands), nor do I create them when i need them, i have pre-allocated locations/groups that i use.
-I use a 2 second and 1 second continous trigger that uses ExecuteFunc to give commands for the ai
-I never use TriggerSleepAction when setting an ability to become available and using them
-I use an array to hold many things, like 15+ different variables each for the ai hero - indexed by multiples of 16. (ex. somearray[160+GetPlayerId(someaiplayer)] to access something)
-let us say that an ai is trying to use a skill (order is done), then i set it to unavailable, will that be an error?

If you want to help, try to play 5v5 sh games w /some heroes you think that will crash the game.

A possibility of a crash due to the ai core engine may be possible, but unlikely since i and the betatesters have been playing with it and only experienced errors w/ lanaya.

2) Techies lay mines in the fountain
I have Techie lay a mine in front of vulnerable ally towers. LOL

3) Charging w/ 5 heroes etc.
Are they attacking weak enemies? Are they trying to do something? Are they ganked or something? It's not clear if i do not know what are they trying to do. I am trying to stop this problem.

4) 1 minute RD(or is it another mode?) laning delay.
Whoops sorry, i never play it.

5) Problem with -nb, -nm, -nt
Yes i know this (i choose not to give time to this). Sorry for not telling people. This AI have no support for these modes. -om works fine.

6) AI does not help you.
Try -aid. This is wierd since i merged ai's teamwork script from the human. Okay, i checked the code and they would only respond if you let the spell finish - meaning finish the casting animation. (Some spells do not wait for it, those spells that the bots cancel the animation). But i am sure that AI's have better teamwork w/ you here than 6.43b AI+.

7) AI (rarely) uses flask incorrectly
I just copied 6.40 AI+ codes from using flasks. I'll check it.

8) The crash w/o the crash screen error
I have to say it's in the coding, and unlike fatal errors, it happens on the spot the problem occurs (mostly an infinite w/ the triggers - and for me it only happens to "order" triggers). I'll check it if i have the time, but it's better if i have an idea to what every hero is doing before the crash.

Thank you to all who reported errors

The summary, this AI still contain several bugs. Especially if Lanaya is played, it will mostly produce fatal error. Nevertheless, this map is GREAT! Thanks again Lazyfiend!

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  1. I don't if this is a bug but don't is normal.... XD ..... get the moonfang and make SnY, and she don't attack no more... (sorry my english is poor)

  2. @burn fyet
    Uh, are you trying to say that when you got SnY on Luna she didn't attack at all? Or just her bounce attack that missing? Because SnY is indeed will disable Luna bounce attack, but not his first attack.

  3. No new fun tavern hero>? I hope the revision 3 can put some old hero inside .

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